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Hoop Men 3

Komuta Atsumu

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Mar 14, 2009 07:21 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 3

Wow...I can't believe it, I did it again. But damn, I picked up quite a text heavy series for my start...but then again it's still in its first chapters so it's stuffed with extra pages. (Plus there are this neat spreads with little to no text...) : )
Anyway, it's real fun doing these, even though it's a bit exhausting for me. *haha*


Giving their best during youth! Helping out each other and showing big gratitude!! The 3rd round for the new series with 25 Pages added!! (top)

When morning training’s done he gets hungry!!
It’s proof he’s on his way of destiny!!

Kawaguchi Yukinori

Page 2
小牟田 鐘 小金井の彼氏
Captain: Komuta Atsumu Koganei’s boyfriend

1 - だから違いますって
2 - ただの幼なじみにで…
Koganei 1: Like I said, that’s no true
Koganei 2: We’re just childhood friends…

そーなんだよ ガキの頃から ずーっと一緒にバスケやってるらしくてさ
Captain: Is that so…? But ever since the time you were kids you al~ways did basketball together.

She had a...boyfriend!? (side)

Page 3
…それ 別に付き合ってるってコトになんないじゃないすか
Koganei: But that doesn’t mean we’re going out or something like that at all

好きなんでしょう? もう みんな知ってっから!!
小牟田 休んでっ時あからさまに元気なかったしなー
Captain: Getting all bashful!!
Captain: So you do like him? Everybody already knows it!!
Captain: When Komuta was taking his break it was so obvious that you were depressed about it!

Koganei: I…I did not!!

いやいや もう顔赤くなってるって!!
Captain: No, no, your face has already become all red!!
Captain: And you sent him mails regularly...

いや それは…
Koganei: No that’s…

なー 佐藤小金井 顔赤ーよなあ
Captain: Hey Yuuho, Koganei is blushing, isn’t she.

1 - 赤い 赤い へえ そうなんだ
2 - 彼氏いるんだー うわ つーか まじ赤ー!!
Yuuho 1: Yeah, she’s blushed, all red…heh, so that’s how it is.
Yuuho 2: So it’s her boyfriend. Uwah, her face really is all red!!

だから本… 違うって!!なに サトー君まで!! 本気でムカつくんだけど!!
Koganei: Noo…it’s really all wrong!! Why Satou, too!? I’m getting really angry!!

Page 4
Sfx: Zu---n. (I think it’s the sound of an impact or crash, no?)

in picture: There is a...boyfriend-like guy...for Koganei...

Yuuho: I’ll do my best as the interpreter!!
せーぜー 鐘のサポートしろな
Koganei: Support Atsumu as much as possible!!

Yuuho: Yuuho & Josh will make miracles come true

オメーじゃムリだ クソバカ野郎調子乗んな
Koganei: You’re no use, shitty dumbass. Know your value.

Yuuho: Hm...

あ ユーホ!! あのさー!! 何か今体育館にバスケ部の練習で見た事ないスゲー上手い奴がいるてさ!!
Josh: Ah Yuuho!! You see…somehow there’s right now a super skilled guy in the gym whom I’ve never seen at basketball club’s training!! Anyway come over real quick…

ウッセー!!今 忙しいんだよっ!!
Yuuho: Shuddup!! I’m busy right now!!

in panel: *sigh*…

1 - 練習で見た事ない
2 - 上手い奴…
Yuuho 1: A skilled guy
Yuuho 2: he never saw at training…

Page 6
どこ そいつ
Yuuho: Where’s that guy?

1 - ワォア!!!!
2 - びっくりした!!何だよ 来ないって言ってたのに
Josh 1: Waahh!!!
Josh 2: You frightened me!! What’s going on, didn’t you say, you don’t come over?

Yuuho: Shuddup, that's my mysterious showing up ability!

1 - そのドリブルの音 「練習で見た事ないねー上手い奴」
2 - 間違いねー 今この中にいるそいつが
3 - 我が宿敵 コムた アツム
Yuuho’s thoughts 1: The sound of that dribbling “A skilled guy whom he never saw at training”
Yuuho's thoughts 2: Without doubt, that guy’s in there right now
Yuuho's thoughts 3: My arch-enemy Komuta Atsumu!!

Page 7
ジョシュと鐘がコンビ組むって事か!!マジで奇跡起きっぞ これ!!
Captain: That means Josh and Atsumu can make a combo!! They’ll make miracles!!

1 - …そーとー 上手ー奴っぱいが… でも
2 - オレも力つけってっから!!
3 - もう9日間も朝練してんだぜ!?
Yuuho 1: It’s true, he is a skilled guy but…
Yuuho 2: But I’ve also gotten stronger!!
Yuuho 3: I’ve also been doing the morning for 9 days already!

4 - ジョシュとのコンビの座!!
5 - バスケ部のエースの座!!
6 - 小金井ちゃんの彼氏の座!!
Yuuho 4: For my position in a combo with Josh!!
Yuuho 5: For my position as ace of the basketball club!!
Yuuho 6: For my position as Koganei-chan’s boyfriend!!

7 - オレが目標とするモノ全ての前に立ちふさがる男コムタ アツム!!
8 - こんあ昼休みにまで練習してっとはなかなかやるじゃねーか
9 - オレのライバルとして認めてやるよ!!
Yuuho 7: I have goals but the man who’s standing in my way, is him: Komuta Atsumu!!
Yuuho 8: I didn’t think you’d practice even during lunch break
Yuuho 9: I will recognize you as my rival!!

Page 9
鐘 まじ ウゼエ
Girl: Atsumu, you’re so annoying (ahahahahaha – side)
in picture: Don’t touch me

やっぱり…!! あいつが小牟田 鐘
Yuuho's thoughts: As I thought…!! That guy is Komuta Atsumu

in picture: give it baa~ck!

Atsumu: Then come and steal it

あんな チャらい奴が!!?
Yuuho's thoughts: That guy’s a flatterer!!?

もし 小牟田が
Yuuho's thoughts: I thought Komuta was a…

Dream Atsumu 1: Basketball’s my everything
Dream Atsumu 2: I’ll protect Mao my whole life

Yuuho's thoughts: …guy up to this point

Yuuho (in picture): *grinds with teeth*

何 いまのすごーーーい
Girl (in picture): Woah, that just now was amaaa~zing

スゴくねーよ そんなんオレだって
Yuuho: He’s not amazing. But I am.

Page 10

Page 11
I can completely see Yuri-senpai’s panties

Yuuho: Grr…

ね!! スゴいだろ!?
Josh: Hey! Isn’t he amazing!?

イヤ まあ相手 女の子だし…べつに…
Yuuho: No, after all his opponents are girls…(small) that’s nothing…

ユーホ 通訳してよ!!コニチワ!!
Josh: I wanna talk with him!!
Yuuho, translate for me!! Gudday!! [TN: “good day” – he seems to pronounce really crappy]!

1 - 初めまして!!オレはジョシュ!!
2 - 君 相当な選手てしよ!? 動き見たら わかる
3 - バスケ部員じゃないの? なんで練習出な
4 - ゲゥエッ!!
Josh 1: Nice to mee you!! I’m Josh!!
Josh 2: You’re a respectable player, I can tell by watching your moves!
Josh 3: You're a member of the basketball club, aren’t you? Why not coming to a practi...
Josh 4: Ge..uhh!!

1 - アレッ なに? 外人?
2 - うーわっ スゲェ生じゃん金髪
3 - は? 何て?わっかんねんだけど英語
Atsumu 1: Huh, what’s that? A foreigner?
Atsumu 2: Wo~h what incredible natural blond hair
Atsumu 3: Huh? What? I don’t understand any English.

Page 12
鐘 ひでー なんで蹴んのォ!?
Girl 1: Atsumu, you’re so mean! Why did you kick him!?

1 - 急にでけー声出して来っからさー
2 - 「怖つ」とか思って
Atsumu 1: When he came all of a sudden with such a loud voice
Atsumu 2: I thought “Scary” and such!!

バカじゃない アンタこないだまで
Girl 2: You’re an idiot, don’t come any closer, you just recently got a disciplinary punishment for fighting.

…あっ 何か…
Girl 1: …Ah…there…

Page 13
Atsumu: …what? What’s the matter?

1 - ………ケンカで謹慎? 何だよ それ!! 何かもう種類違うって!!
2 –てか 小金井ちゃん…こんあ奴の事が…
Yuuho 1: Disciplinary punishment for fighting? What’s this!? He’s already such a strange type.
Yuuho 2: And that guy...is Koganei’s...

ユーホ!! ユーホ!!
Josh: Yuuho (x4)

Page 14
1 - 「非礼があったのなら謝る!! なんで練習出ないの!!一緒にやろうよ!!」って 彼に伝えてくれよ!!
2 - ねえ!! 何だよ どーしたの!?
3 - いいよもう!!
Josh 1: Tell him “When I've been impolite, I apologize for it!! Why doesn’t he come to training? Let’s play together!!”
Josh 2: Hey!! What’s up…what’s wrong!?
Josh 3: Well, it’s alright!!

Page 15
Yuuho: Uwah…what an idiot, provoking like that!!

カモン x2
in picture: C’mon (x2)

スゴーイ!! あ てゆーか 今 超カモンって言われたんだけど!
ね アッコ聞こえた?
Girl 1: Awesome!! Ah but I think he just said “Come on” being all hyper. Hey, did you hear it Akko?

聞こえた!! 何? 留学生?
Akko a.k.a. other girl: I heard it!! Is he an exchange student?

1 - てか うめーじゃん なに? バスケ部? はは
2 - っし 来い 1対1 世界越えしちゃおーかなっ
3 - あっ 君点数つけて
Atsumu 1: Hey, you're good, what? From the basketball club? haha
Atsumu 2: Alright, come on – international 1 on 1 let’s cross the borders of the world
Atsumu 3: Ah, you do the scoring.

1 - ケッ ビビて れーぞ
2 - おめーみてーな チャラい奴にジョシュが負けっか!!
3 - どんだけのモンだっつんだよ小牟田 鐘ー!!
Yuuho 1: Keh…(small: I’m getting all nervous)
Yuuho 2: You’ll see how that flatterer will lose against Josh!!
Yuuho 3: It’s an inevitable thing, Komuta Atsumuuu!!

Page 16
cell phone:
data folder
Bears 1 - 52
Bears 2 - 41
In Tokuura – 21 [TN: I think like…”in Tokuura middle school”?]

1 - 小牟田鐘の歩み うーん この頃まではカワイかったのに
2 - あー!! そうそう!! この時 あいつ ユニフォームの下 忘れてて タッキーの借りたんだ
Koganei (thoughts) 1: Komuta Atsumu’s advance…yeah, he’s been cute ever since that time.
Koganei (thoughts) 2: Ah!! That one!! That’s from when he forgot his under uniform and borrowed Tackey’s.

Page 17
cell phone:
data folder
Bears 1 - 52
Bears 2 - 41
In Tokuura – 21
Bears – 5
Folder 5 - 30

Page 19
On basketball in the picture:
Scoring king!!
Komuta Atsumu

cell phone: Zoom

Page 20
カモン ボーイ!! ハハハハハハハ
Atsumu: Heeee~y!! C’mon boy!! (small) hahahaha

1 - ぐ…
2 - ツク…
3 - ……ツ!!!
Yuuho 1: Grr…
Yuuho 2: tsk…
Yuuho 3: ……tch!!!

score board:
Japan (24) – America (12)

Page 21
1 - 何やってんだよジョシュ!! 本気出ぜ早く!!
2 - はや…
Yuuho 1: What’s wrong, Josh!? Hurry up and get serious!!
Yuuho 2: Quic…

1 - ふーーっ
2 - そんな技も 持ってるのか!!
Josh 1: Wo~w
Josh 2: You also have this sort of moves!!

聞いてる!? ねえ!!
Josh: Yuuho!!
Tell that guy “You look like a great player I’d like to play with in the same team!! Come to training!! Let’s do it together!!” from me!!

1 - ツだよクソツ
2 - うるせーよ
Yuuho (thoughts) 1: Tch…this is shit.
Yuuho (saying): Shut up!!

Atsumu: …Hey you
I was thinking that since earlier, but you can speak English?

Yuuho: Huh…

Page 22
1 - やっぱり へー…
2 - あ じゃあさ 通訳くんさあ
3 - コイツに言ってくんね?
4 - 「1対1で こんなオモシレーの久しぶりだ」って
Atsumu 1: As I thought, hm…
Atsumu 2: Ah well, then you’re Interpreter-kun
Atsumu 3: Could you tell that guy
Atsumu 4: “It’s been a while since I had an 1 on 1 this interesting”?

Page 23
ツ ざけんなっ!!!
Yuuho: Don’t fuck with me!!!

ジョシュとコンビ組む救世主はオレ!!おめーのライバル佐藤雄歩だ!!通訳くんて何だ!?ア!?カンケーねー人か オレは!!?
小金井ちゃんもぜってー渡さねーし オレ 朝とかスゲー早く起きてガンバってんのに なんでてめーみたいなチャラい奴に…
Yuuho: The person who’ll form a combo with Josh is me!! Your rival Satou Yuuho!! What’s that shit with Interpreter-kun!? Huh!? Is it like I’m no full-fledged human being!!?
And I’ll definitely not hand over Koganei-chan to you!! I get up damn early in the morning and give my best and such and a flatterer-like bastard like you…

あ 何か ジョシュが 君のことスゲーホメてて
Yuuho: Ah somehow…he says, he really admires you

って流石に こんな風には言えねーが
Box: But as expected I didn’t say things that way -->

Yuuho: …Oh…and then

Page 24
何か…「次は その…通訳くんとも勝負してみろよ」…って ジョシュが…
Yuuho: Josh was kinda like “Next up...battle yourself with that interpreter-kun”

Page 25
1 - 佐藤雄歩 ナメるべからず
2 - 武器はある
Box 1: Satou Yuuho must not be taken lightly
Box 2: He got his weapon

Whole-hearted courage!!
I don’t wanna give over my place!!

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#1. by Jameo ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2009
nice trans man. i hope youll keep up translating this and become a successful translator. (weil du auch aus D bist) ^^ XD
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