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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 78


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 19, 2009 07:45 | Go to Detroit Metal City

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tl by molokidan

N: Uuuu...he should be here soon...
N: Why do I have to be so depressed, right when my brother's finally coming from the countryside to visit me?
N: Tomorrow there's a DMC concert...and Toshi-kun's definitely going to want to come see...
T: Krauser-san! I came all the way from Inukai!
T: It's me! Me!!
T: My head looks like a penis, doesn't it?!
T: It looks like your penis, doesn't it?!
N: Uuu...just thinking about it makes me feel like I'm not going to be able to act like a demon in front of my brother...
N: Haa...I never thought he'd come all the way to Tokyo just to see DMC, though...
N: I'll have to think of some way to suppress his love for the band...
T: Yoooo, big bro!
N: Ah...ahh!
N: Hm?
N: Th-that's...
N: Toshi-kun?!

T: I brought some young sweetfish!! Mom told me to give them to you as a present!!
N: H-he seems completely different!

N: Toshi-kun, you changed your haircut...
N: He looks more clean-cut!
T: Ah!
T: What the fuck happened to your hair, though, bro?!
N: Wah!
T: Uwahhh, you're bald! What are you, in a baseball club or something?! Are you trying to get into Koushien?! (*t/l: the big national stadium)
N: Koushien...?
T: That public obscenity cut you had was so damn perfect!!
N: Gimme back my hat!
T: Ahh, I got a text!
C: I kill, therefore I kill!
T: Ahah!
T: Let's see...I just got to Tokyo now...
N: Wh-what the...is he mailing one of his DMC buddies or something...?
N: T-Toshi-kun, did you come here because there's something you want to do tomorrow?
N: I'll have to figure out some way to keep him from going to the concert....
N: I think I heard that band you like is gonna put on an event or something tomorrow...
T: Oh yeah, I can't go to that.
N: Eh?

T: I came to Tokyo to meet my girlfriend tomorrow!
N: G-girlfriend...?
N: Toshi-kun...
T: Yeah, it's her birthday!
T: I really wanted to come and see Krauser-san, though! I wonder if Chika-chan knows about DMC!!
T: C'mon, let's go to your house!
N: Chika-chan...?
N: Toshi-kun got a girlfriend...
N: Wow, so it happened at your graduation ceremony...?
T: Yeah! She confessed that she liked me and we started going out, but then she came to Tokyo to go to a technical school so we've been apart!
T: All these CDs are fucking lame, bro!! We gotta listen to some DMC!!
N: Just what did that girl see in him...?
T: C'mon, ya fuckin' baldy!
N: But thanks to this girl, it seems like he's starting to drift away from DMC, so I'm glad...
N: The power of love really is amazing!!
T: I know you're a baldy now, bro, but you must have a girlfriend here too, right?!
N: Eh?

N: I...well, it's not like I don't have one at all, but...
N: She still isn't really my girlfriend, though...
T: Ohh, awesome!! (Even though you're bald!)
T: So you already did it then, bro?!
N: Eh?
N: Yeah, we go out for tea and on dates and stuff.
N: No, no! Sex!!
N: Ahh...yeah, of course, we do that afterwards...
N: Well, we will, anyway, when she becomes my girlfriend!
T: I really wanna fuck Chika-chan tomorrow too, what do you think I should do?!
N: EHH?!
T: Chika-chan already told me she got an OK tomorrow to stay out from her dorm!
T: How's your hipwork, bro?!
T: We're gonna go celebrate her birthday, and then afterwards I'm gonna fuck her!
N: That sounds a little rough to me...
N: N-not only did Toshi-kun get a girlfriend before me...
N: Maybe you should try being a little softer...
N: but now he's trying to lose his virginity before me as well?!
T: Ahh, that's right! I bought her some stuff, but I don't have enough money for a hotel!
T: Can you let me use your place, bro?!
N: Eh?!

N: I'm gonna stay over my girlfriend's place tomorrow, so feel free to use this place!
T: Ehhh, really?!
N: Men have got to help each other out in times like these.
T: You're so fucking cool, bro! You don't look like just any baldy anymore, you're like fucking Ebizou or something!! (*t/l note: a really famous kabuki actor who shaves his head bald)
N: For your first present, you should buy her something really nice like a watch or something, even if it means overdoing it a little.
T: OK!
N: And you should have cake and alcohol waiting at the house to create a nice mood.
T: I'm so glad you're here, bro! I promise I'm gonna slam it into Chika-chan tomorrow!!
T: If I don't, I'll never be able to face Krauser-san!!
N: Uggh...what am I talking about...
N: Tomorrow Toshi-kun's going to lose his virginity before me...
N: Before me...
N: before...

C: Today was so much fun, toshi-kun!
C: I'm so glad you came!
T: Yeah, it was super fun!
C: I know a band you liked had a concert today, so sorry about that...
T: It's already over by now, so don't worry about it!
T: There'll always be more concerts, but birthdays only happen once per year! (I know Krauser-san will understand!)
C: ..thank you.
T: Let's hurry up and get home!!
C: Are you sure it's alright to stay at your brother's place like this?
T: Yeah, he said it was fine!!
T: My brother's bald, but he's actually really cool!!
C: Fufu! I think that haircut really fits you though, Toshi-kun!
TV: A sweater?!
T: Huh? The TV's on.
C: Eh?
T: C-could my brother...
T: have come home...
C: Uwaaaahhhhhhh!!

C: K-Krauser-san!!
K: So it was you...
C: This is the guy from that band Toshi-kun likes...
T: Wh-what are you doing here, Krauser-san...
T: Please excuse me, Krauser-san!
T: I wanted to go to the concert today, but it was my girlfriend's birthday, so I had to cancel my plans!
K: Those feelings of yours were the very things that summoned me up from Hell!!
T: Ehh?! (Those tiny feelings?!)

T: I'm planning on having a birthday party for my girlfriend here in my brother's apartment now!!
C: Nice to meet you! My name is Kanai Chika.
K: Hoh! What a cute little bitch you have here.
N: Why is such an innocent little girl like this with Toshi-kun...
K: Woman! What part of this man made you fall for him?
C: Toshi-kun was always so bright and cheerful at school, that I looked up to him and told him I liked him on the day of our graduation.
T: Don't make Krauser-san talk about stupid stuff like that!!
K: Hoh...
N: They seem to be getting along well together...
N: He's gonna lose his virginity before me here...
T: You're a sexual deviant, though, aren't you, Krauser-san?!
N: Before me...
T: Oh, that's right!
T: Here are the cakes I got for your birthday!
C: Wahh, they look so tasty!
N: Dammit! He already started working on the mood with her!!
C: Thank you!
C: Can I eat one now?
N: I'm not gonna let you get away with that!
K: Hey, Chika-chan!
C: Ehhh?!

K: Happy birthday to youuuu! Happy birthday to youuuuu!
K: Happy bithday dear Chika-chaaaaaan!
C: Wahhhh, amazing!
C: Happy birthday
C: toooooo youuuuuuu
T: The "kill" kanji changed into the "celebrate" one!!
C: I'm so happy! This is the first time something like this has ever happened to me!
C: Can I blow them out?
T: That's way better than mine...
T: Figures, coming from Krauser-san!
K: Mmm!
C: Fuuuuuuuuu!
T: Ah, that's right.
C: I bought it for you before I met up with you today, Chika-chan.
C: Your present!
C: Wahhhhhh!

C: What a cute watch!!
C: Can I put it on?
C: Wahhh, how cute!
T: Yeah, it looks great on you!
K: Still trying to improve the mood, huh?
K: Then I suppose it's time for me to give you one too.
C: Eh?!
K: Chika-chan, open up this curtain.
C: Eh, what's behind it?

Lights' message: Chika-chan, do your best in Tokyo
C: So beautiful...
K: Everyone's celebrating your birthday, Chika-chan.
T: Wah!
C: Thank you, Krauser-san!
K: Hmph!
G: How 'bout this, Souicchan?
N: A little bit more to the right! Right!!
K: Good thing I raced back here after the concert and had Grampa Shige help me set up these lights!!
T: Krauser-san, thanks so much for everything!
T: Are you sure you still have enough time before the gate to the demon world closes?
T: Ahh, are you leaving now?

K: Hoo...
TV: Now for the weather, Ichikawa-san.
T: Ehhhhh, still?!
T: Well, we might as well eat the cake, then!
T: C'mon, Chika-chan!
C: OK!
TV: All three for only 10,000 yen!
TV: Wow, how cheap!
T: Krauser-san, what about the gate...
K: Alright!
K: How about we play a game?
box: The Game of LIFE
T: Ehhhhh?! (Of course!)

K: Yay, I became company president!
N: Uuu...I'm getting sleepy...
C: I bought a mansion!
N: The live really made me tired after all, I guess...
K: I'm going to the bathroom....
N: But if I fall asleep here...
T: OK!
T: Huh?
C: It's your turn, Krauser-san!
C: Huh...
C: Did he fall...asleep?
C: Toshi-kun...it looks like he's asleep now.
T: Chika-chan...
T: Ahh!

T: He's awake!!
T: He's staring straight at us!
N: And so, Krauser II
N: escaped the danger of his little brother losing virginity before he did,
C: I guess I'll go home now.
T: O..kay...
N: and morning soon came.
K: I was watching you the whole time, you pathetic little bitch!! How come you didn't rape her?!
T: I'm sorry!
K: What's with that haircut of yours, anyway? You aren't violating your own head enough!!
T: I'm sorry!
T: Ahhh, Krauser-san was completely right!!
T: When I get home, I'm turning my head into a penis again!!

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