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Hungry Joker 7

Which Is Exactly Why I Say…

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Jan 17, 2013 04:08 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 7

Sorry for the delay... that's still the aftermath of my flu and the holiday season. But we're gonna catch up with the latest releases ASAP! Chapter 8 should be out by the weekend and then we're back on the track!

Oh yeah, Happy New Year. o/

Reserved for Kiss Scans!

Message from the Translator

Dear Reader,

If you’re reading this note it means you decided to pick up the newest chapter of Tabata Yuuki’s Hungry Joker brought to you by Mr. Prince and Kiss Scans! Let me congratulate and thank you for this!

As of January 2013 it appears there are currently at least three groups covering the series, quite a waste of manpower, time and effort if you ask me.
Out of these groups there has been but one single guy who has been sticking to the series ever since it started, that would be my humble self: Mr. Prince!

To be honest, I find it rather annoying to see that we will eventually have to compete with a bunch of bandwagon hoppers who decided to pick up the series some point along the way.
What pains me the most is the simple fact that not one of the rivaling groups manages to put out a product that is on par with what the fine guys at Kiss Scans and I have been providing up to this point, neither in terms of translation quality, nor in regards to the scan quality. – If this wasn’t the case I would have stopped releasing scripts for Hungry Joker weeks ago because I’d be assured it was left in good hands. But as of now it seems there is not a single competing translator around who can produce accurate scripts of decent quality.

This is why you will find this message in our upcoming releases for Hungry Joker. If you’re a fan of the series and like what you’ve been reading of it so far, always make sure to look out for our releases! Other translations lack the consistency and accuracy that I have made sure to deliver since day 1. Other releases lack the efforts and quality Kiss Scans have made sure to provide for you guys ever since we decided to join forces.

So please keep on supporting us and spread the word among fellow Hungry Joker fans:

If you want to enjoy Hungry Joker to the fullest, keep your eyes up for the releases of Mr. Prince x Kiss Scans!

Thank you for all the support and positive feedback thus far.

Mr. Prince

Page 1
<sfx: *OOHHHH*>
Haiji: Hmph, // looks like yet another fellow who seems worthy investigating has shown up, huh…!
<sfx: *ZOOOHHH*>
Monster: Grroooaarrr
<sfx: *crash, shatter* x2>

Instert line: White VS Black!!

case.7 – Which Is Exactly Why I Say…
Tabata Yuuki

Page 2
<sfx: *OOHHHH*>
Monster: Grrooaarr...
Alan (in picture): Phew~…
<sfx: *silence…*>
Alan (in picture): W-w-wait a minute, that thing’s just too damn huuuu~~~ge!! // Da hell is with this monsteeer--!? // What in god’s name has that thing been eating to grow that friggin huuu~~~ge!? // More importantly, what now? Are we, like, going to fight that!? // It’s always the same, each and every time ever since I’ve joined the White Jokers… I swear, one day I’m really gonna die---!!
Box: Alan Blackman, a man who won’t be taken aback no matter what the circumstances! // The truth is, he was trembling a fair lot inside.
<sfx: *booo—nk*>

Page 3
<sfx: *twitch…*>
Alan (in picture): Huh?
Scientists: Ugh… // …ahh…
<sfx: *OOHHH*>
Chitose: Ah…! // The lab workers--…!
<sfx: *smirk*>
Mavro: Now there, you know what I want, right? / If you value the life of these maggots you better hand me over the Eurekaaa~s…!
<sfx: *SQUEEEEZE*>
Scientists: Gyaarrgh

Page 4
<sfx: *THUD*>
Haiji: Hm, // you weren’t finished yet…?
Alan (in picture): Is that guy fo’real now~~~!? Hey, so you really won’t hesitate no matter what, huh----!?

Page 5
<sfx: *crackle, crackle*>
<sfx: *floaaat*>

Scientist (in picture): Hah / Hah
Scientist: …we’re save---…
<sfx: *crackle*>
Chitose: …wha-…
<sfx: *bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzt*>

Page 6
Mavro: Now looo~~~k at this… y’see, even your own guys are begging you…
Scientist: AGGHHH
Laggings: He’s saying: “Please be so kind and hand the Eurekas over to Master Laggings!”… [TN: My best guess is that the character’s name, due to his abilities, stems from insulation, also called “lagging”.]
Chitose: …s-… / stop thi--…
<sfx: *sizzzzle*>
<sfx: *rattle*>

Scientist: Aagh agh…
<sfx: *fssshhhhhh*>
Laggings (in picture): hihi hihi
Laggings: Guess I went a bit over top there……!

Page 7
Chitose: …h-… / how cruel……!
Alan (in picture): Hey, hey, you gotta be kiddin’!? // Da hell that freaky bastard think he’s doing!?
Haiji: A Eureka that lets you control electricity, huh… / Now then, let’s find out--…
<sfx: *sst*>
<sfx: *pat*>

Chitose: ……!? / What’s he up to--…!?
<sfx: *buzz, crackle*>
<sfx: *crackle, crackle, crackle*>
<sfx: *boom, bam, bang*>

Page 8
Monster: Grrooaaarrr
<sfx: *PUNCH, STRIKE*>
<sfx: *rumble*>
<sfx: *crack, crackle*>
<sfx: *CRASH*>

Scientists (in picture): Waaahhhh
Alan (in picture): Hey, hey, hey--- // You gotta be kiddi~~~n’
<sfx: *silence*>

Page 9
<sfx: *WHOOOSH*>
Chitose: Doctor--…!
Mira: Haiji-ku~n! That’s the spirit! Keep going like that, pleeaa~~~se!!
Haiji: Hm.
Mira: We’ll have to secure the research data and find an escape route! / Chitose-chan, I could need some help here--!
<sfx: *dash*>
Chitose: Ye… yes!
Chitose (in picture): …they need me as well! / I can’t just stand around and scream! // I’ll have to do whatever I can--…!

Page 10
Laggings: Hihahahahaha
<sfx: *boom, bam, bang*>
Laggings: It’s just as they say, annoying as they are // maggots will never leave their nest behind, huu~h… // Geez, such a bunch of low-grade beings who can’t even dream of handling a Eureka properly…
Alan (in picture): --hey now, hey now…
<sfx: *twitch*>
<sfx: *thud*>

Laggings: I have absolutely no idea what you’re even doing here… holed up in this place, all diligently and puny…
Alan (in picture): Hey, hey, hey now…
Laggings: But it’s a~~~ll useless anyway~~~!! // Maggots, maggots, maggots, you’re but a bunch of puny maggo~~~ts!!
Laggings (in picture) Hihahahahaha
<sfx: *grind, thud, grind*>
Alan: …hey now—

Page 11
<sfx: *KIIIIIIN*>
Alan: If only a single tune more of that dirty noise you call laugh leaves your lips // I’ll fucking kill you!
<sfx: *stroke*>
Laggings (in picture): Hihihi…
Laggings: Try me~~! Do it if you daaa~re~~!!
Laggings (in picture): Hihahahahaha
Laggings: But before that…
<sfx: *fsssshhhh*>

Page 12
Laggings: Let’s see if a maggot like you can make its way towards meee~~!?
<sfx: *rumble, rumble*>
Alan (in picture): As I thought, the thing’s friggin huuuuuuu~~ge!! // And he somehow even healed his arm--!? If that guy lands just a single strike I’m friggin done for, I tell yaaa!! // --and still… for this exact same reason / I have no other choice but to say…
<sfx: *flap*>
Alan (in picture): Phew~~…
Alan: Scram! // I’ll fucking kill you!

Page 13
Alan: Always calm and never taken aback no matter how bad the situation gets… // That’s the type of man I am!
<sfx: *IIII*>
<sfx: *SMACK*>

Monster: Grrr!?
<sfx: *OOOHH*>
Haiji: Sound-induced shockwaves… // So the Pythagorean Hammer turns a human being into a sonic weapon…?

Page 14
<sfx: *bzz, bzz*>
Monster: Grrroooaarrr
Laggings (in picture): Hihaha
Laggings: Looks like that little sound of yours does not have much of an effect, huuu~h!?
<sfx: *WHOOSH*>
<sfx: *fwip*>
<sfx: *IIIII*>
<sfx: *THUD*>
<sfx: *SLAM*>
<sfx: *IIIIII*>
<sfx: *THUD*>
<sfx: *bzz, bzz*>
<sfx: *silence…*>

Laggings: In the end, it’s nothing but a maggot’s attack, huu~h!?

Page 15
Laggings: This is a strengthened creature I borrowed from Kildo— and then I charged its body with electricity~ // We forced its strength to exceed the limits… it’s a puppet that won’t feel any paaii~n!
Laggings (in picture): Hihahaha
Laggings: No way a bastard like youu~ could beat even that thing, let alone beat meee~--
<sfx: *WHAM*>
Laggings: Puny, oh so puny… // I told you that’s exactly why it’s all uuu~seless, didn’t I~~!?
Haiji: …hm—

Page 16
<sfx: *CLENCH*>
Laggings: So this is where the crawling of the maggot finally stops, huu~h…!?
Monster: Grrrooarr… // Grrr?
<sfx: *buzzzzz*>
Alan: You know what’s “resonance”?

Page 17
Laggings: Huh?
Alan: It seems like that brat Haiji had already noticed…
Haiji: When vibrations reciprocate with one another, their amplitude increases vastly. // Now if input and output are continuously too high it causes for destruction--…!
Alan: It’s really just like you said, / my steps were puny and hesitant just like a maggot’s… // and still, the one who’ll prevail in the end / is me, the human male…!! [TN: There’s a play on words here: “maggot” is ‘uji’ (jap. ウジ) in Japanese, yet ‘uji uji’ can also mean “hesitant” or “irresolute”. So Alan took Laggings’ constant insults and put them in a new context.]
<sfx: *buzzzz, buzzzzz*>

Page 18–19
<sfx: *VOOOOHHHH* [sfx at top in white letters]
<sfx: *WHOOOSH* [big bold black sfx]>

Alan: What a dirty sound to make with your last fucking breath!!

Insert line: Pronouncing the fatal sentence!!

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#1. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 18, 2013
Online readers don't need quality.
They only need to release first as to lure in the readers.
Why would they care? They just want their ad revenue^^

Don't lose courage and keep going~
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