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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 8

The rabbit and the unidentified walking object

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Oct 8, 2010 20:12 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 8

Hey there!! Guess who's back? - I was having a little birthday vacation but now I'm old and back to provide you a good dose of Oumaga! And I got some great news to announce: You'll see my translations made into scanlations again starting this chapter!! Thanks to my buddy Cuhw RedHawk will be working with me again. That way I can finally make sure you guys get OD in the best quality possible... *happy*

Oh yeah, those of you who wanna support Horikoshi-sensei and this series: mark November 4th in your calendar! Oumagadoki Doubutsuen Vol. 1 will be in stores then!!

Reserved for RedHawk Scanlations!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Insert text: They even won a brand new comrade // Now comes the fresh start towards becoming number one in the world!!

Chapter 8 – The rabbit and the unidentified walking object
Horikoshi Kouhei

Page 2
Shiina: Look, Aoi Hana! // I got my hand back!
Hana: Oh c’mon, just how many times have you already told me to look at it since yesterday!?
Hana (in picture): Step aside, please.
Shiina: I don’t care how many times, just look! I’m so happy // So, that means every time I bitch slap that lion I’ll be recovering a little more, right?
Hana: I absolutely DON’T think that will work!!!
Gorilla Kong: THAT’S WRONG!!!

Page 3
Gorilla Kong’s sash: Site Supervisor
Gorilla Kong: Ah / Sorry, I’m awkward… / This stone doesn’t fit here, that means the measuring must be amiss!
Chita: You really are awkward, y’know
Journal: It’s the day after Shishido-kun’s huge riot. The zoo remained closed for today. And everybody joined in on the restoration works.
Oogami: With things like this we won’t be able to open the park in a long time, right? // Rii~ght, Shishido?
Shishido: I already apologized!! How many times I’ve to do it again!? Sorry! // Geez, I’ve already enough of this… I never wanted to be their friend in the first place…
Hana (in picture): Shishido-kun…
Shishido: What’s mooo~re important…

Page 4
Shishido: This doesn’t mean I gave up on the boss position, ‘kay! // You got that, Shiina!!?
Shiina: Call me “director”, will ya!?
Uwabami: What are you talking about, stupid cat!? // It’s all due to your fault that we can’t open the park! So, please work!
Hana: Uwabami-san really acts like a grown-up woman after all.
Uwabami: Ah well… it’s not like there would have come any visitors one way or another, so it doesn’t change too much…
Journal: Now that she mentions it… // We didn’t get any closer on becoming number one in the world // And it’s not like there have come any visitors // But despite this the director has recovered his human hand again.

Page 5
Flashback Rabbit: Create a place for them, that’s well-known throughout this world!
Hana (in picture): If I were to think about it… // It’s because the director managed to make Shishido-kun, who was baring his teeth until now, into a “friend”… // That means… // It’s because the director managed to unify the zoo? // But on the other hand…
Shiina (in picture): Look!
Chita (in picture) I’m tired of looking at it
Hana: Oh // Nngaahh!!!
Oogami: My, my, my… same old, same old~
Someone1: Huh? Where’s the director?
Someone2: He went to his office
Someone3: Well, not only was he fighting that uphill struggle but on top of that he made each and every one of us transform. / He’s probably all worn out, isn’t he?

Page 6
Oogami: But seriously, what are we supposed to do now? // We’re already stony-broke by the maintenance costs alone // And we’ve exhausted the amount of consumption / for the edibles we’re growing behind the park, too, right?
Uwabami: Speaking of which, that also means we can’t pay Hana-chan!!
Hana (thinking): I completely forgot about that!! But well, it’s not like I get anything now, so it didn’t really matter in the first place…
Hana (in picture): Slowly but surely // This place’s in a real pinch!?
Shishido (thinking): Is this my fault? The whole atmosphere…

Page 7
Hana: I / I’m going to town!!
Oogami: Hana-chan, advertising is a good idea but right now we can’t open the park, so…
Hana: It’s not that // It’s about your guys’ food…… // I’ll be asking department stores and supermarkets if they’d convey us some of the leftover vegetables and meat they can’t sell anymore… // I’ve heard of other zoos that manage to cover their forage costs that way! // Whatever it is I can do to help / I want to do it!
Uwabami: Hana-chan

Page 8
Shishido: Gorillaa!! I’mma help you!! / What should I do!?
Gorilla Kong: Huh!?
Shishido: I don’t really get this…… / but we need to fix some things around here immediately, right!?
Oogami: He’s got a sense of responsibility, what a cute little guy
Hana: Shishido-kun!
Uwabami: He’s right, we have no time to mope around~ // I will try thinking up a pile of new ways to attract visitors!
Oogami: All together, let’s do our best we can~!!

Page 9
Sakamata: It’s dat place?
Uwabami: My… / but I just can’t come up with anything besides handing out fliers… // I wonder if there might be some kind of epoch making method // Come, Hana… give it your all, think of something flashy
Hana: Hmm~~!! Thinking “flashy”, focuuuu--… // Ah, I got it! // Next to Ouma City… / lies Ushimi City with its aquarium. // Their annual attendance amounts to over 6,000,000! It’s the leading hotspot! / The reason for that popularity…

Page 10
Hana: appears to be their “shows”. // They seem to put up show after show, each featuring a number of various animals… and I heard the aquarium’s open until late at night. / Being able to offer all that combined probably attracts a huge crowd of visitors……
Uwabami: I see, “shows” it is!
Hana: But since I only went when I was a little child I don’t really remember too many things…
Uwabami: The director will love this, right!?
Shiina (in picture): Shows!? // Sounds fun
Hana: Oh… if you say it like that I’m getting a little anxious…
Uwabami: However, having such a popular place in the neighborhood… / it’s no wonder that no visitors come here!!
Hana: Well, that one thing has nothing with the other…
Someone: Waahhh…!? ‘rybody… / This is bad!!

Page 11
Hana: Hm? / What this all about…!? They’re in hot haste…
Someone 1: This is bad, real bad! Hide yourselves!!
Someone 2: He’ll be here any minute!!
Someone 3: He’s coming! He’s comin’… // A VISITOR’S COMING!!!
Hana: Huh!? // A… // A visitor!? But we’re closed today… huh!? Huu~~h!?
Uwabami: In any case, we have to go!!
Sakamata: Oh my~~… // Geez…

Page 12
Sakamata: Dis location rea~lly is in da back of beyond. [TN: The character uses Nagoya-ben. It’s a dialect not too different from Standard Japanese but I thought I could try indicating it somehow, so it’s no “th” for him. Plus he uses the word “dera” quite often which is Nagoya way of saying “really”/”many”/”totally”, so I make him say it like “rea~lly”.]

Page 13
Sakamata: I may’ve taken da roundabout way from da sea behind dis park so I wouldn’t be discovered by any people… // But oh my~~, dis rea~lly was far! // Does it have any intention to call people in, dis zoo? // Hmm?
Hana: W-w-wha…!!? // Huh… what is… why is……!?

Page 14
Sakamata: I’m an orca, one of da “gangsters of da sea” // I hate being lionized, you know… // Once I see such annoying guys // I rea~lly want to devour dem!
Hana (in picture): He is anything but a visitor and nor is he human---!!

Page 15
Kasai: Uwabami-saaa~~n!!!
Gorilla Kong: Miss Zookeeper!!
Uwabami: Kasai!!
Uwabami: Gorikon-kun!!
Sakamata: Silent! // I did not come here // in order to devour you.

Page 16
Sakamata: I came to engage in conversation. [TN: Sakamata uses quite formal and polite sentences starting from this point onwards.]
Hana (in picture): Kasai and Gorikon’s superhuman strength… he’s toying with them---…
Sakamata: May I get to meet da director of dis place?
Sign: If you’re lost, don’t come here, kids!!
Sakamata: Dis is it?
Hana (in picture): How come that killer whale has transformed? / Does that mean there is someone besides the director who…

Page 17
Shinna: I’m so happy I can’t sleep!!
Hana: DIRECTOR……!!
Shiina: Oh, Aoi Hana! / Be sure to watch my hand real close again…
Sakamata: Fufu…… you’re da director? // Nice to meet you / Da name’s… sorry, I mean… [TN: In the Japanese version Sakamata goes on choosing “ore” to refer to himself which is not very polite so he corrects himself and continues using the more polite “watashi”. I had to change the phrasing a little to make sense here + match the balloon’s size]

Page 18
Sakamata: Glad to introduce myself. I’m agent of close-by Ushimi City’s Ushimitsudoki Aquarium’s director. My name is…… [TN: Important one! Brilliant naming from Horikoshi-sensei. Ushimitsudoki (丑三つ時) is – just like Oumagadoki (or ouma ga toki [逢魔が時]) – a time associated with ghosts and supernatural phenomena. Some say it’s from 2:00 am until 2:30 am others from 3:00 am until 3:30 am.]
Shiina: You’re a shark!?
Sakamata: An orca.
Hana (in picture): Ushimi City’s… Aquarium---!!?
Sakamata: It may be understandable for you to be surprised / I, for one, was rea~lly surprised… // You see, it was only until yesterday’s big tremor of magical powers / dat I learned of dis park’s existence in da first place.

Page 19
Shiina: What did ya [cut off]
Sakamata: Let me get straight to da point when I ask you // to be so kind as to let me usurp // dis Oumagadoki Zoo!

Insert text: (bunny symbol) That’s a gangster for you! The raging assassin’s declaring acquisition!!

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