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Hungry Joker 6

White Joker

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Dec 29, 2012 22:17 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 6

Long time no read... sorry dear followers for the delay of this chapter! First there were problems with the raw provider and then I caught just about the most nasty cold in several years, so I had to rest for at least 10 days. - Fortunately, I'm feeling better now and saw myself finally up to the job.

Good chapter with lots of explaining in regards to the backgrounds of the story and whatnot. The result were some pretty nasty passages but I think I managed to work everything out just fine in the end. -- Enjoy!

Reserved for the great folks at Kiss Scans!

Page 1
Mira: I’m Mira. // And the tall black one over there is Alan. // The juvenile genius scientist who awakened Newton’s Apple-- / Haiji-kun~! // Come and join “White Joker” in order to save the world~!

case.6 – White Joker
Tabata Yuuki

Haiji: I refuse.

Side line: A man who can say “No” to a foreigner!

Page 2
Mira (in picture): Whaaa~~
Mira: But whyyy~~!? // Don’t say that! Come at least for an inspection~~!
Mira (in picture): Or rather, at least listen to my whole story~~
Mira: There’s a number of beneficial points to this for you, Haiji-kun~
Haiji: It’s fine. / I’ve already got my hands more than full with only myself. // So I don’t even need to start bothering about the world.
<sfx: *blunt*>
Mira (in picture): Don’t say thaaat~~
Alan: Stop complaining and do like you’re told! // That’s if you want to get this apple back again.

Page 3
Haiji: Give back the apple! // And while you’re at it you can hand over the hammer as well!
<sfx: *swell*>
<sfx: *glare*>

Alan: Huh?
<sfx: *pissed*>
Alan: What are you blabbering about!? Stop your nagging and come along, brat!
Haiji: I’d rather you hand over the apple and the hammer!
Mira: Oh, then how about you join White Joker and we lend you the hammer in return~
Alan: What!? Don’t you decide things like that on your own!
<sfx: *grab*>
Haiji: I sure as hell won’t tag along with you or whatever… now hand over the apple and the hammer!
Alan: That’s not gonna happen. Now come along with us!
Haiji: Hm.
Alan: Huh!?

Page 4
Mira: Humph! // Enough alreadyyy!
Mira (in picture): Come on~
<sfx: *cranky, fume*>
Mira: Haiji-kun’s a dummy! Such a dummy!
Mira (in picture): Bleehhh
Mira: I don’t even feel like returning your apple anymore! // Oh bummer… // …such a shame when this might even be connected to Haiji-kun’s past, right~?
<sfx: *flinch*>

Page 5
Haiji: You wouldn’t mind if I took a quick peek at the place?
Chitose: Amazing! To think there was an elevator taking you to the underground at such a place…!
Mira: <fufufu> We’re operating in the shadows! // Say~, say~ / do you know anything about the Apocalyptic Discourse?
Chitose: Do you mean the opinions and theories in regards to the end of the world and mankind…?
Mira: Right, right!

Page 6
Mira: Like mutations in the oxygen emitting photosynthetic bacteria… // …or the impact of an asteroid or comet… // …or the epidemic outbreak of a poisonous or highly infectious new type of virus… / well, there are many more~
Chitose (in picture): So scary…
Chitose: …but isn’t it the case… / that each of those scenarios has an extremely low possibility to it?
Mira: Well, but what if they’re man-made to happen…?

Page 7
Chitose: Huh…?
Mira: There’s a bunch of guys who, by use of the Eurekas’ abilities,… // are aiming to turn those scenarios of human extinction into reality…
<sfx: *clink-a-clink*>
Mira: For the purpose of preventing this from happening the United Nations secretly erected // the World Science Rescue Intelligence, / also known as…

Page 8–9
Mira: “White Joker”!
Chitose: …there were such spacious facilities underground……! // This place is absolutely amazing~~ // Right, Doctor---…huh, what?
Haiji: Hmm, hmm… I see, I see.
<sfx: *pat, fiddle*>
Scientist: W-wha… who are you, kid--!?

Page 10
Scientists: Wah- // What’s with this kid…!? // What do you think you’re doin’!? // Ahh, that switch is…
<sfx: *dart off* *loiter around*>
Alan: Stop your darting and loitering! [TN: Alan did not use any proper verbs but the sfx Haiji’s actions caused instead, i.e. “uro” and “choro”]
Chitose: But it’s amazing to think that the apple held such a power hidden inside…
Mira: Individually, each one has their limits. // But when combined with another Eureka they have the potential of giving birth to a power that could easily tilt the whole world…!
Chitose (in picture): You mean to say that… while a single principle isn’t as devastating… // several of them joined together bear a certain danger...?

Page 11
Mira: Correct. / Which is exactly why // we can’t hand them over to those guys…! // They who call themselves the true masters of this planet… // the “Mavro”……! [TN: Mavro is Greek for “black”. The kanji it’s written with literally mean “Black Gods Army”.]
Chitose: …black gods…!
Mira: You see, Haiji-kun and Alan were chosen as adaptors for the Eurekas through mutation… // but those guys are different—…

Page 12
Mira: They’re individuals whose compatibility with the Eureka had been ensured long before they were born. // They can freely unleash the Eurekas’ powers without any risk whatsoever. / They’re a species fundamentally different from us normal humans.
Chitose: …that’s--…!
Mira: Haiji-kun, you’ve already experienced / those powers firsthand, right~? // And due to their exceptionality… // those guys see all other people as things lower than even mere guinea pigs! <That is just unforgivable!>

Page 13
Chitose: B-… but / if humans ceased to exist wouldn’t they be in trouble as well--…?
Mira: <That’s certainly true~~> Maybe something else is destined to happen before human extinction takes place…? // I still haven’t figured that out yet, you know~~ // Anyhow, we have to snatch the “Eurekas” before this world becomes “Mavro’s” test ground! // That is our mission, the “White Joker's”! // So far, those guys have caused a great number of tragic events. // The whole thing was put under nondisclosure and Alan and I were not directly involved in it… but one incident was especially repulsive… // A large number of glowing corpses, there were so many / they completely covered the ground--…!

Page 14
Chitose: --…wha-… // …that’s……
Mira: At least one other thing we know about the “Mavro” is… // that all of those guys / cover their whole bodies in pitch black clothes…
<sfx: *fwoosh*>

Page 15
<sfx: *rustle, rustle*>

Page 16
Chitose: --doctor…? Is something wron-…
<sfx: *shock*>
Haiji: A tall guy in black clothes… // Now I know why I thought you gave a rather bad impression… <hahaha>
Alan: Huh? // …that guy is quite noisy yet again…
<sfx: *fwip*>

Page 17
<sfx: *DOOM*>
<sfx: *beeeep, beeeep* [alert]> x 3 in balloons
<sfx: *whoosh*>

Chitose: Wha-… // What’s going on--!?
Mira: Stone the crows! Just when we finally got to meet Haiji after all these troubles… // Looks like they found us in the end…
<sfx: *tap*>
<sfx: *crackle*>

Page 18
Someone: It’s “Mavro”--!!
<sfx: *roooaaar*>
Mavro: Don’t you go hold such secret meetings~~ // you bunch of maggots…!
<sfx: *sizzle*>

Page 19
<sfx: *phew~*>
Alan: Making such fucking a awful noise… / Like I could bear the world to get any noisier than it already is…
<sfx: *rustle*>
<sfx: *toss*>

<sfx: *grab*>
Haiji: Hmph… looks like I’ll be able / to meet quite a lot of those “Mavro” guys here…
<sfx: *fwiiish*>
Haiji: I guess I’ll join... // the White Jokers…!

Insert line: The white trump card will save the world--!!

End line: Next issue – A clash with the Mavro’s vanguard! Both their Eurekas will…!?

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