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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 34

Masaru and Of Course, The Sexy Summer Festival Special


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 34


tl by molokidan

Commando 34 - Masaru and Of Course, The Sexy Summer Festival Special

F: Whaaaat!!?
F: Wh...why does he have that much pickled daikon in there?!
H: It's like the daikon and the rice switched places...
F: I don't care how much he may like it, this is going too far!!
M: Th...that's...
M: so cruel, mother...
M: Even after I told you...
M: how much I hated pickled daikon!!

F: But you're eating them like it tastes delicious?!?!
M: Yum!
H: So you don't really hate them after all!!
M: I hate them! And the little hairs on them too...
F: What the hell?!?!
T: Heeeeeeey!! My booooooys!!
T: Stiiiiill eating luuuuunch?!

T: Today sensei has some...
T: big news for you all!!
T: have you heard?! Eh?! Hm...hey! OK!
T: Ok! I'm gonna say it! Hey! OK!
T: Ready?!
M: Yummy.
H: Yeah, it is yummy...
T: They aren't listening?!
T: Why aren't they listening to what their sensei has to say?!
T: Dammit...but I won't give up!
T: You're not the kind of man who'd lose his heart over this!! Tatsurou!!
T: Remember! Those young, vibrant days!!
T: Guhah!!
T: Dammit...why, Tatsurou?! Didn't you decide to run 30km today?!
T: You're going to lose your heart over something like this?! You only have 2km left!!
T: haa x3

T: Kuh...my leg hurts so much...!
T: Fufu...but this is nothing...
T: There's no way I'll lose!!
T: Ah, it's all over, I'm bleeding.
T: I did my best!
T: Nice guts! Tatsurou!!
T: OK...and now, in order to preserve my dignity as a sensei...
T: I'm going to decide it at once!!
T: "You're all rotten oranges!" Hmmm...and so if I make that into a question, it'll be: "Are you all rotten oranges?" Yeah...not bad...
T: Ah! "Rotten oranges! That's what you are!" That's good too!! That sounds more like a language teacher! Yeah...

S: Are you all ready?
T: Huh?!
M: Huh? Principal!
H: What's wrong?
S: Hm? What...you're still eating?
T: That's right! You guys! Hurry up and get ready!!
M: ready?
H: But practice isn't till 2.
T: You fools! This isn't practice time!!
T: It's a competition, I told you!!
F: Competition!!?

Sign: enjoy the coolness of the evening with this one-time-a-year dream festival
The National Japan Sexy Commando Festival '96
side: Heated feelings await you...
T: This!!
F: What do you mean "THIS??!"
F: National Japan...we have to go to a national tournament all of a sudden?!
A: But...it's only been three days since I joined the club! I'm completely unprepared!
T: Don't worry! From my point of view...
T: You are all more than prepared for a national tournament!
T: My eyes are in perfect shape!
H: You liar!!
S: Hoh hoh hoh...now, now, calm down there.
S: Since we already applied, we can't just go and drop out.
S: Additionally...!

S: Your leader seems to be all for it!
F: Masaru-kuuuuun!!
B: And so...the Sexy Commando Club of Wakame High...
B: without any problems...
B: rather smoothly, in fact...
B: received tickets to go to the national tournament!
F: P...Principal, do you know where the arena is...?
P: Hoh hoh hoh...I know everything!
P: Look!
P: This is the arena!

text: Arena Cloth
H: Clooooooth!!?
F: It...it's just like Masaru-kun's house...!!
H: What does it mean!!?
M: So this is the arena...
M: Everyone...beyond this, there is a crowd of bloodthirsty wolves awaiting us...
M: Prepare yourselves!!

M: Here I go!!
M: S...sorry...
B: N...no, that was my fault...
H: What...? Something weird's going on with those two...
A: That other person's hair seems to have something about it too...
F: I guess birds of a feather flock together...

B: I'm...Sakuda Mongai from Kabuki High...
B: E...excuse me...it's my first time meeting you so I was a bit nervous...
M: I'm Hananakajima Masaru from Wakame High!
M: What an unexpected meeting! I believe this is a first for me as well!
B: Oh really...when then, let us become friends...
B: and work hard together!
H: So he was another contestant...
H: and a man, too...
L: Mongai-saaaan!
L: What are you doing? Can't we go in yet?
L: Hurry up and let us in..
L: If we can't get in, then maybe we should just go home...

B: Ohh, everyone! Sorry, sorry!
L: Ah...please excuse us!
L: D-don't go ahead of us like that! It's disheartening....
B: Ah...well then! See you later!
L: Sorry...please excuse us!
F: They look super weak!!
H: Th...they look super weak, don't they?!
H: If that's the kind of wolves we're up against, then bring 'em on...!
M: Don't misunderstand!
F: Eh?!
M: I dunno about the others...
M: But at the very least, that Sakuda guy is not to be underestimated...
M: Look at this hand...!
M: I just shook with him, remember...
H: Th...that's...
F: N...no way...

M: Gum...!!
L: Ahh...
L: A...all the people in here are...
L: Yeah...
L: They look so weak...
L: Seems like this year's tournament will be boring as well..
B: No...that may not be the case.
B: That guy who I passed the gum to earlier...
B: He gave me something in return...
L: Ehh...that's rare!
B: No...this was the first time I've ever received something like this...
B: Urchin!

M: Let's go!!
B: And so...
B: While the Moustache Club had been pretty much forced to come here...
F: Wanchuu!!
B: After seeing the weak-looking guys that just entered, began to calm down a bit,
B: and soon, were all
B: embracing the very essence of the word "victory."
B: Those feelings soon became even stronger,
B: as the last door to the arena opened...
B: all of those feelings were instantly renounced.

Wonderful things that have made Usuta's heart go crazy in '96:

Sega-sama / Saturn-sama / Knights
Sakura TAisen / Virtual Series / Last
Bronx / Biohazard / Shinseiki
Evangelion / Choukou Senshi Shanze
Rion / Future Boy Conan / Supon
Figure / Elephant Kashimashi
Peas / Sherbert / Christmas Knights

"I wanna go somewhere. Somewhere far away. Where no one can bug me, where I can live alone..." To people who feel like that, I recommend this to you! I think it's a little different though....Usuta Kyousuke (22)

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