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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 42

People Going Their Own Way


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 42


tl by molokidan

Commando 42 - People Going Their Own Way

M: We've got big trouble, guys!!
M: Something horrible has happened!!
M: Yo, Moe-Moe!
H: What are you so panicked about?
M: That's the thing! Well...first, I couldn't find Afro-kun...!
M: Well...to make a long story short there's a chance he was caught up in an explosion or something nearby...
H: Oh, it's alright! Afro-kun already came back.
M: Eh?! (No way?!)
A: Ahh, sorry for causing you so much problems.
A: Is everything alright? Moe-Moe-suwaaan...

M: gokuri...d...does this mean he really was in an explosion? The way he looks now...
M: But it's really strange...for some reason, that hairstyle really seems to fit him...what do you call that style anyway?!
M: Oh! Great, you're OK...
M: I was so worried!
A: Sorry, Moe-Moe-suann...
A: ...but...my returning scene was completely ruined by this shameful head of mine...
A: I apologize...with this head, I...I've lost my right to have an afro...
H: What are you saying?! You look great!
F: Yeah! They're like "Battle Scars!"
A: R...really..?
M: Don't worry about it, Afro...?kun...
H: Cheer up! Um...Afro...?kun...
A: Those sound like questions!!!

A: Ah! That's right! How did the second round go?
F: Ahh! Thanks to everyone, we're going on to the finals!
A: Really?! Amazing!!
M: Please win! I'm cheering you on!!
H: Hahaha...we'll do our best!
M: Alright, everyone! There's still some time until the finals,
M: so let's start planning!
M: Ah!
M: That's right...I forgot...
H: Hm?
M: Meso-kun disappeared!!
M: I completely forgot!!
H: What?!

C: Me...Meso-kun disappeared?!
F: T...that's horrible!
H: Masaru! Wait a second, Meso's gone!
M: What are you worrying about?!
M: He's probably just hiding somewhere over there!
M: In someone's body...
H: S...stop it...
F: That's really creepy...
H: I'm really worried...
F: Yeah...should we go look for him...?
F: Ma...Masaru-kun! We're going to go search for him...!!
H: Take care of the rest for us!!
M: What?! Hey...wai...ahh!!
M: To think they'd all leave...are they assuming I'll have a meeting all by myself?!
M: Fufu...fine!
M: If that's how they're gonna play, then I'll do just that...!

M: "Secret Technique: Masaru Meeting"...!!
Explanation: Masaru Meeting
When all the Masarus that live inside Masaru's head get together and share their opinions and otherwise just tell little stories. At the finale, the 607 total Masarus get together and have a tournament including candy-catching and stuff (apparently).
M: That was an amazing meeting!
M: And to think there'd be an ONDY hiding in the candy...
Arrow: Ondy
M: That was a tough production...!
M: Now then, next is the "Masaru Light Step," I guess....
M: Time to go mess with the Principal!
Box: Masaru Light Step
Masaru stepping lightly. To an eight-beat!
F: Heeeey!
F: Meso-kuuuun!!
M: Hmmm...where did he go?
H: Mesoooooo! Come ouuuuut!!

H: It's no use...let's split up...!
F: Yeah. Everyone meet back here in 15 minutes...
H: OK. 15 minutes here, right?
M: Yeah, here!
C: OK, then I'll be back here in 15 minutes...
M: Mokyu?
H: Me...
F: Mesoooooo!!!
H: S...so this is where you were!!
F: Great! You're alright!!
M: Meso-kuuuuuun!!

H: Just where have you been, anyway?!
M: We were worried about you!
M: Mokyu
S: .....you...
S: Just what are you doing...?
M: Fufufu...this?
M: Well now? What could it be...I dunnnnooooo...
P: D...dammit...just look at that...it looks so fun...
P: I wanna do it...I wanna do it too...
M: Ahhh...the "Masaru Galilei" really is fun...
P: Masaru Galilei?! It sounds so fun!!!
P: Ma...Masaru...do you think I could...you know...
M: Nope! I refuse!

P(small): Awww, come on, what's the big deal! Just let me do it a little! I won't break anything!!
M(small): Only I'm allowed to do it!
B: Looks like you're having fun, Hananakajima-kun!
B: Hey...
B: I'm really happy I'll be able to see you in the finals...
B: It's very exciting...!
M: Yeah! I'm excited too...
M: Tomorrow's "Fresh 3 Group!"
B: Fresh 3 Group?!
B: ...I see..you don't seem worried at all...
M: Yeah, cuz I'm bored.
B: Fufu...if you're that bored, then why not try doing some warm-ups...?
B: If you don't...
B: Tomorrow's "Fresh 3 Group"...
B: will be seeing you in the hospital!

M: That's exactly what I want.
B: You WANT that to happen!!?
B: F...fine, then see you later...
M: Yeah! See ya!
M: Now then...let's continue, shall we?!
S: Masaru...
S: Let me do it!
M: Nope!
S: Hoh hoh hoh...calm down, calm down...
S: I don't mean for free...
S: What if I give you this...?
Seiyuu Theme Park
He's huge
A 30m giant!
Yoroshiku Mask is here!!

M: A...
M: Giant Yoroshiku Mask!!?
S: Fufufu..how about it? In exchange...
S: For those Galilei goods?
S: If you'll let me borrow it, then...
M: I'll let you borrow it!!!
S: Uooohhh!?
S: R...really?! That was rather quick...
S: Then here!
M: Uoooooohhhhhhhhh!!
M: Thanks, Principal...!!
S: Hoh hoh hoh...give-and-take! Give-and-take, my friend...
M: Yaaaaaay!!
S: Hoh...hoh hoh...
S: Hoh...
S: Sorry...I'm sorry, Masaru...I didn't mean to trick you...
S: Forgive me...the truth is...that event...

S: ended today...
H: Guys...the next round is the final one...!!
H: We've come this far! Let's do it!!
C: The...final, huh...?
F: Do you think...
F: we can really do it...?
H: What are you saying?! You all want to go to the onsen, right?!
H: You won't be able to get there spouting off weak stuff like that!!
A: The onsen...
C: I wanna go...
F: But the final is scary...
F: It's scary, but I wanna go...
Sky: O N SE N
F: Let's do it!!
A: Yeah!!
H: That's right! Everyone...!
F: "If you're a man, just do it!!"

M: Mokyuu!
H: Oh! Meso, too...
H: Hm?
H: What's this?
Letter: WINNER
Izu Onsen Tickets
S: Hoooo...that sure was fun...
S: The "Nobuyuki Galilei" I invented...!
S: Now, I suppose it's about time for the match...
S: Heey, you...

S: Every...one...
T: Fufu...they're gone...
T: I'm here, though!
T: But don't worry, sensei...
T: I took responsibility and had them write this...
right letter:
am a man among men
after all...
Machahiko and Co.
left letter:
I'm going to see the big Yoroshiku Mask.
Also, I'm feeling a bit fuzzy. -Masaru
T: The reasons they forfeited!

T: Seaweed High
T: Seaweed High
T: The Sugoi-Yo!! Masaru-san BURN! Sexy Commando Tournament...
T: Thank you very much for reading! Enjoy Volume 5!!

O: Haaa...
O: This really doesn't make any sense whatsoever anymore...
O: Usuta

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