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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Detroit Metal City 75


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 18, 2009 07:42 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 75


tl by molokidan

S: I've always loved you...
S: No matter how much I tried to tell myself it wasn't true...
C: H-hey, what is this all of a sudden?!
C: Is that old fart trying to make fun of us?!
S: I instead tried to hate you in order to erase my feelings.
S: But then I realized,
S: that hatred was only me trying to become your ideal man.
S: Because I love you...
S: I can't keep it inside anymore...

S: It's always
S: been on
S: purpose~

S: Ah~
C: He's coming over here!
C: What the fuck's with this guy?!
S: It's all been the style
S: of the love~
C: No one's gonna accept that from you, grandpa!!
S: between you and I~
S: even the little
S: lies
S: and selfishness~
S: even you tricking me~
G: G...

S: just becomes a lovers' phrase~
S: the two of us~
S: in a dream~
G: (in a dream~)
S: together~
G: (to~ge~ther~)
S: let's just live casually~
S: together~
G: (ran-ran-ran)

S: Let's feel our love
S: I love you!
S; together with more love~
S: so that the touch of lovers never fades~
S: I couldn't become Krauser, nor could I become a demon...
S: But I've had feelings for you ever since we met, and so you've always been in front of music for me...
S: I'll say it over and over again~
S: I don't think I make a good musician.
S: But I have confidence as far as treating you right goes!
S: you must certainly~
S: This is all I have to give you now.
S: love me too~
S: But I promise I will make you happy.
S: without hesitation~

G: He was rejected...
C: Aw, you got us all excited!
C: Unbelievable...
C: Just how pathetic of a man is this guy?!
S: Hey...
S: You're kidding me, right...
S: I'll make you happy!!

S: Now take the spring.
S: without hesitation~
C: This guy's such an idiot!
C: Is he trying to stand up again?
C: Does he really want her that bad?
S: I...
S: will make you happy!!
S: without hesitation~
C: Wow...
S: without hesitation~
S: I'll make you happy!
S; without hesitation~
S: I'll make you happy!
C: His feelings are the real thing...
S: without hesitation~
C: Hey, aren't we in the middle of a concert?
C: Dumbass! Look at that...

C: This is a trendy man's way of life!!
S: I'll make you happy!!
S: The crowd...
S: is cheering me on!
S: Even though I couldn't make it as Krauser I!
C: Hey, he's gonna die like this!
C: The next one...his feelings should reach her with the next one!
C: Do your best!
C: What number proposal was that last one?
S: I want you to accept me...
S: the way I am...
C: Finally...

C: The 101st!!
P: Just go and fuckin' die already.
C: Wh-what's that sound?!
S: I...
C: The 101st...if it doesn't reach her this time, he'll die...
C: Real or die...
C: What's that booming sound? It sounds like an engine!!
C: Something's coming toward us at a ferocious speed!!
C: Uwahhh!
C: He's coming to deal the finishing blow!!
C: K-Krauser-san!

K: He's summoning up the Demon Jewel!!
C: Uwahhh! The old man's running toward him!
C: He must have a death wish!
C: Watch ooooout!
S: Nn!
C: What's he doing?!
C: This sound...
N: Genki-san...
N: Could that be...

N: A Genki Dama!! (*t/l note: this is the same name as the "Genki Dama/Spirit Bomb" from Dragonball Z, which the Demon Jewel itself is a parody of.)
N: That's it! G's Genki Dama...
N: Middle-aged men always have lots of spit boiling up inside them...he can do it!!
S: I can't die like this!
S: Not with everyone cheering me on!
S: Everyone...
S: give me your strength!!
C: Let's give all our hatred to Krauser-san!
S: !! (Why are you all on his side?!)

S: Oh shit!
S: I swallowed it!!
G: Gross!
C: Watch ooooout!

C: ...is he dead?
C: No...
C: He took Krauser-san's Demon Jewel, but...
C: it slightly missed its target...
S: I...I...
S: I won't diiiiiiieeeeeeee!!
K: Nnn?!
C: Wooooaaaaahhhhh!

C: He sliced it in two!!
C: Yeahhh, he's dead!
G: Fubehhh!
C: A Demon Jewel is twice the power of a Genki Dama!
G: Behh!
C: Nice one, Krauser-san!
K: Hyahaaaaahhh!

C: Ohhhh! He took back the legendary guitar!
C: What's he going to play?!
S: Uuu...
S: All...all because of that one molestation, everything spiraled out of control...
S: If things had gone right...I would be the one getting all this praise...
P: The hell you would.
P: Molestation's got shit to do with it. Black Chaos was simply the limit of your abilities.
P: I would have abandoned you sooner or later anyway.
P: You can never become Krauser.
C: Is it Grotesque or Demon King?!
P: And there's nothing I can do about that.
C: N-no way!
P: It all comes down to natural...

C: He raped the legendary guitar!!
C: Woahhh, I never thought he'd rape that guitar!
C: He doesn't forgive unfaithfulness!!
S: Heh!
C: Now it's getting a taste of just who the real legend is!!
S: It's true, I may not be able to beat him...
P: That's the jist of it.
P: If you feel like becoming a pig, you're free to call me anytime, though.
S: Keh! Who'd do that?!
S: In the end...I lost both my woman and my band.
S: It's just like when I was in the jail...all alone.
N: Genki-san.

N: You never finished telling me that story about when you were in elementary school.
S: Naoki!
S: B-but I wasn't able to become Krauser...
N: I don't care about that!
N: Let's just keep playing our music in our own style.
N: We'll just be the Genki Band.
S: Genki Band, huh...
S: How about we go fishing to relax and talk things over?
N: Pfft! You always did like fishing, didn't you...
N: I'll teach you how to fly fish.

C: There it is!! Krauser-san's Mic Fishing!!
G: Guehhhh!
N: Genki-san!
K: You're our sacrifice for tonight, of course!!
C: Ahhh, he got a fish, but it isn't genki at all!
K: You aren't a damn bit genki, motherfucker!!
C: Ahh, he released it!
K: Shara!
G: Guwahh
N: And so, Negsihi, after winning back the seat of Krauser,
A: Thanks for the letter from Artokiwa Manor, Negishi-kun! How was your life there?
N: Uuuu...
N: Well, part of the way through some weirdos showed up, so I left...
N: I'm sorry, Aikawa-san...I'm sorry, everyone...
N: regretted his actions as usual.

[TRACK 75 - END]


It means "in style." And from the latter half of the 1980s to the 1990s, "trendy dramas" depicting the love of men who run at the head of such trendy circles exploded around the world. Thanks to the work of Oda Yuji, beings like the Gozan Family and W Asano were born, and masterpieces were created left and right. Unfortunately, however, if you watch them now they all look really stupid.

[Usage Example] Trendy has become an obselete word.

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