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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 35

Masaru and the Certain Victory Man


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 35


tl by molokidan

G: We shall now begin the opening ceremony!
Sign: Sexy Commando Festival
G: I would like to now introduce you to the Sexy Commando Organization President...
G: Ex Pander X(fake name)-dono.
G: This year, just like all the others, we hope to move this great tournament along in a very pander-ish fashion!
G: Ah, well then, yes...that's all I have to say, so I'll turn the mic over to Pander! Pander, would you give us a comment or two?!
G: Especially stick out!
G: Thank you!!
T: Alright, everyone! Let's force it out!
K: Fufu...let's force it out a lot...!
F: Force WHAT out!!?

Commando 35 - Masaru and the Certain Victory Man

Commando 35 - Masaru and the Certain Victory Man

M: OK! Everyone!!
M: We're gonna win this thing!! Let's all get excited!!!
F: Sorry.
H: There's no way.
C: Not a chance!
H: It...just seems kinda dangerous...no, this'll definitely be dangerous!
F: Yeah, this place is full of suspicious people...
A: I think I should at least practice a little more before I...
M: What...none of that matters! It's fine, it's fine!
M: It's more than fine, in fact!
M: It's true that there are a bunch of weirdos here, but...
M: Not EVERYONE is like that...
M: Look! How about those guys over there?

M: See!
H: They're more than suspicious enough!!
F: L...let's just go bcak, Masaru-kun!
H: Let's just resign quietly! Come on! Masaru!
M: Resign...?
M: You guys...are you seriously talking about that?
M: That act...
M: Even if I forgive you...
M: I won't forgive you sons of bitches!!!
F: Th...there's something wrong with that!!
H: The two lines don't match!!
M: There's nothing wrong at all!!

A: The first round will soon begin!
A: All players, please report to your appropriate stages!
F: It's...beginning!!
M: See! We don't have time to hesitate, everyone!
M: Here are the stages! What part are we?!
M: Ummm...
written: Samba High Seaweed High
M: Ah! A-Part!
M: Hm? Wow, it's right here!
F: Samba High?! What a weird name...
H: Samba High?!
G: Fufufu...so you're the Seaweed High kids, huh?
G: Let's have a good match together!
G: Owww! Hey, those wings of yours are too big, they're getting in the way!
G: Shut up! Your bra doesn't fit you very well, you know!

A: Now then...
A: Bow!!
A: Onshaaaasu!!
F: D...do we really have to take part in this...
A: Ahhh, what should I do...
M: Fufu...don't worry! I already thought of that, so I made a list to determine what order we go out!
M: The last man standing wins! So I'll just beat all five of them! Look...
F: H....he's right!!
F: Phew...
List, right to left:
Main Body of Troops
Advance Guard
Seaweed High

F: Don't write our nicknames!!!
M: Why not?
M: What's the big deal?! We're all weirdos, after all! Hahaha!
F: This is so embarrassing!!

A: Team representatives...
A: Make your way to the stage...
C: Sexxxxy, sexyyyyyy, seeeeexy, sexyyyyyyy
C: hanip hanip rosegari paramosehenyo shinishini hattan moooo
A: Get set!!
A: Nnnnnnnnnnn...
A: Yooooooooii...

F: It...it's begun...
H: Finally...!!

T: Hoaaaaaaaahhh...
A: First Sexy!
A: White!
H: Wh...what?
F: Did he get something!
(note: the kanji after the numbers in all these boxes is seconds)
S: That's the First Sexy!
F: First Sexy?!
S: Since in Sexy Commando, it's more advantageous to aim for a counter rather than a preemptive strike...
S: They've made it so that the one who takes the first move gets bonus points.
S: Only 30,000 points, though.
H: Thirty THOUSAND!!?
H: Y...you get 30,000 points just for moving first?!
F: It...it's just like some dumb quiz show...!!
F: Will he really be alright!!?
last box: Time Spent Talking
1.00 seconds

S: Hooooooora, here I go!
S: Watch me! Watch me!
S: Watch cloooosely!
M: Ohhhh,
M: Takkun, you're so mean!
M: Stop acting like you're so tough!
S: ufufufu...
S: Who the hell is Takkun?!
S: Mu?!
F: Th...that's...!!
M: Afcan, huh...?!*
* Line: You may think it's an abbreviation of "Super Nice Ocyanpi's Six Days of Traveling With No Destination in Sight," but it's actually an abbreviation of "After-school Campus"
S: Muffuuuuuuuuuun

H: He forgot to shave soooooome!!! (3 hairs)
S: You're miiiiine!!!
M: Yaaaay, I pulled them out! I pulled them out!
M: They came out easier than I thought!
S: Y...you bastard!!
S: My three brothers, who I so painstakingly raised on my own...
S: "Kite," "Retsu," and "Hyakka!" (*t/l note: Again, this is a play off that old manga Kiteretsu)

M: Which ones?
M: Hah!!

S: Uuu...
C: He got me!
S: It's my loss this time...but next time I won't lose...I will become a great man, and the me of tomorrow will look back on the me of the past in scorn!!
A: Sexy, One Win!! Red!! (1,386,900,000 points)
S: Hoo...
S: That was dangerous...
H: ...their levels...are incomparable...
F: I...I was only watching, and I fell right into it...
C: I would hate to fight against him...
S: Hohohh! Not bad, I have to hand it to you!
S: Looks we'll be able to have a bright, fun time with this one!

M: Easy win! Easy win!!
M: Ight! Iiiight!!
M: Do your best, Masaru-kuuun!!
H: We're counting on you!!
F: It's weird...
F: What's this strange comfort I'm feeling...
F: I always feel it when I watch Masaru-kun...
F: I'm sure everyone else feels the same way...
F: They probably all think it's unusual, too...
F: When we're together with him like this...
F: I feel more at ease than usual...
F: I'm going to believe in you,
F: Masaru-kun!!
A: Samba High...
A: Bring out your Guard!!

C: Yooooo...
F: He's scary!!!
H: Sorry! Masaru-san!!
B: Fuumin withdrew his statement 2 seconds later.

I Put a Little Effort into these
Masterpiece Gallery

sfx: buuun!!

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