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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 40

Fuumin and the Cat Master


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 40


tl by molokidan

COMMANDO 40 - Fuumin and the Cat Master

A: One Sexy! Red!!
F: Hooraaaaay!!
F: Nice! Fuumin! I knew I could count on you!!
M: Yeah! That joke of yours made absolutely no sense!!
F: Haha...
K: Komecchi...
K: Look at that happy face...
K: Even though he lost...
K: This is the first time I've seen something like this...
K: ...it kinda pisses me off..
K: Let's play another trick on them.
K: For the start, let's stuff a can up their butt and take pictures.
H: Alright! Fuumin! Keep this streak going on to the next battle!!
F: Yeah...! Wanchu!

M: Ah! Time out! Fuumin!
M: I dunno if it'll come in handy or not...
M: But just in case, take these...
F: Fake glasses?!
F: S...sorry, but I don't think I'll need them...
M: What? C'mon, just take them with you!
F: N...no, I'm fine, really.
M: ...you sure...?
F: Y...yeah. I appreciate it, though.
M: You may regret that...!

M: "He who goes without fake glasses..."
M: "will end up getting beat to death." It may end up as that sort of situation...
F: What the hell kind of situation is that!!?
A: Now then...
A: Both teams, send your next players up!!
K: Don't lose! Kobuichi!!
K: If you lose, it's assflower for you, Kobuichi!!*
* Line: Assflower - When you squeeze a flower between your butt cheeks and take pictures
H: Show that Fuumin...
H: the power of our friendship!!
H: Say it already! Judge!!
A: OK!
A: Nmuuuuu...
A: Nnnyooooooiii...

F: Haaa!!
A: First Sexy! Red!!
K: Kyookyokyokyo...
K: C'mon, c'mon!!
F: Here I go...
F: The special thing I've been saving, Part 2!!
F: The "Mother's Ring" Arc...!!
F: Ahhh, there it is!
F: Mother's ring! I've been looking for it since last year!
F: But is this really mother's ring?
F: If it is, then it should fit perfectly on my pointer finger!
F: OK!
F: Lemme try!!

F: It fits perfectly!!!
F: This really is mother's ring!!
F: Yaaaay!!
F: Ummmm...
M: Do punch him!!
H: What?!

F: Oryaaaaaa
K: Nyaaaaaan
H: Geh...?!
K: nyan

F: C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!!
F: Mike! C'mon! C'mon! Mikeeeeeee!!!
H: Fuuuuumiiiiiin!!!
H: Wake up! Fuumin!!
M: Fuumin! Don't let him trick you!!
M: That isn't Mike, it's Tama!!
M: haa x2
K: Kyookyokyo...as expected of the "Cat Master," Kobuichi...
K: He must have known his opponent was a cat lover...
K: Yeah...I mean, come on, he shouted "Cat's Notebook" for his last move...
F: Mike-chan! Mike, Mike!
F: C'mon, c'mon, c'moooon!!
F(sfx): haa x2
H: Ahhhh!! You're in danger! Fuumin...!!
M: Get out of the way!!

K: Sure-kill...
K: Cat Punch!
F: Ahh!!
F: Ah...?
A: One Sexy!! White!! (1,392,380,000 points)
K: Hooraaaay!!
K: You did it, Kobuichiii!!
K: Two wins! (But it's really three!)
F: S...sorry...
F(sfx): haa x2
H: Don't worry...you did great! You got us a win...!

F: Yeah...
F(sfx): haa x2
F: ...but it...
F: really hurts...
H: Fuumin...
F: Masaru-kun...
H: Ohhhhhh!!!
H: Stop playing around!!
A: Uuu...

A: G...guys...
A: I'm baaaack...
H: Ahh...
H: Afro-kun!!
H: H...hang in there!!
F: Are you alright?!
A: I believe I am about 38% alright...dofufu...
M: Why are you wearing that on your head...
M: And where were you until now, taking a walk or something, goddammit?!
A: N...no...the truth is...

A: Back during the scuffle with the Uniform High guys, I was suddenly attacked with the urge to urinate...and so, with the intention to merely take a light rest, I walked briskly over to the bathroom. There, just as I had finished urinating, I went over to the mirror and started grooming my beautiful hair with a comb. Incidentally, during this time I realized just how much I with this hairstyle resembled the actor Shimura Ken, and so I began whistling one of his most famous songs: "Strange Old Man"...indeed, getting too caught up in said whistling was the cause of my carelessness. That is when it happened. As if it was growing out of my beautiful hair itself, a human hand came up friom behind me, blooming like a glittering golden flower, and then curled around my afro hair and...
A: and...well, that's the jist of it...
H: I see...
H: That sure was a detailed explanation!
F: Very easy to understand!
M: Yeah, it totally made sense! (the part about the colon, that is)
H: But seriously, how dare those guys...resorting to such a lowdown trick...
M: Yeah...what dirty bastards...!!
M: The colon...
F: What?!
K: Huh? Hey...he came back, guys...?!
K: Geh?! Th...this is bad!!

K: Kyoookyokyokyo...
K: There's nothing to worry about...
K: The way he is now, even if he enters, he won't be able to fight properly...
K: Our victory is absolute...!
K: Y...you're right!
K: That's our Captain! He sure knows how to say it!
K: Fufu...enough, Kobuichi...
K: Fufu...fukyokyo...
K: Kyoookyokyokyokyo...
K: Kyoooookyogohh!!
K: Kyogofuh! Gofuh! Gefuhh!! Gofuh! Gofuh...
K: Dumbass! Be careful, Captain!
K: What'll happen if people realize you were laughing on purpose?!
K(small): All he ever cares about is looking cool when he laughs!
K(small): What a shitty Captain!
H: So they really were doing those laughs on purpose...
F: Yeah, no one's laugh sounds like that normally anyway...

H: Still, though, acting all sneaky like that...
H: I can't believe they'd resort to something so cowardly...
H: They aren't men...
H: I'll set them straight with my guts!!
F: Go for it! Machahiko-kun!!
A: Exact revenge on the enemy!!
A: Iiight, iiiight!!

F: zupoh
A: Wakame High Center...
A: To the stage!!

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