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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hungry Joker 2

A person appearing from the unknown

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Nov 17, 2012 21:22 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 2

Okay here I am finally my first translation, I know there might be some mistakes but anyway I'm pretty happy :) I've revised with the approval of Mr Prince with the help of his version to fix what was off so enjoy this second chapter

Green Right :
Only you
Green Left :
Can prove yourself
Bottom Left :
Case.2: A person appears from the unknown
Bottom Right
Tabata Yuuki

Right side:
The dramatic follow up!!
-Hello everyone.
-I am Torīōji Chitose.
- This time, the laboratory I was working at
- Was totally destroyed.
- When we were examining a “shining corpse”, which is still an enigmatic mystery,
- the corpse transformed into frightening monster who crushed everything… that’s about it
- Ummm
- Who would believe something like that?
- Ummm
- Also, that monster was defeated and disappeared. That’s all I know…

- Oh, I see…
-As I thought, It must have been a dream.
-That’s it! That’s it!
-Things like the Doctor mastering a mysterious power and finishing off a monster are...
- wow
-Takeda have you discovered the vanishing mutant?
-I thought so, this was not a dream.

- I want to know what the limit is for me to move heavy things with this power.
-Takeda, bring objects of 100kg,1t and 10t*.
-That’s impossible!

TN: These are metric tonnes. 1t = 1000kg. –Tahu

-And how many times do I have to I say it? My name is Torīōji...
-It also seems to be effective on other Humans.

-P-P-Please stop it, Doctor.
-I-I-I have acrophobia.*
-Why are you spinning?
- I don’t think you can call this high though...

TN: fear of heights.

-I understand.
-Sooner or later I will eventually lose my memories…
- So one bite lasts me about 5 minutes?
-When eaten by a person who is capable of it,
-This apple will grant universal gravitation… that is the power to control gravity.
-I didn’t die, so am I a compatible person…
-To begin with what’s with this apple…
-I don’t know
-The Doctor doesn’t have any memory of before 6 years ago.
-The mysterious “Black Apple” and “Shining Corpse” are...
-The only keys to the Doctor’s memory...
-A few days ago, the “Shining Corpse” monster was…
-This an act of God.
-Perhaps due to this apple or some power of the same kind.
-If it is really true that the one dealing with this power is called “God”,
-Then he might also know something about this apple…!
-...But how could we search for that kind of person?
-Though I wouldn’t want to meet him…
-Also our sponsor prepared this hospital room,
-But for some reason I haven’t been able to make contact with him...
-Well, this nothing worth worrying about.
-As for the sponsor we will find ourselves another new one.
-What kind of child are you?
-...by the way Doctor...
-What are you making?
-Really what kind of kid is he?
-ha ha ha ha ha
-This is just a little gift.

-What are doing at such a time!?
-Yes, excuse me.
-Oh, Ms Nurse.
-Wah! Huh! 2 AM!?
-Oh it’s you Chitose-chan.
- How many times must I say it! You can’t build these things here!
-It is I who should say so, also how many times must I say that...
-This room is none of your concern? Who are you to talk?

-This isn’t the way it works.
-You are just like my little brother who is the same age as you, so I can’t leave you alone.
-...? This is something I don’t understand.
-She is a good nurse.
-Is this what people call… devotion?
-Geez, I don’t know what this emotion is...

- I prefer behaving according to my thoughts only.
- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
- It is difficult to handle him, isn’t it, Chitose-chan?
- Yes.

-Oh my.
-Why didn’t you eat the fruits you were given?
-Would you like me to peel one for you?
-No thanks, now isn’t the time.
- You know this isn’t the reason.
-Do you just dislike fruits?
-Why don’t you give that Black Apple
- to me?

-...this can’t...be real...
-Right...? Something like this...
-...just a moment while ago…
-She was a normal…!
-A forced cellular mutation is not limited to dead bodies.
-It is also possible it can happen in living beings.

-As it appears to be happening right now,
-It seems like I have no other choice.
-Let’s start the experiment…!
-…Don’t tell me...

-Aren’t man-made anesthetics effective?
-Anyway, let’s run away Takeda.
-Yeeeees, please!

-What...what is...this...
-...were these...all…
-Humans...to begin with…?

-Not long ago I was living a common life…
-Am I seeing this all of a sudden...?
-You really are...
-Something from God. He’s asking to meet me.
- I am l-u-c-k-y

-At least this hospital is in a place where he can see me.
-Still, he could also likely be in this hospital…
-You are wasting my time.
-What are you saying?
-I am not able to go anywhere.

-That was a very thrilling game of tag.
-Ha ha ha ha ha
-Have the 5 minutes already passed?
-I might as well… take another bite...
-But what risks come with continuous eating... 

-The apple...
-I will examine you.
- I believe this will be possible...
-I have brought an end to your test,
-As I thought you are not a normal human.

-Now, you are not the sibling...
-that is supposed to possess this apple!
- Oh, he was quite a bit farther away than I expected.
-What about the apple...what are we going to do!?
- What sound is...


-…This can’t… be real…
-It must be about 40m wide and 55m high, as for the depth…
-This is not the time to be making calculations!
-This certainly looks bad.

-It’s too late!!!

-…I was wondering what the weight limit was for me to move objects…
-It seems to work for this 10-story skyscraper...
-it seems continuous eating isn’t any good for the body.
-Ha ha ha

-Here is my present, please accept it, if you like.
-Beep Beep

-That apple is a fake filled with a small bomb and a transmitter.
- I went through several phases of trial and error making it, all just for you…
-So I hope you enjoyed it?
-Now then there are various things I’d like you to tell me…
(bottom under Haiji eye) - Case.2 End. Next issue, a great clash with an increased 23P…!!
- Dear God.
(left of the last bubble) – In the face of an assault!!

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#1. by Mr. Prince (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Nov 17, 2012
Oh, I see someone decided to take this project over. Nice! :thumbs

Looks quite good for your first TL, great effort! But maybe you should check the box for "Accuracy" as well, since I see quite a few parts that are a bit off... [Don't sweat it, it's a good script for your first try! :)]

I will also be uploading a script for this chapter in the next 24 hours. Maybe you wanna check it out as you might pick up a new thing or two. (Not to say I'm perfect or anything... :sweat)

Keep up the nice work!
#2. by vinceled ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2012
Thanks You :) Yeah I had some problems with some things in this translation especially where the nurse talks about month and little brother. I will be eagerly awaiting your translation to compare with mine.

yeah I decided to pick this up because my group is doing the scanlations :) And last time when I asked you if I could use your translation for ch 01 you said you weren't going to continue so...

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