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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 73


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 18, 2009 06:25 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 73


tl by molokidan

C: Uwaaaahhhh, Krauser-san appeared!
C: That's the real Krauser-san!
C: He looks crazy!
C: The guy before with the "botsu" kanji on his forehead was a fake!
C: The real one has finally descended from the demon world!
J: Negishi, you bastard! We've been waiting!!
R: Hey, no one told me 'bout dis!
C: H-hey, he's finally come down to us!
F: Yes! This is the real Krauser-san!
S: Ku ku you've finally shown yourself!
S: I'll crush you in front of this crowd,
S: and show everyone that I am the true Krauser once and for all!

K: I got a sudden urge to kill someone just now.
K: Bring it on!
C: Ohhhh, so Krauser II just decided to come here since he wanted to kill someone!
C: He's on a totally different level!!
C: He truly has the presence of a demonic emperor!
S: Kill him!
E: Vooooon!
C: Woahhh, there goes Enma Katou!
S: Go!! Show him the charging power only a fighting bull trained in Spain like you would have!
S: Feast on that bastard!!

K: Beeeh, beeh, beh beh beh!
E: Mooooooooo!
K: Beh, beh, beeeh!
E: Moomooooooo!
E: Mooo!
C: Woahhh! Krauser-san surpassed Enma Katou, the raging bull!!
C: Hey, he put something on his ears!
E: mooo (x2)
C: N-no way!
S: Kuh!
C: Just how far down does he intend to degrade Enma?!
N: Cuuuute little Enma~ You're going off to be soooold~
N: He's staaaring back at us~ with saaaaad eyes~

N: Dona-dona-dooooona-doooona~ put Enma on the plaaaank~
N: dona-dona-dooooona-doooona~ the transport cart swaaaays~
G: C'mon!
S: Kuh! That bastard!
S: Enma was taken away!
S: Stop masquerading as a goddamn meat factory!
N: The crowd's attention has been completely stolen from us by Krauser II...
C: Krauser-san!
C: The real thing really is different!
N: At this rate, everything's going to go his way...
S: Goagogoaagoh
N: Genki-san!
N: Ohhh...
N: This song is...
S: I wrote this song in the pen...
S: The horrible culmination of all my hatred...

S: The decaying back of a hand, crawling up from Hell!
S: Wrapping around your ass, a grotesque black curse!
S: The back of a hand, which will rise up to paradise! Cursed for all of eternity!
C: This song's insane...
C: It feels like we're gonna be cursed too!
C: Our children, and our children's children will all be killed as well!
S: The back of a hand, which will never rise up to paradise! Cursed for all of eternity!
C: Uwahhh, how frightening!
C: Just where is all this hatred being born from?
S: Look!
S: I am the true man meant to be Krauser!
S: Well? How's this music's grudge sound?
S: The grudges you and I bear
S: don't even compare!

C: It seems like there isn't a single person willing to testify for you.
S: Please...just hurry up and stick me in jail!
G: She's probably already forgotten all about us.
S: I won't come out until I've become a demon.
P: Kitahara's going nuts again!
P: Just how many years do you intend to serve for your molesting?!
P: I'll make it so that you'll never be able to get out of here!
S: I'll never forgive you...
S: Never...
P: This is the result of bottling up all that hatred from your grudge...
P: However!

K: I'll be the one to judge your sins!
C: W-whew! I thought i was gonna be killed for a minute!
C: It's indescribable!
K: I'm an emissary from Hell!
C: Krauser-san really is...the true demonic emperor.
P: The real demonic emperor...
P: always carries around a massive amount of hatred.
K: Your grudge is incomparable to mine!
K: It's time for you to realize just how different we are!
P: Well, to put it simply...

N: I've always wanted to wear glasses....
C: But those make you look just like Nobita-kun! (*t/l: the kid from Doraemon)
P: he's just really fucking petty.

S: Kuh! This bastard...
S: just what kind of past did he have?
G: Here's your gobou salad.
N: Eh? But I ordered a potato salad...
S: How could his past be darker than mine?!
S: Kuh!
G: Negishi-san, you're so serious, your blood type must be A, right?
N: Eh? Really?
K: Fuck! I won't be able to settle down until I kill someone!
C: Woahhh, it's Satsugai!
C: Here it comes!
C: Krauser-san must be carrying even the grudges of all the people he's killed up until now!

A: Ah!
A: It's a letter from Negishi-kun!!
A: I had to go to France to work on an Amo-Amu project, so we haven't talked in a while.
A: It's a letter from Artokiwa nice of him...
A: Hoo...
Letter 1: Aikawa-san, how are you?
2: After you introduced me to Artokiwa Manor, I started living there.
3: It really is a place comprised fully of art. I feel like I've finally found the right place for myself to be.
4; Working here day after day, fully absorbed in creating, I've discovered what I consider to be the most important theme of my music.
A: Wow, a theme?
5: That theme is: "Angel."

6: You might laugh hearing the word "Angel" all of a sudden,
A: Fufu! I won't laugh.
7: but I want to rain songs of happiness on everyone from above, just like an angel.
8: Tomorrow, I plan on presenting one of these songs to Teracchi, who is leaving tomorrow and becoming an author.
9: I plan on becoming a real angel myself and leaving here too someday.
10: I suppose we won't meet for a while, but if you ever feel like there is an angel watching you from above, it might be me.
A: I wonder what Negishi-kun's angel form looks like...
P: Krauser evolved to perfection and came back.
P: I can fuckin' see it!
P: High above you...
11: Well then, see you later. -From Negishi Souichi,

your shy angel.

P: A monstrous manifestation of all your grudges!!
C: Krauser-san, you rock!!
C: Krauser-saaaan!
C: Satsugai, Satsugai!
C: The demonic emperor is going to summon a calamity down unto us!!
K: Satsugai, satsugai!
N: G-Genki-san!
S: Don't lose your presence!!
S: We're going to ring out a new grudge onto DMC!!
N: see...
N: Lemon...

N: had his wigs ripped oooooooff!! (both of them!)
L: My chin hurts...
N: It looks like
B: Kuh!
J: Nuu!
N: our bassist is really struggling too!
N: Genki-san, it's all...
S: This shit's barely begun!!
S: Get your ass over here, II!
J: Eh? Why is he stopping?
J: This should be the point when bring it all together!
C: K-Krauser-san stopped singing!
C: His beast armor...

C: he took it off and is doing stretches!
C: They're both getting ready!
C: One of them might die...
C: Blood's gonna spill!
P: Time for you to show me
P: just how much you've evolved.
F: Now we'll know once and for all.


[TRACK 73 - END]

[Meat Factory Masquerade]

When one pretends that they work at a meat processing factory. With this, products that are normally cheap can be sold at a higher price with the help of dropping a name here and there. It's important to note the subtle differences between claiming one is a "Race Queen" vs. a "Female Graduate of a Famous College."

[Usage Example] Is the section chief really from a sales field? What a let-down...

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