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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 71

Salted Kelp and Me


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 71


tl by molokidan

M: It's here...!!
F: Meso!
C: The inner meso!!!
F: Wh...what should we do?!
H: Should we just chase it for the time being?!
M: Umu! And I'll wear this for the time being!

Commando 71 - Salted Kelp and Me

Commando 71 - Salted Kelp and Me
M: Mokyuu!

F: A jersey!!?
H: It says "Matsuda" on it!!
F: That means...those are Torepan-sensei's torepan?!
M: It's trying to put them on!!
M: Mokyuuu!
M: Mokyu-kyuuu...
M: Moookyukyuuuun...
M: Mookyu-kyumooomo...
M: Mooooh!!

M: Mo...
M: Mokyu??
H: Ma...Masaru!
F: What are you doing, Masaru-kun?!
M: Poor Meso-kun!
M: Poor...? Hah! This creature?
M: But this is just a pair of training pants?!
M: The Meso-kun inside is the poor thing!!
M: Come on, Meso-kun!
M: I'll pet you lots and lots, so come on!
M: Mokyuuuuuun

M: Where's its head...?
M: I have no idea what's going on!!
H: Moe-Moe!!
H: Kuh...now even Moe-Moe too...the truth is, I was just thinking that I had no idea what was going on at that very moment...
F: Me too...
F: It just looks to me like something weird crawled into those training pants...
H: Not only that, but...
F: Not only that, but this kinda...
H: makes him look really bad!!

F: This can't be Meso-kun!!
H: Yeah! It's just a jersey!!
C: A jersey that moves around a lot!!
M: Ufufu...
M: Don't you want to see what it looks like...?
M: DE!
F: N...
F: No...
F: Right?
H: Yeah...
M: Oh? The inside part...
M: is trying to go somewhere?

M: But hoo...it sure is hot today!
M: I think I'll take off what I'm wearing
M: And I'll just casually put the thing I was wearing right here!
F: Y...yeah! It sure is stuffy in here..
C: Of all things to wear on this day, I would hate to wear a jersey most of all...
M: Y...yeah, you're right...
H: If I was wearing a jersey right now, I would definitely take it off without hesitation!
H: Definitely,
H: if it was up to me!!
sfx: fuuuuuu
C: Huh? A fuufuuu sound's coming from somewhere!!
H: Ahhh! Meso-kun?! Are you getting hot?!
C: fuuuuh
C: fuuuu
C: fuuuuh
M: Moh...?!
M: Mokin!!
F: Mokin...? What's mokin?
F: Why is it saying fuuu fuu?
M: Tell us what you mean!!
M: Tell us!!

M: Wa...
M: Wait a minute!!
H: Hm?
M: C...calm down, everyone!!
M: Ganging up on poor Meso-kun like that is mean!
H: C...come on, Moe-Moe...we're just worried about Meso...
M: But you're being too pushy!
M: Sorry, Meso-kun...
M: Everyone just got a little too excited.
M: There's nothing to worry about...you don't need to hold back anymore! So just stop making that face
M: that's saying "I want to take it off so much!!"
M: Alright...?
M: Hogehhhhh!!?
M: Ohhh, so that's what's wrong!
M: Just leave it to me, then! You know...
M: I have confidence
M: in my arm strength...!

?(bubble-less): What are you going to do with your arms?!
M: Gotcha...
M: Can you remember, Machahiko...
M: Hasn't it been a while since you did a little swinging...?!
H: Pfft...it just happens that I felt like doing some swinging recently...
H: Let's shout out together! Masaru!!
M: Nervous!
M: Nervous!
H: Galilei!
H: Galilei!
M: Work hard, you two!!
F: By the way, guys...
F: Your screams don't match up at all!

H: Nervous...?
H: Gerbous?!
M: Galilei...
M: Napoli...
H: Galivous...!
H: Galivous!!
M: Galivous!!
M: Galivous!!
M: Gaaaaaali...
M: It ripped!!!?
M: Wh...where's the inside part?!
M: No way...
H: The inside part!?

M: Calm down, guys!!
M: It didn't rip!!
M: It was ripped!
F: That's the same thing!!!
F: I...it moved!!?
H: Is...it alive?!
M: Oh no! That's it...
M: It didn't rip after all...!
M: The truth is...

M: there are two of them!!
F: Wahhh...!!
H: A...
H: smokescreen?!
F: The smoke is thinner than I expected...
H: Look! You can almost make it out...!
H: T...two!!
H: There are two things moving around!!
M: Let me in...!

M: Let me in!?!?
H: D...did he...
M: Mokkyukyuuuuun!!
F: And so, they could do nothing but scream at the horror of the Meso on that day...
sfx: gyaaaaaaah
F: The true horror of the meso, though...
F: is how it can wipe away all its horror with its cuteness in a mere 10 minutes...

Two-Panel Interview
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