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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 14

Zoo vs. Aquarium, it begins!

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 12, 2010 23:20 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 14

Hey there, everybody! And another one... like I said before I think I will finally catch up with JUMP this weekend. Yesterday I nearly completed kingsize chapter 16 with its 23 pages (3 pages left) and then I will have about four days to finish chapter 17 before Vic scans the new raws.

Scanlations will follow little by little, we rather want to provide you with them with a little time in between than heap'em on you all in one go. Personally, I think this improves your fun reading...

Well, here goes 14. Served for RH, proofread by mitruly. ENJOY--!!

Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Hana: A WHALE!!?
<sfx: *swoosh*>
Shiina: You bast--…!!

Insert text: The director’s serious! A gigantic tail fin!!

Page 2
no text

Page 3
Insert text: Inevitable panic! A single sweep from the whale!!!

Chapter 14 – Zoo vs. Aquarium, it begins!
Horikoshi Kouhei

Page 4
no text

Page 5
Everybody: Whaaaaa!!!!
Uwabami (in picture): What force!!
Shishido (in picture): The thing’s huge!
Hana (in picture): What should we do!? // We’re / completely scattering---!!
Shiina: YOU GUYS!!!!

Page 6

Page 7
Isana: … tch!
Oogami: We avoided it! // Th… thanks Chita…
Chita: Well, you were right next to me, y’know.
Oogami: Th-… that tail’s gone again…… he’s scary!
Chita: He’s sent everybody flying… this is real bad, y’know…!!

Page 8
Isana (in picture): That rabbit man’s magical powers are seething… / What’s up with that guy… // I must have blown them away… which means…… // Executive staff, the invaders have dispersed! // They’re a group of seven animals and one human from the zoo!

Page 9
Isana: Their goal is the seal! If the audience saw them prowling around it will affect our popularity! // Leave alone the sponsors who also came today! // Start looking for them before the show ends and the visitors start spreading inside the building! Capture them!!
Dholak: It’s about one hour till the end of the show… *sigh*… guess I’ll have to switch to automatic lighting…
Sakamata (in picture): As expected… dey really are a bunch of idiots…
Devilfish: S-s-sub-… substitutes t-t-ta-… take over!
Ikkaku: We received an order!
Sub1: Understood…
Sub2: Coming…
Isana: If they try to resist, kill them! // As much as I’d love to make them our commodity, protecting the status quo comes first!

Page 10
Hana: Ahh--… owowow!! This is…
Gorilla Kong: Miss Zookeeper…
Hana: Gorikon-kun!! I’m sorry!! // You alright!? You protected me, didn’t you!?
Gorilla Kong: I’m alright! // It’s because I’m gratefully indebted to you, Miss Zookeeper…

Page 11
Hana: “Indebted”? You’re exaggerating…
Gorilla Kong: Where are we…?
Hana: This has got to be the terrace of the aquarium’s top floor… // Everybody has scattered all over the place…
Hana (in picture): Director… Uwabami-san, // Chita-kun and Kasai-kun… / Oogami-kun, Shishido-kun, I wonder if they’re all okay…
Hana: That person… has the curse of a whale, doesn’t he?
Gorilla Kong: That’s about right…
Hana (in picture): What’s the meaning of this… even though his curse has weakened, it seems like he’s still able to transform……

Page 12
Gorilla Kong: Apart from that… the aquarium’s side may have already started searching for us… / We must not make any imprudent moves or they will find us…
Shiina (flashback): RETRIEVE IGARASHI!!!
Hana: As long as we move carefully we’ll be alright! If they don’t move, they can’t find us either… / It’s the same for both sides!
Gorilla Kong: Miss Zookeeper… // that wall is…
Hana: LET’S GO--!!!
<sfx: *crash*>
Oogami: Hey, Chita. Don’t move recklessly! What the hell are we supposed to do if that orca showed up!?
Chita: Running away could work, y’know! We’ll be alright! / Plus, the director said we should continue searching, didn’t he!?

Page 13
Chita: Seeing how we lost each other everybody has to take care of himself, y’know. // But among us all the two of us are the ones with the highest chances of managing to reach Igarashi! / Oogami, everybody’s counting on you! // With that nose of yours we can find Igarashi!
Oogami: I know that… let me down! / I’m gonna walk on my own!
Chita: Alright.
Oogami: You’re quite a guy… have you always been so optimistic and front-facing?
Chita: I’ve no idea, y’know.
Uwabami: Kasai! Are you alright!? Kasai!!

Page 14
Uwabami: You protected me… thank you… // I’m…
<sfx: *thump* *thump*>
<sfx: *disappointed shock*>
Uwabami: Just where is this…? / No way I could tell even if I tried my hardest…

Page 15
Uwabami: Wait a minute, Kasai! I can’t see a thing!
Kasai (in picture): Uwabami-san is scared…!! // …I have to protect her!!
Kasai: Pr… protec…
Uwabami: “Protec”? At any rate… / first comes Igarashi. // You know, I may not be as skilled as Oogami // but I’m also quite proficient in manhunt. // When I do this…

Page 16
Devilfish: F-f- found th- them……… // N- no m-m- mistake with th- that su- sus-picious l-l- look……
Ikkaku: Invaders!! Meet my challenge!!
Uwabami: Oh no…

Page 17
Oogami: He’s close… I can sense it.
Chita: Fo’real?
Oogami: The “gentleman smell” has gotten stronger!
Chita: Fo’real!?
<sfx: *sniff* *sniff*>
Oogami: The smell comes from the bottom of that staircase.
Chita: Fo’real!?
Oogami: *sniff*… / He’s there…!! No doubt!! // If we step down here we’ll…
Chita: This really is easy as pie…

Page 18
Chita: Huuuh!?
Maki: You guys look fishy!
Oogami: What’s wrong, Chita…? // Ouch!!!
Dholak: Gishigishi… I told you, if you know your opponent’s goal // it’s best to ambush them!
Oogami: My nose…

Page 19
Dholak: Wander around searching for them is what an idiot would do!
Oogami: It’s the enemyyy!!!!
Chita: We’re not cut for battles, dammit!!
Shiina: Igarashi!! Beasts! JUST WAIIIT!!

Insert text: The executive staff start making its moves!! This is not the time to be stuck in the garbage, Shiina!!

End text: Next time: Chita and Oogami are bucking up!!

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#1. by Shiina98 ()
Posted on Nov 13, 2010
I love you!
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