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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 65

A Raging Gentleman


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 65


tl by molokidan

Commando 65 - A Raging Gentleman

M: Enemies!
M: Enemies!!
M: Enemies!!
M: Enemies!!!
M: They're all my enemies!!!
H: He's trying to piss them off!!
F: He's trying to piss them off!!
?: Unuu...what a hateful man you are!
?: You'll regret it if you make us angry! Seriously!
M: Fufu...I wonder about that?
M: I have a feeling that if you make me angry...
M: you'll regret it even more!
?: ...you're just a mere Earthling...!
?: Don't get full of yourself!
?: Let's see if you can still say the same thing...
?: After looking at this?
?: Fufufu...

H: A...laser beam?!
H: Something every alien is thought to have, a laser beam?!
F: It seems too simple, but I think you're right!!
H: Ma...Masaru! Stop it!! Apologize to all the aliens!!
F: Something really bad is going to happen!!
M: Fufu...
M: If you're just gonna keep trying to make me angry with stuff like that...
M: we'll be here all day...!
M: Let me give you an idea...
M: of just how bad it will be if you make me angry!!
right sun: The precious Earth
right girl: Stephanie
right girl arrow: likes
middle spark: Friends
left girl: Yuuko
left girl arrow: Likes
guy at top: Shibushige
big arrow: One-Time Courage
left arrow: Everyone's dreams
bottom: MegaJet Shibushige
bottom text: this much
?: It's hard to understand!!!

F: Don't draw pictures that make no sense!!
H: Look!! The aliens faces' look like they're losing interest!!
M: Fufufu...
?: ...Hananakajima Masaru! We had a feeling you were different than the average human....
?: But to think you would be this unpredictable...
?: There is absolutely no chain of reasoning to the things you do!
M: Now, guys!! If you don't want anything bad to happen...
M: Give back the charm points you stole from me!!
?: You're the one who stole them first!
?: Stop saying such insolent things!
M: ...I don't want to have to hurt you!
M: If you hand them over nice and easy right now, I'll forgive everything you've done! Now give them back!!
?: That's our line! We want to avoid as much bloodshed as possible...
?: Let's just talk things over! Hananakajima-kun!
F: W...we think that's a good idea too...!
H: Aliens really are gentlemen!
M: Fine...then let's do this!

M: "Rock-paper-scissors!" If I win...
M: The rings become mine!
M: But if by chance...
M: you win...
M: I think everyone will be really disappointed..
?: Wh...what an ass!!!
?: H...he really knows how to attack people where they aren't expecting it...and what does he mean by everyone...?!
?: If this too is another plan of his...then he is far more capable a being than we predicted...
M: C'mon!! Well?! Are you gonna do it or not?!
M: If you two are true men, then you'll just suck it up and do it!! Suck it up!!
?: W...wait a minute! The condition upon our win is still too vague...!
?: We can't agree to participate just yet!
?: If we win, then the items become ours!
?: If that condition is publicly acknowledged by everyone present, then we shall agree to proceed with the...

M: Stop saying stuff that makes no sense!!!
?: Huh?!
?: Wh...what...?
M: I've been listening this whole time, but all I've been hearing is you two string together a bunch of nonsensical gibberish!!
M: I feel like I'm talking to a couple of aliens, goddammit!!
?: Wh...what?! We are aliens, but...
?: We're using this country's language...?! We've been living here for three and a half years!!
?: I'm sick of this!! Bastards like you two...
?: deserve to have a wonderful poem made by me read to them!!!

Specter (*t/l note: This is referring to Dave Specter, a foreign TV talent in Japan)
You're good at Japanese
A spring afternoon

M: The cockscomb is already here! SON OF A BITCH!!?
?: Whaaaat!!?
?: Th...this is nuts! This guy makes absolutely no sense!!
?: If we don't be careful, he'll kill us!!
F: Th...the laser gun...?!
H: Get out of the way!! Masaru!!
M: I will not get out of the way!!
M: I'll charge right through!!!
M: Hogehhhhhhhh!!!

M: Ca...
M: Will I make it in time?!
M: Shit...stop...!!
M: Stoooooooop!!!
B: But he couldn't stop.
M: Sorry, Catherine!
M: Well, I'm sure that someday,
M: this'll turn into a wonderful memory...
C: Hebuuuushi!!!

C: Gyaaaaaaasu!!
F: Catherine!!
H: H...hang in there!!
F: Catherine-kun, what amazing muscles you have!!
?: I....incredible...
?: It didn't phase him at all...
?: Th...
?: That was our secret weapon!!
M: You...
M: bastards...
?: Wha?! W...wait a second! You're the one who did that!!
?: We did move him with the remote control...but you're the one who actually hit him!!

M: Trying to pass the blame on to other people, huh?!
M: You motherfuckers!!
?: Oh...oh no...!
?: He's getting super angry!!
M: Ohhh...uooohhh...ohhhhhhhhhh...
M: Ohhhhh....
M: Ahh....auuuuuu....
M: Aguoaahh
M: Agaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
?: Gyaaaahhh!!
F: Wha....
F: What?!

F: Who the hell?!
H: Wh...what happened to your body?!
sfx: muuuuhahaha
F: And for some reason his moustache looks really blue!!

?: Th...the blue...
?: blue moustache...?!
?: What's going on here...?
?: Why does he...?!
M: Boys...
M: What you boys have done is a truly unforgivable act!
M: Even for a man as gentle as I, there are just some things that make my heart go wild like a raging animal, and I can do naught but stand up to correct this injustice!
?: H...Huh...
?: Wh...what?! He's acting like such a gentleman...?!
?: It's even scarier...!!
M: Understand...?
M: Do you understand what I am saying to you?
?: Y...
?: Yes!
?: Wh...why...?! Why is he starting to unzip his pants?!
H: S...Sexy Commando?! He really plans on using it?!
F: Even though he's up against aliens...?!

M: Allow me to begin by apologizing for only bringing one handkerchief with me. It may be a bit small, but...
M: let us sit upon it and discuss this together!
?: How elegant...
?: and gutsy!
?: He's...
?: such a gentleman!!
sfx: mufufu...
sfx: gufufufu...
sfx: hokekeke...

?: We were in the wrong...those items really were yours to begin with.
?: Please forgive us!
M: Yeah...you really caused me a lot of trouble!
M: You silver things!
F: Masaru-kuuuun!!
F: Once you put the rings back on you returned to your normal self!!
F: At least reflect a little on what happened! Those weren't even yours to begin with!!
?: No...you're wrong..items and people have mysterious relationships together...
?: We believe that those items were truly meant to come here and find you.
?: The blue moustache...
?: is more proof than anything...
F: Eh...?
H: Moustache...?

?: Now...it is time...(for dinner)
?: Farewell, everyone. Take care...!
sfx: Marigato
small text: crop circle
M: Marigato!!
F: Th...they left...
H: The way they left kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth...
F: ...more importantly, though...
F: we met aliens..
F: Yeah...no one will believe us...
B: But we really did meet them.
B: The things we saw that day,
B: all seemed like the stuff of dreams,
B: but however unbelievable it may appear, it was all true.
B: The proof of that is...
F: Antennae!!

[6]The Hellish Onsen Kidnapping Diary (End)

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