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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hungry Joker 2

The Person Appearing from the Unknown

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Nov 19, 2012 00:48 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 2

Can anybody tell me HOW in the world this happened...? I clearly said I do NOT want to start a new project just yet. Damn you, Tabata Yuuki! Damn you, HUNGRY JOKER! Damn you, Mr. Prince! I still don't plan to cover this project forever. But I'll just stick to it as long as it's fun and I feel like doing the job. (Or someone better than me takes over.)

Alright, since last chapter didn't work out [AT ALL!] how I wanted it to be, I will have to change the rules a little bit.

Update: Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans.

Page 1
Caption: Nobody but you / validates yourself---
[TN: The verb used for “validation” (証明, shoumei) here sounds very much like the word “illumination” (照明, shoumei)]

Tabata Yuuki

case.2 – The Person Appearing from the Unknown

Page 2
Side text: The dramatic aftermath!!

Box: Hello everyone, // this is Toriiooji Chitose. // The other day, the research institute I’ve been working at // was demolished to the ground.
<sfx: *wheeee~~ze* [wind blowing]>
In picture: When we were investigating a mysterious “glowing corpse”, the cause of which is still unknown,… // said dead body transformed into a terrible monster and wrecked the place. –that’s about the story…
Chitose (in picture): Uugghh~~~
Chitose (thinking): There’s no way anybody would believe that… // And while it should be dead, that monster somehow disappeared into thin air for all I know……
Chitose (in picture): Uuuughh~~~

Page 3
Chitose (thinking): Ah, that’s it. // This has all just been a dream! // Right, right~! That’s it!
<sfx: *clatter* [door opening]>
Chitose (in picture): *sigh~*
Citose (thinking): As if the doctor really had achieved some miraculous power and fought that monster…
Haiji: Hm, // you managed to find the missing mutant body, Takeda?
Chitose: …no.
Chitose (in picture): So in the end it was no dream.
<sfx: *floa~~t*>

Page 4
Haiji: I want to find out the maximum weight an object can have for these powers to still work! / So Takeda, bring me objects of 100kg, 1t and 10t weight!
Chitose: Absolutely impossible! // And I told you countless times before: my name is Toriiooji--… // Huh?
<sfx: *fl…*>
<sfx: *float~*>

Chitose: Kyaa~~~!!
Haiji: Hmph, / they appear to be working on other people just as fine~
Chitose: P- p- please stop it, doctooo~r!! // I- I- I’m reaaa~lly afraid of heights!
<sfx: *spin, spin*, *turn, turn*>
Haiji: I don’t really see how anybody would call this “high”, but…
Haiji (in picture): Why are you spinning around?

Page 5
Haiji: Okay.
Chitose: Ouch~
Chitose (thinking): …sooner or later I’m going to lose my memory as well……
<sfx: *paaiii~~n*>
Haiji: Hm, // --so I can go for about 5 minutes on a single bite?
<sfx: *stomp*>
<sfx: *patch* [catching noise]*>

Haiji: An apple that grants universal gravitation, // …that is the power to manipulate gravity, to the person who is capable of tasting it. // I wonder if I got it in my hands because I’m its adaptor…? // But what’s this apple’s story to begin with…? / I just don’t know.
Box: The doctor has no memory of any past events earlier than 6 years ago. // It appears that a mysterious “black apple” and “glowing corpses” // are trails of some sort to the doctor’s memory.
Haiji: The “glowing corpse” monster from the other day…
Old woman: This is an act of the gods--
Haiji: is more than likely a thing born from powers similar to the kinds of this apple.

Page 6
Haiji: If the one to wield those powers is that so-called “God” character, / there’s a chance he might also know something about this apple……!
Chitose: …but how do you plan to seek that person out--…?
Chitose (thinking): And if possible I’d rather not want to meet him…
Chitose: I mean now that this sponsor of yours who’d arranged for this hospital room // also stopped answering your calls for some reason…?
Haiji: Well, that one doesn’t really matter. / I can just find another sponsor.
Chitose (in picture): What kinda boy are you!?
Chitose: …by the way, doctor… / what are you manufacturing there?
Chitose (in picture): I have misgivings about this…
Haiji: This will be a little gift.
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahaha
<sfx: *clatter, clang* [putter around]>

Page 7
<sfx: *clack, clack* x3 [typing]>
<sfx: *zzzzz~ zzzzz~*>
<sfx: *creak*>
<sfx: *CLATTER* [door]>

Nurse: Now there! // What might you be doing at this time of the night again--!?
<sfx: *startle* [wake with a start]>
Chitose: Yes, here! I’m sorry. // Oh, Miss Nurse. / Ah-! What!? It’s 2 am!? [TN: Not sure how you’d usually address a nurse in English. There’s no name given here and in Japanese it’s perfectly normal to refer to someone with “job + -san”]
Nurse: Oh my, you’re also here, Chitose-chan. // Haiji-kun! // I told you not to conduct any of those incomprehensible experiments in a hospital room, now haven’t I!?
Haiji: You mean just like I’ve been telling you countless times before / to simply ignore this room altogether? Who are you to talk?
Haiji (in picture): Phew~~

Page 8
Nurse: Fufu~ / That’s not gonna happen~ // I have a younger brother the same age as you, so there’s no way I can leave you alone!
Haiji: ……? What kind of reasoning is that? I don’t get it.
Chitose (thinking): She’s a good nurse!
Haiji: Is this about… devotion? // That’s an emotion I just don’t understand…
Chitose: Doctor…

Page 9
Haiji: I rather just act thinking about myself only.
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahahahaha
Nurse: Things must be pretty tough for you, too, Chitose-chan…
Chitose: Yeah.
<sfx: *light up*>
<sfx: *groan, groan*, *groan, groan* [zombies groaning]>

Masked guy (in picture): *giggle, giggle*
<sfx: *flicker*>

Page 10
Nurse: Oh my~ // you haven’t touched any of the fruit from your get well gift basket! / Want me to peel something for you?
Haiji: No, thanks. I don’t need any of that stuff right now.
Nurse: You know that’s not true~ // Truth is you simply don’t like fruit, right? // Well, / then how about you hand that black apple of yours // over to me!?
Chitose: Huh?
<sfx: *creak, creak, creak*>

Page 11
<sfx: *creak*>
Chitose: …thi-… this can’t… / this can’t be true…..!? She… // …j-just a moment ago…… // she was perfectly normal……!
<sfx: *kooohhhh* [monster growling]>
Haiji: The forced cell mutations are not limited to dead bodies // but can occur in living beings as well--
<sfx: *move quickly*>

Page 12
Haiji: As it is happening right before my eyes // I’ve got no choice but to acknowledge this a fact.
<sfx: *crackle* [noise of biting a firm apple]>
<sfx: *whooo~sh* [floating]>

Haiji (flashback): Let’s conduct an experiment…!
Chitose: …Doctor…!?
Chitose (in picture): …don’t tell me he---…
<sfx: *clatter, rattle*>
<sfx: *whoosh*>

Page 13
<sfx: *thump, thump*>
Chitose: Huh?
<sfx: *squee~ze*>
<sfx: *stretch* [vein]>

Haiji: Hm, // looks like human anesthetics no longer work on her. [TN: Thanks to Imperium for helping me out with the English technical term here!]
Chitose: KYAAAAA
<sfx: *squeeeaa~~~l*>
Haiji: We better run away for now, Takeda!
Chitose: Yes pleeeaaa~~~se!
<sfx: *squeeeaaa~l*>
<sfx: *float*>
<sfx: *whoosh* [swift movement]>
<sfx: *OOOHHHHH* [growling of monsters]*>

Page 14
<sfx: *OOOOHHHHH*>
Chitose: What… in the world…… is THIS--!?... // …don’t tell me…all of them…… / had originally…… been humans--…!?

Page 15
<sfx: *shiver, shiver*>
Chitose: Until just recently I had been living a perfectly normal life…… // …but then how come… // that all of a sudden, right before my eyes--…
Haiji: --hmph,… // you’re absolutely right… // It’s god! This is his way of asking me to meet him! // Lucky me~
<sfx :*whoosh*>
Chitose: Hng!? // NOOOO
<sfx: *OOOHHHHH*>

Page 16
Haiji: *murmur* At the very least I know this hospital must be in his field of vision…… // *murmur* There’s also the possibility he might be inside the hospital--… // …hm?
<sfx: *OOOOHHHH*>
Chitose: DOCTOO~~~R!!
<sfx: *growl*>
<sfx: *GRROOOAA*>

<sfx: *thump*>
Haiji: Like I’ll let you waste my time!
Chitose: Even if you say that~~ / It’s not like I can do anything on my own whatsoever~~~

Page 17
<sfx: *Bam*>
Haiji: That was quite a thrilling pursuit~!
Haiji (in picture): Hahahahaha
<sfx: *stop*>
Chitose: Kyaaa~~~
<sfx: *scree~~ch*>
Haiji: Hm.
<sfx: *tap*>
<sfx: *patch*>

Haiji: So five minutes have already passed?
Chitose (in picture): Oouu~ch!
Haiji: I wonder if taking more than one bite at a time… // as well as a continuous intake are accompanied by any kind of risk---…?
<sfx: *WHOOSH*>

Page 18
<sfx: *swi~~sh* [wings flapping]>
<sfx: *squeeaaa~k*>

Chitose: The apple--…
Masked guy: I wanted to examine you… // as I thought it just might be possible…
<sfx: *giggle, giggle, giggle*>
<sfx: *whooo~sh*>

Masked guy: But as proven by this trial, // it’s just like I had expected: you’re but a mere human~!
<sfx: *rustle* [again: wings flapping]>

Page 19
Masked guy: Which means you’re not the sibling // that is supposed to possess this apple--! [TN: I tried to stick as closely to the original phrasing as possible as this is currently still a vague line. He’s most likely referring to the “Eurekas” from chapter 1. Since we don’t know if there are just male Eureka I put in the more neutral “sibling” rather than “brother”.]
<sfx: *crunch*>
Haiji: Oh, he was quite a bit farther away than I expected~
<sfx: *slide*>
Chitose: The apple was stolen… what are we supposed to dooo~ now!?
<sfx: *crunch*>
Chitose: What’s this sound--…?
<sfx: *crunch, slide, grit*>

Page 20
<sfx: *slide, crunch, screech*>
Chitose: …… this… can’t be--…
<sfx: *break*>
Haiji: Hmph, // roughly 40m in width and 55m in height, as for the depth---
Chitose: Is this the right time for evaluations~~~~!?
Haiji: Certainly true, at this rate things will get pretty ugly.
<sfx: *WHOOSH*>

Page 21
Chitose: IT’S ALL OVEEE~~R!!!
<sfx: *WHOOOOOSH*>
<sfx: *OOOOHHHHH*>

Chitose: ……huh…?

Page 22–23
<sfx: *OOOOHHHHH*>
Haiji: …I wanted to know the maximum weight an object can have for my powers to still work… // Seems like a roughly 10-storied skyscraper is within my limits.
<sfx: *seep* [blood from the corner of the mouth]>
Haiji: …Furthermore… // it appears the continuous intake affects the body to a great extent. <hahaha>
Chiose: Kyaaaa
<sfx: *flooaa~t*>
<sfx: *pat*>
<sfx: *OOOHHHH*>

Page 24
<sfx: *OOOHHHHHH*>
Haiji: I’m just so happy you decided to accept my little present.
<sfx: *click*>
<sfx: *bee-beep*>

Page 25
<sfx: *BOOOOOM*>
Haiji: It’s a fake apple that contains a small-scale bomb attached with a remote ignition device---
<sfx: *OOHHH*>
Haiji: I went through several phases of trial and error making it, all just for you… // so I hope you enjoyed it? // ---now then, there are lots of things I’d like you to tell me about,…… // dear God!

Caption: A violent clash!!

End line: Next issue – The huge clash in 23 increased pages…!!

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#1. by vinceled ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2012
For page 6 Chitose comment I think it is どんな少年ですか. When I translated that part I thought it could only be that no, because with the sentence is turned it can only be that I think :)
#2. by kiss ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2012
thanks :D
#3. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2012
thank you!
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