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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 6

The rabbit and the king of beasts

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Sep 24, 2010 00:04 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 6

Wow, I think I've never been as productive translations-wise. And it shocks me even more - when I checked the latest translations - to learn that there is a fair bunch of guys who manage to release various chapters week by week. Seriously, I'm astonished and I salute to them. Big kudos!!

Anyway, Oumagadoki ranked fairly well this week and the manga entered its first bigger arc, ain't that great!? - I can tell you: Yes, it is. Great stuff waiting for you guys. Enjoy this brilliant chapter 6 for now!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Chapter 6 – The rabbit and the king of beasts
Horikoshi Kouhei

Insert text: Refreshing and genial fair weather mountaineering! Go and make it to the top as most popular zoo in the world in the very same way!!

Page 2
Shiina: Beasts // We’re playing a round of tag! // These fingers won’t take no as an answer! Drop everything!
Oogami: We can’t… we got to clean up and stuff…
Shiina: You can do that while we’re playing tag as well!
Takahiro(?): He’s being unreasonable again, isn’t he!?
Oogami: Oh well… it’s not like we have a choice here.
Takahiro: Yeah, I really don’t want him to go crazy on us.
Shiina: Ooo~kay // We’ll decide who’s the “it” with a round of rock-paper-scissors!
Oogami: The director will definitely go with scissors no matter what…
Takahiro (in picture): That game’s not his strong point…

Insert text: The director’s as egotistical as always and at full throttle. But what’s to follow is a situation when he can’t play around…!!

Page 3
Hana: Geez, the director’s just playing around again…
Animals (in picture): Ro~ / Cha~m / Beau~!
Hana: Say, director, you really DO want to become a human again, // do you?
Shiina: I do / But I / want it to be… interesting…!!
Hana: Don’t try to make up a cool line here!!
Hana: I… had my doubts at first // But if you seriously want to aim for number one in the world… // Why don’t you just exhibit the “transformed animals” to the publi-- // -ic…
Shiina: How many times do I have to tell you this…

Page 4
Shiina: I’ve got a principle of only doing things the fun way!
Hana: Huh!? // What does that…
Shiina: Alright beasts // Let’s start this round of tag as fast as we can // And if we do it, we’ll do it with full commitment!
Oogami: I’ll start counting~
Animals: Run for iii~~t!!
Hana: Hrrnn!! And in the end they all do nothing but play!!
Uwabami: Hana-chan

Page 5
Hana: Uwabami-sa—GROSS!!
Uwabami: Oh, how impolite of me. <it’s just my usual meal>
Hana: That director, every day all he does is nothing but play… / does he really even have the least bit of desire to become human again!?
Uwabami: She bottled up quite a load there it seems.
Hana: And the animals get dragged along by him and have join his games…
Uwabami: That’s right. // But Hana-chan, you see // about the director, if I were to put it simply // They’re all like a bunch of kids… and the director is their leader.

Page 6
Uwabami: It might be because he was jinxed when he was still a little boy // when it’s natural to be that mischievous and selfish. It’s possible that his mental age came to halt at this point, you know. / And isn’t that… // just the sweetest thing?
Hana: Absolutely NOT!
Shiina: I absolutely won’t myself get caught! // I don’t wanna be the “it”
Penguin: Me, too! Me, too!
Uwabami: And his wish to do things in a fun way most likely stems from the fact that he’s still a child!
Hana: E-… even if that’s the case, I won’t accept his selfish ways of doing things!!
Uwabami (thinking): Looks like she has to vent all her anger she sucked up now, doesn’t she…

Page 7
Hana: He’s just so egotistical, he doesn’t take care of any duties regarding the zoo. What is everybody // calling that violent and selfish man “director” for anyway? // Well, admittedly, he does have his nice moments, too…… / but that must not justify anything!
Uwabami (in picture): She’s in a real talking frenzy…
Uwabami: It may be uncouth of me to say this to you // But I really wish you’ll learn to perceive it the same way, Hana-chan. // Oh, and… you might have said “everybody” before // But the truth is among the animals of this park there is also a guy who’s not too fond of the director, you know…
Hana: Really?

Page 8
Uwabami: Yeah, it’s an animal you haven’t seen transform yet, / right?
Uwabami (in picture): Haven’t you noticed?
Hana: ……oh
Hana (in picture): Now that she mentions it…
Oogami: Don’t you run away—
Shiina: Playing tag is… // more fun the more players there are!
Oogami: There’re more---!!!

Page 9
Hana: Well timed, I managed to siphon off some smoke.
Hana (in picture): The Beast Zone…
Hana (thinking): It’s this cub… // Even though he’s supposed to be the star of the zoo this is a cornered cage… // That’s not very impressive…
Journal: I just wanted to ask him
Hana: Uwabami-san and all the others always go on “director this, director that”…
Hana (in picture): “What do you think of the director?”
Journal: I didn’t think, that I might evoke something like this…
Hana: Nice to meet you,

Page 10
Hana: Lion-ku…n…
Shishido: RABBIIIT
Hana: Wha-…

Page 11
Shishido: I’m the boss… // RABBIT--!!!
Hana: Aahh…
Kameda: Oh no, my became the “it”…… No one’s as dawdling as my, an old geezer turtle… just what is my supposed to do now… [TN: Again just trying to adjust some speaking manners here…]
Name tag: Ka me da // Kameda // Galápagos giant tortoise
Oogami: Too bad, Kameda-san // I was aiming for you since the very start… wolves are calculating, you know!
Kameda: My is the biggest dawdler turtle there’s ever been… my’ll give up already…

Page 12
Shiina: And with this, I’m also “it”
Kameda: Directoo~~r // You do this for my…!?
Shiina: When I help you chasing the others // It’s much more fu~n

Page 13
Shiina: What’s that? // Oogami
Oogami: Director!! // This is bad……!! / It’s that newcomer… // That lion guy transformed!
Shiina: What…!?
Hana: W-…what’s this……… // I… I really invited trouble here…

Page 14

Page 15
Someone: It’s the same as that incident one month ago… // Only this time’s rampage is way bigger!
Takahiro: I have no idea what your plans are but stop demolishing the park!
Chita: Aahh--!! That’s my home, y’know!! // What did you do!? Why are you doin’ this!?
Shishido: You wanna know? // I’mma kill that rabbit!! // And then I’ll…
Shiina: Rapid Rabbit

Page 16
Shiina: Knock over kick!!
Shishido: BECOME THE BOSS!!!
Shiina: How did you manage to transform?
Shishido: Rabbit!!
Chita: He stopped the director’s kick!!

Page 17
Shishido: Did you know, jackass!? // Ever since you bastard dragged me here I wanted to talk to you!! You hear me!? // So, while we’re at it, stupid rabbit!!! // Surrender your boss position // and die
Shiina: …so noisy.
Shiina (thinking): Their bodies are littered with wounds over and over…
Choda: Uugh~~~ director--…
Shishido (Flashback): I’m the boss
Hana (in picture): I see… that’s the reason why the director didn’t let the lion change form until now
Uwabami (flashback): There is also a guy who’s not too fond of the director, you know…

Page 18
Hana (in picture): Before they’re fully grown young lions leave their pride // And they try to take over another one… // By killing that pride’s leader!!
Hana (thinking): I really, really screwed up here…!!
Lion cartoon 1: Get away! // Keh…
Lion cartoon 2: I’ll take them over~ // As if I’d let you~
Hana: Guys…!! // I’m-I’m so sorry… I did-…… I di-…
Shiina: So this is your fault, Aoi Hana!?
Shishido: Law of the wild! Once you avert your gaze

Page 19
Shishido: YOU LOSE!
Hana: Director!?

Insert text: Will the Oumagadoki collapse!?

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#1. by minimoku ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2010
Wow~ Chapter 6

Thanks for translate!! XD
#2. by Vigo ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2010
rly rly thank
This serie I like me much
great job!!
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