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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 69

Good-For-Nothing Briefs


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 69


tl by molokidan

B: April...the sakura have already all fallen...
B: But my sakura are still in full bloom.
B: Men always need to go all-out!
B: Whether rain pours, whether wind blows...
B: They have to stand strong and smile!
B: Even if I'm late...
B: I can't let my sakura wither!!
H: Good morning!!
T: What do you mean good morning, moron?!
T: What time do you think it is?!
T: Do you really intend on graduating?!

Commando 69 - Good-For-Nothing Briefs (*t/l note: A play off Rokudenashi Blues, or Good-For-Nothing Blues, a classic old JUMP manga)

M: The truth is, there was this old lady I saw at the crosswalk...and a car came racing toward her...but...she got out of the way at the last second! And then I...um...well anyway it was really...
M: the truth!
M: Truly...!!
M: I wasn't late on purpose!!

Commando 69 - Good-For-Nothing Briefs

G: ...you got an absence for 3rd period, didn't you...
H: Hah! I'm not the sort of man to be downed by such a petty thing.
H: Besides, I've already finished changing the attendance record!
G: Eh?! You rewrote it?
G: Is that what you've been doing?!
H: Fufufu...that's common sense in this school!
G: Wow, senpai! You really do know a lot!
H: Fufu...nah, not that much!
H: It is the 4th time I've seen Spring at this school, though...
G: Ahahaha! You really are a super senior, then!
H: Hahaha...yeah...I am...pretty funny, huh...
H: Hm?
H: Huh?
H: By the way...
H: did you change seats her all of a sudden?
G: Eh?
G: No, I haven't!
G: Oh, come on...did staying home make you forgetful or something?
H: Really...?
G(small): You know? hahaha!
G(small): Hahaha...sick for so long...

H: Who...
H: is this girl...?
H: If my memory does not deceive me, there used to be a girl with glasses who was a bit pudgy (in other words, fat) next to me..! Yes...there's no mistaking it! It wasn't this girl! What's going on here? Just who is trying to deceive me? Just whose black machinations are these...?
H: That can't be...! calm down! Just calm down! Think carefully...
H: Since I got held back a year, I don't really know any of the names of my classmates...but that girl with the glasses was definitely here at one point!
H: Huh...? Wait a minute. Was the girl with glasses in my class last year...? No...I remember the names of all the classmates I had last year!
H: I'm pretty sure I remember...no...maybe I forgot a little...for some reason I'm starting to lose confidence...now I feel like there wasn't a girl with glasses to begin with...
H: ...could it be...?!

panel: sea afternoon~
H: Guys...
H: I have something important I want to talk to you about...
H: Will you lend me your ears?
M: Alright!! Let's listen with all our might!!
C: Yo! The Great Emperor of Small Talk!
F: C...c'mon, listen to him, guys...
H: The truth is...today, I realized something...
H: Something...seemed strange...something seemed...different than how it had been before...
M: Oh?! Look at you putting on airs like that! What a good storyteller!
C: Wh...what seemed strange?!
H: Yeah...
H: We, um....
H: Could it be...
H: that got held back a year again?

M: That's your punchline...?
C: I used to be a fan of your jokes, Machahiko-san...
H: It's not a joke!!!
H: Think carefully!
H: The cherry blossoms have been blooming until now, right...?
H: Don't you think that seems a little long for them to be blooming?!
H: And haven't people you haven't seen before been increasing in your classrooms?!
M: You're just hallucinating!
H: The hell I am! I haven't done any drugs!!
H: We've already seen one new year since we got held back the first time, right?!
M: Don't just go and say we got held back again just because the new year came, dammit!!
C: Yeah, seriously!!
H: Fuumin!! What do you think?!
H: You should be able to understand what I'm saying, right?!
H: Right?! Fuumin!!
F: Held back a year...hmmm...I see....yeah...! I noticed!
F: I thought everyone else knew too...
F: I thought everyone just knew but didn't want to talk about it...yeah...yeah, you're right, this is the second time...

H: See?!
M: Really...?
F: I...I thought something was weird...
F: Now I finally get it...I HAVE been seeing a bunch of people I don't know pop up in my class recently...
F: But...I already figured it out! I'm a normal person!!
F: These people are the weird ones!!
M: This still seems a little hard to believe to me!
A: It would be pain me to think of something more dubious!
M: Alright! Then let's go and find out once and for all...
M: by going to ask the principal!!
P: Yeah!
P: I held you back!

H: S...so...this is the second time, right...?
P: Hoh hoh hoh...
P: What are you asking me that for? Isn't it obvious...
P: I've always been watching you...
P: The way you all acted last year...
P: was unacceptable!
P: No...it was truly...
P: completely unacceptable!
H: That much?!
H: Just what did we do that was so unacceptable, huh?!
M: You're the unacceptable one!!!
P: Look...
P: Just look at this...

P: I buried some bonito here.
P: Someday, they'll bud and become "flowers"...
P: Then they'll grow up to become excellent bonito flakes...
H: Prinicpal...
H: I've been thinking about saying this to you since before...
H: But I don't think they're gonna grow...no, they definitely won't!
P: Hoh hoh hoh...oh really?
P: Have you ever tried before?
P: Can you truly say that it's impossible?
P: They'll definitely grow!
P: That's what I believe!!
H: Wh...what...
C: What beautiful eyes!!

P: Now do you understand...?!
P: This is the answer!!
M: I don't understand at all!
H: I see! Pretty eyes and bonito and getting held back a year...
H: have absolutely nothing to do with each other!!
P: Lately, your eyes have all been dying!
P: You haven't been doing any club activities! You haven't even been summoning up enough energy for the "Sh" in "Shexy Commando!"
P: You really think you'll be able to live wonderful high school days with that kind of attitude?!
P: This has nothing to do with grades!
P: Graduating the way you are now...
P: with such incompleteness...
P: Just what
P: will you have graduated from?!?!

H: Wh...what?! Those lines...! Those lines sound kinda good!!
C: To be honest, I have no idea what it means, though...
A: but those lines hit me straight in the heart!!
H: Sensei...I feel like...we've begun to understand...!
C: I don't really understand, but I feel like I do!
P: Umu!
P: Well then! I want to see you raise up those feelings from the bottoms of your hearts...
P: along with the shine of your eyes...!!
P: Uuu...
P: Kufuh...
C: Se...
C: Sensei!!
P: Boys...
P: You made good use of your extra year...!!
P: You pass!!!

H: Hyahhoooooooooooo!!
P: This time, I learned something from you...
M: We passed something!!
M: Congratulations!!
H: If we hadn't stayed back an extra year, we wouldn't have been able to pass!!
C: You're right!!
C: I'm glad we stayed back an extra year!!
F: Glad we stayed back...?! Will I really...be better off if I think that way...?
F: I do feel like I've gained something important for some reason...
F: and lost something too...

M: Don't worry about things that are over and done with, Fuumin!
M: Staying back a year...is cool!
M: And bullying
small text: Bullying is uncool (*t/l note: they're making fun of an old commercial)
M: is uncool!!
H: Dammit! What a nice line!
C: Nice line!
A: Nice! Line!!
M: Fufufu...your faces have certainly brightened up, guys!!
M: This must be the result of staying back an extra year...!
M: Alright! From today forward, we of the Moustache Club...
M: will change our names to the "Stay Back Club!!"
H: S...stay back club...?
M: Stay Back Club!
F: The Moustache Club changed to the "Stay Back Club"...
F: Their purpose, of course, was to keep staying back every year.

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