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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 54

Charge!! Onsen Trip


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 54


tl by molokidan

M: The new year has begun,
M: we're eating mochi,
M: and we got some cash...
M: How should we spend the rest of his winter break?
M: I thought about this last night.
M: And I decided on...
M: an onsen trip!
H: What?!
F: Onsen?!
C: You mean the tickets we got (stole) from the tournament...?!
F: The Izu Onsen!!?
M: Yes! I've already decided on a hotel, too!!
M: It's all settled!!
M: This is my new year's gift to you all!!

Commando 54 - Charge!! Onsen Trip
(*t/l note: this Man-Inn arc is a parody of a manga called "Sakigake! Otokojuku." Thanks to KyousukeIX for the info.)

sign: The Swooning Onsen
Let's warm up and dream together

Commando 54 - Charge!! Onsen Trip

F: What kind of an onsen is a swooning one...?
H: This looks crazy...
A: It seems like they're trying to use beautiful women to make up for the actual lack of quality...
M: This is it!
H: Why that kind of reaction?!
M: You guys just don't understand! A "Hell Onsen" doesn't mean it's actual hell, right?!
M: Onsen just use names like that as metaphors!
M: It's surely an onsen that feels so good it'll make you swoon!
H: R...really...?
M: ...but he has a point!! There are a lot of onsen around with weird names!
A: ..yeah! You're right!

M: OK! Let's just go see for ourselves!!
A: Yeah!
H: Alright!!
M: Great! We'll meet up tomorrow at 10, at Dabide Station! Last person there will be humiliated!!
F: He's late...!!
F: It's been 40 minutes since we got here...
H: Dammn Masaru...! He's the one who set the time in the first place...!
M: ...what should we do? Only Masaru-kun knows where the onsen is...
A: ..umm, there's been a weird person peeking out from over there for a while...
A: Could that be...

F: That face!!!
H: H...how long has he been over there...?
A: About 40 minutes...
F: So he was right on time...
H: What the hell is he thinking...?
F: What has he been doing over here for 40 minutes...?
M: Ahhhh, so you finally found me!
M: Surprised?

M: I never thought it'd take you 40 minutes...
M: I'm glad I brought my magician set with me!
F: Is he trying to show it off!!?
M: OK! We ended up being a little late, but it's finally...
M: time to go!!
F: Wanchuu!!
B: ...and so,
B: the Moustache Club set off for Izu at last.
B: It was their first time going on an overnight trip together, so there was some anxiety,
B: but moreover
B: they all had a slight feeling that this dreamlike onsen trip would sooner or later
B: somehow
B: be turned into a nightmare.

M: Izuuuuuu!
M: Izuuuuu!!
M: We're here!
M: So this is the famous Izu!
M: Uwaaahhh!
M: It really does feel Izu-ish!
F: Izu really is unique!
H: ...by the way, Masaru, how are we going to get to the inn?
F: Bus?
M: Hm?
M: Oh, come on, don't ask me!
M: I'm not from around this place!
M: This is our first trip together, after all...
M: Let's all just be merry!

H: W...wait a second, Masaru...do you mean..
F: You don't know where the hotel is?
sfx: haa x6
M: To know, or not to know...
F: He doesn't know!!
H: Wh...what are we going to do?!
F: W...we might have to camp out somewhere...
M: I'm cooold!
M: Hahaha! You guys always overreact!
M: don't worry!
M: They said they'd come to pick us up!
H: R...really?!
F: Oh, good!
M: That's really nice!
M: They should be somewhere over there.
M: Let's go look!
H: alright! Leave ut to us!!

M: ...did you find them...?
C: Hmmm...I dunno...
M: Why don't we try and put out a sign to identify ourselves?
M: Hmmm...I guess I have no choice...
F: No one's going to understand this...
C: Um...could you be...

C: our customers from Seaweed High?
C: We've been waiting!
H: Uh...umm..
C: I can't answer!
C: I have been ordered not to answer a single question, so please understand!
C: Let me briefly introduce myself!
C: I am a man from the Man-Inn!
C: That's all!
H: That was super brief...!!
F: Th...this seems really suspicious...
H: Hey! Masaru! Are you sure we're gonna be alright...?!
M: Hahaha! It's just a performance! Like Ninja Town, you know?

H: A...are you sure?!
C: Once you enter Man-Inn, you are to follow our instructions!
C: Understood?

C: Now then, please wrap this cloth around your necks!
C: At once!
M: Alllright! Let's tie it, everyone!!
C: D...do it quietly!!
M: Isn't this a bit too long? You sure it's alright?
C: Yes! It's fine...did you tie it?
C: Now then, without letting the cloth touch the ground...
C: we are going to run together to the inn!
H: R...run!!?
C: Relax! It's less than 3km away!

M: OK! Sounds fun!
H: Ma...Masaruuuu!!
H: Wait a minute! We're gonna run 3km just because it osunds fun?!
H: Why do we have to do something like that, anyway?!
C: Why...?
C: Because this is a "Man" Inn!
C: In order to enter the Man-Inn...
C: You must all become first-rate men beforehand!!
C: If you can't do that...
C: you're camping outside!!
F: Camping...?!
H: First-rate man...!!

H: We love running!!
F: Alright! I'm running!
H: I'm a first-rate man!
M: U...umm...
M: I want to go too, but...
M: are women not allowed?
C: No! It's fine! But you have a different menu!
C: Men act manly...
C: And women act womanly!
C: Please ride this!
C: Now let us be off!!
F: Wanchuu!!

I Love Barbara

by Hananakajima Masaru
OH...! Barbara
Please love me, Barbara
Put me at ease, Barbara
Barbara, Barbara, Bababarbarara
You're an English teacher?
What? You aren't?!
Forget it! I've had enough of you, Barbara!
You're nothing more than a spy! A spy!!
sfx: haa x8
C: W...we're here...
C: Great job on the run...!
C: This is the Man-Inn...!
C: Please enter...!!

F: W...we can finally rest...
sfx: zei
sfx: haa
sfx: zei
H: L...let's hurry up and go inside...!!
big kanji: MAN
small text right: Man
small text left: Inn
C: By the way...
C: Just because we're going inside...doesn't mean you'll be able to rest...
C: Don't misunderstand...
B: And so, Fuumin started to seriously consider camping outside.

[5]Masaru Night Fever (End)

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#1. by KyousukeIX ()
Posted on Feb 1, 2009
Thanks! I have all tankos of Masaru and this Sakigake!! Otokojuku (which is absolutely awesome manga, someone should scanlate it!) parody arc is great, and now I finally understand all of it, thanks to your trans. :)
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Feb 1, 2009
Thank YOU very much, I didn't even know this was a parody of the Sakigake!! Otokojuku manga, because I didn't know it existed. I looked it up now and it is definitely on my reading list. Thanks for the info, and glad you're enjoying the translations. There are more to come.
Level [S] Translator

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Alias: molokidan
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