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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Zan 10

Zan 10

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Sep 28, 2006 12:25 | Go to Zan

-> RTS Page for Zan 10

Page 01
Zan: なななな何あの篭(こて)?
Wh- wh- what is that kote?
(Note: Kote = gauntlet)
Sasamori: この「無崩篭(むほうごて)」の前には全ての攻撃が意味をなさない
With this "Muhougote", your attacks can't harm me
(Kanji: 無崩 = undefeatable; 篭 = gauntlet)
Zan: ム、ムホウゴテ?な、何ていう硬さなんだ
Mu- Muhougote?
I- it's so hard!
Zan: け、研無刀の攻撃でキズ一つつかないなんて
The Kenbutou hasn't left so much as a scratch on it
Sasamori: ・・・ククク・・・
Sasamori: 面白い・・・
Zan: え?
Side text: その篭、破壊不可能・・・?!!
The unbreakable kote?!!

Page 02
十太刀 真剣勝負!
10th Sword -- Shinken Battle!
Top text: 斬VS刺々森!月島VS金蔵!貫木VS壊原!3つの激闘進行す!!
Zan VS Sasamori! Tsukishima VS Kanekura! Tsuranuki VS Kaibara! The three intensive battles continue!!
Kanekura: ちゃりゃ!
Tsukishima: くっ
Kanekura: ・・・くくくく
Kanekura: こ、この感覚・・・
Th- this feeling...
Kanekura: た、たまんない。は、早く浴びたい
I- I can't wait
I- I want to feel

Page 03
Kanekura: お前の血のシャワーを
your blood all over me
Kanekura: クククク・・・
Tsukishima: こんなの殺されてもおかしくない・・・
In this situation, I'm probably gonna end up being killed...
Tsukishima: けど!
Tsukishima: あたしはこんなトコロで死ぬワケのはいかない!
I can't die here!
Tsukishima: 女だって武士を名乗る資格があるって事を証明するまでは!!
Not until I've shown everyone that women can be warriors too!!

Page 04
Kaibara: うがぁあぁあぁ!!
Tsuranuki: 足がトロすぎて攻撃が見え見えだっつぅの
You run so slow, I can read your moves easily
Kaibara: うがあぁ!!
Kaibara: があぁ!!!
Tsuranuki: よっ

Page 05
Tsuranuki: スキだらけだぜ
You've got too many openings
Tsuranuki: いくら硬てぇからってこいつならひと溜りもねぇだろ!!
No matter how hard you are, this'll surely get you!!
Tsuranuki: こ、こいつ切り返しがやたら早ぇ!!
Th- this guy... His counterattack's fast!!
Tsuranuki: くっ
Kaibara: うがあぁあぁ!!

Page 06
Tsuranuki: しょ、衝撃波だと?!
A- a wave of impact?!
Tsuranuki: ぬぎぎぎぎぎぎぎ
Tsuranuki: ぐっ
Tsuranuki: ぐがっ!!

Page 07
Tsuranuki: がっ!!
Tsuranuki: ちっ
Kaibara: まだまだぁ!!
It's not over yet!!
Tsuranuki: くっ

Page 08
Tsuranuki: くそっ!
Tsuranuki: ちょ、ちょいまっ・・・
W- wow, wait--
Tsuranuki: ぐがぁあぁ!!
Kaibara: フンッ

Page 09
Tsuranuki: んなろぉ
You bastard
Tsuranuki: ちっ
Tsuranuki: このデカブツ何つぅ切り返しの早さなんだ・・・しかもリーチがある上さらに衝撃波が追撃してくるんじゃリーチは2倍・・・いや3倍っつぅところか・・・
This big guy's incredibly fast at making his next attack...
On top of that the reach of his attack's pretty far and with those impact waves his reach is double...no, triple mine...
Tsuranuki: 普通にやってたらまず近づく前にやられちまうな、こりゃ・・・
I've gotta think of something, or else he'll beat me up before I get to him...
Kaibara: ・・・口程にもないな
...With all your talk, I'd expected more
Kaibara: もう終わりなのか、ボウズ
Is that all, kid?
Tsuranuki: フン・・・

Page 10
Tsuranuki: こうなりゃ超高速で打ち抜くまでだ
I guess this means I'll have to attack at super high speed
Kaibara: ・・・手裏剣?
...Those are shuriken?
Tsuranuki: テメェごときに
For a guy like you
Tsuranuki: この速さと量全て防げてたまるかぁ!!!
this speed and number of attacks should be more than enough!!!
Kaibara: フン・・・

Page 11
Kaibara: くだらねぇ!!!
What a joke!!!
Kaibara: フン・・・

Page 12
Tsuranuki: バーカ。手裏剣はおとりだっつぅの
You idiot
The shuriken weren't my main attack
Kaibara: バ、バカな。い、いくら手裏剣に気を取られてたとはいえ、こんな短時間で間合いをつめるなんて不可能だろ?
N- no way
I- it's true I had my eyes on the shuriken, but he couldn't have come so near in such a short time
Kaibara: ま、まさか手裏剣を追ってきたとでもいうのかよ
I- it'll mean that he came here right behind the shuriken...
Kaibara: な、何てスピードしてやがんだこいつ!!
This guy's got incredible speed!!

Page 13
Kaibara: く、くそがぁ!!!
D- damn you!!
Tsuranuki: いくらテメェのリーチが長かろうが切り返しが早かろうが
No matter how far your reach is or how quickly you make your attacks
Turanuki: 先に攻撃を仕掛けた俺にこの間合いで気付いたって遅せぇんだよぉ!!!
I've already started my attack; At this range, it's too late for you!!!

Page 16
Kaibara: 何で殺さねぇ・・・
Why aren't you killing me...
Kaibara: 殺ろうと思えばいくらでも殺れたハズだ・・・
If you'd wanted to, you could easily have done so...
Tsuranuki: フッ・・・
Tsuranuki: 別に・・・

Page 17
Tsuranuki: 別に死なねぇで済むなら死ぬ事なんてねぇじゃねぇか
If you don't have to die, there's no need for me to kill you
Tsuranuki: まっ、今のある男の受け売りなんだけどな
that's just something another guy told me
Kaibara: お前の気持ち・・・ここは甘んじて受けるとするか・・・
Your act...
I'll accept it and thank you for it...
Tsuranuki: へっ

Page 18
Zan: え゛?!!

Page 19
Zan: コココ、コンクリートを斬ったぁ?!!
H- h- he
He cut concrete?!!
Zan: あわわわわ
Aah, aaaah
Sasamori: ククク・・・
Sasamori: 研無刀・・・か
A Kenbutou, huh...
Sasamori: この鋭斬刀(えいざんとう)とどっちが強ぇんだろうな
That and my Eizantou; I wonder which one's stronger
(Kanji: 鋭 = sharp, 斬 = cut, 刀 = sword)
Text: 研無刀を超える刀?!!
A sword that surpasses the Kenbutou?!!

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