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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 59

My Name is Yoroshiku Mask Datsu No


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 59


tl by molokidan

M: The leaves of all the trees at school...
M: have completely fallen off...
Commando 59 - My name is Yoroshiku Mask Datsu No
M: It's
M: winter...
F: What's wrong!? You look a little sentimental?!
M: Fuumin...
M: Would you bring everyone to my house today...?
M: There's something I want to show you all...!!

Commando 59 - My name is Yoroshiku Mask Datsu No
Y: DATSUNOOO!! (*t/l this is a sentence ending phrase which means "I'm saying" and is usually when you're trying to assert a position, but it's considered a very immature way of speaking and can be equated to something like "Dude" or "like" that ditzy californian valley girls use)

song: Iiii aaaaam
datsu noooo~
(I'm gonna kill you!)
M: It's the new series "Yoroshiku Mask Datsu No!"
song(small): Gonna twist~ your~ heart~ Datsu No!! (serious shrimp!!)
F: We were tricked again!!
Episode 1
Cigarette Butt Monster
Drunkard Blues

Y: Tcch!! This is it?!
Y: All they did was stick a cigarette butt on this stick!!
B: Brother Takeru!!
Y: Oh! It's Kenkichi-kun, the boy who lives around here who always calls me like I'm his older brother or something!

Y: Hey, Ken-bou! How did the harvest go today?
K: Yeah, that's the weird thing.
K: This is all I got.
Y: Whaat?! Just three?!
Y: Something's up here...
Y: Normally he comes with at least 17...
Y: There's no way Ken-bou would slack, though...
Y: Just what's going on?!
Y: Guess I've got no choice...sorry about always making you do this, Ken-bou!
Y: It's getting dark so let's go home! I'll give you a ride there!
K: OK!
K: Hey! Brother! You're Yoroshiku Mask, right?
Y: I'm gonna go get the car so hold on!
K: Shinji-kun said so! That you really resemble Yoroshiku Mask!
Y: We just look similar, Ken-bou...that's all!
K: Heeey, brooother..
Y: I can't say it...no one can know...
Y: That is my fate!!

K: Well then, see you! Thanks brother Takeru!
Y: Yep! Kids need to get to bed early!
Y: Tell your parents y...
K: Eh? What?
Y: Ah!
Y: N...no! Nothing...!!
k: What? Are you trying to hide something?! That's horrible, Brother Takeru!!!
K: Brother Takeru, you drunkard!!!
K: You good-for-nothing drunkard of a man!!!
Y: Ken-bou...
B: Takeru (fake name) kept down his rising tears...
B: I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Ken-bou...!! I didn't mean to hide it from you.
B: It was his catchphrase, after all.
B: "Tell your parents yoroshiku!" was his catchphrase, after all!!

B: Maybe I was a little too harsh on b Takeru..
B: Alcohol will make him forget his tears, though...
B: they won't heal the scars of his heart...
B: Ahh, what should I do? Will he forgive me if I apologize tomorrow?
B: It's really bugging me, I can't sleep...
B: That's it! Cigarette butts!! Today I didn't find that many...
B: So I'll just find twice as much tomorrow!!
B: Now that I've decided I might as well get started!! Here we go!
W: Who is it?!
W: I thought someone was here, but it just must have been some stray cat! Alright, let's go to sleep!
B: Heheheh...
W: Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun! (*popular series of famicom games)
G: Oh, come on! You can't end stuff in "n" in shiritori! (*a game where you start a new word with the sound of the last word)
W: Takahashi Meijin's Adventure Island! (*a famicom game)
G: Ah?! OK...
G: Space Harrier (2 Mega)!
G: That'll be mine...

M: Got any...
M: cigarette butts-rivera?
W: Hi...hieeehhh!!
G: A...a-a monster?!
W: Heeeelp!!
M: Smooooke-moke-moke!
M: Mokuku...I finally found some-rivera...
M: Look at how many there are-rivera...
B: That's weird...
B: I've been searching the neon street in the middle of night for close to four hours now...
B: And this is all I've found...
B: For some reason I have a bad feeling...
B: Hm?

sign: From Clinching
Charanbo Park
B:A park...!
Y: At that moment, Takeru was...!
Y: Dried squid legs...
B: drinking.
Y: Hoo...maybe I should go patrol around for a bit tonight...
Y: It's boring drinking alone, anyway!
Y: Not to mention...
Y: I've been getting this feeling since a bit earlier...
Y: a strange gut feeling that something's up...
Y: Uwah!!

B: Wh...what are you doing, mister?!
S: Smoooke-moke!!
S: I am the cigarette butt monster, "Smokin' Boogie!!"
S: Kid! Hang over those cigarette butts to me nice and slowly-rivera!!
B: Cigarette butt monster?! D...does that mean you're a monster, mister?!
B: N...no!! I can't give these cigarette butts over to a monster!!
S: What?! Hey, punk! You've got some nerve! If you don't do what I say this instant, I'm gonna cover your lungs in tar-rivera!!
B: N...noooo! I won't hand them over!!
S: You cocky little...!!
S: You're gonna regret that-rivera!!
B: Uwahh...! Help me!!
B: Brother Takeru, Yoroshiku Mask!!!
Y: Wait!!!!

Y: I want volume 2 as well...!
B: At that moment,
Y: 3 nights please.
B: Takeru was renting a really nerdy anime.
B: U...
B: Ugehoh!! Gehori!!
B: It's smoky...!!
B: Gohoh!!
B: So smoky!!
S: Smoooke-moke-moke!
S: See?! Feels smoky, doesn't it?! Now will you hand them over-rivera?!
B: Why...?! Why won't anyone come save me...?!
B: I'm suffering this much...yet both brother Takeru and Yoroshiku Mask are...!!
B: Is this what it means for a human being to be trouble alone? Fufu...that's it...other people have nothing to do with me...and true heroes don't exist, either! I have to take it all...take it all myself, and use my own power to overcome this! I...am God?! Fufu...I am God!
B: Look, my body's becoming lighter for some reason! The smoke also feels like it's...uh...ahh...floating up to the sky...efufu...it's like...I'm...fufu...one...with everything...

B: Huh...? It looks like brother Takeru...
B: What's wrong, brother Takeru? Why are you up in the sky like that...
B: !!? Th...this...this isn't brother Takeru!! It's a completely different person!
B: How did I mistake him? This person is clearly...
B: Yo...
B: Yoroshiku Mask!!!
C: Nuryaaaaahhhh!!
M: Moku-mokuuuuu!!
B: Yo...
Y: Hoo...
B: Yoroshiku Maaaask!!

Y: That was close! You in the silk hat...!!
Y: From here on out, yoroshiku!!
B: Yeah...! You too!!
B: He came to save me...!!
S: So you really did appear, Yoroshiku Mask...!!
S: Time for you to realize the true horror of tar and nicotine-rivera!!
Y: A cigarette butt monster, huh...? How petty of you to go around stealing cigarette butts like this!!
Y: Smoke the long ones, dammit!!
S: You're one to talk!!
S: Now how about dying already-rivera!!
Y: Yokkun Super Brief Charge!!
Y: Here I go!! Sure-kill...
Y: "New Briefs Dance!!!"
S: Nuu...!!?

explanation: New Briefs Dance
Yoshiku Mask absorbs briefish energy in the air, and, upon releasing it again, unites all the briefs in the world together.
And so, he continues dancing together with all the briefs of the world, in a way no one else could!
S: Uwahhh!!
S: This...is too much..
S: It's too much...
S: But I can still withstand it-rivera!!
Y: Uu...kuh...
Y: My...energy...!
sfx: haa x3
Y: I'm finished!!
B: Mask! Hang in there!!
B: At that moment!!
?: Hero Punch!!!
B: Ahhh!!
Y: Ohh!!
Y: A mysterious hero!!

S: Guwaaaaahhhh!!
B: Hooray!!
B: Thanks, mysterious hero!!
B: See you later!!
Y: I'm always in your debt, mysterious hero...
Y: From here on out, yoroshiku!!
Y: Are you injured, silk hat boy?!
B: I'm fine! Thanks! Brother Takeru...!!
B: Eh?! Ah...I mean Yoroshiku Mask! Huh? It happened again...!
B: Why do I keep getting you two confused?
B: I mean, brother Takeru...
B: Today I said something horrible to brother Takeru...
B: There's no way he'd come here...
Y: I don't know what happened, but...
Y: For my opinion as Yoroshiku Mask, I think brother Takeru isn't even worrying about that anymore...
B: R...really...?
B: You really think so?

Y: Of course! I said so, so that means it's the truth!
B: Now, if you understand, go home already!
B: OK...!
Y: Tell your parents...
Y: Yoroshiku!

(Ending Theme) I am Takeru and Takeru is Me
by The Good Mornings
I shouldn't have to say it myself, but
I am Takeru, and Takeru is Mask
Today we slam down on the pedal of our beloved car
dark test: Huh?! Th...there are two Masks!!?

I'm not Mask! I'm Takeru!
Open your eyes and look carefully!
See, the shade of my scarf's color
is a little liiiighter~
(It's piiink)

To Be Continued
Created by The Greeting Project

Someone cosplay this, datsu no!

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