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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 79


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 19, 2009 08:37 | Go to Detroit Metal City

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tl by molokidan

N: Today I'm going to the football field.
N: Aikawa-san!!
A: Negishi-kun! Sorry about calling you up all of a sudden today.
N: No, it's fine!!
N: Aikawa-san asked me to be a stand-in for the Amo-Amu football team, the "Amores."
A: Negishi-kun, would you mind joining in a football game this weekend?
N: Well, I did just shave my head...
N: Eh?
A: This game is supposed to be the deciding match, so they're expecting lots of rough play and need a few reserves.
N: It's an honor for me to become a member of the Amores!!
N: Aikawa-san hardly ever requests anything from me, so as a man, there's no way I can back down.
N: Who are they going up against?
A: That team over there! They won the preliminary rounds with huge leads.
S: Hey!
S: Fucker!
N: Hm?
N: Eh?!

N: Why are there DMC fans here?!
S: Hey, move it, shithead!!
S: Take me lightly and I'll satsugai you!!

S: They're the "Death Penneyz!" That blonde guy separated from another team and created this one.
N: It's...for real!!
A: Mochizuki-san!
N: I've seen all these people before!!
S: Let's win this one and report our victory to Krauser-san!!
M: It seems like their strength comes from their desire to dedicate their victories to someone.
N: Uuu...
N: Ahh, this is horrible..
N: Those who utilize their legs to take control over games involving balls
C: I knew it!!
N: are true demons!!
Pig: Ou x3
N: I think I remember shouting out some stuff back when I was kicking Nashimoto-san's crotch in that last concert.
S: Hey, center ring!
F: Slam it, slam it!
S: That's too high! There's no one there!
S: Their plays are way too wild, there's no way they can win against us.
S: Eh?!

F: Ahhhh!
S: Goooooaaaal!
S: That's the end of the practice!
S: Guys...
S: Be careful of that long-haired guy with the numbers 666 on his jersey.
N: Uuu...this has nothing to do with me...
S: But they all have 666 on their jerseys...
N: All I'm doing is playing football with the Amores and aiming for victory...
N: It doesn't matter who I'm up against...
A: We have Mochizuki-san, so we'll be fine!
A: Show us the power you had when you played intermurals in high school!!
M: Yeah, leave it to me!
A: Negishi-kun!!
N: Hm?

A: Do your best!
N: Aikawa-san...
N: Yeah!
N: I've decided!
M: Alright, Negishi-kun, you'll come with us as a starting member.
N: If I can give Aikawa-san a victory today as a present...
N: Yeah!
N: then I'll convey my true feelings to her.
N: I've always liked you.
N: If I'm up against the very DMC fans that I created myself...
S: Let's start the fucking game already!
S: Slam it, slam it!
S: The goal's spreading its legs open and begging for it!
N: I will defeat them, and confess my feelings as Negishi Souichi.
S: Alright, let's all give a shout!
S: Be careful out there, everyone!

N: Watch me, Aikawa-san!
S: Alright, Negishi-kun!
N: Hyaaa!
N: Wh-what?!
M: What are you doing?!
M: Watch the ball!
N: Wh-what should I do?!
S: Move it!
N: Owwww!
N: I'm completely holding them back!
N: Ahya!
S: Lucky!
N: Kuhh...
N: I have to redeem myself!
N: P-pass!
S: Alright, time for a counter!
S: Get back!

N: I'll have to go and make a chance for myself!!
S: It's the Amores' Mochizuki!!
S: He dodged the goalkeeper and shot!!
G: Guh!
S: The goal's completely unguarded!! Is he gonna score?!
G: Guhhhh!
A: Alright!
N: Aikawa-san!
N: Ehh!
N: This is from me to you!
S: Ahhhh! That bald idiot!
N: Perfect timing...
N: A heading of love!!
N: Uehhh!
N: This is...

S: Ishizaki-kun's faceblock!!
S: He blocked his own teammate's shot!!
S: What an idiot!!
S: What the hell is he doing?!
S: Hah! What's with that gobou?!
F: He looked a little bizarre for a second there, though...
A: Are you alright?! Negishi-kun!
A: Your face...
N: Uggghh...
N: M-my nose is bleeding...
N: But I'm alright!
A: eh?!
N: Here, raise your head!
N: I'll stop the bleeding for you, so sit on the bench.
N: No!

N: I can still fight.
A: It's just snot!!
S: Ishizaki's ball made boogers spray out of his nose!
S: Aikawa, we're changing players!!
A: Eh?!
S: Some little kid with boogers hanging out of his mouth...
S: is very unbecoming of Amo-Amu.
A: Don't mind it, Negishi-kun!
A: Here, blow your nose!
S: Ahaha! He's getting an Ishizaki Blowjob now!!
S: Ahhh, they're changing him out!
S: Nice headbutt, man!!

A: It's in! That's four points!
A: Nice shoot, Mochizuki-san!!
A: It's all tied up now. We've got to take the lead in the second half.
S: We let that long-haired guy score four goals on us.
S: I'll keep a close guard on him in the second half and keep him from doing anything more.
S: It was dangerous at first because it seems like an enemy somehow snuck onto our team, though...
S: You're just too good, that's all, Mochizuki-san!
S: They're pretty skilled...
S: Things haven't been going so well...
S: We can't lose, though! If we lose here, it'll be just like causing shame to Krauser-san!!

F: We shall definitely attain victory!!
F: Let's sing the Death Penneyz song once more!!
F: This victory will be offered up to Krauser-san!!
F: I'm gonna stuff my demonic item in you
F: I'm gonna stuff it in you, my sacrifice
S: This is horrible!
S: Hey, it sounds like they're singing some gross song!
F: I'm gonna stuff it in you, my disgusting black son
A: Ewww!
F: slam it, slam it! in your ass, in your mouth
?: Hm?
?: Who's that over there?
F: slam it, slam it! in your nose, in your ears
F: Ahh...
F: That's...

F: In and out, in and out, bitch, bitch, bitch
F: In and out, in and out, bitch, bitch, bitch
K: The ball is your sex friend!
K: Don't forgive to play nice with it!
F: K-Krauser-san has descended!
U: The second half will now begin!
F: That's right! We were forgetting something important!
F: Member change!
A: Oh no, it's him again...
F: Alright! Krauser-san started running!
F: It's our chance! Protect the ball with your lives and pass it to Krauser-san!

S: You think we're gonna let you do that?!
K: C'mon!
S: Mochizuki went to stop it!
S: There's no way he'll let them get by!
S: Eh?!
S: The ball disappeared!!
S: What?!
S: A-a heel lift!
S: He's on a completely different level!
S: Ahhhh, he's preparing for a shoot!
F: Krauser-san!
F: This could be the deciding point!
S: What expert timing!
S: Here it comes!

S: The Demon Cannon!!
S: There it goes!!
S: Ahh, will it get past Mochizuki-san?!
S: Or will he stop it?!
S: The long-haired guy's too fast!
S: Eh?!

F: Doryaaaaa!!
M: Peross!
S: It's heading toward the goal!
G: OK!
G: It's alright!
G: Get back, everyone!
F: Krauser-san's feelings...
S: Gahh!
F: Along with ours...
F: Kuh! Move it!
F: Move it!
F: toward the goal!!
F: Slice through it!!
F: Move!
F: It's...
F: good!!

A: Wh-what is this?!
A: Horrible!!
S: That's the game!

[TRACK 79 - END]

K: Slash killin', simply slash killin'!!
N: Why do we have to wear costumes even when we practice...? It's so hot...
N: After practice on day,
N: Wada-kun took the other DMC members wiht him to the pool.
W: Ohh, this place is awesome!
W: As a band, we have to hang out with each other once in a while and strengthen our bonds.
W: Hey, there's a lot of girls here, too!
N: Haa...
N: I never thought I'd be coming to a pool as a member of DMC... (I wanted to come with Aikawa-san...)
N: This rental swimsuit is so small, too, I must look really stupid...
N: I'll just have to pretend like I don't know Nishida-kun...
G: Ahaha!
N: Ahh! Wada-kun's already making friends with the girls!
G: Ehh, what?!
G: That's funny!

W: Hey, Negishi! Why don't you come on the waterslide with us!!
G: Eh? Is he your friend?
N: Eh?
G: He's like totally different from you!
N: S-sure...
N: Two gyaru in bikinis...
G: He's acting kinda suspicious!
W: Alright, you go first, Negishi!
G: I'm next!
N: Hiieeee, this is scary!
N: Wawawawawa!
N: Hyaaaaaaa!
G: Kyaaa!
N: Ahh, are you alright?
N: That was scarier than I thought it'd be!
G: Hm?

G: You're like, showing me something really lame...
G: Gross...
N: Uwaaaahhhhhh!!
G: Let's go again!
N: L...lame...?
W: What's wrong, Negishi? Let's go again!
N: Is mine really that lame...?
N: No...it can't be!
N: I'm going to have to make sure I fix my wedgie before I get out this time.
G: Haa...seeing that lame thing really killed my excitement...
G: I wonder if there are any cool guys around here who will really make me have fun?
G: Hm?!
G: Eh? What is that?!
G: N-no way!!

G: It's too big!!
G: Kyaaa!
N: Uwaahhh, sorry!
N: Are you alright?!
G: owwww!
G: Just cause I said your thing is lame,
G: doesn't mean I want you to put your head in, you pervert!!
W: Hey, what are you doing, Negishi?!
N: Put...my head in...
G: I'm going again!
W: Where are you going?!
G: Eww, what was that?
G: Rape?!
N: Fucking bitch...
N: You think THAT'S rape?!

N: You don't know shit about MY raping!!
W: I wonder where Negishi went off too..
W: I guess I'll just let him go and take those girls out for a drink...
W: Hm?
W: Negishi!
G: Wah!
N: Where's that bitch?!
N: I'm not letting you get away!!
N: I'm give you...
G: Kyaa!
G: Kyahaaah!
N: a taste of my...

N: Watersliding rape!!
K: Kyahohohooooi!
G: Ewww! I think I hit something really weird back there!!
W: H-hey, are you alright?
W: Goddamn Negishi...
G: Hm?
G: Kyaaa, my bikini's gone!
W: Nishida, what are you doing over there?
N: And so, the members of DMC fully enjoyed their summer...
N: Uuuu...the heat must be winding me up...
N: and tightened their bonds.
N: That was horrible...what should I do with this?


I'm so glad
I met you
so much
that it's

laa laa laa la-laa laa
A: They didn't call back...are you sure this is OK?
N: If you don't want to, just say so...
N: If you don't want to, just say so...
A: Indescribable...

Do you truly want to protect
your virginity?

Detroit Metal City [8]

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