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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 46

Masaru and the Medicine Party


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 46


tl by molokidan

Commando 46 - Masaru and the Medicine Party
sign: RICE
Sexy Commando Club

H: Moe-Moe's in danger!!
H: Let's go stop Masaru!!
F: Eh?! Wa...wait, guys...!!
F: We don't even know where Masaru-kun is right now, even if we were gonna go...!!
H: Ah?!
H: y..you're right...!
A: His house...or maybe the clubhouse?
C: Hmmm...
H: It be nice if he was in either one..unuuu...
H: It's no use hesitating like this...!
H: Let's just go to the closest place first, the clubhouse!!
C: Yeah...!
C: You're right!
A: OK! To the school!!

F: Well? Does it look like he's here?
H: Mmm...
H: Oh no...! He might have already started mixing the medicine...!!
H: Let's hurry!!
sfx: shinishini~ orzance~ coppenlo~ saffuttan~ momorooon~
C: H...he's doing some weird chant...!!
H: He might be starting some suspicious ritual or something...!!
H: This is bad!!
H: This ends here! Masaruuuuuu!!

M: Wh...who are you guys-rabbit?!
M: You can't come in here-rabbit!!
H: Sh...shut up!! What's with that weird way of talking?!
H: We know exactly what you're up to!!
H: And we're not going to let you make that medicine!!

M: How do you guys know about the medicine..?
H: Fufu...we know about everything...
H: The fact that you bought meat and potatoes soup and a Yocchan telephone card...
H: and, most of all...!
H: That this medicine...
H: is really sleeping powder!!
M: Hah!
M: Hahaha! Gusuh! Puripuri...
H: Wh...why are you laughing?!
H: No, wait...!
H: Was that laughing just now?! I'm not sure!!
M: It was just so funny, I burst out laughing.
M: This isn't sleeping powder...

M: It's Mehoho Burusasan G!"
H: What the hell is that?!
M: It's...
O: Uwaaaahh!!
O: No! No! It's nothing!
O: It's not what you think...there's nothing to worry about!! Right?!
F: Wh...what?
H: What could it have to do with Moe-Moe...?
A: A..."Beauty Potion!?"
O: You can't tell them!!
M: R...really...?
M: At this point, what's the big deal...?
M: They're just going to figure it out after they watch me make it, anyway, you know?

O: Well then make it in a way so they don't!!
F: Uhhhh...I'm pretty sure we won't be able to figure it out no matter what...
M: Now then, next is...
M: Seaweed!
M: Then beer,
M: sweet bean curd, and...
M: wild crysanthemum...
M: dried potatoes,
M: konjac noodles,
M: amberjack,
M: margarine...
M: and then,
M: moque...
M: Ahh!!
M: Ah...gohon!
M: Gehun!
M: Ahem...
M: Grass.
F: What kind of grass is that!!?

M: Ooookay! Now we're finally finished!
M: I'll just let it boil for a while, and then all that's left is the finishing touch...!
H: There's no way someone could drink this...
H: Hey, Moe-Moe...
H: Why don't you tell us already?! Just what kind of medicine is this...?
M: I...don't know...
M: It's done!
M: Fufufu...thanks for waiting...
M: This is the secret medicine that has been passed down through generations in my family...
M: The "Mehoho Burusasan G"...
M: weight loss medicine!!!
F: We...
F: Weight loss medicine?!

M: Here.
M: Muh?! Hey!! Don't say shit like that!
F: B...but it has absolutely no point!!
C: And why did it have to be a holographic one?!
M: You amateurs...! Acting like you know anything about Nomura...
F: Don't talk about him like you're his friend or something!!
M: Masaru-kun...
M: Hm? What?

M: awww!! Why did you tell them?!
M: I told you to keep it a secret!!
M: Eh? What did I say?
H: You said weight loss medicine!
A: Indeed, he said it loud and clear...
M: see!!
O: Ohhh, what should I do now?! How embarrassing!!
O: I am a young maiden filled with shame!!
M: A Nomura filled with shame!
F: Masaru-kun!!
H: B...but Moe-Moe...
H: Why would you ask for weight loss medicine...
O: Wh...why...?
O: But...
O: you know?!
O: Um...
O: Er...
M: There's a dog at your house named "Higeppa"...isn't there, Moe-Moe?
H: Eh?

M: Apparently Higeppa is a really big dog!
M: He's super fat...so much that Moe-Moe can't pull him by herself when she goes to take him for walks...
M: That's how fat he is.
O: Eh...? Masaru-kun...
O: You're lying...for me...?!
M: And then Moe-Moe realized.
M: That she was fat as well...!
M: Kuhhaaaahhh!!!
M: That's when she came to ask for my help!
M: Help with her problem!
H: R...really...?
H: S...so it wasn't a date...!!
A: That's great news...!!
C: I thought it was kinda strange!!
M: ...but...
M: it's true I have been eating a lot of sweet things lately...

H: Yeah...but Moe-Moe...
H: You aren't fat at all, you know...?!
F: Yeah...
A: In fact...you seem rather skinny...
M: No...!
M: You're lying! I'm fat!!
M: Why do you keep lying?!
M: You're lying because I'm fat!!
M: I hate you!!
H: N...no! Calm down!
M: It's fine!!
M: All I need to do to get skinny is eat this!!
M: I'm gonna eat it!
M: I'm gonna eat it all!!!
C: Wait a moment! Moe-Moe-kun!!
F: Eh...?

C: Do you truly know what it means...
C: to get skinny?!
F: What persuasive power...!!
M: Ahh...
M: B...but...
M: That doesn't matter...
M: It didn't bother me at all at first either...
M: Then...after seeing the truth with my own eyes..
M: I got scared all of a sudden...
F: Truth...?
H: Did something...happen?

M: The scale...
M: said...
M: F...
M: "fat ass"...
F: Th...the scale put out...letters...?
"Fat ass"...?!
H: The one over there...?
H: So that's it...
M: Hoo....one, two! Alright...
M: Hm?
M: What's wrong, guys...?
H: That's why!!!
O: Ehhhh?! Y...you mean,
O: it was because of the rings?!
H: Yeah...the same thing happened at the cash register in a department store a while back...!
O: Then...then it means I'm not fat after all...

O: What a relief...
F: Girls these days really worry about their style.
H: Yeah, you're right! They're seriously overdoing it.
A: Skinny or fat, being natural is the best!
M: Yeah...
M: You're right...
M: It'd be wrong to be...unnatural...!
M: I was mistaken...!
M: Thanks...guys!
C: I was wrong too...
B: It was a shout of the heart which words couldn't describe.

D: Cat food is disgusting, man!! SERIOUSLY!! Not that it matters, though!

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