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Detroit Metal City 76


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 19, 2009 06:01 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 76


tl by molokidan

O: I see...so Krauser I had his showdown with DMC...
O: I get it. So he was the guy from Black Chaos, huh...?
O: We've been doing a lot of work on our end, too. I have Dezumu gathered at my shop now, too.
O: ...I thought I'd introduce a certain man to them.
D: It's the ultimate decision!
G: Which one...?
O: It's necessary that Dezumu continues to evolve beyond how they are now...
O: With that producer's power...
D: What do you mean you can't choose either, Tsuyoshi?!
T: There's no way I can seriously answer such a stupid question like that.
D: What'd you say, dammit?!
T: Stop it, Togashi!!
T: Guh

T: Metal is metal, and if your shit has a curry flavor then curry should also have a shit flavor, am I right?!

D: Y...yeah...
D: That's wrong...
T: It's wrong!
O: Hey, that's enough fighting for now. He's gonna be here soon.
D: Pops...
T: Hold on, I have to go take a shit!
D: I dunno what kinda guy this producer is,
D: but do you really think he's capable of understanding our metal?
D: Normal people who can't tell horseshit from bullshit can't possibly understand us, can they?
T: Hey pops! The door to the toilet's been locked for a long time now!
T: Is it broken?
O: Could it be...
O: He's already here?!
?: Rain or shine...
O: I thought so!
?: Snow or summer, hot or cold...always coming out from a body in good shape!
O: This is just the man I wanted to introduce to Dezumu!
?: Never craving anything, and certainly never losing its cool, always laughing silently...

A: That's the kinda shit I wanna eat.
O: Doi Aki!!
O: When did you get here, Doi?
O: It's been a while!
A: Long time no see, pops.
D: Who the fuck is this guy?
D: Taking his sweet time in the shitter like he owns the place...
D: Pops!! We ain't doing this!!
D: He just looks like some poser who doesn't even know what shit really tastes like!!
O: H-hey!
D: Please go home! I don't have time to talk with people who've never even eaten shit...
A: You're Dezumu's Togashi-kun, aren't you?
D: Ahh!!
D: Th...
D: This guy...

D: he ate it!!
D: That mouth is unmistakable...
D: this Doi guy...he's the real thing!!
D: Please excuse my rudeness.
D: I look forward to working with you.
A: Same here!
T: H-hey, hold on a second!
T: Where's your proof that this guy truly is the real thing?!
D: Tsuyoshi!!
D: Trust me, there's nothing to worry about. Let's hurry up and head to the studio!
T: Wait a minute!
T: I refuse to start recording until I'm satisfied!!
T: Hm?

A: Want a sip, Tsuyoshi-kun?
T: Eh?!
T: No, thanks.
A: Alright, let's head to the studio!
D: Yes sir!
D: You're coming too, Tsuyoshi!!

O: Go all out, Dezumu!
O: Absorb as many good things, and then shit it out with all your might!
A: I took the liberty of listening to how you've sounded up until now, Dezumu.
A: And if I had to name one thing your metal is lacking, it'd have to be...
A: a "stench!!"
D: "Stench?"
A: That's right! Music or not, any superb work of art in this world has a certain unique "stench" about it.
A: Not to mention the fact that scatolometal being stench-less would be a critical hit to your career.
A: This time, while I produce you, I want you all to find that "stench" for me.
A: The best shit "stench" you can possibly create!

A: Ah, whoops. This cup was yours, wasn't it?
T: Eh...ah...
T: It's fine, I'll just go fill up another.
D: Fuck fuck fuck fuck, my fuckin' anus!
D: Fuck fuck fuck fuck, my fuckin' shit!
A: This is your new song, "Worms," is it...?
A: Not bad...
D: Fuck fuck fuck fuck, a fuckin' examination?!
A: But it's still lacking...
A: Something to give their sound...
A: a stench!
A: What could it be?
D: Let's go!
A: What could it be?!

"Bowel Movement of the Death God: Japanese Toilet Style!"
A: This is it!
A: Hey, stop right there! Don't move an inch!
D: Eh?
D: Just...what are you trying to do?
A: Interesting.
A: Togashi-kun, you have constipation...
A: And Tsuyoshi-kun, you have diarrhea, right?
D: Yes! I haven't gone for several days now.
D: There's nothing to worry about.
T: The truth is I'm feeling some diarrhea coming on right now!
T: So when this is done, please let me go to the toilet!
A: ....hmm.
A: I see.

A: Togashi-kun, change places with Tsuyoshi-kun!
A: Hurry up and do it.
D: Silent understanding followed.
D: No one was able to say it...
C: It's the Bowel Movement of the Death God!
C: He won't be able to shit today either!
C: Togashi is constipated, after all!
D: Not pops, nor any of the members of the crowd....
D: We all knew, though.
D: That if the two changed places...

D: That it'd turn into the real thing!!
T: You can't!
T: You caaaaaaaaan't!!
A: Yes you can. This will lead you all towards perfection!
D: But the leader is supposed to be raised up!! This isn't right!
D: Even if shit does come out, it won't mean anything!!
A: That's just an excuse.
A: You expect to be able to play real metal with half-assed feelings like that?
D: N-no, but...
D: Kuh!

D: Tsuyoshi, it's fine.
D: Take a shit!
T: Togashi....are you for real? (I can shit anytime, but...)
D: Kuh!
D: He's right, Togashi! Don't be ridiculous!
D: I'm not being ridiculous!
D: I just can't believe you guys have been playing in this band with those kinds of feelings!!
D: If we stay like this, we'll never be able to overcome DMC!!
D: Didn't we, Dezumu, vow to steal the top of the metal scene from them?!
T: Yeah, but...
T: Togashi and I...
T: have been friends since middle school...
D: It's fine.

T: Oh no...my stomach's starting to hurt again.
D: Just do it over there!
D(boxless): Since I've always had a weak stomach, Togashi would carry around tissues for me.
D: It's fine! I brought along some.
D: He'd always put me at ease and let me take shits.
D: It's fine!
D: I brought some today.
T: Togashi...
T: How could I willingly...
T: shit onto the face of someone like that...?
T: I can't do it...
D: Tsuyoshi!!
D: It's fine!
T: Togashi!!
T: Uuu, forgive me...it's probably going to spill all over your face...
T: I can't do it...
D: Tsuyoshiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

D: It doesn't make a difference how much spills on me!
D: Cover my face in shiiiiiiiiiiiit!!
T: Togashi!!

A: OK!
A: I just wanted to see how strong your "resolve" was.
T: Doi-san!
D: S-so that's what it was for!
A: Without real resolve behind the music, it'll never gain a "stench."
A: Alright! Let's continue the recording, then.
D: What an amazing producer...
D: And so, Dezumu evolved a little more...
D: and finished their new song "Worms."
A: Fuh!
A: Well?
D: This is without a doubt our best work yet...
O: It brings back memories of when I had my first worms examination...
N: That night...
D: Alright, tonight we're gonna celebrate!
D: Great nights like this don't come along all the time!
D: Grab some beer!
A: Ohhh, this hot pot tastes great!

A: Delicious, delicious!
A: Well, shall we begin?
T: I-I feel kinda full...
A: What, why?!
D: Me too...
N: And...
N: In Tokyo...
N: I shouldn't have introduced on that man's proposal like that....
N: I'm the worst...truly the worst!
G: Souicchan, the hot pot's ready!
N: Krauser II was still depressed.

[TRACK 76 - END]

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