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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 9

The aquarium’s invasion

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 2, 2010 15:42 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 9

Hi there, folks!! Some of you may need a good fix of Oumaga after I have been busy writing a 20 pages assignment for my English literature class. For those of you I have great news. Just two words: triple release!
Damn right, the cool people from Red Hawk are gonna pull of this stunt with the little translation efforts yours truely showed last weekend.

On another note: Hell yeah! This series will survive the next round of cuts! It may be doing poorly on the magazine BUT there are three series doing worse, so it's safe for this time around.
And yeah, for those of you who didn't see it yet:

Now isn't that just fancy? I already ordered it. 4th November is the date for those of you who wanna get their copies as well!

Enjoy this release!!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Sakamata: Be so kind and let me usurp // dis Oumagadoki Zoo!
Hana: U- // Usurp it!!?
Hana (in picture): The aquarium of Ushimi City…!! // Just what in the world is going on here---!?

Insert text: An orca, a “gangster of the sea”, condescends to them & declares acquisition!!

Page 2
Side text: An egotistic rabbit and a mischievous lion, which one’s better fit to be the director!?

Chapter 9 – The aquarium’s invasion
Horikoshi Kouhei

Page 3
Sakamta: It’s a gigantic aquarium accommodating about 800 different species in 60,391 exhibitions // Starting with myself, da orca, dere are also da dolphins doing deir splendid jumps, da walruses and sea lions performing deir tricks, a large group of seals doing performances directed through light and many more. One show incessantly follows da other. // Our “Night Aquarium” is all da rage right now. It’s high tide till 2 pm, late at night…… // Our place is enjoying great popularity to say da least // It’s da complete opposite of dis zoo dat nobody cares two hoots about.

Page 4
Shiina: Who gives a fuck!? / Fix my door, Shark fin-Man!
Hana: Director, it’s an orca!
Hana (in picture): As the name says, a shark fin belongs to a shark!!
Hana: Did you come all the way here just to make fun of us!? / What does a big place like yours want from a park like ours!? // And most importantly how come you, an orca, are able to transform into…
Sakamata: While we’re at dis you might want to tell me why dere is a human here who doesn’t seem da least bit surprised about it… // In any case, why don’t you do me a favor and shut up?
<sfx: *smacking sounds*>
Hana: Ahh-!!
Shiina: Don’t smack your lips like that and fix my door, dammit!
Sakamata: Please lend me dose long ears of yours just a little longer without you talking like dat.

Page 5
Sakamata: Dis zoo also has da goal of gaining popularity in order to break your curse, am I right? // Isn’t it like dat, Mr. Director…? // Our director is da very same as you, you know… // Cursed to bear a life of possessing “magical powers”.

Page 6
Sakamata: It is only understandable dat… / while increasing our popularity he managed to recover a considerable amount of his human body… // Yet, he does not seem to manage to take da last step towards his completion.
Hana (in picture): To think that there was another person, who is the same as the director, this close…!!
Hana (thinking): “magical powers”? What? What’s that all about!?
Sakamata: Dere happened to be some unexpected changes somewhere on your body yesterday, wasn’t dere?
Shiina: Oh, you wanna see? Then look!
Hana: You’re still going on about this!?
Sakamata: I’d rather not. // Instead, I would like to know // How you managed to weaken da curse in a low level zoo like dis?

Page 7
Shiina: Then fix my door!
Hana (in picture): Yet he has absolutely no clue about the reasons!!
Sakamata: ……hmph // well, dat’s fine. // ‘Cause in da end we, da Ushimitsudoki will be receiving dose mysteries together with dis place. // We will let your park transfer as a whole into our premises and merge da aquarium with da zoo. // It will undoubtedly become da most super gigantic theme park dat has ever existed // Da animals of dis park will be working for us without respite. Dey will be…… // Da very same as slaves! / Just like rea~lly low manservants!!

Page 8
Shiina: You talk too much!
Hana (in picture): Oh no, he snapped!!
Sakamata: Den what are your plans for procedure…?

Page 9
Shiina: I run this place the way I want. All of it. // It’s out of the question!
Skamata: Dat means… you refuse?
Shiina: We won’t be seized!
Hana: Director!! That’s dangerous, damn it!! / What would you have done if he tried to devour you!!?
Shiina: I won’t be eaten! // Besides…

Page 10
Shiina: As if I’d let the guys work under such circumstances!
Hana (in picture): … he’s right about that!!
Sakamata: Fufu… hah / Aaa~~~h… I understand… fufu… // But I’s not implying we’d have dem work for free… you know…!? // Going south like dis, you can be happy if you manage to even cover da costs for just fodder! Right!? // Whereas we have more forage dan we could ever manage to feed to our animals / you know... // So, what do you say, Mr. “I’m rea~lly thoughtful of my friends” Director? [TN: If you might wonder: Sakamata has switched yet again in terms of linguistic politeness. He’s now talking rough and arrogantly, showing his true colors.]

Page 11
Oogami: What was that…? As if we’d care, you idiot!!
Hana: Guys!? Did you hear everything!?
Uwabami: Director!! We will always follow you!
Oogami: The food… might be charming and all…… / but we don’t need a guy like you here who’s trying to lure us like that!! You idiot!! Jackass!!!
Hana: Guys…!!
Animals (in picture): Go back to the ocean! // Fuck off!!
Sakamata: If da chief’s an idiot den so are his subordinates…

Page 12
Sakamata: But dat’s fine!
Hana: Hiii, his eyes!!
Sakamata: Fufuhahahaha… I was told by da director // “Since dey’ll become our commodity, don’t act violently! // But if dey choose to oppose // it can’t be helped”, you know. // Geez, you really want to defy me…? // Me who’s standing at da peak of da food chain… / hmm…

Page 13
Sakamata: Den I can finally devour ya!!
Someone: That guy’s gone crazy!!
Someone 2: He’s completely changed!!
Hana: They’ll all be devoured!!
Shiina: Time to switch you back into a real shark!
Shiina (in picture): …!? It’s not working…!!
Hana: Stop it!!!

Page 14
Shishido: At the peak you were saying!? // My ass, don’t you overlook me!!!
Someone: Shishidoo~~~!!!

Page 15
Shishido: Shiina!! I was the first to strike him, so I’mma be the boss!!
Shiina: Uh, well, I told ya to call me “directo-… // Shishido!
Sakamata: A lion… // Being at da top of the land-based food chain // won’t mean a thing when opposing me!

Page 16
Shiina: RABBIT // PEACE!!!!

Page 17
Shiina (in picture): He blocked it!?
Shiina: Once you avert your gaze you lose, wasn’t it?
Shishido: Shuddup!! / I’ll be the one to kill that asshole!!
Sakamata: Fuhaha dey’re coming one after another! / Da meager resistance of prey… // How nice. // Hm? // Tch… I ran out of seawater, huh……
Sakamata (in picture): I can’t stay much longer…
Igarashi: Wah…

Page 18
Igarashi (thinking): Even though I was hiding!! I was too careless and I gave into my angst!
Igarashi: Why don’t we… stop fighting?
Shishido: Hey Shiina! There’s absolutely no sign of that guy! Just how far did you send him flying!!?
Shiina: Did I really… send him to the other side of the earth……!?
Sakamata: Fresh water, huh… I’ll have to wash myself in salt water after dis…… / Well, it’s fine. I’ll just have to go till I reach the estuary mouth…
Shishido: There he is!! I saw him first!!
Sakamata: … fufufu you’re too late! // Since I ran out of seawater we’ll have to end it here.

End line: Next issue: Can they rescue Igarashi…!?

Page 19
Sakamata: Oh, dat’s right. About dis seal, / as a little foretaste of usurpation I will give it a part in one of our shows.
Igarashi: Why am I the one to get kidnapped again!? Help me, please!!
Shiina: Igarashi!!
Sakamata: I’ll be coming back.
Igarashi: Directo…
Sakamata: It’s farewell for now.
Shiina: WAIT!! [TN for Scanlators: Notice the real BIG and nasty letters.]

Insert text: They captured one of his friends! The director’s in a fierce rage!!

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#1. by Vigo ()
Posted on Nov 3, 2010
Wouu man!!
I've been waiting for this, thank!
Good translation!
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