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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Detroit Metal City 70


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 17, 2009 16:09 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 70


tl by molokidan

W: President, that hall back there...just what does it have to do with Krauser I?
W: It's only a month until the day written on that concert flyer...if we don't find Negishi soon and start practicing--
P: Wadaaa, ashtray!!
W: Here, ma'am!
P: Shut up, assfuck!
P: At this rate, Negishi won't be able to outdo him...I have an idea.
W: I-I'm so sorry, President!!
W: Alright, Neishida! We'll just have to continue practicing by ourselves!! (I'll call Rosard too)
P: Huh?
P: You found him?

sign: Artokiwa Manor
M: Let's send off Teracchi in style, guys!!
M: You really were the first one to become independent, Teracchi!
M: It seems like you'll get really busy once your novel starts getting serialized!
S: Teracchi, say something for the camera!
H: This chowder is so gooood!
S: When you publish your book, I want an autograph, alright?!
N: Ahhh, this is so great! Look at us all, celebrating our friend's accomplishment from the bottoms of our hearts!
N: I've always wanted friends like these!
S: Don't forget to stop by once in a while!
T: No way!
S: Come on, why not?!
N: Fufu! Time for me to sing the song I made for Teracchi as a present!
N: Gotta go change and get my guitar!
M: Teracchi, is your replacement tenant coming tomorrow?
N: Fufu! This'll definitely move everyone to tears!

M: Is Negi seriously getting ready to sing again?
T: He's been doing this like every day lately!
S: It's because you guys compliment him so much!
H: Not me!
S: What was that last song he sang again? "I'm a Shy Angel?"
H: It'd be funny if he came out singing it dressed like an angel or something!
M: Ahahaha! That'd be hilarious!
S: Sssh! You're being too loud, he's gonna hear!
M: Pffff!
S: Hey, Negi, wake up!
S: Our new tenant will be here soon!
S: ...last night you never came back out of your room. Is something wrong?
N: ...nope.

N: Yesterday after overhearing what everyone thought, I got a bit depressed...
N: I fell asleep by accident yesterday!
S: Oh, really?
M: The curry's ready, so feel free to grab some if you want!
M: ...he must have heard us yesterday!
H: Nah, come on, it's fine!!
N: We may all be creators, but we're of a completely different genre!
N: I've got to perservere and have them realize the wonderfulness of music!
S: Hey! The new tenant Takagi-kun is here!
M: Okay!
S: Come on, Negi, let's go!
M: This is the first time for everyone to see him, right?
H: I wonder what kind of a kid he is?
H: One, two...
H: Welcome to Artokiwa Manor!

T: Hey, I'm Takagi.
S: Oh, you're a musician, I see!
S: Alright, tell the camera how you're feeling, newcomer!
T: Veeeeeei!
T: Aiaaaaaaaaaaannn!

S: Seems like you two are into different styles, but Negi here is into music too!
T: Vei, vei!
M: I'll show you to your room, Takagi-san.
N: Great! Finally, another person who understands music is here.
T: Ahh, I wanna work out!
C: Black Death DMC!
C: Black Death DMC!
C: Black Death DMC!
G: Just listen to this...I guess the rumors were true!
C: Black Death DMC!
F: Nuuu!
C: Krauser!
G: Krauser I did rape 12 times in one second, and performed a concert in flames....there's no denying the fact that he's the greater one!
G: He got his hands on the legendary guitar, too...
G: All the fans' hearts have been stolen by this new DMC legend...
C: Black Death DMC!
C: Krauser!
C: Black Death DMC!
G: And now, he's...

G: already attempting to rape Tokyo Tower!!
K: Forget that man from your past! You're my woman now!!
C: Look, the lower half of its body is getting all red!!
C: It's true!
C: Black Death DMC!
C: Krauser!
C: Bodies don't lie! What a bitch of a tower!
F: It's true! The lower half is really getting red, just like when it was raped by Krauser-san...
F: But wait! It still hasn't come yet.
F: If the tower really does become Krauser I's woman, then he's truly something dangerous.
F: All we can do now is believe in Tokyo Tower's sense of virtue!
N: I'm pretty sure Genki-san has an appointment with his chiropractor tonight...
N: If he doesn't hurry up and finish this fast...
C: It's gonna start feeling him soon!

K: Tch! Wait until my next descent!
C: Ah! He's going home!
C: He must have something to do back in Hell!
G: Yes! He wasn't able to make it feel him!
F: Krauser-san really is still the best!
S: It's been ten days since Teracchi left,
S: and now a new kid is coming to replace Shigeru!
M: I wonder what kind of a person we'll get this time? It'd be cool to meet a clothing designer or something.
M: We haven't all been able to eat dinner together lately either, so it'd be nice to find someone who's good at cooking.
S: Well, yeah, everyone's been busy with their own work lately.
M: Are Negi and Takagi-san in their rooms? (I haven't seen them come out at all recently...)
S: Y-yeah! It seems like they've been really busy.
S: Ah, here he is!
M: Coming!
M: Last time it was another musician, so it'd be nice to have a different genre this time!
S: Well, it's all up to luck, you know.
S: Welcome to Artokiwa Manor!

Z: Ii...ni...ce...to me...et...you.
Z: I'm c...all...ed...
Z: ...Zaza...
S: Ahhhhh! We have two other guitarists here!
K: Ora ora ora!!
K: We're really getting compatible now!
C: Woahhhh, bang it!
C: Krauser!
C: Black Death DMC!
G: That bastard's been coming out to fuck it every day...
F: I guess he's just trying to force the tower to have feelings for him...
C: You have to go to the chiropractor today.
C: Fuck to your heart's conten (*cut off)
C: Woahhhhhh!

C: It lit up!
C: The tower's feeling him!
F: He did it...
F: Well, Tokyo Tower is only a woman, after all...maybe she finally decided that it's better to go for someone with feelings for her rather than wait for the person she has feelings for.
F: There's no way he should have been able to make her cum, though...
F: Krauser-san is the only man capable of doing that!
S: It's been 10 days since Shigeru's replacement came, and now Miiko is leaving Artokiwa Manor...
S: It seems like the newcomer is here, but since we have so many musicians here now, I can't hear the doorbell...
S: I've been recording this place for many years now, but this is the first time it's been so lively...
S: I wonder what the next dream-chasing newcomer to live here will think?
S: Welcome to Artokiwa Manor...

K: My neem eez Charybdan.
S: Another guitarist...
S: Just what's going on here...
C: Woahhhhh!
C: The Tokyo Tower's coming again today! Flood her crotch!
K: Ora, oraaa! Finally getting honest, are you?
K: I bet you're ready to come now, aren't you?!

F: Heh! But no matter how many days he tries, he'll never truly make her wet!
F: Let's go get some beer! (There's no contest!)
F: Hello? It's me!
S: Now then, for today's weather forecast.
S: There is a chance of flash floods tonight in the city, so please beware.
F: Hahaha! It's not even a question! There's no way the Tokyo Tower's gonna come!
F: Krauser I's technique really can't compare to Krauser-san's!!
S: Storm warnings have also been issued.
G: Hey, it's starting to rain.
F: Tokyo Tower has a heart of iron!
S: If you go out at night in the city, please be careful of flooding and lightning.
F: Krauser I's gotta have to give up after today.
F: Pfft! Damn, this beer tastes good.
C: Ahhh, rain!
C: Run!
C: Woahh!
F: H-hey!
F: L-look at that!

F: Tokyo Tower's starting to get wet!
C: What force!
F: It's like the floodgates of a huge lake were opened!
F: T-this can't be!
K: I don't care how tall you are!! You can't stop me, bitch tower!!
F: After Krauser-san raped Tokyo Tower that day...
F: I just couldn't keep myself away from this place, what with the way it felt for him.
F: With this viewing platform, you should be able to see him once in a while.
F: Isn't that enough to make you happy?
F: Seeing the body of Krauser-san...
F: It wasn't just sympathy because we were both born in Roppongi Hills...
F: Don't fucking litter, man!
K: Hiieee!
F: It's no different than throwing away a child!
F: Look, mother's always been watching it.
F: Family....I thought it was all bullshit, until that moment -- and then I was working so hard to keep sad memories from being made between the two of us...
F: And then, one day, a man who looks just like Krauser-san appeared before us...
K: Those are some nice curves you've got there.
F: No!
F: That isn't Krauser-san.....
F: I understand how you feel. I don't want to blame you, Tokyo Tower...but...
F: Wasn't Krauser-san the man you truly loved...?

C: W-wooaaaaahhhhh!
C: He's completely outdone Krauser II!
C: Tokyo Tower's screaming and coming!
G: It looks like she's really into it...
F: Is there...really love there...?
C: Black Death DMC!
C: Krauser!
C: I've already forgotten all about Krauser II!
S: Ahh! My cold's going to come back!
C: Did he say cold?!
C: Ahh, he's going home!
N: You did it, Genki-san...
N: Two demon emperors existing in this world...it can't be possible...
Computer screen: Krauser I impregnated all of midtown Tokyo with Tokyo Tower
F: Kuh...I can't bear to lay eyes on it!
N: And so, with the battle going entirely in Krauser I's favor...
N: The day of the concert came.
N: Real or die...
N: At the hall where it all began...

N: the two Krausers collided.

[TRACK 70 - END]

[Roppongi Hills]

A direct offspring from Krauser-san. Of course, the mother was Tokyo Tower. Not entirely due to the redevelopment of Roppongi, it has been built up to be a massive complex institution rivaling even Abeyoshi from Inukai, and has established itself as one of Tokyo's most famous areas. Female announcers beling to the "Abeyoshi Clans" and "Hills Clans" who go on group blind dates a lot often debate over which is really the better spot.

[Usage Example] If you wanna buy stock, go for Abeyoshi over the Hills! Abeyoshi's stalks are cheap and tasty!

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