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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 77


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 19, 2009 06:47 | Go to Detroit Metal City

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tl by molokidan

N: Since that day, after spending time locked up in my room being depressed...
N: What happened to that manager guy and to Artokiwa Manor is all my fault...
N: It's all my fault!
N: I decided to take a trip to the outside world as a change of pace.
N: I'm no good like this...I need something to rejuvenate myself.
N: Last time, I went to study at a buddhist temple, but that didn't seem to help much...
N: Maybe I get a haircut as a symbol of cutting off all these bad feelings?
N: That's it. I'll try going to this new salon I've been wanting to check out!
H: Welcome!
N: U...uwahh!

N: What a fashionable atmosphere!
H: How would you like it done today?
H: Oh really?
H: Ahaha, that's true!
H: How about we make the color a little subdued this time around?

H: Right that way!
N: I guess I shouldn't have expected any less from a popular store in Aoyama.
G: I'll give you your shampoo now!
N: OK!
N: This assistant girl is super stylish as well!
N: Is the water too hot?
N: Nope!
N: Ahh, I can already feel my heart clearing up...
N: I can feel my chaotic heart being washed clean along with this shampoo...
N: Refreshes like this really are good for me...
T: Nice to meet you! I'm Takanashi, I'll be your stylist for today.
T: What kind of look are you after?
N: Hmmm...I've been thinking of going for a full image change lately.
T: What kind of job do you have?

N: I'm a musician!
T: Wow!
N: Heheh! I said it!
G: Wow, that's awesome!
N: But I'm not famous like that or anything.
N: DMC is a little famous in the indies scene, though...
T: Well, if you're a musician, then any type of haircut will fit you.
T: How about a unique style like this?
N: Wahh!
T: I think it's important for artists to be a little eccentric and ahead of the times with their style and act like fashion leaders, you know.
T: Like Kimura Kaera, or something.
N: Ahhh, that does sound nice!
N: Now that I think of it, I've never really been ahead of the times with anything...
G: Look at this! I wanna get a cut just like Negishi-kun!
G: It really is fashionable!
G: It'll definitely be a hit!
N: I have to be careful not to lose my sense of adventure...
N: OK then, please, cut me as artistic as you like!
T: Got it!

T: Hmmm...so I'm guessing you play pop music, right?
N: Yes!
T: Igawa, you like that kinda stuff, right?
I: Oh yeah! I love it all! I really want to go see a concert!
N: Ah! I was thinking of going out and playing tomorrow if the weather's nice.
I: Ehh? Where do you usually play?
N: I hang out around Shimokita a lot. Please, feel free to come watch me anytime!
I: Wow! I hope the weather's nice tomorrow!
T: I'm gonna add some color, OK?
N: Fufu...I'm so glad I came to this salon!
N: My heart is going to be completely refreshed!
N: It feels like I've just found a totally new me!
T: Alright...
T: we're all finished!

N: ....woah.
N: I, uh...
N: think it looks nice, but...

N: don't you think this is a little too eccentric?
T: No way! There are tons of creator-type people who get these cuts!
N: Well, I guess that makes it OK, then.
G: It looks wonderful!
N: It's a little different from the image I had, though...
N: The blonde hair seems a little...how should I say...inelegant...
T: Eh?
T: Blonde hair is elegant, right Igawa...?
I: Yes!
I: It makes you look very dignified, like royalty or something!
T: Eh?
N: R-royalty?!
P: Royalty...
T: W-well, yeah, just as an example, I guess...
N: N-no, you see...
N: I'm...a musician, not royalty...
I: Ahhh! But if you played classical music, I think it'd be really popular!
I: This cut has persuasive power!

I: If you work heard your picture would probably be put up in a music hall or something!
middle sign: Negishi
left sign: Beethoven
T: If you're not quite happy with it, I could always try a little more.
T: Ahh...
I: This is exciting!
N: Ahhh....I can't get let myself get irritated. I came here to refresh myself, after all.
N: Y-yeah...
N: If I don't like the result, all I have to do is tell him to try again...
N: I'd prefer a little more Japanese style...than this Western one...
T: OK, got it!
N: Something short and masculine would be nice...
T: Oh, so that's what you're after, huh?
N: Yes.
T: I cut your sides pretty short, so I'll just fix up the top to match that and make you look nice and manly.

T: Oh! So there must be someone you like who you want to impress, huh?
I: Yeah!
N: Well, I've been really busy lately, so I haven't been able to see her...
T: Oh really?
I: Why don't you try inviting her out to dinner or something?
N: You're right...maybe I should ask her out somewhere, it has been a while...
I: I'm sure it'll make her happy!
N: Fufu...Aikawa-san will probably be really surprised to see my hair change all of a sudden.
N: Maybe she'll start thinking of me as a man who's aggressive towards fashion now.
N: Love and fashion are both things that need to be attacked proactively, after all...
T: OK!
T: You look much more masculine now!
I: Yeah!

N: Umm....
N: I wouldn't exactly...
N: call this masculine...

I: You look like a chef! It makes you look super manly!!
N: Hey!
N: Welcome!
T: Ehhhhh?!
N: A-a chef?!
I: It looks great!
T: W-we don't usually do cuts like this here, so...
P: So he was a chef?
N: I-I can't let myself get irritated...
N: I thought I said I wanted to look masculine in a Japanese style...I don't see how a cook would be, you know...
T: Eh?
I: So that's what you meant...
I: Noooo! If you make some sushi for your girlfriend with a hairstyle like that, she'll be overjoyed!
N: Here, Aikawa-san, sorry to keep you waiting!
I: It has persuasive power!
I: You said you were going to go roll some sushi tomorrow if it was nice out, didn't you?
I: Where was it, again...in Shimokita?
N: No...just stay calm...

N: C-could you at least make the sides a little more natural-looking...?
T: Ah! Sure thing!
T: Where are you from, again?
N: ...no.
T: Where was it?
N: Ooita...
I: Ooita! That's where Beppu is, right?!
N: Just shut up and cut my hair, dammit!
N: All I came here to do was get refreshed...
N: All I came here to do was rejuvenate my fucking heart!!
I: It's the countryside!
T: So you came to the city in order to realize your dreams as a sushi chef?
T: OK!
T: This looks great!
I: ...yeah.

N: Gu....kuh.
N: Y-you just...
N: shaved it all off...

I: You look just like a teruteru bouzu! I'm sure the weather'll be nice tomorrow!! (*t/l note: teru-teru bouzu is a 'shiny-headed priest' made out of cloth that are hung to hope for good weather the next day. Pic here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/02/Teruterubouzu.jpg/581px-Teruterubouzu.jpg)
I: Isn't this great?!
I: I'm sure your mom back in Beppu will love it too! It has persuasive power!!
N: Shut up, bitch!!
T: Yeah, surprisingly, you look way cooler now.
N: What do you mean surprisingly...?!
N: You're all just making fun of me!!
P: Wahh!
P: The teruteru bouzu is running away!
N: How dare you call me a teruteru bouzu?!
N: I'm not bald!!
N: I'm not bald, goddammit!!

B: Welcome back.
B: I assume that you have felt shame and regret about your former ways,
B: and have therefore shaven your head and come back to sit before me once more.
B: Muh!
B: There is a disturbance in your heart!!

N: You're the fucking bald one, baldy!!
N: Don't try to compare my baldness with yours, baldy!!
N: Goddamn Tsuruseko!! (*t/l note: A character from an old manga called "Smooth Shiny Baldmaru" http://a248.e.akamai.net/f/248/37952/1h/image.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/i/j/7andy_07163875)
N: I'm sorry...
N: So full of regret...good thing I just became bald...

[TRACK 77 - END]

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