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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 71


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 18, 2009 03:11 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 71


tl by molokidan

R: Baseball lovers are very childish, dreamin' about catchball all day~
R: They all just wanna grow up to be baseball players, believin' in their abilitiez~
R: All that remains are the breasts! It was a strike-out!
C: This must be a different version of "Legend of the Nymphobeast"...
C: I thought so!
C: It sounds kinda bad, like someone singing at a karaoke bar...
W: Since we were scheduled to come out first, we just won't stop and keep on playing until the end.
W: The way we are now, that's all we can do...
R: Here comes da nymphobeast percentage!
R: Pai = 3, 924
W: Wah!
C: Woahhh, what is that?!
C: It's headbutting Krauser-san!
C: Ow!
C: Wooooaaaahhhh!

C: I-it's Enma KAtou!
E: Voooon!
E: Voooooooon!
K: Now it's my turn, bastards!
C: Krauser I is riding out on Enma Katou!
C: Enma Katou is an old metal singer who once was ridden out on stage by someone and then disappeared, right?!
C: I heard he was made into beef tongue!
C: I guess somewhere along the line he turned into a real bull!
W: Shit...the audience's attention has been completely stolen from us...
W: If we step off now, we'll have lost...
C: Woaaaahh!
C: The other members have appeared along with Krauser I's guitar!
C: Black Death DMC!
C: Black Death DMC!

S: We are the true DMC, who have crept out from the depths of Hell!
S: It's finally time for me to take my revenge on that woman...
S: along with the members who've all vowed to take revenge on DMC!
C: Woahhh! What's with this intense killing groove?!
C: How frightening! We're gonna be killed!
C: This is Hell!
R: Them guys're scary!
J: A grudge...it's the energy of a grudge...
S: Now, strum it out!

S: Your grudge toward Krauser II!
C: Woahhh! Listen to the piercing sound of that guitar!
C: He looks so cool-headed...truly a demon!
C: Woahhhh, what hard yet precise drumming!
C: It's proof that he's killed tons of people at once before!
C: He's overflowing with intense anger!
S: Let them all hear...
D: Nnnn...

D: Tehei!
S: your grudge toward Camus!!
C: H-hey, that move...
C: Isn't that...
C: It can't be...
S: Ku ku ku...it's only natural that they're surprised...
S: After finding out about the battle in Akihabara, I made my way there...
D: Who the hell...was that guy?
D: I'll never forgive him! Never!
S: And there, I found a man who had lost both his position and his wig...
S: Welcome...
S: To Black & Death Records.
C: That's it! It really is him...
C: After being beaten by Camus-san...
C: The Emperor of all NEETs that disappeared from Akihabara...

C: Lemon!
L: Ahhh, my shoulders really hurt, I can't keep up...
C: Woahhhhh! His desire for revenge against Camus-san revived him!
W: Seriously?!
C: The NEET Emperor sold his soul in order to come back to life as a demonic emperor!
W: I get it...this band...
W: it's completely composed of people with grudges against DMC!!
W: Which means that bassist...!!
S: Now, the bass!!

C: Woahhh! Those growls sound like they're coming straight from the bottom of Hell itself...
C: The end of the world is here!
W: Guh! A strong feeling of resentment is traveling from him to me...
W: Could it be?!
W: Bastard...after Karisuma broke up he probably caught wind of what was going on with DMC and started prowling around here...
W: Who is it...
W: Just who is it?!
S: Ku ku ku! I would expect no less from a man I picked myself!
S: He is vital to my DMC!
W: Who is it, who is it?!
S: This is the ultimate sound!

W: Who is it?!
T: My name's Takagi! I came after seeing the recruiting flyer.
S: Welcome,
T: I've been playing bass since 7th grade.
S: to Black & Death Records!
S: I searched long and heard for someone who had a grudge against Jagi, but could find no one...
K: Ma-kun will be our friend no matter what!
K: He apologized so much after the break-up!
K: Uh...who is that?
K: Eh? Wada Masayuki?
K: He's just a normal kid.
S: so I finally recruited this bassist through a flyer.
S: With the three in this band burning their hatred against DMC...
S: Goagogoaahhh
S: and a skilled bassist, we have reached perfection!
W: Kuh! The grudge is so strong, it's almost like I can feel it piercing my body...
W: Just who could it be?!

C: Wh-what a performance...
C: This is Hell! We're been killed by the music's magma!
C: Krauser I is the true demonic emperor of Detroit Metal City!
G: Amazing, G...
G: I never thought you'd come back to this place...
G: and be able to put on such a show...
G: Really brings back memories from the age of Black Chaos.
C: H-hey, look!
C: Eh?
C: That old guy standing back there, isn't he an ex-member of Black Chaos?
C: Black Chaos? You mean that legendary band...? No way, it's just some normal guy!

C: No, that look on his face is unmistakable!
C: But come on, there's no way an ex-member would be standing in a place like that!
C: You're wrong!
C: I wonder...
G: It's no surprise they don't recognize me. I'm just a normal salaryman now.
G: I've lost the sharpened visage I had back then.
G: I doubt that woman even notices, despite having worked with us a bit...
G: You've always been like that, ever since long ago...
G: always watching the music, and seeing nothing else.

G: If only you had caught on to G's feelings toward you just a little,
G: this might have never happened...
G: It was just after the newly-formed Black Chaos was complete.
S: Alright, finished!
G: Haha! The owner of this place is gonna go nuts...
S: Gahahaha! Who gives a shit?!
S: From this day forward, this hall will be our home base!
P: Hyahahahaha! Fucking awesome, G!
P: I'm starting to get wet!
S: Ha! If you're getting wet then I'll just rape you!
G: G, who claimed to have done away with his human heart before we got together...
P: Yeah!! Go ahead and try!
S: What's that?

S: I'll start from A, though!
*A = Kiss
S: Hey bastards! Next week we're finally gonna invade one of Enma's concerts!
G: I didn't miss that line.
G: G, who had been living as a complete demon up until now, was subconsciously suppressing these feelings.
S: Pick your instruments like you're gonna rape someone with them!
G: Shut up! You're bothering the other customers.
S: I'm gonna rape you, too!
P: Then go ahead and do it already!
G: But those feelings...
S: Well, what I mean by rape is, uh, first I'll call you up...
*A = Kiss
S: take you to an amusement park, and then we'll do an A...
G: gradually...
S: Tomorrow's finally the day of the invasion!
P: Let's make this night a super wet one!!
G: gradually...

G: swelled up.
P: Hm? You aren't leaving now, are you?!
S: Kill 'em!
S: We're gonna kill 'em!
G: After the invasion on Enma Katou, we had a party to celebrate...
S: Drink, driiiink!
P: Hyaaahahaha! This night was the best!!
G: Then, right after everyone, drunk off our asses, had fallen asleep...
P: Mmmmmmm...
G: It seemed as if G...
G: Hm?

G: had reached his limit.
G: And so, in the very place we had chosen to be our HQ,
G: something horrible happened.
G: Dorryaaaaa!
S: We're set to do a concert with them next.
P: These bitches can't make me wet either.
S: If you don't like them on the day of the event, we can just go attack them later.
P: Hey, G, this is their last song! Wanna go watch it up front?
G: Hm?

G: G was a genuinely awkward man.
C: Those two are up front...that's pretty rare.
G: Hiding his feelings had probably always been very difficult for him.
C: Kukuh! Look how glued G is to her! Is he alright?!
G: But he was gearing up to convey his feelings to someone who just wouldn't permit it.
C: Ku ku ku! He's petering out!
G: This situation made G's feelings...
P: Hm?

G: distorted.

G: That dumbass!
C: He just molested that chick!
C: I saw it too!
C: Hey!
C: Ehhh, a molester?!
C: So you're the one who did that, pervert?!
G: Wait a second, you've got it wrong! He isn't a pervert!
S: I'm not!
P: Out of the way! This guy's a pervert!
S: I-I didn't molest her...it was the back of my hand...
S: I-it was...in order to seal our bond as a band...
P: Yeah, you're right...it was the back of your hand, just in order to seal our bond...

P: And rape's just another kind of molestation too, isn't it?
P: You're fired, shitfuck! Now get the hell out of my sight!!
P: You aren't a demon at all!
G: She abandoned G, and with that Black Chaos ended.
P: After that, G was sent to jail for molestation,
G: He attacked someone again....
G: Why?
G: but kept starting problems when he was there and increased his sentence,
G: in order to dispel his grudge at having the title of demon stole from him, and having his band ruined...
G: Now, years later, G has been transformed into "The Embodiment of a Grudge," and has returned.
G: He can't turn back now...everything has changed!

[TRACK 71 - END]

[Back of the Hand]

A gray zone as far as molestation is concerned. As a reward for sacrificing the ultimate feeling that comes from contact with the palm of one's hand, the back of the hand has the power to excuse many acts of molestation as "accidents." However, the way Japan is today, thanks to false accusations, those who are charged with molestation are pretty much guaranteed to be found guilty. You should just wait for a perverted woman who'll get turned on by it.

[Usage Example] You say it's an accident because it's the back of your hand? How would the back of your hand get into someone's underwear, dumbass?!

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