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Hoop Men 13

Crush him

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Jul 12, 2009 20:17 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 13

So, here we are again!! Sorry about the two weeks break between this and the last chapter but I had the swine flu (/jk) and I got my exams coming up, starting next week with English literature.
Anyway, so this is 13 of 17. The play-offs are near. Fujishiro is good for a couple of laughs! : )

Maybe some of my few fellow readers got an idea what I might do next once I'm through with the Hoop...I was thinking about doing my alltime favourite gag PTF!Jaguar but I think there would only be about 10 people reading those translations and that's sorta wasted energy.^^"
Therefore, suggestions are greatly welcome!!


-page 1-
Yaguchi: Hm…? // Yo / What are you guys doing?
Ide: Ah hello…well, um…you see…
Yaguchi: Hurry up, get inside and start the warm u… / wha-
<sfx: *shock*>
A problem child in the gym!! (tagline)
Fujishiro: Whew / Whew
Yuuho: Hey~ / Huh? What’s wrong, Yaguchi-san…?! / Whoa!! <Fujishi…>

-page 2-
A man who’s too tall for various places: Fujishiro Tatsuya!! (tagline)
Chapter 13 – Crush him

-page 3-
Nakanishi: Yo~ho, whazzu~p?
Yaguchi: Well, um, somehow Fujishiro turned up
Nakanishi: Heh…that’s the talk every now and then. Tomorrow it’ll be… / HE’S HERE!! FOR REAL!! And judging from his cloths seems like he even plans on participating in our training!! / Hey, Fujishiro!! What’cha think you’re doing!? <Why are you here?>
Fujishiro: Ohh, it’s the Senpai // As you can see, I’m training! // ‘Cause starting today, I’m returning to the basketball club / Yo mole, go and get me a towel
Yuuho: Yes sir!!
Fujishiro: And then, mole, you’ll drink loads of water in order to gain some weight since the way it’s now you’re of no use for my training, you’re too light
Yuuho: Oh…yes sir!!
Nakanishi: And why’s that guy already become Fujishiro’s gofer!? <What’s this “yes sir” for!?>

-page 4-
Atsumu: Not really. It’s alright, isn’t it? Besides… / it’s like // I’m really not the one to decide here. If that guy wants to enter the club then it’s fine, no? / Ya know, // I think if you wanna do a thing, just go on and do it [TN: Srsly…Atsumu, you speak too casual for me. I feel like I understand only about half the things you say]
Fujishiro: …Very well / Watch my Fujishiro Shinken Final Mystery… [TN: Maybe a reference to Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star where Ken’s kick-ass technique is the Hokuto Shinken – the Divine Fist of the North Star, for that reason I left it untranslated]
Nakanishi: Woah, wait, wait, wait, wait!!

-page 5-
Koganei: Hello everyone
Fujishiro: Ah you, Komuta-kun…you haven’t changed o~ne bit… / “Ya do it or ya don’t do it” you really can’t say such uncivilized things, good grief… / We’re basketball players after all. You should really put all that energy into basketball
Yuuho: No, it’s YOU who should do so! / Plus, what’s this change of attitude about, huh...there, look look! / Seems like that story about him having a crush on Koganei’s the truth after all <That means he’ll be my rival, doesn’t it?>
Nakanishi: Well anyway, don’t give us a trouble like the last time, okay!?
Fujishiro: Oh, my dear Senpai don’t you worry. I’ve changed my ways of living
Atsumu: Hey Mao…

-page 6-
Fujishiro: In the past I lost my temper to lightly…and I wasn’t good at basketball back then…but now…I’m reflecting on that [TN: Yuuho’s drawn sooo sweet xD]
Atsumu: Have you seen my wristband?
Koganei: Ah yeah, that thing, I washed it
Fujishiro: I’m not afraid to tell you that while I was on arrest I trained my heart by reading a couple of books…even though I’m still immature…
Yuuho: I see, so he knows he’s an idiot
Atsumu: Huh!? Why that!? You know I use it during training, don’t you!? / You know that I can’t play properly without that thing, don’t…
Koganei: I don’t! All I know is that there was some wash on the top of the basket
Fujishiro: Right now, all I wish to do is starting from scratch as a member of the basketball club, I think.
Yuuho: OK! Give it your best, Kouhai!! [TN: If some of you have forgotten, Kouhai’s the counterpart to Senpai]
Atsumu: You!! What’s that attitude, huh!? / I’ll change the balance of your face, look!
Koganei: Owowow…id hurdfs [TN: She’s saying “ihai” instead of “itai” [=ouch; it hurts] in Japanese…I tried thinking of something that fits somehow]

-page 7-
Fujishiro: GRRRRAAAAHHH!!!!
Someone: Waaaah!! Cut it, Fujishiro~!!!
Yuuho: Holy shit…to the me that thought “give it your best” just a second ago: fuck you!! Fuck it all!! [TN: LOL! This page cracks me up…Yuuho’s using “fakku” in the Japanese] / That guy really is an idiot after all!! That guys as thick as two short planks, just acting according to what his instincts tell him to do!!
Someone: What’cha doing!? Yuuho, you come help stop that guy as well!!

-page 8-
Fujishiro (1st panel, in pic): Shiii~t!!
Fujishiro (2nd panel, in pic): Let me ouuu~t!!
Nakanishi: Shuddup, you freak!! Like we’d forgive you that easily!! / If you wanna vent your anger, do it somewhere else!! // Listen up Fujishiro… / if you really want to play basketball seriously then say so and I’ll acknowledge you as a member of the club!! / If your fighting spirit’s that strong I think you’re born to be a sportsman!! I really do!! / But now / if all you’re gonna do is stupid shit and you’re nothing but a pain in the ass, as soon as I think so, I’ll chuck you out of here!! / Same goes for you, Atsumu!! Don’t say things that might provoke him!! // …I don’t wanna have to repeat myself! / If something like this happens again, I the respective person will have to bear the consequences! // When things turn out bad you might even get suspended from participating in official games!! And that’s about now!!

-page 9-
Nakanishi: You’re trampling the feelings of every member of the basketball club with your childish fights!! / You get what I’m saying!? // Until you do we’ll leave you here to cool your head off!! / Alright everyone, practice starts from here!!
Members: Ah… / Y-yes!!
Fujishiro (panel 4): Buhuhuu~
Yuuho (panel 4): *surprise*
Fujishiro: *sniff*…I bothered all…all the others…I’m the worst… <Especially Koganei-san> / *sob* / *sniff* / I’m nothing but poo…no, even less then poo…I’m not even poo…I’d die to be poo…
Yuuho: What’s this all about?
Fujishiro: In order to atone for my misdoing I have no other choice but to become one hell of a player and lead Yashiba to victory!!! // But before I can accomplish that I have to destroy the root of Yashiba’s trouble, that shitty playboy fuck Komuta!! And I have to do that NOW!! <Oh yeah, thanks for letting me out, mole>
Yuuho: Ahh~ I misjudged him yet again!!

-page 10-
Josh: …That / That isn’t Suzuki-san’s property [TN: Josh speaks Japanese – yay!! He seems to have a little accent which is indicated by use of わ instead は as well as Katakana at some points. I got no idea how to visualize this properly (thought about putting some minor typos in there that bear the sound but that turned out stupid, so let’s keep it in italics)]
Mashibara-sensei: Let’s leave it like this for today. / You really have improved greatly in such a short period of time
Josh: Thank you very much. It’s all thanks to your guidance, Mashibara-sensei
Mashibara-sensei: Oh no, you don’t learn by just being taught. You also have to feel like “I wanna talk” // There hasn’t been a single one among my students who could really speak English until graduation…ah well, guess that’s my bad as well <hahaha> / After this improvement / …it’s been even more fun, huh? The basketball club that is…

-page 11-
Josh: Yeah! / Lately, Yashiba’s been thinking about a way to win against the kings of Souei all the time… / It’s so mind-wracking, when I’m on my way home the passer-bys turn into opposing defense players…
Mashibara-sensei: Hahaha…sounds like your way home is a tough challenge. / So understanding your team member’s individual power as well as your tactical possibilities is also part of you work as a point guard, hm?
Josh: Yeah…oh…you seem to know quite a lot about basketball!!
Mashibara-sensei: It’s because I used to watch a lot of games during my overseas studies. / …I hope you'll win
Josh: We will! // Because Yashiba’s the best team there is!

-page 12-
Chick: Ah, it’s Josh! / Joshiii~!! Hello~!!
Josh: Oh, hello. How are you?
Chick: Wha~t!? How cool!! He spoke Japanese!!
Josh or Chick (3rd panel, in pic): See ya~

-page 13-
Josh (last panel): That height and power… / What’re we gonna do about it…?

-page 14-
Someone: Wo~ah, so good!!
Nakanishi: Hey you idiot!! Fujishiro!! / You can’t kick the ball!! / That’s a foul!!

-page 15-
Someone: Wow!! / Nice one, Atsumu!!
Nakanishi: Wah, you stupid fuck, Fujishiro!! / What do you think you’re tackling him for just because he came past you!? That’s even more of a foul!!

-page 16-
Fujishiro: What’s this shit…I’m the only one who’s accused of foul playing…does everyone hate me!?
Yuuho: Aahhh!! C-c’mon, it the just starting from here!! <let’s learn the rules together!> // Well, it’s easy to say so but there’s just no way in hell, this guy can beat Atsumu in basketball…to put it simple, it’s a matter of time…!!!
Fujishiro: I’ll stop youuuuu!!

-page 17-
no text

-page 18-
Everyone: Wo~w!! Nice, Atsumu!!!
Yuuho: Hehe…well, that just now was because you fell for his faint…well, um…
Josh: Nice to meet you
Yuuho: Oh Josh
Josh: Who’s that?
Yuuho: Oh, um, he’s that Fujishiro everybody talked about when we were on our way home from Souei. It’s bad, he’s even more of an idiot than they said…
Fujishiro: I’ll crush you…Komutaa~…
Josh: Crush…? That’s good…let’s crush him!
Yuuho: HUH!? <on top of that: where’d you learn such words!?>

-page 19-
Yuuho: What’re you saying!? / If they were to start a fight things will get really nasty…
Fujishiro: What’re you saying?
Yuuho: A-ha…um, nothing…just that your hair’s cool
Fujishiro: …oh, thank you
Josh: A fight? No // Let’s crush Atumu at basketball…!!! [TN: Nope, he still can’t pronounce that name…]

What’s it Josh has seen in Fujishiro!? (tagline)

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#1. by carrotop ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2009
its alright if the tl is late, i dont really mind. and you had the flu which sucks

well, I'll try and finish this as soon as possible. thanks for the great tl as ususal.
( i will wait till the tl is tlc)
and I pmed you what i had in mind.
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