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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 78

Legend of the Sexy Commando [II]


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 78


tl by molokidan

F: A-awesome!! He's going down the waterfall at such a speed...
F: and counting every drop of water as he does so...!!
H: Th..that man is...
H: Sexysai?!
H: Is...
H: is he alright...?!
F: Ohhh!!
S: Sexysai-donoooo!!
M: Hm?!
M: Ohhhhh!!!

Commando 78 - Legend of the Sexy Commando [II]

Commando 78 - Legend of the Sexy Commando [II]
M: Shige-chan! Gocchi! And all you other guys!!
F: He's covered in blood! Not only that, but he got our names wrong too!!!

M: Hmmmm...
M: I see...
M: So that's it...those bandits that stole those girls from your village...
M: Your dream is to pull on them, stretch them out, and stick stuff on them...right?!
H: Um...not really our dream, but...
H: well...
F: Umm...
S: Yeah, that's pretty much...
S: it!
M: I see! Then what about you?
M: Do you want to pull on them? Or stick stuff on them?
H: ...this conversation isn't matching up at all...
S: No, the truth is...we want you to defeat them and bring back the girls...
M: Defeat...?

M: Absolutely unthinkable! I will not!!
M: You idiots think I'd be willing to do something that boring?!
H: Eh...?!
H: Wh...what's boring about it...?
P: No!!
P: You can do it! I know you can!!
P: Or rather, should I say...
P: You're the only one who can!!!
M: I knew it!!!
M: Yeeeeeees! I knew it!!
M: Guess I have no choice then!!
M: I'll do it!! 'cuz there's no choice!!
M: Haha, Ithought so!!
H: Chief! This guy...
H: he's really simple-minded!!
P: Hoh hoh hoh...don't worry...

P: Despite how he may look...he is not to be misunderestimated.
P: After all, that man...
P: once killed a bear!!
H: K...
H: killed a bear?!
F: A...are you sreious?!
P: Right? Sexysai-dono...?!
M: Fufufu...
M: Yes, that did happen once...
H: R...really...?!
H: I can't believe it...!
F: He's that strong...?
H: Sexysai-sama!! We'll follow you for the rest of our lives!!
A: Me too!!
F: Please make us your disciples!!
M: Fufufu...
M: Ah, bear killing....how nice...!
P: Do bears...even live around here...?!
M: OK!! Let's go do some training, then!!
F: Yeah!!

S: Alright, you bastards!!
S: Enough is enough!!
S: Where are you hiding the food!!?
S: We've had it up to here with your shenanigans!!
V: We aren't hiding anything!!
V: Please, have mercy!!
C: Where are the girls...?!
C: Are Omari and Omoe alright?!
T: Fufufu...I would never ever think of hurting those wonderful girls...
C: Really?!
T: But even I have my limits...!
T: 3 days! I'll come once more after 3 days are up!
T: Until then, you'd better prepare some food!!
(sfx): waaaahahaha! pyohiiiii pirohiiiiii
V: T...three days...?!
C: What should we do...

A: Oh...
A: Uwaaaahhhhh!!
A: Obuh...mmm...
sfx(all): haa
F: Wh...what training...
F: It's so hard...
H: Does this even have any point...?
H: S...Sexysai-sama...will doing this...
H: really serve any real purpose...?
M: ...that's up to you all!
M: I do it every day!
H: Ahh...!!
H: Wh...what a rude thing for me to say...!!
H: Please forgive me!!
H: And p...please teach me more!!
M: Umu!!

N: ...the training was harder than they could have ever imagined,
N: but they all put their hearts into it and trained diligently.
N: Sexysai, however...
N: the next day, and the day after that...
N: kept forcing them to do the "Water Drop Counting."
H: Just how long does he intend for us to do this?! Sexysai-sama...?!
F: Will we really get stronger just by doing this...?!
H: Alright...that's enough!
H: Your training is finished!!!

H: Eh?!
A: F...finished...?!
F: Hooray!!!
H: I don't really know why, but I feel like I've gotten stronger!!
A: Yeah!!
M: All of you, listen to me!
M: I've been having you do the "Water Drop Counting" for these past three days...
M: but what do you think the point of it was...?
M: The truth is...
M: it was utterly pointless!!!
F: Wha...
H: What?!
M: So that means that everything we've done up until now...
M: Fufu...it was all just a game...
M: Everything...
H: You shitty sexy!!!
M: Fufu...exactly! Many years ago, I opened a karate doujou in Kyoto...
M: during which I realized that I had reached the limit of all karate had to offer...so I decided to invent a new style of fighting, and moved to the mountains...
M(3b): But it didn't go so well...to be honest, even with my power, I couldn't even beat a bear...it really pissed me off, but...
H: So...so that means...

M: Yes...I'm shit...
M: You think I could kill a bear? Idiot!
M: I'm just another stupid human like you...!
F: Se...
H: Sexysai-sama...
H: Kometsubu?!
F: Uwaaaaaahhhhhh!!
F: Atatatatatatatatatah!!
A: Machanohiko-dono!
M: Umu!!

H: We won't let Sexysai-dono's spirit...
H: go to waste!!!
H: Atatatatatata...
H: Aaaaaaaowwwwowowowowowowow!!!
S: Their...
S: All their feelings...
S: I'm super happy....!!
S: ...huh?!
S: A gap in the water...?! Even with the waterfall at that speed?!
S: Gaps can be made in instants...
S: Gaps...instants! An instant gap in a gap's instant!!
S: That's it! Instead of searching for gaps in instants in waterfalls, you should just stick your hand out and make them...!
S: That is the quintessence of martial arts...! That's the answer I've been searching for!!
S: Everyone! I found it...
S: The key to the new, most powerful form of martial arts!!
H: Sexysai-sama!!

F: R...really?!
M: Umu! Now it's time to truly develop it!!
A: Please teach it to us!!
V: H...h..help!!
M: Mu?!
V: The...
V: the village...!!
V: "Naked Armor Tore" has come!!
H: Village?
H(small): There was a village...?
M: Fufu...perfect timing!
M: Time to try it out!
M: The answer I just found...
M: now I'll really know
M: whether it's right or not...!!
M: Sexy Komado!!! (*t/l: Komado = Little Window)
O: Eh?!
O: Uhh...
O: U...uwaaaaahhhhhhh!!

O: Hebuh?!
H: He...he did it!!
H: W...wow!!
Box: ...about three months later...
H: What an amazing move! Sexy...Commando?!
P: With that, the five brave warriors on the mountain successfully perfected the Sexy Commando fighting technique...
P: The end!
M: Nice fight!!
M: That was so moving, goddammit!!
P: Hoh hoh hoh...
H: What...
H: What about the village...?!
Box: And so, Fuumin (and others) once again came across something they realized they were probably better off not knowing...

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