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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 5

The rabbit, the sea and the pattern of love

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Sep 21, 2010 01:51 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 5

Say what? - Yes, even a lazy bum like me manages to do a double release every now and then. I just couldn't stand the fact that I'm lagging this far behind. So, here's another one. When will we see Mr. Prince launch the next chapter? Well, we'll have to see. But let's keep our fingers crossed it will be by the end of this week, eh? Enjoy for now!!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Insert text: No visitors coming & a fierce heat – a dual predicament!

Journal: 9th August (☀), The time's 2pm // It was a midsummer day with temperatures over 35°C. On that day the Oumagadoki zoo was // annihilated.
Shiina: It’s hot
Hana: So ho~~t…
Shiina: At this rate we’ll end up as sun-dried meat / before we’ll make it to number one in the world.
Hana: It’s because you have a thick fur and wear those thick clothes on top of it. <that’s making it even hotter>
Shiina: It’s decided… In order to become number one in the world / you also need to take a break every now and then!

Page 2 - 3
Shiina: We’re going to the beach!
Hana: What?
Hana (in picture): Is he serious!!?
Shiina: It’s our summer vacation!! // This is a savage area in the opposite direction to the city. / You can have enjoy yourself to your hearts' contents without worrying about being seen……

Oumagadoki Doubutsuen
Chapter 5 – The rabbit, the sea and the pattern of love
Horikoshi Kouhei

Insert text: Be stunned! Bunches of animals // are off seawater bathing!!

Page 4
Shiina: It’s an interesting spot
Someone: Amaaa~zing!
Shiina: Alright~ beasts, transform! // Let’s play volleyball! Some nice beach volleyball!!
Oogami: Whoooo~~ what a HUGE puddle!! We can cool ourselves!! So refreshing!!!
Somebody: Yaay!
Hana: What a spectacle…

Page 5
Shiina: Let’s go, beasts!
Oogami: Bring it on, director!
Shiina: Rabbit… // (in picture) SERVICE!!! [TN: Just how much win is Shiina?! xD]
Hana: Whaaa~… te-terrific

Page 6
Uwabami: Hana-chan! // Let’s have some fun together over here.
Hana: Uwabami-san! Wow, you totally look like a Hollywood actress!
Uwabami: “Hollywood”?
Oogami: Ouch!! // Kasai! Watch out where you’re turning to! // Being as untalkative and unsociable as always, huh?
Name tag: Ka sa I / Kasai / Indian rhinoceros

Page 7
Uwabami: Might it be alright for us to join the game?
Oogami: Ohh, Hana-chan, Uwabami! / You guys look foxy!
Uwabami: Oh, stop it! So lewd~
Hana (thinking): When she laughs she turns into a rattle snake!
Uwabami: Uh, chilly~
Igarashi: Ouch
Animal: Ow
Oogami: What’s up with that guy?

Page 8
Shiina: Oohhh, sorry, my hand slipped
Uwabami: Oh, the ball…
Oogami: Hana-chan, your nose…!!
Hana-chan: Hey, Kasai-kun. // Kasai-kun, you… about Uwabami-san, you seem to… // He’s easy to read. That’s a typical male herbivorous. [TN: Now this one’s important! Hana uses the term 草食系男子 (sōshoku-kei danshi) which is literally how I put it in the translation. But there is a nice double meaning implied since the word’s used figuratively to describe men who are – contrary the active/aggressive male stereotype pursuing women and a prosper love life – passive, not really popular and often unskilled when it comes to flirting and stuff like that.]

Page 9
Hana: Have you been on a date with her yet? / Or confessed your feelings to her? // …… have you even talked to Uwabami-san before?
Hana (thinking): He’s taciturn--… but I really want help him somehow
Hana: Hey, / about rhinos // due to their poor eyesight they rush into many obstacles, right? <I read it in my illustrated encyclopaedia> // You only start thinking again after you’ve already crashed into something… // We~ll // It’s the same with love! // Just be straight-forward and approach her, that's the first step!
Hana (thinking): Though I don’t have any experience in love things myself!!
Kasai (in picture): Huuh!?

Page 10
Hana: It’s decided then, let’s not waste any time! // Now!! Rush towards love!!
Shiina: “Rush”? // What’s this about? Sounds interesting~
Hana (in picture): The director--!?
Hana: No… / it’s, um…
Hana (in picture): If we were to tell the director about it things’d only get complicated!! No doubt!!

Page 11
Hana: Y- yeah, yeah. You see that rock over there? We were just talking, like “Woah, let’s so rush into that stone over there!”, that’s what it was about! Right!? // About rushing towards that small rock! Right? Right, Kasai-kun!? [TN: Here’s a homophone implied in the text. “koi” is “love” in Japanese, the “small rock” is “koiwa”. “koiwa” can also mean “love sick”, so Hana’s story wasn’t as absurd as it sounds in English^^]
Hana (thinking): Even though it’s me telling the story I’d never buy that one…
Shiina: Wow, wow, wait a minute… // What’cha guys up to, hu~h…!?
Hana (thinking): Oh snap, so he didn’t buy it!!? What shall we do!?
Shiina: This sounds fun--!
Hana (thinking): Phew, that was close. He is quite simple minded…

Page 12
Shiina: So, what are the rules? Are we each running into that rock one after another and see who can wreck it most? // Are we doing a competition?
Hana: Uh… w-well…
Hana (thinking): No good, he’s really getting into it!! <and what’s with those rules!?>
Shiina: A~lright, if that’s the case, let’s not waste any more time!
Hana: No, I’m not…
Someone: SOMEBODY HELP!!!!
Goat: Director!!! What shall we do!?
Oogami: We didn’t pay attention… // She went to get the ball back you hit before…
Someone: Uwabami…!!! // She got swept into the open sea!!
Hana: Uwabami-san---!?

Page 13
Someone: Huu—h!? She’surprisingly calm.
Uwabami: What should I do?
Someone: As expected from a grown woman.
Oogami: But the current is really strong…… // She was swept that far away in just a blink of time…… // Igarashi, you’re a seal, right!! You go get her!!
Igarashi: No! That current is by far too strong for me!
Uwabami: No good… // I’m… // starting to get tired…
Someone: Aahhh!! Sh- she went under…

Page 14
Kasai: UWABAMI-SAA---N!!!

Page 15
Hana: Kasai-kun!!!
Chita: Wh- what’s with that Kasai dude!?
Someone: I… heard that guy’s voice for the first time just now!
Someone: It's absurd… // You just won’t be able to make it back, too!
Hana: No… Indian rhinos are strong swimmers!
Oogami: Now that you mention it…
Someone: He might be able to do it!! // Give your best, Kasaaiii~~!!

Page 16
Someone: …but where the heck’s he heading to!!?
Hana (in picture): Due to his poor eyesight he’s rushing straight forward…
Someone: Kasai---!! Wrong course, left! Head left!!
Someone: He’s not listening at all!!
Kasai (thinking): Rushing towards… love!! // I will definitely rescue her!!
Someone: Ahh!! Uwabami…! // I can only the snakes’ heads anymore!!
Kasai: I have to make it…!!

Page 17
Shiina: Rushing towards the rock, hm?
Hana: Director!?
Shiina: I can’t reach it with a leap at this distance yet… hmph // I’ll hand this game’s victory to you, Kasai! // Tear it down without hesitation!
Someone: Uwabami-saaa---n!!

Page 18
Someone: Oohhh---!!
Someone: Amazing!! That’s some great team play!!
Uwabami: Ugh… Di-… rector
Shiina: Yo,

Page 19
Shiina: That was quite dangerous // Better pay some attention next time!
Uwabami: Y-… yes
Uwabami: Kasai… // I heard you back then. Your shouting. / Thank you.
Journal: And that’s how species and traits were transcended and the patterns of love were painted. That’s the Oumagadoki for you…
Hana (thinking): I guess, I was of help this time around…

Side text: The chivalrous Director! & And an overjoyed Kasai!!

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