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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 55

Masaru and the 4000-Year Old Chinese History


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 55


tl by molokidan

[6] The Hellish Onsen Prisoner Diary

Commando 55 - Masaru and the 4000-Year Old Chinese History

M: This is...
M: the Man-Inn...!!
M: It's huge...
F: It's suspicious...
F: H...how do we get in?
I: Welcome,
I: Seaweed High students.
I: Here at the Man-Inn, our motto is "kindness, courtesy, and insanity."
I: We provide a variety of services to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.
I: Please relax and enjoy your stay until the end.

M: Ufufu...well then, don't mind if we do!
H: Wa...wait, Masaru!
H: A...are you really going in there? Seriously?!
M: But it invited us in!
H: H...how can you believe something like that?!
H: They're definitely planning something...
F: They did mention "insanity' so casually like that...
K: Excuse me!
K: We are not planning anything-aru!!
K: I am the gatekeeper of the Man-Inn...
K: The mysterious Chinese Man, "K!!"

M: It's probably "Kin."
H: Yeah, Kin.
F: Kin!
K: Don't reveal my secret!!
K: All of you seem rather powerful!
K: For such wonderful customers as you...
K: I have prepared a special service!!
H: Special service?
F: This seems kinda fishy...
K: It's fine, it's fine, just kamon! Kamon!!
F: Now he's Japanese!!
That famous Japanese person Zenji Peking's joke.

H: ...what is this...?
K: Fufufu...this is something born 4000 years ago in ancient Chinese history.
K: Our extreme service...
K: "Sticky Hell!!"

H: It has nothing to do with China!!
K: Fufufu...
K: You're going to get all sticky...nice and sticky...fufufu...
K: If you can get across these poles and make it to the other side, you pass...
K: You can walk, crawl, whatever you want!
M: And if we somehow fall along the way...?
K: Fufufu...if that happens...
K: You will fall prey to the "Horror!! Stickiness Sheet" laid across the bottom!!
K: No matter how much you cry or moan, no one will come to help you! You will rot away all by your lonesome self!!
K: It's time to show me how manly your guts are!! Nyari!!
H: Kuh...
M: B...bastard! What an unnecessary service...!
H: Just what color is your blood, anyway?!
M: But let's do it!
H: Yeah, we don't really have a choice.
K: They're positive!!

M: Allllriiight! Guys!! Let's clear this in a snap with our manly guts!!
F: Rubberman!!
M: Then we'll immerse ourselves in the "Warm Dreamy Feelings" within the big onsen!!
M: Konakuso!!! (*An old word used when you don't wanna lose)
M: Mu?! Th...this is...
M: super easy!!

M: Mufufu! This is super easy!
M: Hahaha! Konakuso! Konakusoooo!
M: Ahhh...that looks fun.
M: Fight hard, everyone!
M: I'll be cheering you on in the shadows!
K: Fuuufufufu...looks like you're really enjoying yourselves...
K: But the real horror has yet to begin...!
K: Time for you to realize what 4,000 years of Chinese history really means!!
H: Hm?
F: What...?!

M: Muu?!
M: Th...this is...?!
K: Fufufu...this is the true form of the Sticky Hell...!!
K: "Sticky The Agnes!!"
arrow: Preserved Egg
H: What are those supposed to do?!
A: U...uu...
A: Ugaaaahhhhh!!
A: C...c-c...
A: Those preserved eggs smell horrible!!

H: A...Afro-kun?!
A: I...I can't go on! I hate preserved eggs!
A: Reason being, once a long time ago my dad got really into preserved eggs and forced me to eat rice mixed with preserved eggs for every breakfast and every dinner!!
A: I...I'm losing all my strength!!
A: Uwahhhh!!
F: Afro-kun! Your hair will fall into the Sticky Hell!!
H: Hang in there, Afrooooo!!
A: I...can't do it...!!
F: Yes you can!!
H: If that stuff gets in your hair it'll be horrible!!
F: Fool!! Just change the direction of your hair!!
F: What the hell are you doing?!

A: C...curses! Just when my new side hair started growing...
arrow(small): side hair
A: I can't bear to lose it in a place like this!
H: Shit...isn't there anything we can do?!
F: A...at any rate, give him a hat or something to protect his hair with!
M: We have no choice...this may not allow us to get a complete win, but...
M: Fuumin! Put this mask on him!
F: Afro-kun! Hold on just a little bit longer!!
F: We're getting something to put on your hair...!!
A: Uuu...
F: Here!
F: Put this mask on!!
text: SATORU

H: It's totally sticking out!!
H: This is a pair of fucking underwear!!
F: How is that going to help things?!
M: I had a feeling it wouldn't work...ufufu...
A: G...guys...!
A: I can't bear to trouble you all any further than this...! It's over for me...
A: Please, you must go on without me!

H: A...Afro-kun...!
J: You dumbass! How can you say it's over?! The onsen is right in front of our eyes!!
A: No...it's fine...
A: I just can't do this anymore...
A: I, I...
A: already fell, anyway...
M: It's over!!!
A: Fufufu...g...guys...take care...
A: Fu! Ogobu!
H: Afro-kun!!

One time when I went to a glasses store
by Satou Gojirou, Class 2-3

A while back I, my mom, and my dad all went to a glasses store together. After a bit, we finally made it there. And then after searching, I finally found a pair I liked. Then I realized that the clerk girl had the same glasses as mine. I thought it was funny so I laughed: "Ufufufufu. Ahahaha." I laughed hard, so hard...
M: Dammit...I'll never forgive you, Man-Inn...!!
H: How dare you do that to Afro-kun...!!
K: Haaahahaha! Too bad for you!
K: That man has failed!!
K: How pathetic! A guy who'd fail at the entrance like this doesn't deserve to enter the Man-Inn!!
K: This is my win! Serves you right! Uhahahahaha...

K: Hekoohhh!!
A: Ma...
A: Masaru-san...
M: Wait for us, Afro-kun...!
M: We'll definitely come back to save you!!
M: On our way home...!!

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