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Translations: One Piece 815 by cnet128 , Bleach 661 by cnet128 , Gintama 574 (2)

Asklepios 9

An ally of heretics

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Nov 30, 2008 05:58 | Go to Asklepios

-> RTS Page for Asklepios 9

Page 1

Chapter 9 -- An ally of heretics
Text: The climax of each of their "battles" with their lives on the line!!

Page 2

Rosary: ...Damn it
Why's this church so huge?!

Rosary: We'll split up and search for them
The one who finds them shouts out loud!!
(There aren't anymore saint knights to worry about!!)

Pare: Yeah... ok!!

Insert: Caligula closes in on Buzz!!

Pare: Saint Knight, Caligula...

Pare: The guy that captured Buzz's dad
A maniac huh...

Pare: A guy like that... If I were to find him before Rosary
is there anything I can do...?

Pare: ...But now's not the time to be thinkin' that!!
Right now, I have to

Page 3

Pare: concentrate on finding Buzz and Laura-san...!!

Caligula: The orders from above
are to capture you alive

Caligula: But that's a bit of an effort
There's that midge fighting hard outside too

Buzz: Could it be... that this guy
is the saint knight that arrested my dad...?!

Knight: Ugh...

Knight: C- Captain Caligula!!
This guy, is he--

Page 4

Caligula: Asklepios the ripper and his band
killed a saint knight...
It'd give me a good reason to say I was trying to defend myself right?

Page 5

Caligula: A corpse'd be easier to carry...

Pare: He killed him...
That guy... killed his own comrade

Pare: and in cold blood...!!!

Page 6

Pare: You've gotta be kiddin' me...!!!

Pare: That guy's dangerous
He's seriously insane...!!!

Pare: I was making light of things...
These guys were being hounded by an impossible enemy...!!

Pare: If I side these "heretics",
eventually I'll be...!!

Rosary: Pare!!!

Page 7

Rosary: This side's all empty
How about you?

Pare: Th- they're in the room at the end of this hall...

Pare: But... I'm sorry

Rosary: Get out of here right now!!

Page 8

Rosary: Even if you stick around, you'd just get in the way!!
Run far far away
and just forget everything about us!!

Rosary: ...It's ok

Rosary: It's natural that you be scared
Cuz that guy's seriously dangerous...

Page 9

Rosary: Thanks for everything

Caligula: What're you doing

Buzz: Th- this saint knight
his injury isn't fatal... He can still be saved

Buzz: I- I don't care about what happens to me
but please, save Laura-san and this saint knight...!!!

Caligula: Like father, like son. You're both such idiots
Both of you fell for a similar trap...

Page 10

Caligula: and both of you say the same thing

Thug: I won't run... Just let me treat the patient
Do what you'd like with me after that...

Caligula: I remember getting orders to capture him alive back then too...

Caligula: But that was already his death sentence
(Haha, how pointless)

Caligula: Well whatever it is
I just can't stand those we call "heretics"
So I have absolutely no intention of accepting your request

Buzz: I- I'm
very weak
but if you're gonna kill these people too...

Page 11

Buzz: I'll fight you...!!!

Caligula: You're not what I expected from the rumours I heard
Oh well

Caligula: Let's see it then
this fighting of yours...

Page 12

Rosary: Young master!!!
Take Laura and run!!

Caligula: ...Midge!!
Wow, you fought them all already?
You're good!!

Page 13

Buzz: Ro- Rosa-
Rosary: Stand back, sir!!!

Rosary: Shit...
My vision's... blurred...!!

Rosary: Pull yourself together, Rosary...
This is the saint knight that arrested the Master...

Rosary: Until I defeat him!!

Rosary: I won't go down!!!!

Page 14

Caligula: She's fast!!

Caligula: I underestimated her
She's all battered and yet this speed...

Caligula: But it's too bad
In this situation, my sword

Caligula: is faster...!!!

Page 15

Rosary: Yaaaaaaah!!!

Page 16

Pare: He...hehe
Whadya mean I'd "get in the way", shorty!!

Pare: It's so obvious you wanted me to come...
Your ally of heretics
is here to the rescue!!!

Rosary: ...Dumb ass!!

Caligula: Oh yeah... I forgot about the fake
Shit, it's broken...

Page 17

Caligula: Sorry guys, I'm making a run for it
I'll see you again eventually

Rosary: Caligula!!!

Buzz: Ro- Rosary!!
Pare: H- hey Buzz!!
Let's carry Laura-san out now!!

Buzz: P- Pare-san?!!
Pare: Wha-?! You didn't realise?!

Page 18

Caligula: Hey, here's a good one

Caligula: I don't really like arrows
cuz I can't feel the damage it does, but oh well...

Caligula: Here's my parting shot

Rosary: Young master, becareful!!!

Page 19

Insert: The merciless arrows pierce a "life"...!!

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#1. by xanxus ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2008
omg..i was waiting for this chapter so much..thanks a bunch...
#2. by fxu ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2008
For a second I thought it was 10... but it's supposed to say 9 instead of 0.

You might wanna fix the chapter number ;)

#3. by momodaisuki ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2008
@xanxus: Haha, yeah. Sorry about the delay. But it was worth the wait wasn't it? XD

@fxu: I dunno... it says 09 for me so everything looks fine. But if you're having a problem, it's *cough* njt's fault *cough* so feel free to spam him ;) Thanks anyway!
#4. by nxlouco ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2008
Thanks! Going To Release Soon!

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