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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 66

One Night's Diversion


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 66


tl by molokidan

Vol. 7 - At that Moment, You Were Red

p: seaweed~
M: No way?!
M: Aliens?!
M: I wanted to see them too!!
M: I should have gone with you! Dammit!!
H: You don't seem to be doubting us at all, Moe-Moe...
M: But it must have been dangerous to go up against aliens, right?
M: Is Masaru-kun OK?
H: Yeah...he didn't even seem to notice that they WERE aliens.
H: Catherine still had the antennae attached to his head though...
H: So we left him at Masaru's house for the time being since we couldn't figure out how to take them off...
M: Good morning everyone!
M: Rubberman!!
F: Ma...Masaru-kun!
M: Rubberman!
H: How is Catherine?!
M: Fufu...
M: Catheriiiiiine!

Commando 66 - One Night's Diversion

Commando 66 - One Night's Diversion
C: Big The Grape!!
F: His hair just got really big!!!

C: Haha...I don't really remember what happened, but...
C: I'm fine now! Better than fine, in fact! Muhahahaha!
F: Ha...hahaha...
H: Th...that's just a wig, Masaru!! How do you expect to fool him with that?!
F: It's barely dangling there!! (the wig)
M: Pfft! But it looks funny...
H: Don't laugh!!
M: Fufufu...don't worry!
M: I made sure to tie it on tight!
M: It won't fall off that easily.
M: Right!? Catherine...

C: Hahahaha! What's with your head, Meso-kun?!
F: It...fell off!!!
C: Where did you guys find that wig?!?!
F: It...fell completely off...!!
H: And yet he's laughing!!
H: Wh...what are you gonna do about this, Masaru?! It won't be long before he notices now!!
M: Hahaha! So what if he notices?!
M: Hm?

M: Th...
box: To Masaru
M: this is?!
letter: To Masaru
Masaru! How are you? Your father is doing very well. Anyway, I found something very interesting. Use it next time you're in a pinch.
M: Now then, take good care of your body.
letter: Go Go Gal
M: "From Satoru"...!
M: Oh, father...
bottle: Kuroro Ammonia

M: Thank you, fatheeeeer!!!
H: Kuuuuuh....
H: Dammit! It's no good!
H: How are we gonna get these off?!
M: Hahaha! That won't work!
M: I tried it myself 20 times yesterday,
M: and around the 18th time, blood started coming out!
H: Don't try it that many times!!
H: You should stop when blood comes out!!
M: Hahaha! Well, anyway...
M: At that moment, I noticed something interesting!
M: I wondered why there was blood coming out, so I looked closer, and...
M: Check this out!

M: They're attached to his skin!
M: Which means these are growing from somewhere inside his head!
M: That's why they won't come off no matter how many times you pull....
M: Oh man...when I first saw these, I just couldn't stop laughing....
H: How is that funny...?!
M: We'll just have to hide them then...
M: If Catherine sees this, he'll be too shocked...
M: I don't know what I do if I suddenly woke up and had antennae...!
A: Just thinking about it makes me shiver!
H: I wouldn't want an afro either, though...
M: OK, guys! For Catherine's sake,
M: let's figure out a way to hide these antennae!
F: Yeah...! Let's just try elegantly volumizing his hair!
M: Let's do it!
H: Even if it looks unnatural, let's just act like it's natural!!
sfx: all for one, and one for all
M: Let's get started!
F: Wanchuu!!

C: Uuuun...
C: Uuu...
C: nn?
C: Huh?
F: Good morning!
M: Morning, Catherine!
C: Huh...?
C: What's wrong? I...

H: Wh...what's wrong? Nothing's wrong!
F: You just...fell asleep all of a sudden, that's all....!
M: You looked like you were really enjoying it!
C: R...really?!
C: Huh?! It's already this late?!
C: What about class, guys?!
M: We were too busy worrying about your head.
F: Masaru-kun!!
H: W...we all stayed back because we were worried about you...!
C: R...really?! You were all that worried about me...?!
C: About my body...?!
C: I'm happy!! I'm so happy...you feel that way!!
C: Ahh! Today's gonna be a great day too!!
C: Let's go to class, everyone!!
C: Muuhahaha!
H: We did the best we could...

C: What's wrong...? everyone seems to be looking my way...
C: Is it just me? Ufufu...
G: U...umm...Isobe-san..?
C: Yes...?
C: Is there something you wish to talk with me about?
G: N...no...
G: Um...
G: It's...
G: n...nothing...
G: I can't ask him!!
C: What a funny girl! Mufufu...
G: Is...isn't anyone going to say anything...?
G: "What's with your head?" or something...
G: Isn't anyone going to...

T: Funfufuuun!
T: Hm?
T: Your head's huge!!!!
G: Nice guts!! Matsuda-sensei!!
T: Isobe! What's with your head?!
C: M...mine?
T: It's gigaaaaaaantic!!!
sfx: after school
H: ...I wonder if Catherine...is alright...?
A: W...well, as long as no one finds out, he will be...
M: Hahaha! No one will! It looks totally natural!

C: Wh...
C: What the hell happened to my head!!?
H: Is...something wrong, Catherine?
F: Wh...what do you mean, your head?
C: My head got way bigger after I woke up from that nap!!
C: Torepan-sensei told me so!!
H: That dumbass...
C: Just what happened when I was asleep?!
F: U...umm...well...
M: Don't worry, Catherine!
M: That was something we did!
F: Ma...Masaru-kun...!

C: Y...you all did this?! Why?!
M: We thought it'd make you look good!
M: We all did it thinking of nothing but you!
M: We all wanted you to become the best man you could possibly be...!
M: So there's nothing suspicious or anything like that involved!
C: R...really...
C: But, I dunno, I kinda feel like you didn't have to make it this big...
M: Don't worry about what's inside...
C: Wh...why do your eyes look so desperate!!?
C: S...so this is to hide something after all...?!
C: If you're acting this desperate...
C: it means you're hiding something inside?!
C: What are you hiding!!?
H: C...calm down, Catherine!!
C: If you won't tell me then I'll look myself!!

C: Ebisshi!!
C: Fuguuun
H: Catherine!!
M: There are certain things that you're better off knowing!!
M: Why can't you understand how we feel?!
C: Ma...
C: Masaru-san...
F: S...sorry, Catherine-kun...
H: But just try to understand...! It's hard for us too...
C: No...I should be the one apologizing...
C: I was in the wrong!

C: Wh...
H: Ca...Catherine...?!
C: This looks pretty masculine...
B: He ended up liking it.

I look pretty masculine...

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