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Translations: Bleach 640 by cnet128 , Gintama 556 by kewl0210 , One Piece 796 by cnet128

Over Time 2

Over Time 01 Part 2

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Jul 24, 2006 21:51 | Go to Over Time

-> RTS Page for Over Time 2

Page 29
Gramps: なんじゃ、さっき走って帰ったばかりじゃないか!
But you just jogged back a while ago!
(Oh, it's cold!)
Takami: 次から高校・・・甲子園じゃ!!なんかこーウズウズしてよォ
I'm going on to high school... Then there'll be Koshien!!
It's got me all excited
Takami: ジっとしとれんのじゃ!!!
I can't stay put!!!
Takami: 10kmくらいで帰る!
I'll come back after 10km!
Gramps: なんともまァ・・・さわやか笑顔(スマイル)しよってからに・・・
What a...
bright smile...
Gramps: フロでも沸かしといてやるかの・・・
I'll have his bath ready for him...

Page 30
Misaki: おはよっ、遅いぞ!
You're late!

Page 31
Takami: 何しとんじゃ美咲・・・
What are you doing, Misaki...
Misaki: 昨日約束したでしょ「ランニング付き合う」って
I promised you yesterday that I'll "join you when you jog"
Takami: あ゛ァ?!アレ本気じゃったんか?!
You meant that?!
Misaki: あー、ひどーい!わざわざ待っててあげたのにー!!
Heeey. I actually waited for you!
Takami: ・・・うぐぅ
Misaki: なーんてね!本当はコレ。お父さんの忘れ物届けに行くついで
Just joking! Actually it's this.
Dad forgot it so I have to get it to him.
Takami: ・・・お前の手作り?
...You made it?
Misaki: もちろん!
Of course!
Takami: ・・・わざとじゃったりして・・・忘れたの
Are you sure he didn't forget it...on purpose?
Misaki: 何か言った?!
What did you say?!
Gramps: アヤパェーン、今日の運勢教えてぇ~・・・お~、サブサブ・・・
Ayapaen, tell me my fortune for today...
Oh, it's cold...
Ayapaen: 今日の占いカウントダウゥ~ン。1位は・・・
Let's see every one's fortune for today
The luckiest ones are...
Ayapaen: そしてゴメンなさァ~ぃ!最下位はァ・・・
Aaand I'm sorry! The unluckiest ones are...
Gramps: ありゃ!
Oh my!
Ayapaen: かに座のアナタでぇーす!
those born under Cancer!
Takami's forehead: かに座 Cancer
Misaki: ハァハァ。ねーね、いつもこんなペースで学校まで15kmも走んの?頑張りすぎィ~
He- hey, do you always run the 15km to school at a pace like this?
You work too hard!

Page 32
Ayapaen: いつもの道で思いがけない災難にみまわれそう!何事も頑張りすぎないコトが大切ですよ!
You are prone to unexpected disasters on your usual route!
Take it easy -- It's important that you don't push yourself too hard!
TV screen: 12 かに座
12th Cancer
You are prone to unexpected disasters on your usual oute! Take it easy -- It's important that you don't push yourself too hard!
Misaki: ま・・・待って~・・・
Takami: 待つかァ!!
No way!!
Hanaji-buu: ・・・来たな・・・
...He's here...
Hanaji-buu: よォ、鷹見ィ
Hey, Takami
Hanaji-buu: てめーの甲子園の夢、今ここで終わりにしてやるよ!!
Your dream to get to the Koshien;
I'll end it right here, right now!!

Page 33
Hanaji-buu: あっ
Hanaji-buu: ほげっ
Takami: 死ね!!
Go to Hell!!
Misaki: 大丈夫?
Are you ok?
HB Sidekick: あーあー
How pathetic
Hanaji-buu: ・・・ちくしょー、なんでオレばっか
...Shit... Why's it me always?
Misaki: 多分コレだと思うよ!
I think it's because of this!
HB Sidekick: タバコ?
Misaki: なんだかんだで野球部のコト一番大事に思ってるのってアイツだと思うのよね!
Despite the way he acts, I think he's the one that cares the most about the Baseball Club!
Hanaji-buu: はァ?!!あれで?!
When he's like that?!
Misaki: ガキだからね~!アイツ。でもアレはアレで後輩カワイイんじゃない?
Well, yeah he's doesn't express himself well.
But although he's like that, I think he cares a lot about his juniors.
Misaki: ウチの野球部ってさ、マネージャーいないでしょ?なのにいつもピカピカ真っ白ユニフォーム!!道具もグラウンドもいつも万全なのよね~・・・
Our school's Baseball Club doesn't have a team secretary right?
And yet the uniforms are always sparkling white!! And the bats, gloves, and even the field are always ready to be used...
Misaki: なーんでだ?!
Guess why?!

Page 34
Hanaji-buu: ・・・マジで?!
...Could it be...?
Misaki: そーゆーコト!
Sachiko: とゆーワケで、今日の午後は体育館で卒業式の練習だからね!
And so, this afternoon we're going to do a rehearsal
for the graduation ceremony in the gym!
Sachiko: キミたちももーすぐ立派な高校生!
You guys are already going to high school!
Taro: ぷぅ・・・③ *snore*
Sachiko: 在校生たちのお手本になるよーな式にしよーね!!
Let's set an example for your juniors, ok?!
Sachiko: 皆気合入れて励むよォーに・・・
I want you to put your effort into this...
Taro: ぷぅ③ *snore*
Taro: んごへぇっ!!!

Page 35
Sachiko: 起きろ、卒業生!!
Wake up, Graduate!!
Taro: 先生!母がキトクです
Teacher! My mother's in a critical condition
Sachiko: もっ回在校生やるか?
Do you want to repeat the year?
Teacher: 卒業生あいさつ。在校生起立!!
Our graduates will give a speech.
Juniors, stand up!!
Teacher: 卒業生代表、赤磐良子(あかいわりょうこ)!
The representative of the graduates, Akaiwa Ryouko!
Ryouko: ハイ!!

Page 36
Ryouko: 私たちは愛する母校を巣立ち、大きな夢に向かってはばたいていきます!
We will be leaving our beloved school
to spread our wings and fly toward our dreams!
Taro: おーおー、立派に巣立ってくれたまへキミたち!
Yes, yes. Go on and fly, my friends!
Teacher: あー、今のちょっと声が小さい!!(もー一回)
Oh, your voice was a bit small!!
(Try it again)
Ryouko: 大きな夢に向かって・・・
Toward our dreams...
Taro: う゛~ん、場所の選択間違えた。うるせ、まぶし
Argh, I chose a bad place.
It's so noisy. And bright.
Teacher: もー一回
One more time
Ryouko: 大きな夢に向かってはばたいていきます!!
To spread our wings and fly
toward our dreams!!
Taro: ・・・夢・・・
Character sewn onto the charm: 夢 Dream

Page 37
Taro: 無い夢まで叶えてくれんのかよ・・・神様
God...Can you make a dream I don't even have come true?
Taro: ・・・ぷぅ、ぷぅ
Janitor: おーい鷹見、生きとるかァー?!
Hey, Takami! Are you still breathing?!

Page 38
Janitor: あらまー・・・今日はまたいつにも増してへぱっとるのォ
Oh my... Looks like you've been working extra hard today
Janitor: ほれっ。昼は部活で皆しごいて、部活が終わりっ一人でその3倍やるんじゃもの
In the day, you train everyone up, and after they're gone you work three times harder alone.
Janitor: そりゃそうなるわなァ。ほどほどにしとかんと死んでまうぞ!
Of course you're exhausted.
But if you push yourself too hard, you won't live long!
Takami: 死んでたまるか!!!
I won't die so easily!!
Janitor: お前まだやるんかいな!!
Wow, you're still training?!
Takami: まだ・・・残っとる
There're....still some left
Janitor: ・・・やれやれ、ホンマ人の言うコト聞かんヤツじゃ!
...That boy really doesn't listen to others!

Page 39
Takami: ・・・あと一球
...One more ball
Janitor: ・・・ワシゃ長年ここで用務員やっとるがお前みたいに努力家なヤツもお前みたいに・・・
I've been a janitor here for many years,
but I've never seen anyone as hard-working as you. Nor have I seen

Page 40
Janitor: うれしそうに球投げるヤツも見たコトねーわい!!
anyone pitch those balls with
as much joy as you!!
Takami: 野球(コレ)しか知らんけぇ!!
It's cuz baseball's everything to me!!
Takami: ・・・それに、行かなきゃならん場所あるんじゃ!!
there's a place I've gotta go!!
Janitor: ・・・甲子園か
...The Koshien, huh
Takami: 待たせてるからなァ・・・
Yeah, I'm keeping it waiting...

Page 41
Takami: 翔び(とび)続けんと、途中で休んどる暇は無いんじゃ!!
I've got to keep flying!
I haven't got the time to rest!!
Janitor: おい、鷹見よォ。そろそろナイター切っていいか?
Hey Takami, can I turn the lights off soon?
Takami: なぬっ?!もーそんな時間か!!
It's so late already?!
Takami: ジジィに殺される!!おぉおおお
The old man's gonna kill me!!
Janitor: まだバスが出とるわ!それよりもーすぐお前の顔が見れんよーなるんはさみしーのぅ
The buses are still running!
But it's sure gonna be sad around here soon -- I won't be able to see you anymore
Takami: なに・・・すぐにテレビで見れるさ!!ヌっはっはっはっはっはっは!!!
Don't worry... You'll soon see me on TV!!

Page 42
Janitor: ハハハ、楽しみにしとるよ
I'll be looking forward to it!
Taro: おうぅ?!
Taro: まさか夜まで寝過ごし・・・へっきち
Could it be I slept through the day--
Taro: ぬおおおお
Taro: ハヒッ、乗っりまぁーす!ハヒッ
Wait, I'm getting on!

Page 43
Taro: ふひィ~・・・
Handphone: カズ 今まで寝てたんか、バッカでー!!
From Kazu
You were asleep till now?! -- Hah, you're such an idiot!!
Taro: ・・・のやろっ
...That bastard

Page 44
Taro: ・・・ふぁ・・・

Page 47
Taro: ・・・んん・・・
Taro: ・・・ん?
Taro: った
Taro: ・・・ん?

Page 48
Taro: ・・・ん?
Takami: 鷹は・・・翔ぶ(とぶ)んじゃ!!・・・邪魔・・・すん・・・なァ・・・
The falcon...will fly!!
...Don't...get way...
Takami: ク・・・ソがァ
Taro: ・・・ん・・・

Page 49
News: こちら事故現場上空からの映像です!!バスの乗客2人のうち、一人は頭部に軽傷、もう一人は全身を強く打ち死亡・・・
This is the scene of the accident, taken from above!!
Of the two passengers that were on the bus, one sustained a mild head injury, while the other suffered severe injuries all over his body and passed away...
News: バスの運転手は右腕と両足を折る重傷で・・・
The bus driver sustained severe injuries, fracturing his legs and right arm--

Page 50
Handphone: さっさとケガ治して明日の卒業式にゃぜってー来いよ!
Get well soon! You've got to come to tomorrow's graduation !!
Taro: ・・・学校かァ・・・
...School, huh?...
Taro: そーいやこの前警察の人がカバンの中身ちゃんと確認しとけっつってたっけかな?
Oh yeah. The police said
that I have to check the contents of my bag or something.
Taro: 卒業式って何いるんだっけ?
I wonder what I'll need for the graduation
Taro: ん?

Page 52
Taro: ・・・アンタ人殺しじゃなかったんかよ・・・
...I thought you were a killer...
Taro: 泣いてたぞ、女の子
That girl was crying for you
Taro: ほうじ茶?アンタの趣味?ジジくさ!怒んなよ、ちょっとよけるだけだから
Green tea?
Is that your taste? You're like an old man!
Hey, don't get mad -- I'm just moving this aside
(Note: Takami talks/talked like an old man too)
Taro: ちょっと待ってれ!
Wait a while!
Taro: ほれ、忘れもん!
you forgot this!
Taro: ・・・多分アンタも同じコト考えてるよな・・・
...You must
be thinking the same thing as me...

Page 53
Taro: 「皮肉なモンだな」
that this is so ironic
Taro: オレ・・・アンタとは喋ったコトもないけど・・・コレだきゃ分かるよ
I've...never had a talk with you but...
I sure of one thing:
Taro: アンタはオレと違って、夢も希望もあったんだぜ!
Unlike me, you
had a dream and a goal!
Taro: 替われるもんなら替わってやれよって自分でも思ったり・・・
If I can take your place, I should.
Even I think so...
Taro: ・・・オレ独り言って嫌いなんだよね!
...You know what? I hate talking to myself!
Taro: 邪魔した。帰るわ
Well, I'm going.

Page 54
Takami: ならよォ・・・
Then, you...
Taro: え?
Takami: 替われよお前・・・夢を見せろ
Take my place...
Make my dream come true...

Page 55
Takami: 連れてけ甲子園
Take me
to the Koshien
Text: そこにいるのは死んだはずの・・・男(たかみ)!!異なる2つの運命が重なり動き始めた・・・!!
There -- The boy who died!!
Two different lives have begun to interwine...!!
Bottom text: 次号、どうなる鷹見の夢?!そして太郎は?!大増25P!!
What will happen to Takami's dream?! And what will Taro do?! Next chapter, 25 pages!!

-- Thanks to A for helping with the editing! >u<

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