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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 16

Duel of Honorable Men

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 19, 2010 23:48 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 16

Extra Pages ahead!! Now this chapter was just amazing. Horikoshi really knows what to make from his extra pages! Oh, how I wanna slap each and every Japanese brat that doesn't get this series' awesomeness... plus, JUMP should fucking stop teasing me with their comments on how this series gained popularity if it still continues to stay in the danger zone. (Though the people following and discussing Oumaga on the net, especially on 2ch, really grew in numbers... I don't get this. :/)

Anyway, I finally got my hands on Oumagadoki Doubutsuen Volume 1 today and its stuffed with little extras. Would you guys be interested in the Omake stuff? If so, please write me a comment or press the thanks button! :)


Page 1
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Headline: Jump Comics Volume 1 – On sale: 4th November!! / Increased 23 pages as commemoration for the big popularity of the “VS. Aquarium”-Arc!!

Insert text: Popularity is everything, // the absolute rule of the aquarium!!

Sketch: [TN: I’m going to write the Japanese expressions next to the words so you know better where they belong. I’m really sorry for the trouble!]
★ Ushimitsudoki Aquarium Cross-section Map [no Japanese, just look for the star and the word “MAP” :D]
Director’s Office [館長室]
Conference Room [会議室]
Well-attended Show (starting) [ショー絶賛開演中]
Hana / Gorikon [ハナ・ゴリコン]
Director [園長]
Kasai / Uwabami [加西・ウワバミ]
Chita / Oogami [知多・大上]
Igarashi [イガラシ]

Insert text: Rescue Igarashi!!

Chapter 16 – Duel of Honorable Men
Horikoshi Kouhei

Page 2
Insert text: Before Kasai and Uwabami…

Ikkaku: A duel, / that means risking what both sides have declared their pride! / As for me, that would be this tusk sword of mine as well as my chivalrous spirit!! Those two things! // And then you appear here!! // Neither directing a single word to me nor meeting my eyes!! // This is truly insolent!!
Devilfish: H-… hey, hey… Ikkaku! Don’t you f-f- forget our t- task! // I- I’m going to c-c- capture that snake woman… you can have th- the h-h- huge g- guy.
Uwabami: Kasai!!
Ikkaku: Be silent, Devi!! I’m sincerely incensed right now!
Devilfish: Y- you t-t- troublesome b- bastard!

Insert text continued: are a strange Narwhal and a strange Octopus!!

Page 3
Kasai: Puuh--! // Puuh--!
Uwabami: Kasai… you’re protecting me…?
Uwabami (in picture): On top of his bad eyesight it’s even harder for Kasai to move because of me…
Ikkaku: Let me hear you declare your pride!!! // Otherwise… // I will litter your body with holes!!
Uwabami: Kasai!!! Hold it right there, you!!
Ikkaku: Worry not! It is my sincere duty to see to it that he will not die! / Because that is my task.

Page 4
Uwabami: We only wish to retrieve Igarashi! // We did not come here to fight…
Ikkaku: That being the case it is a question of etiquette in itself!! // Stealthily sneaking in behind our backs // postulating to “only wish to retrieve” something is clearly nothing but insolent!! // Such an act of occupation or abduction is insolence beyond all measure!
Uwabami (in picture): HUH!?
Uwabami: What is wrong with you, you sham gentleman!! // Kasai!!
Devilfish: Ik- Ikkaku… // Y- your way o- of doing things t-t- takes t- too long!

Page 5
Devilfish: S- so I think I’ll b- be // f- finishing this a- ahead of t- time…
Uwabami: He disappeared!? // That octopus disappeared!
Uwabami (in picture): He was clinging to the ceiling until just now, I’m sure!!
Ikkaku: Devi! Don’t tell me you plan to interfere in my duel!?
Devilfish: Sh- she’s s- strong-willed… and a- all wri- wriggly-wriggly… // So nice… so nice……

Page 6
Devilfish: D- don’t t-t- turn around, snake woman.
Uwabami: Iyaahh! What!? What’s that!!?
Devilfish: D- don’t tell me y- you don’t k- know about camouflage…? / I’m a common octopus. // I- I can adapt m- myself to my e- environment perfectly. I- I’m a ni- ninja of the s- sea! // Y- your resistance is f- futile! F-f- futile, I’m saying… snake woman…

Page 7
Devilfish: Th- that b- big guy’s a p-p- pain in the ass…
Ikkaku: Devi, that man is my opponent!
Devilfish: L- like I care! / H- he’s a p- pain in the ass so I- I’m gonna p- pitch in!
Ikkaku: How impertinent! Devi, you shameless fiend! / I still don’t even know what his pride constitutes of!! Do you not wish to learn the only reason for which an honorable man engages in battle!?
Devilfish: N-… no, I d- don’t!
Kasai (in picture): …… I’m all dizzy… // … but… // it doesn’t matter!! // I have to protect her! Someone needs to protect Uwabami-san!!
Uwabami: Kasai… thank you, it’s alright. // You just concentrate on that sham gentleman. // If he hasn’t disappeared but only camouflaged… // there’s no need to actually see him, what relief! / Because I am……

Page 8
Uwabami: no snake woman, // but a female snake!
Devilfish: ?? Hm? Well…… here I c-c- come.
Devilfish (in picture): W- what…!? She saw me…!?

Page 9
Uwabami: You also don’t seem to know about pit organs? // Snakes can not just feel but “see” heat. / They have a heat detection feature! // I can // see you just as clearly as before, Octopussy!
Kasai: Oh!
Kasai (in picture): …… she’s so beautiful!
Uwabami: Prepare yourself!
Devilfish: ……how nice!! // A wriggly-wriggly, strong-willed woman!! / A determined and unyielding woman!! // And that troubling body of yours, it’s all // so nice! [TN: In case some of you may wonder but it seems Devilfish doesn’t stutter when he’s aroused.]

Page 10
Uwabami: He severed his aaarm!!?
Devilfish: That “severing” is called “autotomy”※.
Uwabami: Kyah!
Devilfish: “W- whaa~t, it’s g-g- growing b- baack!?” / Th- that’s not t- true, I s- still have 7 arms left!
※ Autotomy – The act of detaching parts of the own body in order to escape critical situations, e.g. lizards losing/severing their tails.
Uwabami: Wait a… let go of me!!!
Ikkaku: Do not let yourself get blindsided! / Get a grip on yourself and meet me head on!!!
Devilfish: We’re both wriggling the very same way. L- let’s be g- good friends, y-y- yeah…!?
Uwabami: What!? [Fanboy TN: Horikoshi, you naughty boy! *drools at Uwabami*]

Page 11
Ikkaku: You really are tenacious, aren’t you!?
Ikkaku (in picture): What is it // that spurs you like this!?
Uwabami: Ugh…
Uwabami (in picture): My strength… it vanishes!?
Devilfish: It’s because of the liquid! The octopus’ liquid can paralyse your body… I- I s- smeared it a- all over your arms…… // A- a- and… // my octopus ink shuts down your sense of sight and smell! // D- don’t you fuck // w- with an o-o- octopus!

Page 12
Devilfish: Well… / I- I’m off to d- do n-n-ni- nice th-th- things to this s- snake woman…
Ikkaku: That ink of yours was an unnecessary act! / Don’t you dare dishonor my duel!! // Good grief… he really does not have the least bit of elegance! / Now then, once more, declare your pride to…
<sfx: STARE>

Page 13
Ikkaku: Ah-
Ikkaku (in picture): My sword… this pride of mine I…!!?
Kasai (in picture): My eyes, which are as bad as they are, have become completely useless! And I can’t even smell anything! / But---… // But I know that… // Uwabami-san was dragged off by that octopus! That much I know… // I may not be able to see her, / but I know it!! // I always feel subconsciously where she is… // it’s always been like that! [TN: for Scanlators: From upper right corner to upper left corner and then the last sentence next to Uwabami’s face.]
Ikkaku (in picture): That man… I understand!! // That man’s pride is… [TN for Scanlators: I’m sorry but the ordering in these panels is not really easy, I know. Top left corner, then downer right corner]
Kasai: As long as I know where she is // there is only one thing to do for me!!!

Page 14
Kasai (in picture): Rush… towards love---!!

Page 15
Devilfish: Ugh… how the hell did he know where I was…
Devilfish (in picture): And did he really just tear down that heavily reinforced wall…!?
Devilfish: It hurts… urrgh! But it’s u- useless… / Th- this snake woman belong to m- me… // F-f- farewell!
<sfx: *sharp slicing noises*>
Devilfish: Wha-!? // WHAT!?
Ikkaku: That man’s pride // it’s oozing out without a single word. That love,

Page 16
Ikkaku: It really struck this heart of mine!
Devilfish: Ikkaku!!? You bastard!!
Ikkaku: The fact that he managed to touch me this deeply is proof that his pride matches mine. And for this duel it means my defeat! // Devi…… we have lost to love!
Devilfish: Whaaat!?
Ikkaku: You shall be the winner!!!! // Now then! Go your way!!
Devilfish: Don’t you dare betray us like thaaa~t!!!
Ikkaku: Let this strong spirit of yours // pave your way!

Page 17
Shiina: You’re the… // REVISED SHARK FIN-MAN!?
Fuka: No, I’m not… well… it’s not completely wrong either.
Shiina: I’m busy! / See ya!!
Fuka: Even I… hah… heard the order by echolocation! // You… came to get back that seal, right?

Page 18
Fuka: I’m gonna tell you // his whereabouts!
Shiina: He’s underground! // A friend of mine said so. There’s no chance for you to trick me!
Fuka: He probably isn’t… kept there any longer… // Well… *cough*… you better listen to what a guy on the verge of death has to tell you! / Knowing how you’ll be going for that seal… the director… no, that bastard Isana has definitely taken steps and keeps it close by his side! // If you wanna rescue him, head for the director’s office… / It’s in the top floor of a tower in the back of the show stadium! // It would be better for you to hurry…
Shiina: Huh?
Fuka: Isana… if things don’t prove useful for his own sake, he will kill them without hesitating! // This aquarium should be avoided by anybody! It’s the very symbol of that guy’s despotic dictatorship!

Page 19
Fuka: Look at me… just once I dared to talk frivolously and I’m on the verge of death! / *cough*…
Shiina: You’re an enemy, aren’t you?
Fuka: An enemy? The only enemy I have… // is that sickening bastard! // Up until now, I had been working just the way that man… no, that monster told me to… / I said to myself that I’d feel better once I rose in the ranks. So I spared no effort while working, but this is the result of all of it! // Do you get it? He threw me away after he had used me, that’s just about the most frustrating and miserable thing about it… / I’m the ruler of the ocean, dammit! // Right now, my enemy is none other than Isana! That whale man…! // All this frustration and misery of mine… // I’m begging you…… I’m begging you from the depths of my heart… go… and dispel them for me!!

Page 20
Hana: If we pass this place we should be on the path downstairs Oogami-kun told us of… // Ever since earlier, those fish… / none of them have shown any reaction towards us, right?
Hana (in picture): I don’t feel the least bit of vitality // coming from them…
Hana: Oogami-kun!! Chita-kun!!
Oogami: Hana-chan! Gorikon!! // Wow, I’m so happy! So you’re safe and sound!
Hana: Oogami-kun, what are those wounds…!? And your hair…!
Oogami: We~ll… the truth is, with the goal right before our eyes we encountered the enemy… but you know / of course, we won in the end!
Chita: I ran 200 km/h!
Oogami: Geez, I told you that’s not true!

Page 21
Hana: Ohh~…!! // So that means Igarashi-san is…
Oogami: I said he was underground… // but Igarashi wasn’t there…!! // They beat us to the punch…!!
Hana: Huh…!?

Page 22
Sakamata: Be not afraid. // Dis is but a mere change of scenes.
Igarashi: What in the world was that alarm from before…?
Shishido: Found him!! // There, there, theee~re he is! // FOUND YAAA---!!!

Page 23
Shishido: I was looking for ya!!
Sakamata: No matter where I go, // dere’s rea~lly annoying guys!

Insert text: The battle of destiny between the No.2 Men. It’s lion vs. orca!!

End text: Chapter 16 – The End

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#1. by KrCic ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2010
#2. by Akiyama ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2010
Would you guys be interested in the Omake stuff?


Thank you.
#3. by Savi ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2010
"Would you guys be interested in the Omake stuff?"
#4. by PaseR ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2010
Thanks a lot!!
And yes, I'm interested about the Omake!!
#5. by TitaniumChloride ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2010
Omake translation would be awesome! I'm planning on getting the first volume later, but I look forward to accompanying it with your translations~

Also, could you elaborate on: "JUMP should fucking stop teasing me with their comments on how this series gained popularity if it still continues to stay in the danger zone"? Thanks!
#6. by Mr. Prince (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Nov 24, 2010
Seeing the great response I guess I'll slot the Omake inbetween the next chapter translation...

> Also, could you elaborate on: "JUMP should fucking stop teasing me with their comments on how this series gained popularity if it still continues to stay in the danger zone"? Thanks!

Sure! My comment was pointed at three (by now: four) incidents when JUMP was referring to Oumaga's popularity:

1.) Chapter 15's insert text on the last page:
-> Next issue increased to 23 pages to commemorate the popularity!!

2.) This chapter's (16) headline:
-> Increased 23 pages as commemoration for the big popularity of the “VS. Aquarium”-Arc!!

3.) Chapter 17's headline:
-> Jump Comics Volume 1 is on sale, enjoying great popularity!!

and last but not least
4.) Chapter 19's insert text on the cover:
-> Jump Comics Volume 1, due to the great popularity emergency second printing scheduled!!

Maybe I'm reading too much into those comments... but I remember them stating similar stuff with other series when it actually meant they really became popular.
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