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Kuroko no Basket 124

124Q: You'll get cold

+ posted by myao as translation on Jul 9, 2011 18:40 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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[] = text in boxes or in the panel but not in a bubble
** = translator's comments
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124Q: 体冷えるぞ

caption: 闇に囚われし孤高の王
Captured in darkness, the aloof king


Kagami: 体冷えるぞバカヤロー
You'll get cold, idiot.

Kuroko: ...火神君

Kagami: 早く戻らねーと後半始まっちまうぞ
Better get back soon or the second half's gonna start.

Kuroko: ...すみませんすぐ行きます
...Sorry. I'll be there soon.

Kagami: なぁ...今何考えてたんだ?
Hey... what were you thinking just now?

Kagami: なぐさめる必要はなさそーだけど... // ただ風に当たりにきたわけでもねーだろ
You don't seem like you need cheering up... //but it's not like you came here just for the fresh breeze

Kuroko: 火神君は // バスケ好きですか?
Kagami-kun... //do you like basketball?

Kagami: ...は?
Handwritten text: そりゃあ...
Well, yeah...

Kuroko: 別に難しいことを思っていたわけではありません // この試合ボクはどうしても勝ちたい
I wasn't thinking about anything difficult // I just want to win this match no matter what

Kuroko: 桃井さんとの約束ももちろんありますが // 本音はただ...見たいんです
There's my promise with Momoi-san, of course, but // the truth is I just... want to see

Kuroko: もう一度...
one more time...

Momoi: ...あれ?

Momoi: 青峰君!
Aomine: ん?

Momoi: 今日は残って練習してかないの?
You're not staying behind for extra practice today?
Aomine: いやーそのつもりなんだけど... // なんか最近居残り練習する奴増えてきてよ
Well- I was gonna... // but lately more and more guys have been doing that

Aomine: とりあえず3軍が使ってる第4体育館は空いてるらしいからそっち行こうかと
I heard the 4th auditorium used by the third-string is empty, so I'm gonna go there
Momoi: え...!?

Aomine: ? // なんだよ今のリアクション...
? //What's with that reaction ...
Momoi: それがね...

Momoi: 最近あそこ... // オバケが出るらしいよ
I heard that lately... // a ghost has been appearing there

Aomine: お。そのバッシュコビーの新しいやつじゃん。イカスなーマジ
Hey aren't those sneakers Kobe's new ones? Really cool, man.
Momoi: ホントなんだってばっっ!!
I'm telling the truth!!

Momoi: 夜な夜な人がいないのにスキール音とボールの音が聞こえるんだって // 同じマネージャーのみっちゃんも聞いたって!
Night after night, even though no one's there, you can hear sounds of shoes squeaking and balls bouncing. //Even the other manager, Micchan's heard it!
Aomine: アホくさ! んなことあるワケねーだろ!
What a joke! There's no way that's true!
Momoi: ちょっ...

Aomine: つーかその青峰君ってなんかキモチワリーんだけど
By the way, you're kinda grossing me out calling me "Aomine-kun"
Momoi: だってー大ちゃんだとみんなに色々言われちゃうんだモン
But if I call you "Dai-chan", people are gonna talk

Aomine: ったくバスケやるオバケなんているかっつんだよ // いたらいたで一対一でもしてやらー
*scoff* How can there be a ghost that plays basketball? // Even if there were, I'll just play one-on-one with him!

Aomine: ん? // ほら見ろあかりついてるってことはやってんのは部員だろ
Hmm? // See, there's lights on, so it must be a member of the team.

Aomine: ちーす
*opens door*


Aomine: あれぇー!?

Aomine: オイオイまじで!? ほんとにおば... いや!! // きっとさっきまで練習してた奴がいてちょーど切り上げたから... // でもドア開ける直前まで音してたよーな...
Wait, wait, for real!? Really a gho... no!! // I'm sure some guy just finished practicing... // But wasn't there noise right until I opened the door...

Kuroko: あの...
Aomine: うわぁ

Kuroko: どちら様ですか?
Who are you?

Kuroko: ...あれ?
... wait?

Kuroko: あ

Kuroko: 青峰君?
Aomine: あ?

Aomine: わははっ なんだよそれ!じゃウスすぎていること誰も気づかなかったってことかよ?
HAHAHA, what the heck! So no one noticed you were here because your presence was too weak?
Kuroko: 青峰君笑いすぎです
Aomine-kun, you're laughing too much.
Aomine: ...あれ?そーいやオレ名前言った?
...wait? Did I tell you my name?

Kuroko: ...一年生で1軍スタメンになった有名人ですから
...you're famous. The first year who was made a starting player on the first-string team

Aomine: へー...んでお前名前は?
Huh, really... so what's your name?
Kuroko: ? // ボク3軍ですけど...
? //I'm in third-string…

Aomine: バーカ1軍とか3軍とかカンケーねぇよ // 毎晩残って練習するくらいバスケ好きなんだろ?
Stupid, I don't care if you're first-string or third-string. // You like basketball enough to stay for extra practice every night, right?

Aomine: バスケ好きな奴に悪い奴はいねぇ!オレの持論だ!
If you like basketball, you can't be bad!// That's my pet theory.

Kuroko: ヘンな持論ですね
That's a strange pet theory.

Aomine: なぬ!?
Kuroko: 黒子テツヤです // よろしく
I'm Kuroko Tetsuya. Nice to meet you.

[Since that day, every night, Aomine-kun and I would stay behind to practice together.]

Aomine: ...ん? // どーかしたか?
...Hmm? Something wrong?
Kuroko: ...いえ

Kuroko: 青峰君はすごいですね
Aomine-kun, you're amazing
Aomine: は?

Kuroko: そんなに上手いのに残って練習もするなんて... // 本当にバスケしか頭にないんですね
Even though you're already so good, you still stay behind for extra practice... // you really have a one-track mind about basketball
Aomine: バカにしてんの!?
Are you making fun of me!?

Aomine: ...ますごいかどうかっつー話なら // オレはお前のほうがすごいと思うけどな
...Well, if you want to talk about being amazing, //I think you're more amazing

Aomine: いつか一緒にコートに立とうぜ // テツ!
Let's stand on the same court one day. // Tetsu!

Kuroko: ...はい

*チッ チッ*
*tick tick*

Aomine: ずいぶん今日は遅ぇな
He's awfully late today

[This is the first time...]

Aomine: お!おせーな もう時...
Oh! Hey, you're late. There's hardly ti-

Aomine: ....? // あれ?今日はもう帰るのか?
...? // Huh? Are you going home already?

Kuroko: ...青峰君

Kuroko: バスケ部を... // 辞めようと思います
I'm thinking... about quitting the basketball team

Aomine: ...はぁ!? // なんでだよ!?
...WHAT!? // Why!?

Kuroko: やはりボクの力では青峰君と一緒にプレイするどころか2軍に上がることもできそうにありません
Like I thought, with my skills, I probably won't even make it to second-string, let alone be able to play with Aomine-kun.
[Oh right, there was a ranking test today...]

Kuroko: バスケは好きです // ...けど // 入部してから半年...やはり向いてないものはどうしようもありません
I like basketball... // but // I've been on the team for half a year... I guess there's nothing you can do if you’re not made for it

Kuroko: ましてやこの帝光中学校では // ボクはとてもチームの役に立てそうにありません
On top of that, here at Teikou Middle School //I don't think I can be of any use to the team

Aomine: チームに必要ない選手なんていねーよ
In a team, there's no such thing as an unnecessary player

Aomine: たとえ試合に出られなくても... // 1軍の奴らより文字通り誰よりも遅くまで残って練習してる奴がまったく無力な話なんてあってたまるかよ
Even if you can't play in matches... There's no way that a guy who stays behind later than the first-string, than anyone, is completely useless

Aomine: 少なくとも俺はそんなお前を見て尊敬してたし // もっとがんばろうと思えたんだ
At least, watching you like that, made me respect you //and want to work harder

Aomine: 諦めなければ必ずできるとはいわねぇ // けど諦めたら何も残んねぇ
I'm not gonna say you can do it for sure if you don't give up // But if you do give up, there'll be nothing left

Akashi: 青峰

Akashi: 最近見ないと思っていたらこんな所にいたのか
I thought I didn't see you for a while. So you were here.

Aomine: あー向こうの体育館は人が多くて
Oh yeah. Too many people in the other auditorium...
Akashi: まぁどこで練習してもかまわないが...
Well it doesn't matter where you practice...

Akashi: 彼は?
Who's he?

Aomine: ああ...いつも一緒に練習してんだ 名前はテツ
Oh... I always practice with him. His name is Tetsu.
Murasakibara: あれーこんな人いたっけ
Hmm? Did we have a guy like this on the team?
Aomine: 1軍じゃねーからな
He's not in first-string.
Handwritten text: まだ3軍
Still in third-string.

Murasakibara: ふーん...なーんだ
Hmm... whatever then

Murasakibara: ねーもう行こーよ
Hey~ Let's go already~

Akashi: いや...彼に少し興味がある // 面白いな...始めて見るタイプだ
No... I'm curious about him // Interesting... I've never seen this type

Akashi: もしかしたら // オレ達とは全く異質の才能を秘めてるかもしれない
He might be // hiding a talent completely different from ours

-: なんなんだあのパスは!?
What was with that pass!?
-: 特に青峰とのタイミングがドンピシャだ...!!
The timing is right on, especially with Aomine...!!

Kuroko: 青峰君はいつも笑顔でプレイしてて // バスケが本当に大好きでした
Aomine-kun always played with a smile // He really loved basketball

Kuroko: 今の彼のバスケを否定して偉そうに何かを諭すようなつもりはありません // ただ...
I don't intend to reject the way he plays now and lecture him arrogantly // Just...

Kuroko: ただもう一度 // 青峰君が笑ってプレイする姿を見たい
Just once more // I want to see Aomine-kun playing with a smile

Kuroko: もしこの試合に勝つことができたら // もしかしたら
If we can win this game // then maybe...

Kagami: さぁな... 知るかよそんなもん
Who knows... I dunno about that

Kagami: 人間そんな単純じゃねーだろーし // オレ達が勝ったところでアイツが変わるかどうかなんてわかんねー
People aren't so simple // Even if we win, who knows if he'll change or not

Kagami: ただ負けたら // それこそ今までと何も変わらねぇ
But if we lose // then for sure nothing will change from before

Kagami: オレ達にできんのは勝つために全力でプレイすることだけだろ?
The only thing we can do is play hard in order to win, right?

Kuroko: ...はい

-: おおお両チーム出てきたぁー!! // いよいよ後半始まるぞ!!
Oh! Both teams are out~!! // Finally, the second half is starting!!

-: これより後半 // 第3クォーターを始めます
As of now the second half // 3rd quarter will begin.

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#1. by Tensai_Sakuragi ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2011
Nice flashback. So that´s how Aomine and Kuroko met each other.
Can´t wait for the 3rd quarter of the match.

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