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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Detroit Metal City 69


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 17, 2009 14:28 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 69

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tl by molokidan

K: Here we go! Satsugai!!
C: Woahhhh, Krauser-saaaan!
K: Imma terrorist from Hell!
K: Yesterday I got a letter from my mom, tomorrow my dad's gonna call me!
K: Gimme, gimme, gimme my allowance!
K: Gimme, gimme, gimme lots and lots!!
K: Got no money, Got no money! (*t/l note: "Satsunaizeyo," which sounds very similar to "satsugaiseyo")
C: Doesn't this seem kinda weird? (No money...?)
C: Hey, look!
C: Krauser-san raised his fist toward the heavens!
C: He's gonna play THAT song!!

K: Rip up statements, my stomach's growling! Nine brothers, I'm the oldest!
P: Buhiiiiin
C: K-Krauser-san really has been off lately...
J: Come on, Rosard, sing it right... (*Note: Rosard is the fake Krauser impersonator from c22)
K: I summon you, Mad Monster!!
C: What's wrong with him...?

R: Feast on yakiniku, feast on sushi!
R: Rip 'em to shreds, to da bottom of hell!
R: Feast on motsunabe, (*t/l note: a type of nabemono in Japanese cuisine, which is made from beef or pork offal) feast on crabs 'n' shrimp!
Sign: No one's allowed iiiiiin
J: I...I can't take this anymore.
J: Where the hell did Negishi go, anyway...
J: He isn't answering his phone, and hasn't been home at all. Just what is he doing...?
J: If we keep doing this, people are going to notice and we'll start losing fans...
W: Go ahead, make some sounds. Yeah, that's it...
R: Hey, bro! Concerts really are the best, ain't they?!
P: It aches...
P: My body aches...
R: I got baseball now, so bye-bye!
R: Let's have fun with the next concert too!
W: Ah, it's the Prez.
P: Wadaa! Get your ass to the CD store out here!
W: Ahhhh!

Card: A sudden debut from a band with the same exact name as the famous indies metal band, Detroit Metal City!! Is this part of some plan?! Or merely coincidence?! It doesn't matter!! The sound of this DMC is clearly the real thing!
CD title: Genocide
CD side: The main offender from that mass genocide! Having finished his time in jail, the Shinigami comes back to attack us!
W: This is...
P: Why the hell does that bastard have Jack's guitar...
P: Fucking molester...
P: Where's that son of a bitch Negishi?
G: Ohh, it's a new DMC single!!
W: I found out where his family lives and gave them a call, but it seems he hasn't gone there either...
G: Genocide!! This is fucking awesome!
C: Genocide
C: Genocide
C: Krauser I is the real leader of DMC now! (II has been really lame lately...)

W: P-please restrain yourself, President!
P: One!
P: Two!
P: Three!
P: Four!
C: Who's this old lady?!
G: Hey, what do you think you're doing?!
P: Twelve!
P: Thirteen!
P: Fourteen!
G: Wahh!
G: Wh-who are you guys?!
G: Move it!
P: OK, all the CDs have been fucked!!
P: Hey, Guri, Gura!
G: Hey, get out of the way!
P: You two better find Negishi at once!
P: It's about time we put an end to this once and for all.

S: Morning!
B: Hey, Shigeru, want some curry?
G: Were you working all night on something again?
S: Yeah, I just want to make sure I finish in time for the next art festival. (Full bodies are a lot of work...)
S: Ahh, Miiko, you made curry again?
H: Got a problem with it?
G: Oh yeah, that's right! It seems like the artist I sent my portfolio to earlier is gonna let me shoot a promo.
S: Ohhhh! Really, Shou-san?!
H: Ahaha, you're making too much of it...
S: When I first saw those pictures of yours, I thought for sure that this was the start of a new age for photography!!
M: Teracchi, you also recently won an award in a fiction competition, didn't you?
T: Yeah!
H: Morning, Teracchi!
H: I guess it'll be a war between me and you to see who gets out first!
H: Just remember not to get all commercialized, alright?!
T: It's on!
T: I won't lose!
N: Here, in this slightly old single house...

N: young artistic eggs are living together, and working hard to cultivate themselves in order to realize their dreams.
N: We call it Artokiwa Manor!
N: First, there's the illustrator, Miiko.
M: I'll be sad having to say goodbye to everyone,
M: but I'll have to leave someday to let the next young kid in!
N: Second, there's Shou-san, the filmmaker.
H: Making all the footage I took here into a movie is another one of my dreams.
N: Third is Shigeru, the sculptor.
S: Shou-san, over here!
S: I swear here and now that five years later, I'm gonna take first prize in the Venice Biennial! (Artokiwa Manor will go worldwide!)
N: Fourth is the author, Teracchi.
T: I wanna become independent soon!
S: Alright, let's start working toward some friendly rivalry here!
N: And finally, the last tenant is...

N: I wanna enter this race too!!
N: Negishi Souichi, the musician.
M: Hey, Negi, I got some more curry for you today!
T: Did you make any other good songs?
S: You're the newest person here, and you're already getting ready to leave?
N: Ever since I moved in here, I've been finishing songs left and right!
N: Aikawa-san...
M: Wow, awesome!
N: Would you mind taking a listen?
S: That's great!
N: I've become completely replenished.
N: One,
N: two!
N: One-two!

N: The nice smell of curry rice~
N: Talking of dreams in the morning~
N: Days like this, over and over again~
N: After having the seat of the emperor stolen from me by that man...
N: I was beaten in metal!
N: It felt like everything just came oozing out...
N: They're going to continue on and on~
N: I decided from here on out, only to do the things I like.
N: Underneath a single roof~
N: I won't let anyone else get in my way.
A: Negishi-kun, if you really want to find a place where you can concentrate on your music, there's this roomshare I know about where Kuze-san used to live...
N: Let's have fun together~
A: If you like, I could show it to you...
N: Something to get our hearts pumping~
N: Aikawa-san.
N: I'm gonna start back from square one..

N: I'm going to Artokiwa Manor.
N: as the musician, Negishi Souichi!
A: ...Negishi-kun...
N: The taste of dreams, oh yeah, just like that curry~
N: Yeah! This is our~
N: In the few weeks since I came here...
N: Ah-ah-ah-ah, Artokiwa Manor~
N: Ah-ah-ah-ah-Aaaartokiwa Manor~
S: Ahh, it's a song for Artokiwa Manor!
N: This is a place far removed from the city, where my destination can't be predicted by anyone.
N: I'm just going to stay here and keep making music.
N: That was "The Theme of Artokiwa Manor!"
S: Haha! Those were some great shots!
H: Haha!
M: Man! When did you make that?

N: Coming here and seeing all of you working toward your goals like this inspired me!
N: I didn't really "make" anything, it just "came" to me!
S: Ohhhh! Well said!
H: But seriously, that's the whole meaning of doing a roomshare.
H: To inspire each other and make something amazing!
N: Someday let's all collaborate together and put on an Artokiwa Manor exhibition!
N: Ah-ah-ah-ah Artokiwa Manor!
C: How stylish!
C: So this is Artokiwa Manor? Amazing!
N: Ah-ah-ah-ah Artokiwa Manor!
T: That's a great idea!
M: For sure! Let's do it!
N: And I'll invite Aikawa-san to the opening party.
A: This is wonderful, Negishi-kun! Congratulations!
A: It's really something!
N: I just worked my hardest on it, that's all!
M: Negi!! Your curry's gonna get cold!
N: Ah, oh yeah!
N: These friends I've met now, are without a doubt the best ones I've ever had...
N: Even if this curry gets cold, our curry won't ever!
N: Just wait, Aikawa-san...
N: We're far away from each other now...
N: Ahh, so gooood!
N: But I'll definitely come back for you.

G: How was it? Your visit to the doctor...
S: Ah, nothing to worry about. He just said I've been making my cold worse and gave me some medicine.
S: I never thought that gobou kid would push me so far...
S: Looks like I used up a little too much stamina back there.
S: But now that our CD's gone on sale,
S: things are finally starting to heat up!!
S: I'm gonna chew him down to the bone, like only a Shinigami would!
N: Genki-saaaaan!

N: Kitahara Genki-san, your medicine is ready!
N: Genki-saaaaan!
G: Uh, I think she's calling you...
N: GEnkiiii, Genki-saaaan!
S: I told you my name was Shinigami, dammit! I'm gonna genocide ya, bitch!!
N: Eh? But it says Genki on your insurance card...
S: Shut the fuck up! Why would I come to a hospital if I'm healthy!? (*t/l note: Just a reminder, the word Genki means good spirits/healthy)
S: Tch! Motherfuckers...
S: Naoki, you didn't forget to send IT to them, did you?
N: Of course not. I imagine it's arrived by now.
S: Ku ku ku...her anger's probably driving her insane now.
S: I'll kill you, even if I have to break the law to do it!

S: This Shinigami who made you awaken to true metal will also be the one to send you to your grave!
S: I, with my rule over death itself, am the one who is truly meant to be Krauser!!
Bag name: Kitahara Genki
bag writing: Take care, Genki-san!
S: Kuuuukukuku!!
S: Hey, gimme some water!
N: Ah, okay!
W: President, why are we in such a dirty hall...
W: Is this seriously the place....
W: that was written on the letter he sent us?

W: President, are you seriously thinking of taking up his challenge?
W: We still haven't even found Negishi yet!
N: Va!
W: There's no way we can approach him on the stage with Rosard...
W: Y-yes ma'am. (Excuse me)
P: Since he has Jack's guitar, it means that Negishi already fought him somewhere along the line and lost...
W: B-but!
P: Even if Negishi comes back now, he won't be able to beat him.
P: Look! This is where it all started between that bastard and I...
N: Va!
N: Va!
W: Ah!

P: It's the perfect place for to decide things once and for all!
poster: Detroit Metal City
Detroit Metal City
OPEN 18:30
START 19:00
Hatsudai Earth

W: B-Black Chaos?
N: Vagina!

[TRACK 69 - END]

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