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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 45

Diet Impossible


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 45


tl by molokidan

Commando 45 - Diet Impossible

M: Hmmmmmmmmm
M: Bliss!!
G: Moe...is that
G: your lunch?
M: Yeah!
M: I call it the chestnut bean jelly lunch!
G: But it's not a "lunch," is it?
G: Don't come crying to us if you get fat, alright?
M: Oh, it's fine! I'm not worried!
M: After all, I'd regret it...
M: if I DIDN'T eat something as delicious as this!
G: But if you get fat, you'll regret it even more...
G: What a cheeky remark...!
G: Time to punish you!
sfx: ukyaaa

panel 1: seaweed~ seaweed~ after-school~ rendezvous~
F: Ahhh...today ended without anything bad happening...
H: What are you saying, Fuumin! It's time for practice!
H: The horror is just about to begin...!
F: D...don't say stuff like that...
F: Huh?
F: Is that Moe-Moe-san...?
H: Heeey, Moe-Moe!
M: Ahhh, hi, you two!
M: Good afternoon!
F: Uwaa...
H: That...looks tasty...hahaha...
H: Wh...what are you eating?
M: Chestnut bean jelly! Want some?

M: My grandma from Kyuushuu sent me a ton! It tastes so good!
M: I ate it for lunch today too!
F: Is...that so...I'll pass...
F: This...is like Masaru-kun's lunch...
M: You don't need to hold back!
M(Small): Granma told me to share them with all my friends!
M(small): And she said that since she packed them in cardboard they'd be alright! They're good for your health!
F: But...if you eat too much...isn't that bad for your body?
H: Yeah...um...like, you might get...fat or something...
M: Eh?
M: I'm...
M: f...fat?
F: No, not at all!!
H: Of course not! You're really cute!
H: There's no way you'd be!
M: Then it's fine!
H: Eh?! Uh...well...
H: yeah, but...
H: B...but Moe-Moe...?
H: There's no high schooler who walks around eating chestnut bean jelly like that, you know?
M: Really...?

M: Hey!
H: Whaaaaat!!?
F: What are you eating!!?
M: What am I eating? Just a snack...
M: Don't you know what a snack is?!
M: Want some?
M: Yeah!
F: You're gonna eat it!!?
M: Wedding cakes really are the perfect snack.
M: Yeah!
F: E...even Moe-Moe!!
F: Sweet things...really are frightening!
H: ...but something seems weird about Moe-Moe today to begin with...

M: Ahh, that was sweet!
M: Now, time for training!
M: Masaru-kun! You're forgetting your rings!
M: Ahh, it's alright..
M: I'm drying them right now...
M: D...drying???
M: Alright! Let's begin!
M: Hm...?

scale: FATASS
M: "Overflowing Broth!" Begin!!
M: C'mon, let's see it! Overflow!!
M: I said overflow, dammit!!!
H: Oh...kay...
O: Um...Masaru-kun...?!
M: Hm?
M: Moe-Moe...what's up?
O: Um...there's something I want to talk to you about...
O: Do you mind?
M: Sure!
M: Say it!

M: Eh?! Not here...
M: Everyone's here...
M: I want to talk about it with you alone...
A: Alone, huh...?
H: So I guess we're just in the way to her...
C: I thought we were getting along well, too...
O: Masaru-kun...! You have to keep this a secret from everyone...!
O: Don't let them figure out, OK?!
M: Yeah! Leave it to me!
M: Hey guys, long time no see...!
F: ...Masaru-kun...
H: Wh...what...
H: did you talk with Moe-Moe about?
M: Fufu...
M: What do you mean...?

M: That person's my mom!
F: You liar!!
F: You really think an obvious lie like that would work?!
H: Tell us the truth!!
M: Yep...! Anyway, I'll be off now...!
H: Wait a second!!
M: What? I'm busy, you know!
M: After all, tomorrow Moe-Moe and I are...
H: Mo...
H: Moe-Moe and...?!
M: with youth...
M: and vigor...!!

H: That isn't an answer, Masaru!!
H: Masaru-saaaan!!
text: the next day
box: After school
panel: seaweed~ saturday~ after school~ friday~
F: What?! Why did he say "Friday" last?!
H: Don't worry about what the principal says, Fuumin.
H: C'mon, let's go!
F: Ahh...! Eh?! Go where?
H: Sssh! Here they come!
M: What a nice day!
O: Yeah!
H: Unuuu...so he really is going somewhere with Moe-Moe..
C: I'm so jealous...
F: Ehh?! N...no way...
F: You guys are going to follow them?!

F: C...come on, that's not good...
F: It's not...manly!
H: N...
H: Not manly...?
F: Yeah...kinda...
C: He's right...
A: It feels like we're doing something wrong...
H: That doesn't matter!! Even if it may be unmanly...
H: I'm following them!!
F: He's only manly about weird things!!

O: Hey, Masaru-kun...?
O: Where are we going?
M: Hm? To buy ingredients for the medicine.
O: I...ingredients for the medicine?
O: You know how to make medicine?
M: Of course! I come from a long line of pharmicists. This is my family's secret recipie...
M: It really works!
M: But there are a lot of ingredients, so we may have to walk for a while...
O: OK! That's fine...I like walking...!
F: It...looks like they're having a really good time...
C: Amazing...
H: I...don't want to admit it, but...it really seems like a date....
H: Damn that Masaru asshole...!
H: Why doesn't he just buy the ingredients on his own...?!
C: What is he going to buy, anyway?
M: Ohh! Here we go! I found the first one!
M: I'm gonna buy some!

M: Meat and potato stew, please.
F: Whaaaaat!!?
O: M...meat and potato stew...?
M: Hm? Of course! This is the main ingredient!
M: Meat and potatoes are the basics in lots of things, you know!
M: Like that building of there! It's built of meat and potatoes!
H: ...this is ridiculous...
F: What kind of medicine has meat and potatoes as its base...?
H: Is he really going to make medicine...?
M: Now, for the next one...I wonder where we should go...
O: What's the next one?
M: Hey! I can't show this to you!
O: Eh?! Why not?! I wanna see!
M: No! H...hey, stop, I said!
O: Ahahaha! What's the big deal?! Lemme see!

Paper: A Nomura Yoshio Telephone Card (*t/l note: famous guitarist in Japan, nicknamed Yocchan)
F: A telephone card!!? (And not only that, but a Yocchan one?)
H: I-is he seriously planning on making medicine...?
C: No...he's probably just going shopping for himself...
F: ...but if it's just shopping, then...
A: That means this is, 100%, without a doubt, a...
F: ...let's go back...
A: You're right...

A: This twilight really stings...
H: How come...
H: we aren't popular...
C: Yeah...and why is the weirdest one popular instead...?
F: Th...that isn't the case, right...?
H: No...Catherine has a point!
H: We haven't been doing anything wrong!
C: Yeah!
F: B...but...
A: But I still wanna be popular, even if it means doing something wrong...
F: Don't say stuff like that...

F: W...well, anyway...
F: I...wonder...
F: what kind of medicine that was anyway, huh?!
C: Who knows...
H: who cares?
A: Probably sleeping powder, right?
H: Eh?
B: Sleeping Powder
B: Sleepy
B: Eyelids become heavy
B: Eyes feel tired
B: Eyes close...
F: Yocchan!!
C: Oh no...! Sleeping powder!!
H: Moe-Moe's in danger...!!

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