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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 10

Zoo vs. Aquarium – The Outburst

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 6, 2010 01:31 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 10

Wow, I just love the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium's guys. It' so much fun to transport their distinctive ways of speaking and their interaction is hilarious! You'll love them.

Oh yeah, if you like my translations I don't mind you to leave a short comment or press the thanks button. No seriously, it's the only way I can see if the stuff's appreciated or not and once in a while you really want to know.^^

Reserved for RedHawk Scanlations! (Special thanks to Guren for proofreading!)

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Sakamata: It’s farewell // for now.
Shiina: WAIT!! // Shit-!
Shiina (in picture): He’s gone…!!

Insert text: Igarashi getting kidnapped…!!

Page 2
Sakamata (in picture): If I swim down dis river it should flow together with da sea on da other side. // Considering my speed of 60 km/h while swimming it won’t take me even 10 minutes.

Chapter 10 – Zoo vs. Aquarium – The Outburst
Horikoshi Kouhei

Shishido: U~gh, I’m so gonna kill that fish… // But like this… water… with water it’s…
Shiina: As if // I’d let you get away!
Shiina (in picture): Secret Technique…

Page 3
Shiina: White Rabbit of Inaba!!
※It’s a legend about the rabbit that crossed a river by jumping on the backs of crocodiles. He didn’t run on the water surface. [TN: If you’re interested this episode is featured in the infamous Kojiki.]
Shishido (in picture): He’s runnin’ on the waters surface!!!
Shishido: What the fuck!!?
Sakamata: … how insistent~
Shiina: Give back…
Sakamata (in picture): Click…

Page 4
Shiina: Igaramhi!! (small: Igarashi) // Bon’t barb ma bip bob!! (small: Don’t ward my kick off!!)
Sakamata: Goodbye.
Shiina: Bmh!?
Shiina (in picture): I can’t move my body…! // What the hell is this…!?

Page 5
Shiina (in picture): Shit…
Sakamata: Fufu…
Shiina (in picture): Shit…!! // SHIT!!

Page 6
Hana: He did what!? / He kidnapped Igarashi-san!?
Popo: That guy again!?
Takahiro: Those burglars also tried to capture him.
Igarashi (in picture): Ufufufufu…
Someone: Time’s shown us that he’s really popular among the kidnappers……
Oogami: That orca’s scary, so scary…
Hana: Where’s the director…?
Zebra: He went to his office!
Shishido: That bastard nearly drowned! He’s lucky that I saved him!!
Uwabami: This is not the situation to say fatuous things like that, don’t you see!? // Our friend // was kidnapped!!

Page 7
Uwabami: And we couldn’t even do a thing………!! // Isn’t this just the worst possible situation!?
Oogami: That orca’s so scary, I can’t take this.
Hana: L-… let’s organize and think about this calmly for the time being! // That way it’s most likely that we’ll get a clue on how to solve this… right!?
Uwabami: Y-… you’re right…
Hana: As for the aquarium’s side… // They wish to further increase their popularity / by taking possession of this zoo.

Page 8
Hana: But there’s more. // There’s another person on their side / who was cursed just like the director. // And the orca also mentioned something like “magical powers” or so…
Uwabami: They might know some things related to the curse.
Someone (in picture): Maybe those so called “magical powers” also had something to do with the fact that the director’s smoke // couldn’t transform the killer whale back to his animal form…?
Chita: In the end I don’t get a thing, y’know. And y’know I can’t do anything!
Shishido: Wait, wait. Wasn’t he sayin’ he’d come again? // When he does I’ll just beat him to a pulp and everything’s fine!
Chita: Beating him up doesn’t solve a thing, y’know! They took Igarashi!
Shishido: I’ll beat the crap outta him and make him return the seal and everything’s fine!
Chita: He bit you back then!!

Page 9
Hana: Don’t fight with your fellow felidae, calm down!! Hey!?
Shiina: Beasts, you’re noisy! // Continue restoring the park!
Hana: Huh… wait a minute. That whole departing atmosphere and you’re in full gear, don’t tell me…
Shiina: I’ll be leaving the park for a little while. // Takahiro, come!
Takahiro: ? Roger…
Shiina: I’ll be counting on you guys to watch the zoo

Page 10
Shiina: Off to the aquarium!
Hana: Directo~~r!? What about the zoo!? What are we supposed to do!?
Shiina: I leave it in your hands.
Hana: Huuh!!?

Page 11
Igarashi: Help me, please!!
Shiina: And until I return with Igarashi // don’t you dare call me director!
Hana (in picture): Director…?
Shishido (in picture): Is he… ceding the boss seat to me!?
Uwabami (in picture): Does he plan to go all by himself!?
Shiina: Takahiro, head for the ocean!
Takahiro: ………Roger.
Someone: What the hell…!
Someone: Just what the hell!
Shishido: Don’t you make a fucking fool outta me…!
Hana: What’s he thinking going all by himself…!?

Page 12
Someone: Wait!
Shiina: Hey, don’t step outside as you please when you’re in that form!

Page 13
Hana: You’re just too egotistic // director!!!!
Uwabami: The other side will be in great numbers, won’t they!? // I’d be worried sick about you! Try putting yourself into my shoes.
Gorilla Kong: I am… awkward… // but I want to help Igarassan!!
Chita: Right!
Shishido: I wanna be the one to kill that fish!
Hana: And you don’t even know a thing about the aquarium anyway, do you!?

Page 14
Hana: Please don’t ignore everyone’s feelings!! // Please remember how indispensable you are!! If you plan on taking back Igarashi-san…… // Then you better…
Shiina: Tch, what… // !? / Hey, Takahiro! Head for the sea!
Takahiro: Command denied! // My apologies!

Page 15
Animals: If it’s for a friend’s sake // we’ll do anything we can!!
Hana: Until you say you’ll take us with you // we won’t let go of you!
Hana (in picture, echoing): Please don’t ignore everyone’s feelings!!
Shiina: Alright, you…
Someone: Ugh!!

Page 16
Shiina: ……… fucking bunch of blockheads! // I’ll have to punch you guys 60,000 times for this to make us even!
Animals: !! Then…
Shiina: Let’s go!
Shishido: Alriii~~ght!! Now then!! It’s Aquarium vs. Zoo!!
Uwabami: Can’t you keep it down for just once in your life, stupid cat!?

Page 17
Guy 1: Welcome back, Sakamata-dono.
Guy 2: H-h- how d-d- did your mi-mi-mission g- go?
Sakamata: You’re rea~lly annoying me, I’ll devour you!
Guy 1: Devour us? // It’s courtesy to reply “I’m back” when greeted with “welcome back”, don’t you think? [TN: Well, most of you will probably disagree. That is because things are a little different in Japanese. It’s a question of manners to say “tadaima” (I’m back/I’m home) when you’re returning somewhere (i.e. your home, workplace, etc.) and reply with “okaeri nasai” (Welcome back/welcome home) when someone else is arriving.]
Sakamata: Huu~h… dat’s what I meant when I said you annoy me!

Page 18
Narwhal: Insolent!! You’re indeed quite insolent, Sakamata-dono!! // I challenge you to a duel!!
Octopus: I-I- I w- was a- ask-ing h- how y-y- your m-mi-miss-miss-ion w-w-wen…
Sakamata: I’m actually on my way to report it to da director, so don’t bother me!
Narwhal: Then our duel shall be postponed for another day!!
Octopus: H-h- how f- fun it- it’d be i- if th- the di-di- director w- were t- to ki- kill hi- him… hahaha… ahaha
Director: I see… it’s a rabbit…… and a zoo, you say… / At any rate, one’s supposed to recycle trash, right!?
Igarashi: N-… nice to meet you…
Director: Continue the takeover without respite!

Page 19
Sakamata: Understood, director…
Director: If you don’t wish to die, I suggest you work to the point where you're about to drop dead!

Insert text: The director that even an orca is afraid of appears!!

End text: Next issue: The full picture of Ushimitsudoki Aquarium’s terror becomes evident!!

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