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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 17

Lion vs. Orca

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 29, 2010 00:56 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 17

Hi there, dear readers. Now that I've caught up with JUMP (well, not completely up-to-date yet with the official releases but we're closing the gap here!^^) releases won't come as fast as they did the last few weeks... oh yeah, the Omake TL is done and is currently getting proofread. I'll post it some time this week!)

Here goes chapter 17. Fuka's last words <3 I love how Horikoshi handles that sorta stuff. :) [Same as with Kasai's monologue about Uwabami a few chapters ago...]


Page 1
Head line: Jump Comics Volume 1 is on sale and is quite popular!! Keep your eyes open for Shiina and Hana on the cover!!
Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Chapter 17 – Lion vs. Orca
Horikoshi Kouhei

Insert text: If it’s for the sake of rescuing a friend, this zoo will do whatever it takes, regardless of the consequences!! No one knows what will happen at the aquarium!!

Page 2
Sakamata: You rea~lly are an annoying one…
Shishido: I’d been looking for ya, I was on a manhunt… // And now I’ll kill ya!

Insert text: Which one of them is the strongest carnivore…!?

Page 3
Igarashi: Shishido-kun!? // How come you’re here!?
Sakamata: You were looking for me? // Not for dis one here? / Your group’s target?
Shishido: Shuddup, fool!!
Sakamata (flashback): Being at da top of da land-based food chain // won’t mean a thing against me!
Shishido: I was only interested in you, bastard!
Igarashi: Oohh… so you are not here for my sake…
Igarashi (thinking): But… / He said “your group”, does that mean everybody’s here!?
Shishido: You fucking bit my arm back then! / And you are supposed to be at the top of the sea-based food chain? Huh!? // I’d rather~

Page 4

Page 5
Shishido (in picture): It’s not working!?
Sakamata: Dat’s da lion for you… quite powerful, aren’t we? / Still, dis is not enough!
Shishido: Wha-
Sakamata: You’re way too full of yourself!
Igarashi: Shishido-kun!!

Page 6
Sakamata: It was a big mistake when you decided to fight me!
Shishido: What the fuck, you bastard!? // You’re quite tough for a fish!!
Sakamata: Dat was nothing special, I’m an orca after all.
Shishido: You bastard!!
Sakamata: Don’t you see it? The difference between our capacities and physical strengths!?

Page 7
Shishido: Urgh!!! // Agh!!!
Sakamata: Assaulting head on… one of da biggest taboos in hunting!
Shishido (in picture): so strong……

Page 8
Sakamata: Even among da orcas I am special… I’m a Transient※! When I was still living in da wild I had brought down a great number of sea animals! / Which is different from you, male lions don’t do much hunting at all, isn’t dat right…? // Give up…! Be it strength or be it vengeance, I’m superior!
※A type of orca that hunts either in small groups or individually
Sakamata: … now den, / I was given da order to capture you guys. // Let’s end dis here and now!
Shishido: Hah! // Hah! // I’ll kill you!!
Sakamata: You’re a rea~l fool!

Page 9
Fuka: It may be strange of me to beg an invading bastard like you… // but hell, I beg you, I’m begging you… // Relieve my anger… // by repaying… that fucking Isana…

Page 10
Shiina: Like hell!
Fuka: HUH!? // Keh… I’m begging you, you hear me? I’m on the verge of death here…!?
Shiina: Like hell! I only came here to save my friend!
Fuka (in picture): It’s no good… I… can’t even… breathe… anymo…
Shiina: Hey, Revised Shark fin-Man! // I think / it’s fun to be with my friends!

Page 11
Shiina: And I only like to do fun things!
Fuka: Huh……?
Shiina: The Helmet-man kidnapped my friend Igarashi. // I won’t allow that guy to do that kind of boring shit to me! // So I will thrash him anyway!
Fuka: Well then…
Shiina: Plus, that bastard trampled on me!
Fuka: Heh… I don’t care what the reason is as long as that guy gets what he deserves… // Hey,……
Shiina: What else!?

Page 12
Fuka: This is my last one. // Could you… / could you put me back into the ocean…? I… can’t move my body anymore, you know. // That bastard Ikkaku blabbed some nonsense about a funeral service and pierced fish or shit like that… / But I don’t wanna kick the bucket in a pile of trash… // Can’t it be at least… the place where I was born…!? / Would you do that for a dying man… / and answer just this one request…? // Sorry for the trouble… / You… you and Isana are so similar that you guys couldn’t be any more different… you’re a strange guy.
Shiina: We’re nothing alike, dammit! I’m not wearing a helmet!

Page 13
Fuka: …hahaha… // You really are a strange one. // Now then, take me back. // Just throw me down here. // I’m begging you, // rabbit man… // that guy… make sure to…
Fuka (in picture): The ruler of the sea returns to the ocean… / Sakamata! // When bound to it, I wonder… // which one of us is the ruler of the sea, you or me…?
Fuka: haha…
<sfx: *splash*>

Page 14
Shiina: Over there, huh…
Shishido: Ugh-…!! UGHAAAA~~!!!

Page 15
Igarashi: Please stop!! Please stop fighting!!
Sakamata: Take him into custody! Don’t let go of him!
Shishido: NGAA-----!! // DON’T GNAW ON ME LIKE THAT!!!
Sakamata (in picture): Even though he’s almost unconscious…… he’s impelled by a strong wildness!

Page 16
Sakamata: Haha // Flying nicely…
Shishido (in picture): Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!! // He’s fucking playing with me!! / SHIT…!!
Sakamata: Let’s end dis here and now!
Shishido (in picture): He’s going to guzzle me---!!!

Page 17
Shishido: Nghaa!!
Sakamata (in picture): He changed his trajectory by twisting his body.
Sakamata: Dat… was a good move just now.
Shishido: Hah // Hah // You bastard…you blocked before, didn’t you!?
Sakamata (in picture): What…? Don’t tell me…

Page 18
Shishido: At the very beginning… you didn’t bother defending yourself! // But you guarded your head just now! // And… when Shiina struck you back in the park… // you also guarded that head of yours!! // That thing has to be important!
Sakamata (in picture): He got me dere… and only by dat little incident just now… // Yes, dat part on my head is da soft spot used for echolocation… da melon※…… dat part… // da harbor of my wildness… or should I say, my battle instincts!
※A clump of fat used to regulate and control the sound waves
Shishido: So, I guess I’m gonna go for it!!

Page 19
Shishido: OR NOT!!
Sakamata (in picture): Dat guy……!!
Shishido: Seems like hits on your body also work when you’re not prepared, huh!? // Then here comes another one!
Sakamata (in picture): He’s gotten accustomed to dis fight…
Shishido: OR NOT, IDIOT!!

Insert text: The fist of the lion that escaped his certain death!!

End text: Chapter 17 – The End.

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