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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Orochi 6


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 12:45 | Go to Orochi

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tl by molokidan



L: This show was sponsored by the Ooiso Company. Next up is "Wild Jungle Boy!"

sfx: putsun
sfx: gih
O: It happened when Yuuichi was three years old, when he went to go meet his father, who was coming home from work.
G: Where are you going, Yuiichi?
Y: To meet daddy!
G: Be careful.
O: Right when he was about to cross the street...

O: the signal turned red.
sfx: gohhhhhhh
sfx: dododododo
O: Yuuichi waited until it turned green.
Y: Yellow...
Y: Green...
O: When the signal turned green, no cars were passing by.

O: And yet, Yuuichi crossed while glancing left and right.
O: He raised his right hand just like his mother had taught him...
O: and just then, spotted his father.
Y: Daddy!!
sfx: gohhhhhhh
sfx: gokohhhhhhhhhh


sfx: gan
sfx: gih

sfx: barururu
sfx: gohhhh
F: Uuuu....!!

sfx: hyuuu
O: Just then, I happened to be walking by.
O: Ahh!!
Y: Wahhhhhh!!
O: What's wrong!?
O: Are you alright!?
F: Uggghhhh!!
F: Owwww...!!

F: Don't worry, I'm fine.
Y: Wahhhhhh!
O: Will he really be alright?
O: From that moment on, things just got worse.
sfx: gacha
M: Wh-what's wrong!?
F: M...my head...!!
M: What's wrong?
F: My head hurts!!
O: That evening, his pain got worse,
M: Dear!!

O: and he died.
M: Uwahhhhhhhh!!
O: The cause, of course, was the accident.
O: No one knew who the driver had been.
M: Who in the world would do such a terrible thing...?!
M: Please, Mr. Policeman, I beg you, catch this criminal!!
Y: I know who did it.

Y: It's the big boy on Good Morning.
Y: The big boy on Good Morning hit daddy.
M: What!?
P: What is he talking about?
Y: The big boy on Good Morning!!

Y: He's the piggy!!
M: Who are you talking about?!
P: Calm down, miss.
P: You're saying that man drove the car that killed your father?
P: How do you know it was him?
P: Where is he right now?
Y: Over here!!
Y: He's always here.
M: Yuuichi, where are you going?

sfx: bibibibibi
B: Alright, children, let's all sing together now.
B: Clap your hands!
Y: This boy!!
Y: This boy hit daddy!!
B: OK, clap clap clap...all together now!
B: Very good!
M: This man...!?
M: This is just someone on television!
M(2b): Yuuichi!! Are you sure this man hit your father!? Are you SURE!?

P: Please calm down, miss.
P: Yuuichi...you always watching TV, don't you?
Y: Yeah!
P: I see...so that's why you remembered him, huh?
P: He was just the first person you thought of, isn't he?
Y: No, it's him!!
Y: This boy hit daddy!!
B: Alright children, that's all for today!
B: See you tomorrow!
B: Bye-bye!
B: Goodbye everyone!
Y: It's true!!
Y: I saw this boy hit daddy!!

O: Because of what Yuuichi said, the boy on Good Morning, Tanabe Shingo, was later interrogated.
O: Tanabe did not have an alibi for the time when the crime happened.
O: After that, Yuuichi would not stop talking about him.
Y: The boy on Good Morning!
Y: The boy on Good Morning hit daddy!
sfx: buchi
M(2b): This boy is the only witness! And he won't stop talking about i t!
M: Tanabe Shingo must be the criminal!! He's the one that killed this boy's father!
M: I beg you!! Please arrest him!!
O: Soon, Tanabe was apprehended, but denied the allegations and went to court.
O: This is the court hall...

O: I decided
O: to watch the trial...
O: Tanabe Shingo was there in a very stylish suit, the eyes on his pale face flitting to and fro.
O: On the other side was 3-year old Meguro Yuuichi, being hugged in his mother's arms.
S: We have determined that Tanabe Shingo has no alibi.
S: Now, we will question the victim's son, Yuuichi.
S: Did you see the man who hit your father?

M: Yuuichi, tell them who hit your father.
S: Please be quiet and allow the boy to speak, miss!!
S: Yuuichi, did you see the man who hit your father?
M: Yuuichi...
Y: The boy on Good Morning hit him...
S: A man who looked like the boy on Good Morning, you say?
Y: The boy on Good Morning hit him...
S: Can you tell me who this man is...?
M: Yuuichi...
M: Look at him!!

Y: It's the boy on Good Morning!!
Y: The boy on Good Morning
Y: hit daddy!!
Y: Uwaaahhh!!
S: No more questions, your honor.
J: There will now be a 5-minute recession.
O: Poor thing. Only three years old, and not only has he been caught up in this court trial, but they're interrogating him as well...
O: What Yuuichi is saying has to be the truth. Tanabe Shingo's statements were all sloppy...
J: I have made my decision.

J: Tanabe Shingo is not guilty.
M: Ehhh?!
J: Just because he's a child, it doesn't mean I'm throwing out his testimony.
J: But I think there was something lacking in his memory and visual recognization.
J(2b): In short, we have no conclusive evidence. Thus, I cannot accept Yuuichi's accusation.
M: You can't be serious!!
M: Are you saying that Yuuichi is just making up nonsense!?
Y: It's the boy from Good Morning!!
Y: The boy from Good Morning hit daddy!!

Y: The boy from Good Morning hit daddy!!

Y: The boy from Good Morning...!!
J: This case is now closed.
O: How terrible...!!

P: *mutter mutter*
O: Yuuichi was speaking so seriously!!
Y: Tanabe Shingo looked so relieved when he was found not guilty, too.
O: He's obviously overlooking Yuuichi because of his age!!
O: But there was no one else at the scene, so it's impossible to ascertain whether or not Yuuichi is telling the truth.
O: He could be mistaken after all.
O: But if it was the truth, what would that mean?
O: This results of this case will deal a huge shock to Yuuichi's being!!
O: What will happen to him from here on out?
O: The trial is over, but this case still hasn't been solved.

O: Afterwards, I decided to follow Yuuichi.

O: Without his father, Yuuichi's mom was forced to work full-time.
Y: No!
M: Stop yelling, I have no choice!
M: If I don't work, we won't be able to survive!
M: Since your father died...
Y: The boy from Good Morning
Y: hit daddy!!
Y: It was the boy from Good Morning, mommy!!
M: Be quiet!!

M: Settle down!!
M: The judge couldn't have been mistaken!!
M: You just saw someone that looked like him!!
M: The man who killed your father was someone else!!
Y: Uwaaaaaahh!!
O: Even after that, Yuuichi would not stop talking about the boy from Good Morning.

Y: The boy from Good Morning hit him!
B: Are you sure you really saw him?
B: You're too little, who knows what you really saw.
Y: I saw him! I saw the boy from Good Morning hit him!
B(2b): Stop lying! The judge said it wasn't him, right? Enough already!!
B: Yeah! Someone blackmailed my grandpa before and made him go to jail, you know!

Y: Uwaaaaaaan
B: Haha, he's crying!!
B: Crybaby!!
O: Wait a minute!!
O: Why are you teasing Yuu?!

B: You wanna try and stop us? You're just a girl!!
B: Outta the way!!
B: Ahh!
B: Owwww!
B: Owwwwwww....!!

B: You'd better not do it again!
B: Wh-who was that...!?

G: *whisper whisper*
G: Ah, they're home.
G: That child...
G: He really thinks the man from Good Morning killed his father...
G: But he's still so young...
Y: The boy from Good Morning killed daddy!!
M: Yuuichi!!
M: No more talking about that!!
Y: But it was him!!
sfx: bisha

O: Meanwhile, Tanabe Shingo's character had disappeared from the "Good Morning Children" TV show.
G(2b): Hello all you good kids out there! Today I have a never friend to introduce to you: Sakagami Kinichi!
sfx: uhahaha
S: Nice to meet you all!
Y(2b): The boy's gone!! He's gone...!?
Y: He's gone!!
O: After that, Yuuichi kept searching for the man on TV.
Y: Ahh!!
Y: It's the boy from Good Morning!!

R: You've had a rough time lately, Mr. Tanabe.
T: Yes, out of all things, the prosecuting party was a three-year old...
T: It's an age where it's difficult to discern between reality and fantasy. He seemed to be a child who loved TV, and always watched my show.
T: Obviously, my character had a strong effect on his mind, so he naturally tied that to his father's death.
T: In the end, the judge realized that the child was unreliable, and my innocence was proved.
R: How terrible for you to be accused of something like that, especially in your line of work.
Y: NO!!
Y: You hit him!!
T: Yes. But of course, I bear no ill will toward the child.
T: Rather, as an entertainer, I want to think of this as a positive experience.
R: I see.
T: As long as I work hard to better my everyday life, hopefully doubts like these should cease.

T: But if I continued to appear on TV despite the controversy, I think it would trouble the public, so I decided to quit the show.
T: I will soon be saying farewell to my acting career.
R: Well, I can't stop you, but at least know that you have my sympathy.
R: Please do your best in whatever new path you follow.
T: Thank you...I think I will be returning to the countryside, actually.
T: Well then, goodbye everyone.
sfx: gachaaan
M: Ahh!!

M: What was that sound...?
sfx: gara
M: Ahh!!

M: Yuuichi!!
M: A-are you alright?
M: Huh!?
M: Why is the TV...?
M: Y-you broke it, didn't you?!
M: Yuuichi!!
O: After that, Yuuichi didn't say another thing about the boy from Good Morning.
M: What could be the matter...?
M: It seems like he's very angry.
sfx: gasha
O: From that day forward, Yuuichi grew to hate TV.
sfx: rrrip

O: He once got in trouble for trying to destroy a bunch of TVs in a store display.
T: Hey!!
O: Since he seemed to have a short temper, other children all kept their distance.
B: Can't catch us! Heeheehee!!
O: His mother was unable to keep supporting the two of them, and their lives continued to become poorer and poorer. Eventually they were forced to move out of their house.
O: Possibly due to this, Yuuichi became an extremely gloomy boy.
O: It's Yuuichi...already in elementary school. He's growing up so fast.
O: What year is he now?

O: He couldn't seem to concentrate on his schoolwork.
O: Reading, math,
O: art, music...
O: His friends also made fun of him.
B: Look, there's the grouch!
O: No matter how much his friends talked about the latest stars or popular performers, he made no attempt to join in.
B: So in the new yazuka movie they're making...
O: On the contrary, he lashed out against anything related to that and soon lost his friends.
O: Whenever he walked home, he was always by himself.
O: His aging mother was hard-working as usual, but she and Yuuichi never had any good times together.
sfx: basah
O: One day, Yuuichi, for the first time in his life, demanded something.
sfx: garah
Y: Mother!!
M: Ehh!?

Y: Give me some money.
M: Eh? Wh-what are you going to use it for?
Y(2b): I want a transistor radio!! Give me $100.
M: What?!
M: $100? Are you out of your mind?!
Y: If you won't give it to me, I'll just take it myself.
M: What did you say!?
Y: I know where you hide the money!!
M: Wait!!
O: After taking the money from his mother, Yuuichi bought a transistor radio and spent his days locked up in his room listening to it.
M(2b): Yuuichi, what are you listening to? How about studying a bit once in a while?
Y: Be quiet, and don't bug me!
sfx: busah

Y(2b): Hey mom, I need more money. This time I'm going to buy a record player.
M: Do you really think we have the kind of money to be buying such useless things? What will you do with a record player anyway?
Y: Put records on it and listen to them, obviously!!
M: Ehh?!
Y: If you don't want to give it to me, fine. I'll just save up my lunch money until I have enough to pay for it.
M: Yuuichi!!
M: Stop causing me so much trouble!!
M: What got him so interested in records anyway?
O: And so, Yuuichi did nothing but listen to records in his free time.
M: Yuuichi, what do you keep buying so many records for!?
Y: I'm going to become a singer!!
M: EH?!

M: A singer!?
Y: That's right...
Y: So don't get in my way!!
Y: Look, while you were wasting my time talking to me, the song ended.
Y(2b): I can't hear them if you're being noisy. Just go to work already.
M: I took the day off today!
M: More importantly...
M: While I've been gone, you've been listening to those records at a very high volume, haven't you?
M: The Yamanas next door have been yelling at me. This is just an apartment, remember!?

Y: What!? The Yamanas said the record's volume was too loud...?
M: That's right. They said the singing was becoming a bother!!
M: And also that they kept hearing the same song over and over, which was quite annoying.
sfx: Ufufufu
Y: Fufufu...

M: Yuuichi!! Are you listening to me?!
M: What's so funny!?
Y: Fufu...I'm listening, alright. Don't worry.
Y: It was just a bit funny.
Y: I'm going to the record shop.
M: Yuuichi!!
sfx: kata
Y: Hahaha...

sfx: pissha
Y: Hahahahaha
Y: What has gotten into him?
Y: He always hated TV and those flashy stars so much, so why would he suddenly want to become a singer!?
M: If only his father were still alive, this would have never happened...!!
M: Buying all these records without a thought to all the hard work I've done for him...!!
M: He hasn't read a page of his schoolbooks, and spends all his time buried in these fashion magazines!!
M: Just whose songs are these...?

O: It's Yuuichi. Is he off to the record store again...?
O: I thought so...

sfx: creaaak
music: Let the burning sunlight shine down on your back~ The petals that bloom on a man, the flower of courage~
M: Oh, welcome. Looking for Hanada Hideji records again, my boy?
M: Ah, that's right. His new single is out today. "Flower of Courage"...
M: He sure has a lot of fans, this Hanada Hideji.
Y: Of course. He's a great singer.
M: Unfortunately, though, we're already sold out. All that's left is this display copy.
Y: Ehh?!
M(2b): He's sooo popular, after all. From children to adults, everyone loves him.
M(2b): Even though his debut was just a little bit ago, he's got more charisma than Yuujiro, Kitajima Saburou, and the Beatles combined.

M: He's having a signing here next week, you should come.
Y: What?!
Y: Are you serious!?
M: Yeah, just look...
O: Yuuichi came out!
O: What's going on? He seems really excited.

Y: Hanada's coming!!
Y: Hanada Hideji is...!!
O: It seems like he's decided to become a singer for some reason.
O: And it all seems to be because of this Hanada Hideji.
O: Speaking of which, it seems like I can hear Hanada Hideji's song coming from somewhere...
O: Yuuichi's decision to become a singer was only further strengthened after he went to see Hanada Hideji during the signing.
G: Waah, waah...!!
G: Waah, waah...!!
sfx: waah waah
Y: Hanada Hideji!!

sfx: boing
Y: Ahh!!
H: Well, time's up, ladies, so you'll have to let me go. If you want to come to my hotel later, I'll finish the signing for you.
sfx: kyaaaa
G: Kyaa, kyaa...!!
sfx: batan
sfx: burururu
G: Waah, waah...!!
G: What a wonderful man! He seems so sincere, so gentle, so cool!!

O: From that day on, Yuuichi didn't pay attention to school at all.
O: All his classmates made fun of him.
sfx: katan
B: Th-thief!!
O: He was even called a thief just for picking up a pen someone dropped.
B: Gimme back my pen!! I know you tried to steal it, thief!!
Y: Ehh?!
P: *whisper whisper*
B: He's poor, you know...
B: And he seems pretty stupid, too...

Y: You'll see!!
Y: Just watch me, you'll all see!!
Y: Just watch me...
sfx: uuuu
sfx: uuuu
G(2b): I love Hanada Hideji!! He'll definitely be in the singing festival this year!
G: Huh!?
Y: Hmph!!
Y: I hope they all keep their eyes on me!!

B: Look, Yuuichi's going into his dirty old apartment!!
B: Ah, he saw us!!
B: Run away!!
sfx: ban
O: I wonder what he's doing in his room? Let's take a peek.
O: This is it.
O: I can hear singing coming from the record player...

sfx: gih
O: Ahh!!
O(2b): It's Yuuichi!! I thought it was just the record, but he's singing together with it!!
O: Watching him singing together with the record made Yuuichi look completely different.
O: He seemed vibrant and live.
O: To think he could sing that well!!
O: I see...so the complaints earlier about the songs being too loud were actually about Yuuichi's voice!

O: That's why Yuuichi started laughing -- he thought it was funny that his voice was mistaken for the real singer's.
O: Wow, so if he was mistaken for the real record...
O: Maybe he received those qualities as a child since he loved TV so much.
O: After singing to forget his loneliness for so long, he's gotten extremely good!!
O: No one knew about Yuuichi's voice.
B: Ahhhhh!!
O: After that, Hanada Hideji's popularity grew even more, and he started to appear on TV and in movies.
O: He had a zeal for performance and was always serious and warm-hearted toward everyone, which made him a favorite among the magazines and TV reporters.
O: For a while, he had monopolized the media.
O: And then, when Yuuichi was in his last year of middle school...

B: Oh look, it's Meguro.
B: Just ignore him and keep walking!
Y: Hey there!!
B: Huh!?
Y: I've decided to go to a high school in Tokyo.
B: Ehh!?
B: Tokyo...!?
Y: That's right. An uncle I have there is going to look after me.
B: Wow...I never knew he had an uncle there.
O: When his mother returned home on the day of Yuuichi's graduation...
sfx: gara
M: Ahhh!!

M: Yuuichi's clothes are gone!!
M: His records are all shattered...!!
M: A-a letter...
M: "I've gone to work in Tokyo, but please don't look for me. If you do, I'll kill myself."
M: "I've taken all your savings with me."
M: Yuuichi!!

sfx: gohhhhhh
O: Tokyo...

Y: This is it. Hanada Hideji's house...!! It looks like he's just gotten back from a singing.
Y: Excuse me.
sfx: bibiiih
?: Who are you?
Y: I've come to meet Hanada Hideji. I'd like to become his protege.
Y: Please let me meet him!!
Y: Alright, come in and wait while I go ask him.
sfx: batan
Y(2b): He seems pretty nice...but what's taking him so long!?
sfx: grrr
Y: Ahhh!!
sfx: wrarrr wrarr

sfx: gabuh
sfx: birih
Y: Shoo!!
sfx: rrrrr
Y: The gate's locked...?!
Y: But it was just open a minute ago!!
Y: Ahhh!!

sfx: birih
?: Fufufufu...
?: Ahahaha!!
Y: P-policeman!!
P: Ahh!!
Y: This dog...!!
Y: Dammit!!
Y: I'm trying to leave, but the gate is locked!!
sfx: byuh

?: Hmph!! Seems like you still haven't gotten the point!!
?: Trying to sneak into the house again, I take it?!
Y: Ehh?!
?: Mr. Policeman, you have no idea what fans will do these days.
?: Sneaking into people's houses is just a matter of course for them these days. Unless I keep a dog, who knows what'll happen!
?: My client is a very popular one, after all...
sfx: gachi
?: Now come on and get out of here!
sfx: gih
sfx: ban
?: By the way, Mr. Policeman, it looks like he's a runaway.
sfx: dadah

?: Hahahaha...by the way, it's MR. Hanada Hideji to you, punk!!
Y: Haa, haa...!!
Y: I knew it...
Y: I figured that would happen.
Y: I'll just have to start my plan from step one.
O: I followed Yuuichi the whole way.

O: He's going into a coffee shop...
O: What is he going to do in there?
O: Here he comes.
O: ahh!!
sfx: bisha
O: He looks like a completely different person. Look at that flashy outfit...!!
O: Where could he be going?
Y: This is it...
Y: The special guest for the 10-year anniversary performance is Hanada Hideji...

O: From that day forward, Yuuichi, after changing his name and lying about his age, started to work at Club Rainbow as a waiter.
O: He was a new lively Yuuichi, completely different from before.
O: Many different singers came to perform there.
O: Yuuichi watched them all with bated breath,
O: especially when Hanada Hideji performed.
O: When that happened, Yuuichi completely forgot about his job and watched, as if in a trance.
O: Afterwards, he was scolded harshly by his boss.
Y: Hmph. Just watch me, you'll see...!!

O: Most of the money he earned was used to treat the band members.
Y: Hmph! What naive idiots!! Now I've gotten on their good sides...
Y: Now I just have to convince them to accompany my singing.
sfx: dadadada
Y: That guy playing the guitar is a fan of Hanada Hideji, so I just need to ask him.
Y: Excuse me, but I have a request.
Y: I love singing, and I was wondering if you'd teach me.
G: Ehh!?
Y: I can't sing, though. All I can do is play the guitar.
Y(2b): OK!! That'll be more than enough. It will really help me out.
G: What do you want to sing?
Y: Hanada Hideji's "Flower of Courage."
G: Oh, I love that song!!
G: Here, go stand on the stage.

Y: The stage...
O: This was the first time Yuuichi would be standing on a stage,
O: as well as singing in the presence of others...
G: You do a great Hanada Hideji impression!
Y: Oh, no...
O: And so, whenever he had free time, Yuuichi would practice singing.
Y: Hmph. Idiots!!
Y(2b): With this, I can practice as much as I want. Now it's time for step two.
Y: I must apply to "You too can become a star!!"
TV screen: You too can become a star!!
G: Stars are everywhere!! They just haven't noticed it yet!!
G: That's right, even you could be tomorrow's star!! Stars -- these are the symbols of modern times!!
G: Come and sing on our show and become a star!!
G: Our judges will be Mr. Hanada Hideji and Ms. Iibaba Hanako...

O: Yuuichi wrote a musical score in order to stand out and sent it in to the program.
sfx: koton
O: Finally, he received a notice.
Y: "At 3:00 on Friday, please come to Stage #3 at BBS."
Y: 3:00 on Friday...
O: That day, Yuuichi put on one of Hanada Hideji's favorite striped ties,
O: and did his hair in the same fashion as Hanada Hideji as well.
Y: I must win, no matter what...
Y: No matter what!!
Y: If something goes wrong, then I always have this...!!

Y: This is it...!!
Y: Where is Stage #3?
Y: There's no way I could lose, after practicing so much.
Y: Not only that, but the kids from back home will definitely be watching me on TV!!
Y: No one could possibly realize that I am the same person...
Y: They'd never think that quiet boy would be singing like this!! Not even my mother...
Y: I've really changed since I've come to Tokyo...
Y: There it is!!

Y(2b): Look at all these people!! They must all want to become stars too...
P: Seems like that's everyone.
P: Well now, it's time to begin the tryouts.
P: Let me explain the details...
P: We'll pick 5 people from the crowd who will be able to take the test.
P: Then we'll start the real thing.
P: Let me say just one more thing...
P: The order of who will go up will be decided by the tryouts.
B(2b): Eh? The tryout will decide who performs!? You mean Mr. Hanada or some other judge won't decide who gets to go up!?
sfx: hahaha
sfx: hahahaha

B: Wh-what's so funny!?
P: The order is always pre-determined for the real thing.
B: So that means the shows are always fake!?
P: That's what TV is. In order to fit it all in a 30-minute timeslot, we have no choice.
B: Is that really how things work!?
P: Of course. There's a rehearsal and an actual cut.
P: It's all fixed.
P: Therefore, you can't singing the same during the filming as you do in the rehearsal.
P: During the real thing, the guests will all be reading from the script, so you have to sing like it says.
B: Ehhh..!?
P: No, let's begin.
P: This show is sponsored by the France Chocolate Shop!
O: I slipped into the stage with the other applicants.
Y: Wh-what the...!!
Y: I didn't know about this!!

G: Well, it's too late now. It looks like they've already decided who'll get first prize.
Y: Ehh!?
Y: Ridiculous!!
G: See that girl over there in the polka-dot pants?
G: She appears to be a student of the songwriter Mizuno Jun. Anyway, she's already in the script as winning first.
G: I don't think she's that great a singer, though...
?: Alright everyone, please take a seat over there. The tryouts will begin in three minutes.
Y(2b): This should have been a shoe-in for me!! After all I've suffered until now...
O: And so, the tryouts began.
O: The tryouts focused on singing, but also included pantomiming and speed talking.
G: Now for our next contestant, Imanishi Kouichi.
O: Finally, the tryouts commenced.

O: Of course, the results had the girl in the polka-dot pants getting first, followed by a girl wearing a miniskirt from Osaka. Yuuichi was third.
O: It was then that Hanada Hideji entered through the back door!!
G: It's Hanada Hideji!!
G: Good morning, sir!
G: Good morning!
O(2b): The man who Yuuchi worships, Hanada Hideji...he really is charismatic, just like his reputation says.
O: Eventually, the other judges arrived.
G: Good morning!
T(2b): well then...here is our order for this show. We have their specialties listed here.
T: By the way, it seems as if our third contestant is quite skilled at performing your songs, sir. He's quite the fan.
H: Hmm...
T: He's right over there.

Y: This is it...they can't possibly change the order now!! Fufufu...but on the contrary, this order will backfire for everyone else...
Y: Keep your eyes on me!!
T(2b): Five minutes until we start! Get in your places, everyone!!
T: This way, contestants!!
Y: I'll start with the girl in 2nd...!!

sfx: biiiiih

T: All you extras, make sure you clap extra hard for the girl who's supposed to get first!
T: But other than that, just act as any other audience member normally would.
T: Alright, start!!
T: Commercial!!
Y(2b): Fufufu...she's so nervous that she hasn't noticed. With this, I should get 2nd place.
Y: Now the girl in 1st is all that's left!!

Y: She's all the way on the other end...
Y: which means she'll be going after me!!
Y: If I remember correctly, she always sings really close to the mic...probably because her voice has no volume. And since her voice is so bad, she tries to use the mic to cover up!!
Y: Hmph. With this, I should get 1st...!!
B: You too can become a star!!
B: These five boys and girls are this week's contestants!!
B: Alright, let's start looking for this week's star!! Tomorrow's star is among these five!!
O: Yuichi's actually looking a bit pale-faced. More importantly, what did he do earlier?
O: And so, the show began...

B: Our first contestant is Miss Taguchi Yoshiko, from Osaka!!
Y: Fufufu...
B: Now then, in order to test whether or not she has the elements of a true star, we shall begin her performance! First is the pantomime test!
B: You're heading to school, but you can't find an important paper. Begin!
B: I thought I put it in my desk here...
G: Pff...!!
G: *snicker snicker*
G: Ewww!!
sfx: Kukkukku
sfx: snicker snicker
sfx: fufufufu

sfx: fufufu

Y: Fufufu...she froze because she thinks they're laughing at how bad an actor she is...
Y: Just as I expected!
T: Ahhh!!
sfx: Biri
Y(2b): Looks like she's realized...but it's too late now!! This is the real thing!! All of her movements are being aired live on television!
O: Next was her singing performance.
O: Taguchi Yoshiko's singing, compared to how well she did during the tryouts, was full of mistakes.
Y(2b): I don't care how rigid their script is...look, the judges are even whispering among themselves now.
O: After Taguchi Yoshiko, it was Yuuichi's turn.

O: I watched it all from a TV within the studio.
O: Even after watching all he had done in the tryouts, I was still surprised.
O: When did Yuuichi become so talented...?
O: This song...
O: Of course, it's "Flower of Courage," by Hanada Hideji.
O: This was the first time I had seen Yuuichi sing so earnestly.
O: He's so good!!
O: This is being aired live all over the country...I hope Yuuichi's mother and his friends can see him as he is now!!

sfx: pachi pachi
B: Thank you very much! Please sit and wait for our final announcement.
B: Next up, Miss Minami Sachie!
Y: Hmph...!!
Y: How could they let that girl become 1st?! To think they'd rig the entire thing like this...
Y: Hmph...she may have unparalleled looks, but that's where it ends!!
Y: Fufufu...it's almost time for her to start singing!!
B: Miss Minami Chie's song is the "Rumba of the Black Butterfly!"
sfx: zudadada
sfx: zudododo
Y: Fufufu...she's started sticking herself so close to the mic...

O: However, soon after she started singing, Minami Chie, for some reason, started getting choked up, making mistakes, and otherwise ruining her own performance.
O: After she finished, despite still being on stage, she fell to her knees and began crying.

Y: Fufufu
Y: Ufufu...everyone's so nervous!!
Y: The expectations placed on her from the tryouts must have driven her crazy.
Y: With that, there's no way they can give her 1st place...unless they wanted to risk offending the thousands of people watching this program right now!!
B: Now then, everyone, it's time to present the results of our contest, which have been much deliberated over...
B(2b): 1st place goes to...Mr. Imanishi Kouichi!!
O: Imanishi Kouichi...
O: That must be Yuichi's fake name.
O: He got 1st place...!!
sfx: pachi pachi
sfx: pachi pachi

Y: Hmph!! Look at them call my name into the mic like that!!
B: As a reward, Imanishi Kouichi will start training under the Hiyoko Group and eventually appear again in front of us all as a new star!!
B: Now then, this week's "You Too Can Become a Star!" is now finished.
N: Aaaaaand cut!
B: Good work!
B: Good work!
O: However, Yuuichi refused the invitation to join the Hiyoko Group!!
Y: I beg you!! Please allow me to study directly under Mr. Hanada Hidei!!
Y: Please make me your disciple!!
Y: I beg of you!!
N: What do you say, sir? It seems as if he'll only be satisfied if you teach him yourself...
H: Indeed.

O: With that, Yuuichi began living at Hanada Hideji's house.
Y: I will do my best, Mr. Hanada!!
H: Seems like you know nothing about the entertainment world. This will be very hard work!! Sure you can handle it?
Y: Yes!! As long as I am at your side, I will be happy!!
sfx: gih
sfx: creaaak
G: Ah, welcome back. Right now, your songwriter Yamada and your manager are waiting.
G: Ahh!!
G: You are!?
Y(2b): Please excuse me for that time back then. I hope to work well together with you from now on.
H: You know this boy, Yasukawa?
H: This is Imanishi Kouichi, my new protege.

O: Hanada already had another protege at his house named Hirota.
Y: Let's work well together.
H: This is my manager,
H: and this is the man that writes all of my songs, Mr. Yamada.
Y: My name is Imanishi Kouichi. It's a honor to meet you all.
O: Yuuichi worked hard to accomplish even the unsightly tasks that Hirota and Yasukawa didn't want to do. In this way, he worked hard for respect as Yasukawa and Hirota's inferior.
K: Sorry about, you know, siccing the dog on you that one time. Will you forgive me?
Y: Oh, no, don't worry about it. That was my fault.

O: From that day forward, Yuuichi could be seen driving Hanada to the studio every day.
G: Ahh, it's Hanada Hideji!! Kyaaaah!!
G: Look how fast his car is going!!
G(2b): Hanada Hideji seems so serious, and doesn't really talk to people much, huh? But I think that's such a great quality, it shows that he really has manners!!
G(2b): Who was that boy driving his car, though? Probably just one of his servants...but I'm still jealous!!
sfx: gohhhhh

O: Yuuichi paid intense attention to every minor detail concerning Hanada, fixing things even a manager would miss.
O: With this, he gained more and more of Hanada's trust.
O: And eventually, Hanada opened up with Yuuichi more and more about the details of his work.
Y: Looks like he's finally come to trust me.
O: Eventually, Yuuichi started taking his singing lessons and vocal criticism right along Hanada Hideji himself.
S: Well then, let's start from the most basic solfege.
S: Ready?
Y: Aaahhhhhh
sfx: bon bon bon
S: Not "aaaa," start with "ma" and then continue on into your regular voice.
S: Sing from your stomach!! Make it vibrate down there, then move your lips to increase the vibrations!! When you get louder, keep your chin still, and stop moving your hands and legs along with the sounds!!

O: And so, Yuuichi further strengthened his ability to sing like Hanada Hideji.
S: Hmm...your voice is still a little different, but I suppose it's close enough.
O: Then, finally, the performance...
B: Not like that. Your legs should be posed like this.
B: Not like that!! Your eyes should be looking slightly above the camera lens!! That will make them look clearer!!
B: From now on, if your performances aren't full of charisma, you'll be doomed!! That's what everything hinges upon!!
B: when you turn, focus on a single point and do not move your eyes from it!!
sfx: la la la
O: It's Yuuichi...he's still practicing by himself, deep into the night...
O: He really must have a deep respect for Hanada Hideji!!
O: But I wonder...has Yuuichi's past truly been erased from his mind?
O: He hated the media so much...and yet later decided out of his own volition to go down such a path.

O: No, he hasn't forgotten. Rather, it was because of his past that he chose to dive into this world.
O: And with that, he intends to show everyone...
O: Yes...everyone...
O: It's Yuuichi!!

Y: Fufufu...this it!!
Y: Now, it's finally time for step three!!

sfx: riiiing
K(2b): Hello, this is the Hanada residence. Eh? Today's Night Parade was postponed!?
K(2b): Yes, he is out with the manager right now. Understood.
Y: Fufufu...
Y: Fufufu
Y: What a fool!!
Y: I just called from another phone in the house, while I played some muffled recordings to cover up my fake voice!!

Y: Next is the TV studio...
Y: It'd be bad if they sent a car over, so I'll just use Yasukawa's name and fake my voice to lie and say that Hanada is in Yokohama.
sfx: jyah
sfx: jyah
Y: Fufufu...thanks to all my training, it's become so easy to mask my own voice.
Y: Is this MHK? (*Note: This is a play on NHK, a public broadcasting channel in Japan) Hello, this is Hanada Hideji's assistant, Yasukawa...

O: That night, because of the second call, Hanada showed up late to the MHK broadcasting of Night Parade, and caused a huge uproar.
O: With that, his trust for Yasukawa was broken,
O: and he quickly fired the man.
K: I'm telling you the truth, I had nothing to do with this!!
K: This is the truth!!
Y: Fufufu...

Y: Next is Hirota!!
O: That day...
H: Sir, I've brought the usual medicine for your throat.
H: Ah, thank you.
S: Now, Mr. Hanada, let's start praciticing your new song, "A Man's Duty."
sfx: boron boron
H: Uuu!
sfx: boron
S: What's wrong!?
H: M...my....voi...ce!!
S: Ehhh!?

H: Guwaaahhhhhhhh

Y: Sir!
Y: Sir!!
H: My voice......!!
H: It's...
H: gone!!

Y: Sir!!
Y: Wh-what happened!?
Y: Please calm down!!
Y: What are you standing around for, Mr. Hirota?!
Y: Hurry up and call the doctor!!
H: Ah...ahhhh...

sfx: gacha
D: His throat has been destroyed!!
Y: Ehhh!?
D: He appears to have drank mercury!!

Y: Mercury?!
Y: That reminds me, he drank his medicine just before it happened.
Y: The medicine that Mr. Hiroda brought in!
H: Ehh!?
H: I-it wasn't me!!
H: I didn't do anything!!
H: Please believe me, sir!!
H: Look in my eyes and tell me I'm lying!!

O: After this, Hanada Hideji did not appear on the stage again.
N: Suisenji Kiyoko is replacing Hanada Hideji on our show tonight.
O: In the newspapers and magazines, it was reported that he had suddenly come down with a severe illness.
O: Hirota was forced to stop studying under Hanada.
O: No matter how much Hirota protested, the fact that Hanada Hideji himself had suspected that Hirota fed him the mercury could not be overlooked.
O: The broken thermometer they later found in Hirota's room closed the case.

sfx: batan
Y: How could Mr. Hirota do such a thing? He was such a good singer!!
G: What an idiot!! From the outside, he looked like such a nice, gentle guy...
G: But now there's no way he could ever stay in the entertainment world now. And Mr. Hanada had such great expectations for him, too...
Y: My rivals have disappeared!!
O: From that moment on, Hanada Hideji could no longer use his voice.
G: Sir, there's someone here from Mitsuba Records to see you!!
R: How have you been feeling, sir?
R: We've come to talk about your upcoming single, "A Man's Duty."
R: Over at Diamond Records, they have been releasing a ton of hit songs like Tsukiten Gachou's "Thunderous Lamentations" and such, but we only have you to rely on.
H: U...uu...
R: What should we do...?

R: If only you could still sing...
R: Is there nothing we can do to help?
Y: What if I sang in place of him?
R: Ehhh!?
Y: If it's a voice like his you're looking for, then I have the utmost confidence!!
R: Ehhh?!
R: B-but what about when he has to appear on television?
Y: Fufufu...
Y: All Mr. Hanada needs to do on stage is move around and lip sync. Meanwhile, I'll be off to the side doing the actual singing.
O: Yuuichi was soon brought to the studio to begin the recording of "A Man's Duty."
O: Hanada watched him the entire time from the side, with a troubled expression.
O: Finally, the record was released.

O: Of course, it possessed all the charisma of Hanada Hideji's previous hits.
O: Not only that, but it also boasted a fresh charm that Hanada Hideji himself lacked, and this caused the record to receive great praise from many critics.
R: How wonderful, sir!!
R: This will surely be a major hit!!
H: Uuu...
Y: Great work, boy!! From now on you shall act as Mr. Hanada's shadow!
Y: Yes sir!!
O: The picture and name on the jacket were both Hanada Hideji's, but the voice in the song was Yuuichi's.
Sign: New release!! Hanada Hideji's New Song "A Man's Duty"
CD Jacket: A Man's Duty
O: The song was an immense hit!!
B: It's Hanada Hideji's record!!
R: Hanada Hideji's new release "A Man's Duty" has skyrocketed instantly into the top 10!! This sudden rise is unprecedented, and only after three days, the record has sold over 100,000 copies!!

O: A new song bearing a charm different from all of Hanada Hideji's previous work...
O(2b): All the critics seem to be praising it. There isn't a record company that hasn't highlighted it...
O: And yet none of the fans know that Yuuichi is doing the singing.
O: That Yuuichi, of all people, is singing...!!
O: Even though his father was run over by the entertainer Tanabe Shingo, there wasn't enough incriminating evidence present.
O: After that, he grew to hate anything to do with the media. Right after Hanada Hideji's debut, however, he suddenly devoted himself to singing.
O: Could it possibly because Yuuichi wished to restore the reputation of entertainers in the eyes of the public?
O: He worked so hard to finally study under Hanada, the man he respects so much.
O: Moving himself closer to the stage, step after step...
O: Just what kind of human did that incident turn Yuuichi into?
O: And what will he turn into from here on out?

O: Hanada Hideji has finally returned to television.
sfx: The one who carries out a man's duty
sfx: he is who is one with the winds of the world
sfx: Come forward, he who has a sense of moral obligation and human duty
sfx: I will embrace you with all my heart!!
O: It really looks like Hanada's doing the singing.
O: He's just lip-syncing, though. Yuuichi's somewhere in the background doing the real singing!!
O: Yuuichi's the one singing, and Hanada is the one going through the motions like a puppet on a string...
O: This really must be taking a toll on Hanada's ego.
O: And so, Hanada and Yuuichi continued their fantastic performances together.
O: Yuuichi became an indispensable part of Hanada Hideji's livelihood, and was the source of his continued success.
O: Soon, Yuuichi became the one guiding Hanada Hideji during meetings and interviews.

O: But Yuuichi never seemed to become full of himself and, on the contrary, seemed to show more respect and reverence for Hanada than ever before.
O: It seemed as if there wasn't a thing about Hanada that Yuuichi didn't know.
Y(2b): His favorite food is sushi, and the number of appearances he's had on TV is...
O: Yuuichi was always extremely busy planning Hanada's various performances.
sfx: pon
N: Keep this on the down low, but...how do you feel about going solo?
Y: Eh?
N: Continuing not as someone else's shadow, but as a true star on your own.

Y: A star!?
N: Anyone can become an entertainer...but only a choice few can become a s tar.
N: You yourself should know how important a chance like this is.
N: This is only between you and me, but there have already been talks about abandoning Hanada.
N: We'd like to have you become popular right away so you can take his place...

Y: No offense, but I refuse.
N: ehhh?!
Y(2b): I am fully satisfied being Mr. Hanada's shadow. Moreover, I do not possess the personal ability necessary to become a star.
N: What?! You...
Y: I respect Mr. Hanada...and that's all that matters to me.
Y: I want to continue to serve him as best I can.
N: I-if you say anything about this, you'll be in a world of hurt!
Y: Oh, you don't have to worry about that...

Y: By the way, Mr. Hanada mentioned that the car he's riding in right now is too garish for his tastes.
Y: What do you think, Mr. Manager?
M: Y-yeah.
Y: We're going to have a new car bought for you.
H: Uuuu...
Y: The car you've been riding in lately is no good. It doesn't fit you at all!!
Y: I've already found a more suitable one.
Y(2b): It's a sports car. The style is a little retro, but...I believe it is perfect for one like yourself, who takes classic trends and revives them in modern times such as these,
Y: in order to bring peace to those who live in such a turbulent era...in that respect, I believe this is the perfect car for you.
Y: Incidentally, we are also going to fire your driver. I will be escorting you myself, in his place.
H: Uu.....!!
Y: Wait here a moment while I bring the car around.
sfx: batan

O: Yuuichi's going somewhere...
Y: The time has finally come!!
Y(2b): The long awaited true performance is here!! The true performance...!!
O: What is he thinking about...?
O: Eventually, Yuuichi returned.
Y: Here is your new car, sir.

Y(2b): What do you think...? I bought it with my own money.
H: U...uuu....!!
O: What's wrong? Hanada's countenance looks so intense. Is he that pleased...?
O: No, he looks more shocked than anything!!

sfx: gyuh
sfx: gohhhhh
sfx: gohhhhh
Y: Fufufu...
Y: From the outside, everyone must be thinking that he is in charge, and I'm the one being led around!! But it isn't that way at all!! It's the opposite!!
Y: I have no respect for Hanada Hideji at all!!
Y: No, in fact...!!
Y: Without me, Hanada Hideji could never survive in this world!!

Y: Everything has gone as I planned!! If only all those idiots who laughed at me could see me now...!!
Y: And...
Y: And...!!
Y(2b): I'm going to speed up a bit, sir!! If people ever found out you couldn't sing, that'd cause trouble for you, after all...
sfx: gogohhhh
H: Uuuuu!!
sfx: gogohhhh
sfx: gooohhhhhh

Y: And so, Hanada was taken to the TV studio in a car by Yuuichi.
O: It looks like the broadcast is over. Here come Hanada and Yuuichi.
O: Yuuichi looks so lively and excited, while Hanada...
O: It seems Hanada was drinking.
O: I'm getting a really bad feeling about this.
sfx: gohhhh
Y: As usual, he looks concerned about me speeding.

sfx: gogohhhh
Y(2b): No, it's more than that...the fact that I'm simply gripping the handle instead of him is tortorous!! Just the fact that I'm driving instead of him!!
Y: Yes...everything is in my hands now.
Y: But that's not all!! The other reason he's suffering is...
Y: Ahhh!
H: Ugggghhh!
Y: What are you doing, sir!?
Y: Stop that!! I'm the one driving here!!

sfx: bashih
Y: Ahhh!
Y(2b): Fine, by all means, take the wheel!! I'll sit behind you.
sfx: buohhhhhhh
Y: Everything's going as planned!! The time has finally come...!!
Y: Sir!! My real name is Meguro Yuuichi!!

sfx: gohhhh
Y: And the fact that my father was run over when I was three years old...
Y: I doubt you have forgotten that!
Y: You see, I clearly saw the face of the criminal!! His name was Tanabe Shingo, an actor on the TV show Good Morning!!
Y: In other words, you!!

Y: I've been waiting!! For this moment!! This place!! This situation!!
Y: The time when all the conditions would be met to allow me to say these words!!
Y: You cannot possibly fathom how much suffering I've endured ever since my father died!!
Y: How many times there have been since then that I've wanted to say these words!!
Y: I had no proof that you killed my father!! However, even after your fake departure from the entertainment world, I continued to watch TV every day, waiting.
Y: I've searched out every single photo I could find of you...memorized the structure of your face...all the old pictures of you...!!
Y: I studied it all!!
H: Uuuuuuu!!

O: Watch out!!
O: The car's swerving!!
O: It's going to crash!!
sfx: Gagaaan

H: Ugggh.....
H: Uuu.....

H: Uuu! Uuu!
H: Uuuuuuuu!!
Y: Hmph!!
Y: You fool! No matter how much you try to call out for help, no one will come to your aid because of your voice!!
Y: Just as I expected, having your hands on this steering wheel one more time drove you mad...that's more proof than any other that you are the true murderer.
Y: And just as I planned, taking out your voice has kept you from calling for help...
Y: I have prepared for this from the very beginning...!! All I have to do now is pretend like I've lost consciousness.
O: Yuuichi and Hanada were eventually rescued from the crash.

Y: Sir, the reporters should be arriving soon to ask you about the cause of the accident.
Y(2b): But you cannot tell them the truth!! With this, there is absolutely nothing left for you, is there?
H: Uuuu...!!
Y: Well then, I'll be leaving now.
Y: Farewell...
O: I watched as Yuuichi finally left Tokyo behind.

L: Mr. Meguro Yuuichi --
The reason I changed my identity after the incident, was because I wanted to forget about it.
L: But even after being declared not guilty, for some reason, I could not erase what happened from my heart.
L: That is why I tried with all my might to live as a better person.
sfx: biri
sfx: gohhhhhh

O: That evening, Yuuichi returned to his mother.
M: Yuuichi!!
Y: Mother!

O: Once again, Yuuichi's life with his mother began again. However, Yuuichi spoke to no one about his past.
O: Just like before, people looked at Yuuichi with cold eyes.
N: Look what the cat dragged in!!
O: His classmates continued to make fun of Yuuichi, just like how they used to.
O: But Yuuichi's face had lost the gloominess it had in the past, and he looked cheerful everyday, walking down the street to the ramen shop where he worked.
O: Hanada never appeared again on the TVs lining the streets of Yuuichi's hometown, and he once again became a boy who hated music and television.
O: And so, I once again left the side of a human whose life I chose to follow.

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