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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 72

Masaru and Working


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 72


tl by molokidan

Commando 72 - Masaru and Working
M: Boss...tomorrow'll be a good day, right...?
H: Nope. Not at all.

Part 1
sfx: Piglet
F: Ehhh?!
F: A part-time job?!
F: M...Masaru-kun?!
H: Yeah...I dunno why, but apparently he needs money.
H: I'm not for sure where he's going to work, though, but...
H: I found this magazine he left behind...
Fashion Advisor
(Women Only)
If you think "women's clothing really gets me excited now!" then this job is for you! Inexperienced people also welcome!!
Time: 8:00-19:00 except Sunday
F: Whaaat!?
F: Why that, of all things?!
H: He went to go call them right now...
H: Let's go watch!
M: Nice to meet you!
M: My name is Hananakajima!

M: Yes! I turn 19 this year!
M: Yes!
M: Yes!
F: I've never seen Masaru-kun act this polite before...
H: It looks he's not messing around...
M: ...I am confident in that area!
M: My sense of style is very groovy!
M: Yes? Women's clothing?
M: Ahh! Madame's fashion, I see? I'm a big fan!
M: I wear those types of clothes quite often!
F: ...he seemed kinda serious...

Part 2
F: Somehow, he got the job.
W: We're very happy to have a young man work here!
W: We're going to have you work nice and hard for us, sonny!
W: Now then, just make sure to work in your own style...
W: treating the customers well without being even the tiniest bit rude!
W: The trick is to compliment the customer!
M: Yes! I will do that!
W: ...hey there, young man! How about this?
W: Do you think it's maybe a bit too flashy for a woman like me?
M: Oh, no! Of course not!
M: I think it fits you very well!
W: Oh my!
W: Really now?
M: But of course!

M: I'm sure that anything would fit a woman who dresses as smartly as you...!
W: Oh my, you certainly are good with words...
M: No, no, I'm being serious!
M: You're very stylish...and cool as well!
M: Not to mention, ma'am, you look a bit like...
M: a gundam...
W: Fired!

Part 3
Finding a Better Job
M: I'll never do another...
M: ridiculous job like that again!!
M: How dare they fire someone like me?!
M: They're gonna regret it, those fools!!
F: I kinda expected it, though...
M: ...but that won't happen this time!
M: I was surprised myself when I found this place yesterday...
M: To think there'd be a job out there this suited for me...
M: An Elvis Presley...
Now Searching For
Elvis Presleys!!
Accepting all people
who can imitate this famous man!
Happily welcoming
Elvis Performers!
Required Traits
Similar Features
Anyway, just resemble him.
M: impersonator...!!

F: You don't look a damn thing like him!!!
M: The truth is, I spent all last night practicing, and didn't get a wink of sleep!
M: Just watch!
sfx: jiririri
sfx: jiririri
sfx: gacha
M: Hi, I'm Elvis Presley.
M: That resembled him, didn't it?
F: Yeah...
H: The name, that is...

Part 4
Being Forceful
M: Give me money!
P: ...what is this all of a sudden, Masaru...
P: There's no way I'd just give you money like that!
M: Oh really...?
M: Fine...I understand!

M: Funfufufuh fuuun
P: Ma...Masaru...?
P: What?
P: What are you doing...?
M: N
M: o
M: th
M: i
M: ng...
M: I'm not doing anything...
P: Ohhhhhhhhhh!!
P: Sell that to me at once!!!

Part 5
Filial Piety
M: Umu! I finally got my hands on some cash...!
M: I think this should be enough!
F: Y...you definitely took way too much!
H: Are you really intending to buy something that expensive?!
M: No...the truth is, I'm not sure myself...
M: just how much I'll really need!
M: This may be too much...
M: but it's also possible that it's too little...!
F: I don't really understand...
F: What are you going to use it for?
M: Let's talk on the way...
M: The truth is...
M: my mother is ill...

H: Ehh?!
M: R...really?!
M: Yeah...and when I went to go buy some medicine for her a few days ago...
M: that's when I realized...
M: I was really surprised...it was so rare...
M: the number in Japan is amazingly low...
F: ...wow...Masaru-kun's mom...
H: Is it that dangerous an illness...?!
M: Look...this is it!
M: This is the...
M: figure!
Sign: Only a few available in all of Japan!!
F: What about the illness!!?

Last Part
It's Really Been Quite a While Since I've Felt Like This
G: Ohh...you see...
G: This is a very rare item...
G: It's expensive, you know?
M: Please, can't you do anything about that?!
G: Hoo...guess I have no choice...
G: The truth is, it costs around 500,000 yen...
G: Guess I have no choice...
G: OK! Well then...
G: How about 500 yen?
F: Ehhhhh!!?
F: That's too cheap!!
M: I love you, grandpa!!
M: Hooray!!!
M: I finally have it within my hand!!
M: Getting a job was worth it after all!!
F: ...g...good for you...seriously...

G: Ohh! Ohh! Wait a minute, kids!
G: That figure had a box, you know...
G: Hoi! Here!
F: Ah...thanks so much...
Box: Yoroshiku! I'm Counting On You!
Underwear Man Doll
F: Underwear man...?!
F: It's a knock-off!!!
F: But as his friends, they couldn't bear to say anything.

2-Panel Interview
What kind of girl is your type?
and a little

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