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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 51

I'm Jealous...Christmas


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 51


tl by molokidan

O: The town was illuminated with red and green,
O: and everyone's hearts were full of excitement.
O: For today was Christmas,
O: a pure holiday that happens only once a year.
O: The falling snow glittered,
O: shining on everyone's cheeks.
O: everyone suspected the shy stars
O: would soon come out to shine their light on the event.
O: Th...thank you, stars...
O: The end!
F: That was great! Moe-Moe!!
O: Kuhhaaah! How embarrassing!!!
O: I can't believe you told me to write a poem in the first place!!
F: Hahaha...it was great, Moe-Moe!

Commando 51 - I'm Jealous...Christmas

Commando 51 - I'm Jealous...Christmas
sign: The "How To Spend A Fashionably Year Group," through the "We Assert That We Still Have Acne Even Though We're Only 20 Group" through the "We Assert that the Classic Doraemon Always Used the Sentence-Ending Phrase 'Nanora' Group" bring you the "Christmas Party."
M: Like, you know...
M: If we used meatballs for the stars...
H: That's disgusting!!
O: Meatballs?!
C: Gross!

F: Come on...just when things were starting to get normal again...
H: But I think it's a good idea to let Moe-Moe handle the opening ceremony of the Christmas Party!
H: Aren't you glad, Moe-Moe?!
O: S...stop it! It'll make me embarrassed...
M: No...it's true, Moe-Moe!
M: There is no reason to feel ashamed of your talent!
O: Ahhh...
O: Thank you so much...
M: "Black Christmas."
M: Slash! Crush! Squelch...the town was covered in blood in a single instant...
F: What are you reading all of a sudden?!

H: You don't have to read yours!!
M: What?! But this is just the beginning of the scary part!
F: Why are you trying to scare people?!
M: Oh, come on...it's Christmas!
M: Why are you being such grumps...
A: I'm pretty sure it's BECAUSE it's Christmas...
H: You always totally ruin the atmosphere...
M: What?! Not only "ruin," but "totally?!" How dare you?!
O: Oh...come on, guys! Let's do a cheers! OK?!
O: I bought a lot of juice,
O: So let's drink up!
H: This is oolong tea, isn't it?! Oolong tea, more oolong tea...
H: And more oolong tea...
F: Oolong tea!!

H: Whoopeee!! Oolong is my favorite drink in the whole wide world!!
A: For Christmas, it's gottor* be Oolong!!
* Line: Gottor...apparently means "Gotta."
F: As a man, should you really be doing that?!
F: ...anyway, do you really like Oolong tea that much?
O: Fufuun! The truth is...I bought it for a cake!
O: I, all for the sake of today's cake...
O: haven't eaten a single sweet thing in one week!!
O: Do you know how long I've been waiting for this day?!
C: Y...you really wanted to eat them that much...?
O: Hurry up and bring it out! Cake, cake!!
O: I'm gonna devour it!!
M: Fufufu...calm down, Moe-Moe!
M: Not only do I have one cake...
M: But I have prepared a total of 3!!
H: Wha...really?!
C: Wow!
O: Seriously?!

M: First, chocolate!!
M: Next, cheesecake!!
M: Chestnut!!!
H: He's eating them!!!
O: Hafuuh...!
H: Moe-Moe!!

F: H...how could you do that, Meso-kun?!
H: H...he ate all three of them!!!
M: Mo...moguuuugu...?
M: You fucking meso...
F: W...wait! Masaru-kun!
F: I don't think he meant to do anything wrong...!!
M: Bastard...! If your insides were out now, I'd have punched them clear across the room!!
F: Insides...! Ahh...I think I'm starting to understand...
H: A...are you alright? Moe-Moe...?!
M: Yeah, I'm fine! There's nothing to worry about-moja!
H: Sh...she looks bad...
C: Her soul is speaking to us...
F: Well, yeah...she had been so excited for the cake...
M: It's fine, really..
M: I can eat cake anytime I want...!
M: Mokyuuu...

M: Ahh...Meso-kun!
M: Are you apologizing?! It's fine, don't worry!
M: I'm on a diet now anyway...!
M: It actually helps that you ate them!
M: Thanks, Meso-ku...
E: ...mmm!! Kyahaaah!
M: Ahh...that tickles!
M: Oooooh!
C: Dammit!!!
H: Ha...hahaha, that's enough! Meso-kun...
sfx: uhhiih
C: Aren't you holding on a little too tight?!
M: Mokyu?

A: It has a split tongue!!!
M: Ah...come on! Meso-kun...
M: Huh? What's wrong, everyone?
F: C...could meso...
F: Be a replite...?!
M: ...now that our main cakes have gotten eaten though...
M: I guess all we have left for food now are these pork legs....!
O: That's fine! Pork legs are more than enough!
A: Yeah! We have candles too...
H: The atmosphere alone will be enough to make up for our feast!
F: OK! Then let's begin our pork legs party right now!!
O: Yeah! Turn off the lights!
H: Oooh! It's getting kind of moody!!
C: Alright! Let's all sing, everybody!!

song: siiiilent niiiiiight
F: Something's off!!

H: It...seems like this is ruining the mood somehow...
F: It feels like we're trying to do a seance or something...
M: Whaat?! It's just because you haven't started eating yet!
M: Eat up, guys! Once you start eating you'll feel better!
F: Oh...kay...
F: It feels even worse now!
H: M...maybe it's because of the pork legs?
F: Yeah...pork legs and cakes are totally different...

O: Wh...why?! That's not true! Cakes are good too, but...
O: Pork legs are tasty as well...! Right?
F: Well...yeah, they're tasty, but...
H: But cakes and pork legs...if you had to choose one, what would you pick?
M: Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!
M: Cake!
F: Figures...should I just go buy a new cake...?
M: Umu! That's a good idea! Go get one!
H: Wh...why don't YOU go?!
sfx: batan
M: Hm?!

H: Who was it?
M: It felt like someone left...
O: Huh?
O: Me...Meso-kun...?
O: Meso-kun's gone...!!
A: Ahh..! There's a note here..
O: Ehhh?!
F: It's unreadable!!!
O: Wh...where do you think he went...?
O: ...he probably felt bad about the cakes...
O: Ahh...it's my fault...!
O: I..I'll go look for him!
M: No! Wait, Moe-Moe!

M: "I am very sorry about eating all the cakes."
M: "I am now going to buy a replacement, so please wait until I return." Meso
F: How did he read that!!?
H: Y..you liar! It wasn't that long!
M: Umu...but that's what it says...
M: Mokyuuu!!
O: M...Meso-kun!!
F: Eh?! T...that was for real...?!
M: Funfun!
M: Mooofu-fuuuuuun!

F: A....
H: cake!!
M: You're awesome! Meso!!
M: Where did you find something like this?! Ya little rascal!
O: Wooow! It has chocolates and chestnuts and is a cheesecake! Everything's here!!
O: Meso-kun...must have made it just for me...!!
O: I love you, Meso-kun!!
M: Alright, everyone!! Time to resume the party!!
H: Let's cheer up!!
F: Wanchuu!!
N: And so, the Moustache Club...
N: had a merry christmas.
N: Excusing the fact that the previously fat Meso-kun was surprisingly skinny when he returned with the cake...
N: A Merry Christmas...!

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