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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 60

It's Man's Man's Man's World


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 60


tl by molokidan

Commando 60
H: Ahhh...
H: I'm definitely going to be late now...fufufu...
H: ...but in return, I got to see the beautiful morning view of this river...
H: I am, without a doubt, the happiest man in Japan right now...
H: Ahh...! How refreshing...!!
H: Allowing myself to be tied down by small things like lateness and having to stay back a year is truly ridiculous...!!
H: Study? Get into a good college?
H: Pfft...what does any of that matter?!
H: I...
H: have known the beauty of the morning!!!
H: Huh?!

Commando 60
G: Good morning.

letter: Ncha! Excuse me for the sudden letter (LOL!) This morning I met a handsome boy!! (I don't know him, I tell you! Tahaha...)
scratched out part:
Now I'm your biggest fan! Not a weird one though
F: ...could this be...
H: F...Fuumin, you too! S..stop it, guys!!
sfx: gyaaaasu
H: There's NOTHING like that written!!
H: Er...this is...nothing to worry about!!
H: Come on! Let's hurry up and start practice!
M: Hahaaaaan...
M: Fufufu...
F: Come on, Machahiko...
C: Dofufu...
H: Wha...
H: N...noooooooo!!
H: This isn't "love" or anything!!

M: Don't act all mushy, you son of a bitch!!
F: Ma...Masaru-kuuuun!!
H: U..geffuh?
M: Stop being all hesitant and squirming around by yourself like that...!!
M: you squirming maggot!!
H: It's just as you say...I'm a squirming maggot...
H: I thought about what happened all day, and couldn't even write a single love letter...
H: I couldn't...couldn't write a single letter!!
H: Because I love that girl from the bottom of my heart!!!
F: Machahiko-kun...

panel: seaweed~ after-school~
F: Eh? Machahiko-kun isn't here today?!
C: Yeah...looks like he isn't.
M: What?!
M: That bastard!! Are you sure?! Catherine!!
C: Yeah...I went to check in the 3rd-years' classroom to make sure.
M: The 3rd-years' classroom? Oh...that means...
M: It's where our classmates from last year are?
M: Ohhh?!
H: Huh?!
H: H...
H: Hey, everyone...!

C: Rubberman!!
sfx: kyupiiiiin
M: ...Machahiko's right there...
F: I...thought he stayed home today...?
H: I wasn't exactly staying home....
H: I just wasn't coming to class...
H: I've been here the whole time...
M: What are you doing?
Since that morning, I've been thinking...when I saw your (crossed-out: cute body) beautiful black hair by that river, it was just like (crossed-out: crystal snow!)
M: ...what is this?
H: Uwahhh!! D...don't read that!!

M: Fufu...so that's it, Machahiko-san...!
M: Just show her already!!
M: How much of a man you actually are!!
H: Wh...what...?
H: How much of a man I am...?
M: It doesn't much how long you try to think of some made-up love letter, it'll be useless!!
M: Words have no power!
H: Y..yeah, but then what am I supposed to do...?
M: Don't worry!!
M: "If you're a man,
M: then just burst wide open!!!"
H: You're right...!! I just need to burst wide open!!"
H: The phrase "higo mokkosu" is an embodiment of me!!! (*t/l: A phrase originating in Kumamoto prefecture meaning a man so strong, stubborn and unrelenting that he is unmovable.)

M: ...so that's how it'll go. Understand?
H: Yeah...perfectly!
M: Alright! Don't forget those four points, OK?
H: I won't...! I'll show her! Just how much of a man I am!!
M: Someone's coming...!
M: Machahiko-kun!!
H: It's...that girl!! It's definitely her!!
F: She...looks so innocent...
M: Go for it, Machahiko! Now's your chance!!
H: First, casually...
sfx: haa x3
H: act as if you've just run 10km...!
sfx: haa x2
F: Is...this alright?
M: Fufu...just watch!
M: Go! Step I!!

H: Step I!
H: Fall down 2m in front of her!!
H: Egad! My legs...
H: Guwahhh!!
G: Eh?
H: Dammit...it's...only been 30km...
M: Show her that you never lose heart!!
H: My true goal...
H: is to make it beyond the evening sun!!!
M: Nice! Those are the words...
M: Those are the words!!!
F: So it does come down to using words after all!!
G: Ahh...
G: Um...
G: Are...
G: you...
G: ...alright?
M: Now!!!
M: Step II!

H: On the contrary, are you alright...?
M: Show her your kindness!
G: Huh...?
G: Um...
G: Yes...
H: I'm fine, you know! I was just worried about you...
H: Are you hurt at all?
G: Um...
G: There's nothing...
G: wrong with me...
H: Oh...what a relief to hear that...
M: Step III!
H: Weeeeell, I reaaaally am...
H: glad...
M: Make her think you're interesting!!

H: I'm glad...I'm glad...!
G: Um...
G: Uhh...
M: Look at Machahiko go!
M: He's completely won her over, hasn't he?
F: I...I wonder...
M: Next!
M: The finishing touch!
H: Here it comes...!
H: the final step...!!
M: Casually strip!!!
H: It's cold...when it's cold, you have to get dry rubdowns with warm towels...
H: Do you like swimming in the middle of winter?
H: It's cold...wanna go swimming?
H: It's so cold, I just gotta take off my shirt...
G: Umm...

G: You're Kondou-san...
G: ...aren't you?
H: Wh-wh...why do you know my name...?!
G: Oh...it's just...I always see you walking in the morning...
H: See me...?
H: In the morning...?
H: M...
H: Me...?!
G: Fufu...that's why I was a little surprised this morning...
G: And a little...
G: a little happy!
M: Now!!
M: Step four!!!

H: Please...
H: read this!!!
H: This is filled...
H: with my feelings!!!
H: See ya!
G: Ah...!!

H: See ya!!!
M: Machahiko, you idiot...
M: When you strip, you don't start from the top, you start from the bottom!! The bottom!!
M: Not only that, but you gave her some letter at the end...
H: ...it's fine.
H: Saying something like "words have no power"...
H: It actually means...
H: "words do have power"...

H: She'll understand.
H: I'm sure she will...
Little Bird
G: I feel far away from you.
B: He was rejected.

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