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Hungry Joker 9

"Sound" and "Gravity"

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Feb 5, 2013 19:34 | Go to Hungry Joker

-> RTS Page for Hungry Joker 9

Hey there folks, buckle up for some major HUNGRY JOKER updates! I already got scripts for all other chapters from the series done, they have only been waiting for a nice little proofread...

Mr. Prince x Kiss Scans Only

Page 1
Insert line: From here on out Haiji PhD is gonna…!!
Laggings: “Leave the rest to me!”, // he says……!
<sfx: *IIIHHH*>

Tabata Yuuki
case.9 – “Sound” and “Gravity”

Laggings (in picture): Hihih // Hihihihihihi
Laggings: Better choose your words more wisely, maggot---!!
<sfx: *STARE*>
<sfx: *SLASH*>

Page 2
Alan (in picture): He’s fast--…
Chitose: Doctor---!!
<sfx: *fwip*>
<sfx: *WHOOSH*>

Page 3
Laggings: Your attacks // won’t hit me no more--!!
<sfx: *CRASH* x2>
<sfx: *KA-SHANG*>
<sfx: *SMASH*>
<sfx* WHOOSH* x5>

Page 4
Alan: He sounds like a bloody fly…
Alan (in picture): Whoooaah, the dude’s friggin faaa~~~st! Nooooo way he’s gonna get caugh--…
<sfx: *SLASH*>
Mira: Alan!
Alan (in picture): And I was just done getting my wounds healed… that hurts, damn bastaaa—rd!!
<sfx: *IIIHH*>
<srx: *whoosh*

Laggings (in picture): Hihaha
Laggings: I may no longer be able to discharge externally… // but there are still ways for me to put my Eureka into use--!!
Haiji (in picture): So by stimulating his muscles with electricity // he managed to deploy speed and power that transcend his natural abilities, huh?

Page 5
Laggings: Neither your “gravity”, // nor your “sound”… // will hit me again! Ever--!!
<sfx: *SLASH* x2>
<sfx: *SPLAT*>
<sfx: *SPLASH*>

Chitose: Doctor!
Mira: Alan…!
<sfx: *WHOOSH*>
Laggings: I won’t kill you right awaayy~~!! // Instead, I’ll slowly torture you to death--!!
Laggings (in picture) [white letters]: Hihahahaha
<sfx: *WHOOSH* x 4 [black letters]>
<sfx: *Hiihh…*

Haiji (in picture): Phew---…
Haiji: Hey, black beanpole, / seems like neither mine, nor your attacks will hit him anymore!
Alan: …looks like it, shitty brat!
<sfx: *siiip*>
<sfx: *Hiiihhh*>

Page 6
Haiji: Now then, I wonder what’s gonna happen if we launched an attack together?
<sfx: *IIHH*>
<sfx: *patch*>
<sfx: *lift*>
<sfx: *IIHH*>

Chitose: Wha…?
Mira (in picture): The two of them… // are led by the Eurekas--…!?
<sfx: *gong*>

Page 7
<sfx: *seep*>
Chitose (in picture): The apple and the hammer… // changed their color--!
Alan: Utilizing the Eureka a third time in a row… / is quite intense for humans like us, huh…? // You’re not gonna die on me, are you?
Haiji: Hm, / right back at you!
<sfx: *OOOHHH*>
Laggings: Huu—h?
<sfx: *whoosh*>
Haiji (in picture): *chomp*
<sfx: *KIIIIIN*>

Page 8
<sfx: *GIIIIN*>
<sfx: *cough*>
<sfx: *cough*>

Chitose: Doctor…!
Mira: Alan—
<sfx: *tremble*>
<sfx: *clatter*>

Laggings: The Eurekas are simply things beyond reach for the likes of humans--!! // Just what do you intend to do, wielding powers you can’t even handle properly, huuu~~~h!?
Laggings (in picture): Hihahaha
<sfx: *whee—ze*, *pa—nt*>
<sfx: *waver*>
<sfx: *whee—ze*, *pa—nt*>

Page 9
Both: Killing you, a god…!!
Laggings: You just go ahead, I dare you to tryyy it--!! // With your puny attacks you won’t even manage so much as to hit me--!!
<sfx: *IIIIHHH*>
Haiji: One principle individually will not be successful, // but I wonder what will happen… // when you combine two of them--? God…!

Page 10–11
<sfx: *CRAAAAA~SH*>
<sfx: *OOOHHH*>
<sfx: *OOOOOHHHH*>

Page 12
Alan: The “expansion” of sound…
Haiji: The “crushing” of gravity…
Both (in picture): When multiplied with one another // you get omnidirectional wave-shaped destruction!
Alan: This time it’s your turn… // to crawl like an insect--…!!
<sfx: *OOHHH*>
<sfx: *creak*, *creak*>

Laggings (in picture): With my transcending body I shall be able to withstand this…!! // I’m going to endure this attack--…

Page 13
<sfx: *GLARE*>
<sfx: *OOOOOHHHH*> [TN: all those black characters over the page]

Haiji: --we caught you indeed… // You have fallen to the grounds, God……!!
Laggings: Bastard, you’re……

Page 14
<sfx: *fwip*>
Haiji: This is the second experiment of sound and gravity…
<sfx: *slice*>
Haiji: Fall all the way down to the depths of hell--!!

Page 15
<sfx: *PIERCE*>
Laggings (in picture): …my body’s molecules are being destroyed by the vibration----…
<sfx: *buzzzz*>
Laggings: Ridiculous…… / how could I… // by a bunch of maggots---…
<sfx: *WHOOOOM*>

Page 16
<sfx: *clink*>
<sfx: *OOOHHH*>

Haiji: Hmph… // Experimental result: // “Attacking twice proved to be successful!”
<sfx: *fwoosh*>
<sfx: *fwump*>

Kildo: *sluuurp*
Rosalie: Oh my, my~ // That Laggings… so in the end he really lost, hm?

Page 17
Kildo: *sluuurrrrp*
Kildo (in picture): *giggle, giggle*
Kildo: It’s all ‘cause he was trying to snatch away another person’s trophy!
<sfx: *KIIIIN*>
???: We’re brethren of the same family…! / It is time for the dinner party.
Rosalie: Oh no~, I totally forgot. / Now I already ate all that cake!
Kildo: But don’t sweets… go into your separate stomach? [TN: The expression used here is “betsubara” (jap. 別腹), literally “separate stomach”. It is used idiomatically for people who can always choke down sweets, no matter how stuffed they are!]
Kildo (in picture): *giggle, giggle*
Rosalie (in picture): *siii~gh*
???: Today’s topic is… // all about the extermination of white small winged insects…!
<sfx: *clatter*, *clang*>

Kildo (in picture): *giggle, giggle, giggle*
Kildo: I’ll be able to meet you very soon, Haiji-kun!

Insert line: The story is heading towards the next stage! / Next issue – Raising the curtain for the new arc!!

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