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Detroit Metal City 72


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 18, 2009 05:17 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 72


tl by molokidan

K: I am the real Krauser, and we are the real Detroit Metal City!!
E: Vooon!
E: Voon!
K: Carve my name into your souls! Extol me as the true demonic emperor!
C: Woahhh! They've taken complete control of this place, they really are the true DMC!
C: Kuh! I guess I have no choice but to admit it now!
C: Krauser!! No, Krauser-san! It's Krauser-san!!
C: He's the real thing! Call him "san!"
W: I-it's all over...our position has been completely stolen...
C: Go to DMC!
C: Go to DMC!
R: Ohhh...it's our third out!
R: Time for a change-up!
C: Krauser-san!
C: Go to DMC!
G: You did it, G...

P: Ohhhh, this is amazing!
P: Did anything strike your eye?
P: Yeah, the Artokiwa Manor exhibit!
P: I hear they suddenly decided to put one up at the last minute.
P: Wow! It's a film!
P: It's a documentary.
Sign: Creator - Artokiwa Manor
Title - Artokiwa Manor Documentary

P: They worked together on this one project as a group.
P: What a young and energetic art group!
S: This is Artokiwa Manor.
S: It's a place where young artists gather to burn the flames of creation.
P: Ssh, it's starting!
S: I'm the master of Artokiwa Manor, Ishibayashi Shou.
S: I started doing camerawork with the motto "filming artists create art is true art."
S: Creation time for everyone goes exactly how you're seeing it.
T: Ah, Shou-san! I was finally able to starting writing again, so could you...?
S: We face each other with our creations.
H: I'm definitely going to take the prize at the next art festival with this one!!
S: Even being on camera doesn't distract any of us from being immersed in our work.
M: Yup! I'm still working on the coloring now.
S: We are all tough on ourselves, spending long hours working stoicly in our rooms.

N: My dream~ is to shower happiness on everyone~ just like an angel from the heavens~
N: I'm so glad~ I was able to come to Artokiwa Manor~
N: Because I~
S: And so, we continued our long days of working stoicly...
S: and we harmoniously share meals with one another like a family, right?
H: Yeah! We're truly rivals, though.
M: Because we're friends!
N: Hey, let me say something too!
T: That's right!
P: Wow, so this is what Artokiwa Manor is like.
P: They're really passionate!
P: That one guy seems kinda different, though.
P: Hey look, it seems like that author girl finally got her debut!!
S: Our new tenant is another musician.
T: Vei, vei!
T: Aiaaaann!
S: We sure get our share of interesting visitors.
S: He wasted no time in demonstrating his amazing guitar techniques to us.
T: Veeeeei!
S: What do you guys think about this kind of music?
M: Eh?

H: Well, I don't really listen to metal, but it sure is extreme!
M: Music has a lot of different genres too, just like art!
S: Negi!
S: As our other resident musician, what do you think?
N: Ahhh...well, I'm into pop, so I don't really understand much, but...
N: With his chord progression, it does sound like he might have good technique, but his form was surprisingly simple...if he's trying to rouse people into headbanging, I have to say that personally I...
N: Ahhh, well anyway, since we're both musicians, I think I'll go talk to him directly. (Not that I'm interested, though.)
N: I have to explain the details of living here to him anyway.
H: Haha...I'm glad Negi went instead of us!
sign: Artokiwa Manor
S: It's been a week since Takagi-san came...

S: He's been playing metal CDs nonstop...
S: It's pretty tough having to live with people who don't respect the house manners.
M: It seems like Negi is getting along with him, though.
M: If they're always together like that, he should just explain things.
H: Shou-san, look at this...
H: I've...decided...that I'm leaving Artokiwa Manor.
H: ...what happened to this? (It took months for you to finish)
S: Could it have been...Takagi-san?
H: ...I wonder if it was only him...
S: Eh?!
H: Anyway, I'm moving out.
S: Shigeru...
S: And so, Zaza-san came to replace Shigeru....(he plays Black Metal)
S: The atmosphere here at Artokiwa has reached an all-time low...
S: Hey, Miiko! It's dinnertime, what are you going to do about dinner?!
S: I know you don't want to come out of your room, but come on!! Hey!!
S: Hey, Miiko!!

M: ....he...
S: ...help...me...
S: Come on, Miiko!!
M: Wait!
M: Ahh, there's a hole in my illustration!
T: Veeeeei!
M: Kyaaaaa!
M: His thing is expanding...
T: Vei vei vei vei...

M: Kyaaaaaa!
S: Leave it behind! Come on!
S: Calm down, Miiko...
sfx: haa x4
S: Let's just hide in here until they calm down....
S: Those guys aren't normal...Artokiwa Manor has really changed for the worse...
sfx: haa x2
S: You should probably get out of here while you still can, Miiko..
M: But there are still things I have left to do here...
S: Just think about your own safety for now!
S: Sssh, I see a shadow!!
S: They're searching for us!
M: I can't take this anymore!
S: Be quiet!

S: After this day, Miiko left Artokiwa Manor...
S: And from that point forward, this place changed from Artokiwa Manor to a Metal Manor...
S: Whether it was due to instinct, or what...they started deciding who would become the boss,
S: and an internecine struggle began!
S: That is when Charybdan came.
S: And the last man standing during that furious struggle...

C: Kamon, penis head boy!
S: joined up with him.
S: Uuuu...the rooms are being destroyed!
screams: RAPE
S: With all these obscenities being screamed on and on, I feel like I'm going to go insane!
S: It's been three constant days of this...I keep feeling like I've reached my limit and then somehow finding the strength to go on.
scream in panel 5: RA
S: Finally, the Emperor of the Metal Manor was decided...
S: C-could it be?
S: That the man who becomes the Emperor at the end of this war...

S: will eat me?!
S: Uwaaaahhhh! I can't take it any more! I'm getting out of here!
T: Veeeeeeeii!
S: Uwaaahh!
S: I'll have to esacpe from the veranda...
S: Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
S: I'll just jump out the window in the bathroom!
sfx: zeh
S: That was close.
S: I've recorded my days here at Artokiwa Manor for so long...
S: but never thought that things would end like this.
S: Farewell, Artokiwa...

negishi's voice: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekeh

S: I thought you were going to shower HAPPINESS on everyone from abooooooove?!
S: Negi!
P: I-it's over...
P: What the hell was that?
P: Wow...
P: It's a new form of art...

N: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekeh

C: L-look up there!!
C: Eh?!
J: Woah?!

C: H-he's here! Krauser-san is on the ceiling!!
C: What?!
K: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekeh
C: Now there's three Krausers!
C: He's descended from the demon world!
C: When did he get there?!
P: So you finally came back, huh?
C: Woah, he jumped down!
C: Krauser-saaaaaaan!
K: eeeeeeeeeekeh
C: eeeeeeeeeeeekeh
P: Now...
P: go fuckin' wild.

[TRACK 72 - END]


Its definition is "a record." Movies that act as a record of something are called documentaries. They are, in theory, recordings of things as they actually are without any intentional acting from the subjects. Documentaries that have received high praise throughout history include: "Tokugawa Maizoukin," (*t/l note: the mythical buried treasure of the first shogun in the Edo era, Tokugawa Ieyasu) "Shaman," "Yeti Footprints," and "Tsuchinoko." (*t/l note: a legendary snake-like cryptid from Japan)

[Usage Example] "If I had to name a realistic documentary, I'd have to say "Danchitsuma!" (*t/l note: Danchitsuma is a Japanese term referring to wives who all live in the same group housing who form support groups that operate with heavy senior-junior relationships relating to their husbands' social positions. Whether or not they actually exist is debatable)

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