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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 49

It's Not a Tuna! 3


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 49


tl by molokidan

Commando 49 - It's Not a Tuna! 3

M: Ohh...ohhhhh...
M: Oooooiioioi oooioi...
F: Ma...Masaru-kun is crying while he's reading that book...
A: I feel like I just saw something I wasn't supposed to...
H: That "ooioi" noise is too unnatural, though...!

M: Ororoooon, shikushiku...
M: How moving...fantastic...!
Book: Anne of Green Gables
M: Let us also learn from Anne,
M: and clean up this clubhouse!!
F: Learn what!!?
M: You can't get a wonderful life with status and fame alone.
M: It all depends on whether you live each day to its fullest...!

M: Live for today...
M: Live for today!!
H: That has nothing to do with the book..
H: So you're saying that in order to live for today we have to clean up the clubhouse?
F: Alright...let's get started then...
M: You think just cleaning up...
M: is all means to live for today!!?
M: Anne Shirley...
M: said this!
M: Time to clean...
M: Today I'll use my...
M: sure-kill uppercut!
F: Anne wo!!?

M: In other words, it means this. To live for today...
M: is to enjoy everything no matter what you're doing!
M: Cleaning as well...
M: should be enjoyed!!
H: E...enjoyed? But you...
O: I agree!
O: I think Masaru-kun's opinion is correct!
O: If you're going to do it, you might as well do it and have fun!
C: I was just about to say the same thing!
H: Enjoying everything you do is what it means to be a "Man"..
O: Riiight?!
H: For some reason I really feel like cleaning now!!
O: OK! Let's enjoy cleaning together!
F: Tohoho...why did things turn out like this?

C: OK! Then I'll start by happily...
C: sweeping the floor!!
H: Go for it! Catherine!!
C: Well then...
C: Watch this!!
C: Look at me!!
C: I can hardly contain myself!!!
H: Wow...!
F: Hahaha...
C: WELL!!? How am I doing?!
C: How does it look?! This!!!
H: Ca...therine...?
F: Ma...Masaru-kun, tell him to stop!
F: I think something bad is happening...
F(small): his energy is...
M: Yeah, you're right.

M: You're doing it wrong, Catherine!
C: Ahh!!
M: What you were doing just now wasn't fun or anything like it!
C: Ehh?!
C: I...I...
C: made another mistake...?
M: yes!
F: Good...
H: Looks like he's back to normal now...
C: I...I'm sorry...
M: Fufu...don't get so depressed, Catherine!
M: Just because I said it was wrong, it doesn't mean it was all wrong...
M: You were just missing something important...
M: And that thing is...
M: humming...

M: Nnnfunnfunnfufufuuuuun, like that!
F: That isn't the problem at all!!
H: That isn't right! Enjoying something is more like, you know...
F: For example...decorating while you clean or something...!
M: Decorating?
O: We could decorate the place with mustaches?
H: Yeah right...
H: Ah! No...but, well...um, sorta...! Yeah!
M: I see, decorations...
M: You might be on to something there!
M: There's probably something we could use to decorate the place with in here...
M: Let me look for a moment...!
O: Me too!
H: I guess we should look too...!
F: Yeah...before they find something weird...
M: Mu! This looks like it might work...
F: Oh! I found something good!
F: I really like this, but I didn't really wanna show it to anyone...

M: Hmmm....doesn't seem to be anything really good in here...
F: Guys! How about this?
F: You found something good, Fuumin?
F: Yeah...I wanted to keep it a secret, though...
F: This!
H: Wh...what is that?!
O: Cute!
F: Y...yeah...they're sea monkeys...they've become kinda popular lately, you know?
M: That's gloomy, Fuumin!
H: Don't say that!
O: I think it's fine! They're cute!
F: R...really? I'm glad...
M: They sure are strange creatures!
M: They kinda look like hermit crabs, you know?

M: Mogu?
F: Wh...what was that sound? ...it kinda sounded like salivating...
H: Yeah...and it sounded like it came from inside somewhere...
H: Was it just my imagination?
M: Mokyuuuu?
F: It's just our imagination...!!
H: Alright! I don't wanna lose to Fuumin!!
C: I'll search too!!
F: Yeah! This is starting to get kinda fun!!
O: Ah! I found something nice!
H: Oh? What is it, Moe-Moe?!

O: A curtain!!
F: Uwahhhh! Why did you pull out something like that?!
H: It's nice, though! It'll make the clubhouse look brighter!
A: I also made an excellent discovery!
H: Oh! Go for it, Afro-kun!!
A: A Tapestry!!
F: Uwahh! It's from Miyajima!!
H: I've never been there, and yet I feel like I have now!!
C: OK! OK! Me next!!
C: A bodybuilder!!
F: Uwaaaahhhhh!!

O: I think that's a bit much!!
A: But if you think of it as art, it does look rather beautiful!!
H: Uwahhh!!
H: Th...
H: This is...!!
C: Wh...what?!
F: What did you find, Machahiko-kun?!
H: An "I Am a Man!" poster!!
C: That's all?!
O: Don't scare us like that, Machahiko-kuuun!
H: Hahaha! Sorry! Sorry!

F: Ahhh...! This is really getting fun!
H: Decorating really is fun!
C: It's like a cleansing of the soul!
H: Alright! Let's decorate the room, everyone!!
H: "With flowers of the heart!!"
M: I found something
M: amazing...!!
H: Ma...Masaru...!!
H: You always pop out at the worst times!!
F: Just when the atmosphere was finally getting good, it's all ruined now!!
H: A deer!!
F: A deer!! We already figured it out, Masaru-kun!!
C: Pulling out a stuffed deer at a time like this is severely lacking! It's not amazing at all!!

M: Here we go!

F: Higyaaaahhh!!
M: Fufufu...surprised?
M: It's big, isn't it? This tuna!
M: It'd make any fisherman go nuts!
M: I guess it was so big that no one could tell that it was a tuna.
M: So it was made into a stuffed tuna and then I brought it here..!
F: It's...not a tuna...!!
H: F...forget about the size...
H: It's not a fucking tuna!!
F: Legs...!
F: Legs!
F: Legs!
B: There exist in this world many strange creatures beyond our wildest dreams...
B: At that moment, Masaru and the rest of the Moustache Club realized that the animal he brought in was one of these...

A little bit of a masterpiece gallery
sfx: zun...
G: You alright...?
G: Hooo...I'm saved...
G: Thank you...?!
G: Wh...what?!
G: What the hell?!

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