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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 39

Masaru and the Fake Muscle Man


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 39


tl by molokidan

Commando 39 - Masaru and the Fake Muscle Man
H: A...awawawawa...
F: Ca...Catherine-kun...?!
C: Ooiiiiiisu!
K: Wh...what is that...
K: Hey, Judge!! Something's wrong here! They're doping!!
A: Looks great!!

Commando 39 - Masaru and the Fake Muscle Man
K: No it doesn't!!!

M: That's weird...
M: I wonder where Afro-kun went off to...
M: Did he get lost somewhere?
M: Hmm. Looks like I've got no choice...
M: I'll have to use it...
M: The tiny lightbulb!
M: Mokyuu?
M: Listen carefully, Meso-kun! This is the tiny lightbulb Afro-kun always uses when he has an epiphany!
M: Sniff this scent and then take me to where Afro-kun is!
M: Can you do that?
M: Mokin!
M(small): I can't!
M(sfx): shake shake

M: Really? Thanks! I'm counting on you!
M: Go for it! Meso-kuuuun!
M: Do your best! Iiiiight!
big kanji: HAIR
M: Mokyuu...?
M: Good job! You did it, Meso-kun!
B: They were both completely meaningless.

C: Haaaaa...
K: Wh...what is this guy...
K: He's transformed into an amazing muscle body!
H: Nice...! The enemy's frightened! Mashiiiiiin!!
F: Get 'em!!
M: You're the god of meat!!
C: Now...let's get started...!
C: Come at me, from whichever direction you like!!
K: Don't act scared, Komecchi!!
K: Sexy Commando has nothing to do with physique!! Just attack him, Komecchi!!
small arrow: Komecchi

K: Dammit...that's unfair, you guys!
K: Blathering on all you want huddled up in the corner like that...
C: Why don't you come see...
C: if physique really doesn't matter?
K: G...
K: Goddammiiiiiiitt!!
K: Nnnaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
K: Y...you idiot!!
K: That's the same thing you did last time!!
H: We've got him...!!
M: Gooooo!!

M: It's...
M: a...
M: skeletooooooooon!!!

H: He's shrinking!!
C: Ahh!!
C: Huh? where am I?
C: Who am I?
C: Hm?
C: Ah, hello...
C: Hm? What...?
C: Egafuhh!!
C: Ahh...
C: Anthony, you idiot...

C: One Sexy!! White!! (1,263,330,000 points)
K: haa x2
K: I...
K: did it...
sfx: gabiiiiin
K: you did it, Komecchi!!
K: Nice Sexy! Komecchi!!
H: What the hell did the Muscle God come for...
F: We were counting on him...
M: ...it's probably because the man he jumped into was a weakling to begin with...
H: Are you alright, Catherine...?
C: Mmm...
C: Ahh, that surprised me...
A: Now then...begin the second battle!!

a: Seaweed High! Send our your Guard!!
F: It's...my turn...
H: We're counting on you, Fuumin!!
M: Take your anger (toward Mashin) and slam it to them!!
F: Y...yeah...
C: Fi...
C: Fight...
C: Fight...
C: Let's fight...
F: Ca...
F: Catherine-kun...
F: Here I go!!
C(small): Fight...late...
H: Late?!

K: Gooooo, Komecchi!!
K: Beat all five of them!!
H: Exact revenge! Fuumin!!
F: Haaaaaa...
A: First Sexy! Red!!
K: Hohoh...
K: You're gutsier than you appear...
F: T...time to show you...
F: the special thing I've been saving just for this moment!!

H: Special...!?
M: Go! Fuumin!!
F: Haaaa...
F: Muh?!
F: Uwahhhhh!!
F: These are grandpa's false teeth!!!
F: I didn't even notice they were in such a place!
F: He's been searching for them all the way since last year! Fufufufufu!!
K: Eh?
K: Uh...
K: OK...
F: Hm?
K: Eh?

K: I don't get it...
K: Awkward...this is really awkward...!
K: It's makes me completely forget about how bad my skeleton was...!!
F: It's no use...I can't do it...
F: I just can't hate this guy...!!
F: Uh...ummm...
F: Err....
F: Basically, what I meant was that I've had my grandpa's false teeth in my pants for at least over half a year. It's totally unusual, so that's why it's funny...
K: Don't try to explain a joke that already failed!!

K: J...just stop...I can't take it anymore...
K: This is just too painful!!
M: Punch him! Fuumin!!
E: Eh?!
F: Ah...
F: Uhhh...
F: Now's my chance!!
F: Cat's Notepad!! (*t/l: A Japanese magazine for cat lovers)
K: Ahh!!

K: Ah...!
F: S...sorry...
F: Did that hurt...?
K: For some reason...
K: I'm happy...
A: One Sexy! Red!! (1,432,030,000 points)
F: Haha...

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