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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 13

Shiina and Isana

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 9, 2010 15:36 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 13

What's that sound...? - Oh, it's just me being awesome. Scripts until chapter 15 are finished and will follow the next couple of days once I get them proofread.

As always, this thing's reserved for RH and my thanks goes to mitruly for the proofing!

Enjoy this release--!!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Shiina: I’m gonna take him back // as fast as I can!
<sfx: alarm>
Visitors: What was that!? // What’s going on? A fire!?
Ikkaku: Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down!
Devilfish: G-geez… s- such a ruckus……
Sakamata: It’s da backdoor delivery entrance. But first we have to turn dis alarm off! // Guards, go and sound out da cause. Hurry!!
Sakamata (in picture): Don’t tell me…

Insert text: Storming the aquarium! Igarashi at reach!!

Page 2
Hana: Directooo~r!!?

Insert text: The rabbit’s raid!!
Chapter 13 – Shiina and Isana
Horikoshi Kouhei

Hana: The whole strategy we came up with was all for nothi~~~ng!!
Hana (in picture): It’s no use, he’s hopping mad // He’s completely lost it!!
Uwabami: What are we supposed to do!? Should we stop him!?
Shishido: Hey, wait! Let me walk in front!
Oogami: You think we should stop him!? / Or should we go with him? What’re we gonna do!?
Guard 1: Hey, hey, hey… what the hell are those!?

Page 3
Guard 2: They’re a buncha strange ones. Not human.
Guard 3: Trying to raid us, what a pain!
Guard 4: They’re trying an invasion, huh. What a bunch of freaks!
Guard 5: We’re part of the guarding troop and our job
Guard 2: broadly speaking, is nothing other than
Guard 3: Expelling invaders!
Uwabami: Neither of you is in any position to say this, you know!

Page 4
Shishido: And I didn’t even have to step in yet! Hmhm…
Hana: He just continues stirring up trouble!!
Gorilla Kong: Well, but… I may sound unrefined… // but it doesn’t look like reinforcements are on their way…

Page 5
Uwabami: And the alarm also stopped before we knew it… // Just as I assumed, they really must be short-handed while in the middle of a show!
Chita: Well, well / this stunt could go surprisingly smooth for us, don’t you think?
Shishido: I’mma murder them all, haha!!!
Hana: Shishido-kun!! // We may already have exposed ourselves to the aquarium’s staff… // But the visitors who’re currently here just want to enjoy themselves genuinely. // We
absolutely must not spoil this for them! // We have to move stealthily until the very end!! // Oogami-kun, are you getting wind of Igarashi-san?
Oogami: Um, let’s see… *sniff* *sniff*… / Fish smell everywhere! // Hmm, well, but there is still a little left… that “gentleman smell” belongs to Igarashi!
Hana (thinking): What the hell’s a “gentleman smell”!?

Page 6
Shiina: Which direction?
Oogami: From below… / It’s coming from underground!
Shishido (in picture): I’ll be walking in front!
Chita: Thaa~t’s the canidae for ya!
Hana: Alright! We’ll continue following the director then. // We’ll be wherever Oogami leads us to! I’ll memorize our path.
Oogami: As expected, the bar’s quite high…
Hana: It’s just like the director said: We’ll retrieve him // as fast as we can!

Page 7
Isana: Quite good friends, aren’t we?

Page 8
Isana: I never would have thought // you’d come here, I’m surprised!
Hana: A human…? // He came from the water…!?
Isana: You’re the guys from the zoo, right? / I’m so happy we could meet! // I am // Ushimitsudoki Aquarium’s Director, Isana.

Page 9
Isana: However, // I don’t think much of the fact you’re starting a raid during the middle of a show!
Oogami: That guy’s…!
Hana: A cursed person… just like the director…
Shishido: Well, can’t be helped! He’s an enemy! / So, I’mma kill him!
Uwabami: Shishido!
Shiina: Give back Igarashi!
Isana: Let’s leave that aside for now and talk. // How did you manage to get closer to your human form? / You won’t mind telling me in all detail, no?

Page 10
Isana: Contrary to your looks // you’re quite an aggressive one, huh!? [TN: Just like mentioned in the chapter at the beach. In Japanese the terms “carnivorous” and “herbivorous” are used to describe aggressive alpha-male characters (carnivorous) in contrast to shy and introverted ones (herbivorous).]

Page 11
Isana: We’ll talk first…
Shiina: Ngh!?
Isana: We’re in the same boat.

Page 12
Shiina: A-… gain…
Uwabami: Director!? // What did you do!? What was that sound just now!?
Isana: Let’s have a little chat // We’re all able to speak after all!

Page 13
Isana: It took me many years to make this place into something big. // And each and every time / our popularity rose / the curse weakened and I managed to recover parts of my human body. // However, no matter how much our popularity increased / I didn’t manage to change any further after a certain point! I’m this one // teeny step away from completion… // And that’s when I felt the tremor of magical powers you caused. // So I sent the orca to look for it!
Hana: Director!!
Uwabami: Hey there! Don’t you stomp on him!! [TN: The usually polite Uwabami uses some very non-polite language here. So don’t wonder if it doesn’t seem to suit her, she just snaps.]

Page 14
Isana: He told me of this zoo and its rabbit man who recovered his human body without gaining the least bit of popularity. // For such a thing to exist, it truly pushed all my efforts to this point to absurdity!
Uwabami: Will you please stop this now!! And what kind of one-sided conversation is this anyway!? You’re the only one who’s talking!
Shishido: That guy is trampling down Shiina. That means if I take him down…
Shishido (in picture): I’m the boss!
Shishido (in picture, handwritten): Oohh!
Chart: Strongest [Shishido face] // Stronger Small Fry [Isana face] // Small Fry [Shiina face]
Isana: Now then, explain! How’d you manage to recover it?
Shiina: S- so noisy… // give Igarashi back… Helmet-man…!!

Page 15
Uwabami: Really, how many times do I have to repeat myself before you listen!? Anyway, get your stinky foot off him, jar head!
Hana: Uwabami-san!?
Shishido: Hey, fight me!!
Uwabami: What an unexpected sight…
Shishido: Yeah.
Uwabami: Directooo~r!
Shishido: I’mma kill ya!
Isana: I’m having a talk with this rabbit man!

Page 16
Isana: Don’t you interfere when humans are talking! How presumptuous.
<sfx: *wobble, rumble*>
Shiina (in picture): What’s that!?
<sfx: *wobble, rumble*>
Isana: This asks for a good rebuke, I’d say.
Chita: He seems up to something!?
Hana: Shishido-kun!! Uwabami-san!!!
Shiina: Hey, Helmet-man

Page 17
Shiina: What the hell do you think you’re doing!?
Isana: Huh!?
Isana (in picture): I should have sealed his movements with my “click sound”…
※It’s a kind of sound wave known as “echolocation” [TN: Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_echolocation for more info on echolocation.]
Shiina: What the hell do you think // you’re gonna do to them!?
Isana (in picture): That guy…!!

Page 18
no text

Page 19
Hana: That’s…… // a-… // a whale!!!?

Insert text: Shiina’s absolute vigor makes the director take the gloves off…!!

End text: Next issue: That tail fin is about to smash the animals!!

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#1. by dagnel ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2010
thank you Mr. Prince, i love your translation :D
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